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  1. Bics93

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    Imagine wanting to see your game growing and increasing its playerbase... Nah, better settle with the current 20-25k active players/die with new ones staying no more than 6 months, if we manage to sell some 40€ ships to some potato everything will be ok! WG business model may be working well for their wallet, but it’s objectively pretty poor.
  2. Bics93

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    Whiners that are really bad at math?
  3. Just found @Beastofwar in his top tier Enterprise against my tier 7 division. He started the match by sh*t-talking “people who whine against CV”, then, when we were going to win, he whined about his team being noob... Sometimes karma brings justice and toxic people get what they deserve
  4. Bics93

    Dockyard & Puerto Rico in 0.9.0

    Well, in the current event you can buy only random bundles with tokens, so...
  5. Bics93

    Dockyard & Puerto Rico in 0.9.0

    One patch to get the temporary resource and two patches to spend it on the Armory, when the third patch get launched that resource get converted in credits and the relative Armory section get removed; it seems that Puerto Rico mechanics are the same.
  6. Bics93

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I’m following some posts on Reddit from players that are already playing the new patch: a Montana can reach its maximum speed faster than Henri without speedboost, also Henri loses about 10knts during hard turns... RIP Henri, glorious Smolensk must be the only consistent “witherer” farmer on tier 10, da comrade!
  7. Bics93

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    Well, that’s because the average DD is usually super-trash: map awarness, radar range knowledge, good concealment builds are usually a must to do well in this class, do you really expect your typical survivability expert Musashi player to understand this? My expectations are so low that if a DD player can survive the first 5-6 minutes I usually give him a +1
  8. Bics93

    Puerto Rico

  9. Bics93

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    It’s almost a 40hours per week full time job
  10. Bics93

    Blyskawica buff incoming.

    Yeah! I agree with you: 6.2/6.4km will make them more competitive compared to other ibrid gunboats like Vaquelin or Gadja
  11. Bics93

    Blyskawica buff incoming.

    As @fumtu kindly posted on the “news around the world” thread, there are info about an upcoming Blyskawica buff on turret and torpedo tubes angles. Blyska already received a ~8% DPM buff with her reload going from 6,5sec to 6sec, do you think that the next quality of life improvement will reduce the powercreep on this destroyer?
  12. Bics93

    Turning off spaceship/tesla camo ?

    With the next patch, disabling the special camo will let you get the bonuses while seeing the standard perma-camo aestethics.
  13. Bics93

    12x12 clan brawl - feedback topic

    Clan brawls seem a nice idea, expecially if played with ships different from tier 10, but only one day and always on saturday it’s too limiting.
  14. Bics93

    Any compensations for Narai sto0len stars ?

    Good God, NO!
  15. Bics93

    Any compensations for Narai sto0len stars ?

    Nope, but it will prevent losing the star because a good division will clear the bay so quick that an eventual bugged bot won’t be killed: as WG is not interested in PvE, I’m just suggesting a quick solution...