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  1. F4fnir

    PT 0.10.1 - Bug reports

    In the queue of brawls, has happened that the counter of the ships queueing in that moment goes to -1
  2. F4fnir

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    I can't speak much about dd because i'm not a DD player, so maybe i got wrong on something since i'm not experienced with this class, but i was talking about what i saw in this PT and for what i could see doing some tests (even for give them a try since i never tried them in live server) these new skills for dd looks quite fine to me, but for you or someother who play dd regulary or is a main maybe not. Not at all ships.
  3. F4fnir

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Personally i need to say that only 19 skill points were too reductive and then i agree with this skill increase to 21 but too much time and exp needed from 19 to 21. The new screen of the cpt skills are very clear, intuitive and well realized. Neverthless, there are class for class some criticity and a non optimal functional of some skills. CV The new skills of cv are just good (sadly), these new skills are more accurate because with the old points, you had only the opportunity to boost the survivability of planes, only DE and TA gives you a boost of dmg/iphotethical dmg due to more flames or with more torps hit. Now with these new skills you can do both, boost survivability of planes and even dmg, with skills accurate based on the most powerful weapons the aircraft carrier has. For example, IJN cvs are good on torps/bombs? you can buff them, USN are good on bombing/rocketing things? you can buff them etc... tHe choice is personal. Now the bad things, i didn't liked the support skills, you could not even put them on, they are useless, they are not worth the points you need to spend for them. I hoped very much on these skills in particular because in this way the cv could be more efficient and gaining a more support role for the entire team. If the fighter consumable mechanics was bad before these new skills, now is even worse if you decide to put these new support abilities. DD The new skills of dds have a quite correct functionality. In some dds there are some criticity of AA skills. For the rest, skill balanced. Cruisers The things changes with the set of skills of cruisers. Tier to tier and at the diversity ship to ship and playstyle of all cruisers there is difficult to create an optimal set of skills. Even if you choose the adviced skills not always the ship respond to them, so you need to do more tests. In old 19 skills system, the setting of abilities of cruisers embraced various tiers and type of ships, but the skills resulting more accurate, even in their generality. BB Some new skills of bbs don't seem to respond always correctly. Especially secondary batteries suffer of a poor incisivity, mostly in that bbs where s.b. are vital in terms of gameplay. This is a big problem and this goes to relate with constuctional differences of all bbs and this will cause so many problems at most of the players. The other skills are quite balanced. Best regards Fafnir
  4. F4fnir

    PT 0.10.0 - General Feedback

    Loading screen The new login loading screen projects you in a norwegian fjiord, set in winter. All much "Vikings", great peoples, i like it. New Dragon port In the new Dragon port, you get hit from a cinematographic majesty. The surroundings in the south Chinese Sea, is exquisitely crafted: the immense Dragon who is guarding the waters, the falls on the mountains, the shining lights of red lanterns like in a 007 movie, the Bull like "assistant" of the Dragon, the small cerimonial boats in the bay (from distance, they seem Vikings Drakkar, very cool, interesting), the Dojo on the island..... all very beatiful, as i said, cinematographic.
  5. F4fnir

    aeroplanini di carta

    Si infatti anche lui fa così, manda sempre 4 aerei indietro alla cv, almeno da quello che vedo quando ci fa le partite, è messo anche bene cioè sa il fatto suo, ma sto mm di [edited]a gli rende la vita impossibile. Mi dispiace anche perché le capacità non gli mancano, ma cosi è frustrante. Comunque gli inoltro la tua disponibilità, grazie in anticipo.
  6. F4fnir

    aeroplanini di carta

    Guarda, mio figlio ha la Kaga e si lamenta tantissimo perché ha aerei t7 e purtroppo non ha la possibilità di potenziarli quindi capisco benissimo... L'unica nota positiva è che ne ha tantissimi nell'hangar quindi anche se ne perde un po' non fa niente, però gli viene comunque difficile giocarla come si deve quando ha contro t9 e t10.
  7. F4fnir

    New operations for higher tiers?

    Honestly, idk what to say... i play this game from 4 years or so i've just returned from a long pause, maybe for luck (or maybe not) i lost the cv rework phase, anyway do you remember when they said "coops are popular and so we've created a new gamemode similar to coop". I remember that all the community or at least the most part appreciate them like me. And indeed for me ops are beyond the XP and credits, they were and are something of relaxing and no stress without all that frenzy of random that so many times caused headache to me (even now sometimes). Now after all that i've read, i'm a bit sad of all this negativity about them, i mean, why spend time, money, employeers and a forcework for create a gamemode only for a slow dying of that? i know that they force you to spend real money so they can grow up their wallets and from a perspective is even right because WG is a company and who are you in general for demonize them if they make their own interests? But anyway if you put effort and resources for creating this gamemode, i don't say much for us players because we know that too many times we are unhearded, but at least only for the honest intellectual there need to be a minimum of support, only for the respect of who has contributed at the entire project. Maybe i'm in wrong, maybe i'm just a Don Chissotte, but as an artist in real life (i do the poetry writer for who is curious) is bad to see when your work is not valued enough. Hope in best times... Fafnir
  8. F4fnir

    New operations for higher tiers?

    Down? Rly? I wasn't expect it...
  9. Idk if this is got asked before, but i wanted to know if is planned an operation for higher tiers, don't know, maybe t8? I'm asking this because i rly like operation mode (Newport apart) especially Aegis and Narai, they are an important source of XP and credits, indeed normally i do them for farm t7 and t8 ships when there is Narai but especially when random is impossible to play, like in the weekend. Tell me what do you think about this, and if you know something that idk or missing like some rumors or something else just write.
  10. F4fnir

    PT 0.9.11 - 0.9.12 - General Feedback

    Port of Kure Graphic realization of excellence. Beautiful winter surroundings. I found a kind of "game of contrasts" interesting: The festive and Christmas atmosphere with fireworks,illuminated naval paths and glittering trees with the work of the shipyard cranes in the background and the warship on duty in the foreground. Very good, great job, I loved it. New Campaigns I liked in general both Strasbourg and Santa campaings, same for the winter camos on ships. Good work. Best regards, Fafnir
  11. Undoubtedly the formula of these ranked is fast and dynamic. All this does not mind even if in my opinion some corrections would be necessary. 1) The waiting time for engagement in battle was sometimes very long. 2) A few more specific maps wouldn't hurt. 3) MM criterion often incomprehensible, sometimes irritating, sometimes disgusting. More balancing is needed in the choice of teams to oppose, for giving the opportunity to all players of compare equally. Beautiful "Jolly Roger" honors give a nice characteristic imprint to the level reached, be it bronze, silver and gold.
  12. F4fnir

    PT 0.9.11 - 0.9.12 - Hizen Dockyard

    Wealth in detail regarding the shipyard. The sensation you get from the panoramic view is one of "great majesty", of immense. Excellent animations of the construction process. All very spectacular. The team of developers has created a truly excellent product. Congratulations to all. Too bad we couldn't try the battleship Hizen. Wealth in detail regarding the shipyard. The sensation you get from the panoramic view is one of "great majesty", of immense. Excellent animations of the construction process. All very spectacular. The team of developers has created a truly excellent product. Congratulations to all. Too bad we couldn't try the battleship Hizen.
  13. F4fnir

    PT 0.9.11 - 0.9.12 - Bug Reports

    Same problem of Paulysan has occurred to me right now.
  14. F4fnir

    PT 0.9.11 - 0.9.12 - New Year Campaigns

    You can get Texas by doing the final task of the last phase of Strasbourg Campaign. If you need stars for the unlocking of the final task just do the tasks that you have already completed.