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  1. Bics93

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    I think WG found a nice credit-sink for players who were asking what to do with all unused credits accumulated for years.
  2. Bics93

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    False, Tirpitz has a tanky lower bow plate of 50mm who makes really difficult penning consistently the front.
  3. Bics93

    Miss dream

    This is the source of my statement, feel free to make other tests and refute LittleWhiteMouse if you want, the nice thing about science is that you can make the same experiments to verify what other people say ;)
  4. Bics93

    Miss dream

    This is the problem: “I think” is not a scientific truth ;)
  5. Bics93

    Miss dream

    Ok, these are two screenshots with different damage numbers and no info about premium time, camos or signals, while a solid proof should be composed by ~30 matches with every variable clearly showed
  6. Bics93

    Miss dream

    False, LittleWhiteMouse, a famous NA CC made several tests and she found out that Musashi/Kron/Jean Bart earn ~15% more than a premium tier 8, while Missouri earns ~40-50% more. The difference in the credit multiplier makes the Musashi/Kron/Jean Bart trio earn ~75% average of what Missouri earns.
  7. Bics93

    Plans for changing division matchmaking?

    Even in Italy we consider the game already lost if there is an ITA clan CV, it is curious that this habit is widespread in other parts of Europe
  8. Bics93

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  9. Bics93

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    Can’t disagree with you! I was refering to my own cruiser: recently 20km HE spamming Conquerors and survaivability expert Kurfursts made my life really hard in random battle
  10. Bics93

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    Then stop camping and tank, so your allied cruisers don’t die at the 10 minutes mark
  11. Bics93

    french ships, with premature guns.

    La Galissoniere never had 7,5s of reload and Algerie has always been 12s since I started playing in July 2017. So this two ships are actually been buffed by the addition of the reload booster consumable. The change only affected reload time on Charles Martel (tier 8) and Saint Louis (tier 9) from 10s to 11s, but the reload booster grants you the ability to stack fires on BB that has just used damage control, to pump out damage on a spotted DD or to brawl another cruiser with AP, really useful in my opinion.
  12. Bics93

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    @wot_chikor‘s posts never disappoint me
  13. Bics93

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    Litteray my evening today: 1 B and 3 A, the last one with a juicy 30% WR Midway on our side :D
  14. Bics93

    General Game play

    You don’t know that a smoked BB can’t shoot its guns or it will be sported, do you? The average joe BB player in random usually goes past the smoke or shoots revealing his position, so you end up with a wasted consumable...
  15. Bics93

    750k Free Xp Ship Question

    Not OP, only the best tier 9 cruiser on EU with ~15k more average damage and ~4-5% more average WR than every ship of the same class at that tier