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  1. 8 or so minutes in, so good to be on the good side for once ...
  2. Cpt_Skeeve

    graphical 'lag'

    I've had that off all the time, so it may not work for everyone. Reducing graphics quality (not resolution) from to Medium has reduced GPU load and helped a bit, but still getting some sticking, and the GPU should not be so heavily loaded even with just the settings menu open. In-battle GPU is half of what it is with the settings screen up (which has no animations ...) in port, and stays well below 50% so I'm not GPU limited. I could use High settings on previous version just fine.
  3. Cpt_Skeeve

    graphical 'lag'

    This. Tried it as low as 1280x1024. It was working fine until this last patch.
  4. Cpt_Skeeve

    Performance issue?

    Seems to be something with the current build, but no official news. I have the same thing, been over my system making sure it's not anything local but nothing helps.
  5. Since the COVID lockdown and many more people at home both random and ranked have become incredibly frustrating. Many, many players who have no sense of how to read the map. Battles are curbstomps, with one team losing one or two ships and the other getting wiped out, basicaly no matter what you do. If you're not in a ship which can carry a battle on it's own you're screwed. It's particularly bad with the 12v12 format for ranked, with 6v6 or 7v7 a single ship had more impact.
  6. Oh yeah, it went rapidly downhill after that. The funniest was one of them hitting 'Requesting support!" over and over in chat ...
  7. Yep, it's been even worse than weekends, and no hope of an improvement on Monday.
  8. A few minutes into the game, at this point we've lost 3 of 4 DDs and the CV, the 4th DD died moments later. All the other ships are in a nice huddle.
  9. Cpt_Skeeve

    This round of ranked is

    Yeah, an Atago can hadle them with a bit of luck or an overconfident enemy. But it's an exercise in frustration as their secondaries rip you apart while you wait for those torps to hit.
  10. Cpt_Skeeve

    ranked matches and rented ships

    You're wrong. ColonelPete cares. I care. That's two. Of course you'll probably dismiss us as irrelevant, but the great thing about having a sense of decency and respect for other people is, it stands on its own and doesn't need validation from, well, bigots.
  11. Cpt_Skeeve

    ranked matches and rented ships

    There is a huge amount of toxicity in chat against people playing with ranked ships which is reflected in some of the comments here as well. All sorts of comments about 'go back to T8 potato' 'you shouldn't be playing TX' etc etc, even at the beginning of the game before a shot has been fired. Rented ships should not be marked in game as such, it serves no purpose other than to give the trolls and bullies something to harrass people about. And as a counterargument to some of the comments here I've seen many times rented ships coming out better than even premiums or even top of the team.
  12. Cpt_Skeeve

    Bug Reports

    I had points in the Hall of Fame as of yesterday, today everything was zero despite several victories.
  13. Yeah, I should realy learn to do this and not endure the loss-after-loss-after-loss of playing ships which need support ... but I have this gambler's fallacy thing going where I keep feeling it must just get better. So much this, but also at the weekends (and holidays ...) the 'window' for potato parades as you call them opens up a bit wider.
  14. Cpt_Skeeve

    What is up with HMS Queen Elizabeth armour?

    Saw you in the game last night with the QE Accept that you'll take the damage, accept that you will go down eventually, keep moving, take Adrenaline Rush so that the damage boosts your ROF, take Superintendent and use the extra heal, and go down fighting. I quite enjoy the QE although it is a step down relative to the ships it sees compared to the Duke. The AP is good though.
  15. Cpt_Skeeve

    the "carry harder!" thread

    ... but yesterday just wasn't my day (even survived this one)