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  1. ahaelson

    0.9.6 - Audio Improvements

    Yeah. Current sounds are awful, distracting, bugged. Bring back the old sounds!
  2. ahaelson

    IMO the new sound is horrendous.. it's just me?

    I have to agree, I played today my first matches in this patch... and my god, my ears! Just what the heck have the devs done this time, totally bugged and distracting sound effects...
  3. ahaelson

    Toxicity against carriers

    There is no way to 'balance' CV gameplay vs. others. CV gameplay doesn't fit the ship to ship naval combat game at all! Simply because in real life, carriers ended traditional naval combat when navies started to seriously use them, in WW2. Every other ship type either vanished over time, or became a support ship for the carriers. How is that going to fit WoWs? :D In my opinion, the metagame has been going downhill for a while... CVs ruin naval combat by removing much of the tactics from the game. And what is left of naval combat, is being increasingly filled with fast firing HE spammer ships. If things get any worse, the game is not worth playing anymore.
  4. More grind? For buffs? Even if the buffs are on the small side, they still give you an advantage! It means they become mandatory! If this gets implemented, it may the final nail in the coffin for me. WG already did enough damage with the CV rework, I haven't bought premium since. Randoms with carriers are no-fun games because you can't focus your gameplay on NAVAL warfare but have to focus on stupid planes that render most tactics useless? And now WG wants us to grind through that over and over again??? NO THANK YOU.
  5. ahaelson

    2 CV focussing on a single CV works...

    Oh well, 2 CVs focusing against one CV worked before 0.8, teamplay worked before 0.8... What is the point here? Other than the fact, this time, the single CV survived the attacks?
  6. ahaelson

    Divisions Broken

    Forever alone in a division. So sad.
  7. ahaelson

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    Yeah, in WW2 there were no more Battles of Jutland. The most important battles in the Pacific were carrier battle groups versus one another. CVs made every other surface naval ship type obsolete. In other words, CVs in WW2 ended traditional naval battles as world had known them. Or more precisely, their planes ended them. Aircraft are the main weapons/armaments of CVs. The only weapons that fly and can spot. CVs were just as bad for the game experience before 0.8, but because they were rarely played, it didn't matter so much. Now they are more common and so they RUIN the naval warfare aspect of the game. I can see NO way CVs can be 'balanced' other ship types. I haven't bought anything from the premium shop since 0.8, I am voting with my wallet. Why pay for WG for ruining the game? In my view WG has two options. A) nerf the CVs to total uselessness so proper naval game can be restored, or B) introduce a new random battle mode without CVs so I can choose to ignore them. It was a mistake made years ago to even include CVs as playable ships! And don't get me started with stuff like 'learn to adapt', I want to play ship vs ship game, not vs planes! And like some have stated here, CVs can hang back in safety and pummel enemy ships with impunity with their flying and spotting weapons. Why are they even ships then, could as well be immobile barges in map corners or even airstrips on islands...!?
  8. ahaelson

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    I think this sound, like the lound engine telegraph etc. are just bugs... Not the first time WG has screwed up with game sounds. This is just like how some time ago other ships heard LOUD Massachusetts' (maybe other T8 American BBs too) guns no matter where in the map you were compared to the Massa... Spooked me when that happened for the first time, I wondered 'since when have my Hindy's secondaries become so loud' :D
  9. ahaelson

    Patch 8.01 total rubbish

    0.8.0 carrier planes just break all balance. Why should anyone even play with ships with weak AA anymore? To be someone else's credit and xp fodder?
  10. ahaelson

    Who has closed their wallet because of 8.0?

    I probably start to sound like a broken record, but... 0.8.0 patch did to WoWs what WW2 did to traditional ship-to-ship naval warfare: it ended it, because of the carrier airplanes. Now it's just constant air cancer. Cannot fight other ships anymore, no more World of WarSHIPS. So no more money for WG from me.
  11. ahaelson

    CV nerfing went too far !

    The main problem is this: you can't balance a ship type that is basically anti-naval warfare ship with the actual surface combatants! It's either the carriers are too weak or too strong. Carriers always were and are a mistake. Pre 0.8.0 patch WoWs was not unlike pre-WW2 naval combat: many blue water navies had carriers but didn't really understand them and did not use them effectively. So in-game, carriers were rare in randoms. But now we have the new carriers, ofter several, in nearly every match. Endless stream of airplanes keep everything perma-spotted, which makes much of the tactics useless... DDs can't spot and/or advance, previously stealthy cruisers can no longer pursue flanking moves and so on. In a nutshell, just like in the real life, the new 0.8.0 carriers ended traditional naval warfare. A game like World of WARSHIPs is and should be all about NAVAL COMBAT, it's not World of Dodge-aircraft-and-torps-and-missiles. If I have to deal with air cancer constanly instead of fighting the actual ships, someting is horribly wrong. Current iteration of CVs completely ruin the naval game. I hope WG buffs AA even further so everyone stops playing the air cancer ships completely... I am not going to purchase more premium time, doubloons or ships anymore. It's not worth it anymore. I vote with my wallet.
  12. ahaelson

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    I agree. Historically the carrier planes ended traditional naval combat. WW2 was the turning point. No nore heavily armored ships with bigger and bigger guns, just carriers and their unarmored escorts, eventually with long range missiles. World of WarSHIPS is supposed be a tactival NAVAL combat game? Why did WG then include carriers in the first place? Patch 0.8 really did to WoWs what CVs did to the real war...! I thought I'd never say this, but just remove the CVs altogether from PVP battles. No way to balance this anti-naval warfare shiptype with actual surface combatants... CVsy are either underpowered or overpowered. Now we have two AA blobs sniping each other because everything is more or less perma spotted and being alone means sure death. No more tactics, no more flanking, no more cat-and-mouse games with opposing ships. DDs are pointless now. NO MORE NAVAL COMBAT in a naval combat game...!? (Of course the old CV system was stupid also, way too big alpha strike potential (in t10) enabled experienced players insta-delete ships at will, worst random game I was in had an enemy cancer division whose carrier sunk 9 of our ships, not even AA specced cruisers could do anything about that... But CVs were rare so that didn't matter so much...) If you don't agree with WG's vision of carrier play, please stop playing! Or at least stop buying premium time, ships, doubloons. Don't spend money, that's the only way to deliver your message to WG. Those responsible for approving patch 0.8 to live should be fired from their jobs!
  13. ahaelson

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    0.8.0 patch did to WoWs what Pearl Harbor did to real, traditional naval combat. It ended it. No more battles of Jutland. Just naval aircraft dominating entire ocean theaters of battle. Therefore I think WG made a mistake YEARS ago by including carriers in the game, at least in the PVP matches. No way to balance carriers with the rest of the ships. The CVs are either underpowered or overpowered. And as CVs don't have real fighters anymore, they no longer can try and counter each other, all they can do is to just attack other ships with their endless waves of bombers. They also cannot provide air cover for friendly DDs. Players attempt to beef up their AA by clustering together, and that leads to boring static gameplay. Shortening the AA range was a mistake... Not to mention the the AA sector system feels very forced and clunky.