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  1. hierrark

    Code invitation à donner

    Bonjour. Je verrouille ce sujet nécro. Bonne journée. Amiral Hierrark
  2. Bonsoir. Topic modéré et nettoyé à la demande de l'OP. Bonne soirée. Amiral Hierrark
  3. hierrark

    Wg Messed up bigg time

    greetings. I am closing this thread, since there is already a topic discussing this subject. You can read the forum rules to avoid sanction before posting on the forum, thank you. Have a great evening everyone. Admiral Hierrark
  4. hierrark

    Clanmembers exploiting/cheating in ranked battles

    Greetings Captains. I am locking this thread. As explained above, Naming & shaming is forbidden by the rules, as such no matter the reason ,don't do it, or you will be sanctioned. I will let it go for this time since OP was of his first time on the forum. In case of use of illegal third party mods, or exploit/rigging of the game, please as also said above, contact the Customer Service support, and always provide them with the replay. They will take care of it then. Reminder : You can always consult the Forum Rules by clicking HERE Have a nice evening. Admiral Hierrark
  5. hierrark

    They ruined the game

    Greetings Captains. I'm closing this thread as there are dedicated threads already pinned regarding the new CV rework to discuss in. Not to mention this one is anything but non constructive starting by the title. Also a few posts have been moderated. To avoid sanctions and moderation, please ensure your post respect the Forum rules, thank you. Admiral Hierrark
  6. hierrark

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    Greetings captains. This thread has been cleared. Mind the content of your post, and remain respectful of your fellow captains, Thank you. Admiral Hierrark
  7. hierrark


    Greetings Captains. I'm closing this thread as there is no point leaving it open seeing how far off-topic, and non constructive it is turning. Have a great evening. Admiral Hierrark
  8. hierrark

    Bye bye WOW

    greetings. Thread cleared and closed. Mind posting only if your content respect the forum rules, thank you. Admiral Hierrark
  9. hierrark

    wows, fubar the game

    Greetings. I am closing this thread. You may bring some arguments in order to discuss this very specific subject in an already dedicated thread for it. Complaining for the sake of complaining will get you nowhere. Have a great day Sir. Admiral Hierrark
  10. Bonsoir Matelots Ce topic ayant besoin d'une ordonnance, et d'une sévère, je l'ai nettoyé. Enfin, pour fermer cette parenthèse sur la culture cinématographique Française. Moi les Topics, j'les soigne nettoie On évite les insultes, et les commentaires mal placés. Sur ce, bonne soirée Amiral Hierrark
  11. hierrark

    HE is the new AP

    Bonsoir les matelots. Je ferme ce topic. Trop loin même De plus, je rappelle que les insultes, et insinuations douteuses sont à éviter sous peine de sanction. Bonne soirée Amiral Hierrark
  12. Bonjour Capitaines. J'en profite pour laisser un message moi même. Tout d'abord, merci à Tanatoy, d'avoir laissé ce message , ne pouvant pas poster moi même dans l'immédiat, travail oblige. Merci aussi d'avoir éclairé la situation pour tout le monde, quant à moi, effectivement, c'est une erreur de jugement,et d'interpretation des règles, et pour cela Mea Culpa. Comme dit par notre grand Amiral Tanatoy, nous sommes avant tout des êtres humains, et nous commettons des erreurs, l'avantage des erreurs c'est que l'on apprends beaucoup d'elles. Si besoin, vous pouvez comme il l'a dit, le contacter par MP. Sur ce, sujet clos. Bonne chance et bon vent ! Amiral Hierrark
  13. hierrark

    Wows ps4

    Greetings captains. As said above, OP you are looking for this forum : World of Warships Legends : Forum I will now close this thread. Admiral Hierrark
  14. hierrark

    Can i do a return on my purchase of the musashi?

    Greetings. I am closing this thread as OP's question has already been answered. For further assistance as said previously, please contact the Customer service support. World of Warships EU Customer Service Support. Admiral Hierrark
  15. hierrark

    Daily login bonus issues

    Greetings Captains. Thread cleared. be mindful of non constructive post please, thank you. Admiral Hierrark.