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    coal and steel and arsenal

    Since the new resources have been introduced, should they not be added to the main menu next to XP, dubloons, etc? Not that i collected so muchg that coal would get me anywhere right now, just wondering.

    [CKDS] is recruiting members

    Let's be hones: We are young and need the oil. We are a fun Clan who likes to play WoW but not 24/7. If you like to help to build up a small clan base from scratch have some like to have fun on the way, without having to attend daily because you have other things to do (like sport, hobbies, a life or even friends) you might blend in perfectly. So if you like to join a bunch of semi-professional noobs who are willing and able don't hesitate to contact us. Have fun & take care mates, and always remember: crush - kill - destroy - swag

    [CKDS] sucht noch Mitglieder

    Hallo zusammen. Wir sind eine kleiner aber feiner Clan im Aufbau. Wir sind noch nicht wirklich weit gekommen (Tier V-VI) und haben noch einen weiten Weg vor uns. Wir suchen unverkrampfte Gelegenheitsspieler, die auch verstehen, das es Menschen mit einem Privatleben gibt, die nicht 24/7 vor der Kiste hocken können (und wollen). Nichts desto trotz sollte man natürlich die Regeln der Fairness, Fair Play und einen vernünftigen Umgang untereinander pflegen können. Wenn ihr nach einem Spassclan ohne Verpflichtungen und täglichen Online-Zwang sucht, Spass am Öl sammeln und Aufbau einer noch recht mickrigen Basis habt, seid ihr bei uns richtig. Aussagefähige Zuschriften oder Nachrichten gern an mich. In diesem Sinne allzeit gute Fahrt

    collecting oil ends today - what about the clan base?

    by the way, we are currently looking for memebers, who are willing and able to collect oil and have some fun. We are not very experienced and have a long way to go. If you like to play WoW occasionaly, but not 24/7 or make it your religion, you are welcome to join us.

    collecting oil ends today - what about the clan base?

    it was not displayed for some time when you got oil. You still recieved ist, but there was noi message. It has been fixed by now.
  6. Greetings Capatins. I was just wonmdering what woill happen to the clan base and the oile left from all that farming these days? Will we still be able to build up the base?