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  1. Pablo0208

    PT 0.10.3 - General Feedback

    same here , ive been on & on to support, but they keep sending me round in circles with the main page. its broken way of doing things. WG must make it an easier option
  2. Pablo0208

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    Just like to thank WG for the fun I have had on the public test great filled purse - allowed me to try some of the ships out of my current game reach... and after a long struggle i got rank 1. But boy tis hard to kill 30 ships at mo. The new flag/pennants selection is very good chnage too, saves getting some of the selections right. I really like the Carrier Harkuryu & those twin engined planes but the targetting with rockets on DD's is so hard some times Audacious, Grosser Kurfurst, Lion, Conqueror, Jutland, Venezia, Shimakaze & Daring i also played & got a feel for the power these beasts have a very enjoyable long weekend courtesy of WG thanks
  3. if i wanted to fly & control planes I would be in the World of War Planes game.( & thats a tuff game to play) the controls are unintuitive , AA kills the planes in an instantly, & having to flick between the mini map to see whats going on & the planes attacks ; means you miss a lot of hits & whats going on... in game. THE WOW for carrier is the control of the carrier not to be a pilot ... 2 games & just ruin .. return them to the way they were, it was easier & to understand & get a grip on the game
  4. Pablo0208

    Game Currency & Purchases

    thats it in game & with gold/doubloons loaded... you cant buy anything else sadly
  5. Pablo0208

    Game Currency & Purchases

    Doubloons are the in game currency along with credits, YET you cannot buy flags, pennants, signals, Camo ships etc if you already have doubloons credit BUT are forced to spend more separately to do this. Cant the devs allow game players to use doubloons already purchased to buy stuff !!!! Still have your special offers, but allow us to use doubloon reserves to additionally buy within the game. You have the doubloons/gold available to World of Planes & Tanks & Ships generically i see , so can you please go this step further... it may help boost purchases