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  1. The big problem is that they hid the other campaign behind the crappy DoY. I could not care less for the whole DoY campaign, but it would be nice to have the silver ships and skip the low tier grind. That would be worth for me, cca. 300-350K free XP. Buying the DoY costs almost the same as if I bought the amount of free XP (and avoiding all the hassle) I am considering voting with my purse closed.
  2. IronFish_

    Best DD for Tier 8 Ranked?

    Bump. As of today, this became relevant.
  3. IronFish_

    ru cruiser line.

    The Russian cruiser line is one of the best IF not the best of the cruiser lines. I ground them all up to Moskva. They don't need better torpedoes.
  4. IronFish_

    Something to do with Credits

    I really and honestly envy your problem. Please do not start a thread like this... It may give WG some really hurting bad ideas... PS: You can send me some of your credits if you want
  5. IronFish_

    KIDD's p2w AA stronger than any other DD ingame

    Is this picture data mined, or your making? Looks very nice!
  6. IronFish_

    New Orleans how to be usefull.

    I have recently ground the US cruiser line. While Pensacola was a pleasant surprise being decent regardless of its reputation, New Orleans was the very low of the whole line, most likely due to the worst combination of being fragile and not being able to kite. All I can advise is to hug islands and use your concealment. There is no better armor then good old dirt and rocks. Use radar in situations when you have a favorable position and simply trudge through the grind. Baltimore is considerably better because of the heal, better ROF and slightly better armor.
  7. IronFish_

    Lo Yang - Torp selection

  8. IronFish_

    Tough decision to make

    I believe both of these ships will sell like hotcakes in the next weeks.
  9. IronFish_

    Best TX Cruiser for clan war

    Captains, Which TX cruiser is the best for the upcoming clan wars? Taking into account the ban on the carriers, and what would change once carriers return? Which are the cruisers you would take to clan wars and why?
  10. IronFish_

    New rewards for Ranked battle

    Interesting facts however in practice that still means one should better have a WR over 50. Below that, I believe many fail and a very lucky few get those long streaks.
  11. IronFish_

    New rewards for Ranked battle

    As far as I understand you cannot get to R1 with win rate below 50% you just keep falling back to the last irrevocable rank. Its quite frustrating reaching R10 in 40 battles and ending the season rage quitting at R12 after 80 battles...
  12. IronFish_

    New rewards for Ranked battle

    Nope, dedication is not enough...
  13. IronFish_

    No weekly mission this week ?

    EU is still the red-headed stepchild of Wargaming.
  14. IronFish_

    New rewards for Ranked battle

    HELL NO! Why would you want very good players to be even better?