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  1. Vorrador

    Sold my ship - what now?

    Youre right, it did not use free xp just normal. Thx
  2. Vorrador

    Sold my ship - what now?

    Yes embarrasing.........but I need your help I had Akizuki with 164000 xp- I sold it BEFORE researching Kitakaze. Can I get it back in some way?
  3. Vorrador

    French progression

    Ummmmm......well.......I was just about to write a lot naggings how I just finished French progression, opened last 7 containers and of course got no battleship missions at all. So just some.....up yours devs......I would delete Jean jacques Honore if I could......make him walk the plank :P
  4. Vorrador

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    A new ranked experience: Game did not load at start, I crashed it and restarted 3 times, and all the time it is just loading and no action. So annoying on top of all other gameplay ranked craps....... Sorry to teammates....
  5. Vorrador

    Update 0.6.13 - Bugs

    For few days now been getting Critial Error occured. Today out of 20 games got 3 critical errors, during battles. Need to close it with task manager, but 2 times (today and yesterday) everything froze and had to manually restart comp. Cannot post you screenshot because I cannot view it or open it, when I close the game with task manager the error closes as well. Terrible stuff......
  6. Vorrador


    I really hate cruisers being meat for BB. Yamato shot one salvo at my Moskva and done 54k damage. ( just a little broadside shown) 54k!!! Just stupidly high damage, not to mention it destroys my good run and makes me wanna quit.........
  7. Vorrador

    Team killer problem

    Yes i understand that, but in this last battle I just started shooting at enemy dd. Then game says I got killed by BB which was behind me, and he did not shoot me or ram me or anything. That is what confuses me, no allies in front of me. How can I do 37k damage which would mirror and kill me?
  8. Vorrador

    Team killer problem

    Hi all Im fairly new to game and this is my first post on forums. I have question about Team killer status: I received it before for some small damage and it runs out after several battles and so on.... Today i play with russian tier 8 cruiser Chapayev shooting enemies, all of a sudden i receive Team killer status, my health reduces almost to 10% from almost full and at the end of battle I see i done 26k damage to ally battleship tier 9 i think. Strange but ok. After several battles with other ships I play again with Chapayev. Beggining of battle, just started shooting at enemy dd, and then my health just drains and ship sinks. Game says that ship which was behind me got penalty for hitting me, and at the end of battle says I killed myself (picture in attachment). Can someone explain, preferably admins, wtf is this? Regards V.