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  1. It is funny that they announced the first double ships anniversary bundles (Mikasa+Tachibana, Graf Spee+Z-39, etc.) saying that there would be new offers the 10th of August... Well, the news are that the same 4 bundles will be on sale until the 17th of August
  2. [FABER] Recruiting

    Is it legit to bump in this section?
  3. [FABER] Reclutamento.

    @KORNSHELL beh, direi che il nostro recente passaggio in Lega Burrasca meriti un accenno, non trovi? In piena Estate e con mezzo clan in vacanza, è un risultato non indifferente
  4. Expert Marksman on Soviet DDs

    Hi! With the 7.7 Podvoisky, Gnevny and Minsk received a buff to turret rotation and now they need 18,6’’ to turn 180 degrees (used to be 30s), should I respec the commander and remove expert marksman? Or should I maintain that skill to rotate in 14,8’’?
  5. Despite the great slugghisness of the Gal (31kn on a french cruiser? Really?!) I managed good avg. damage: the guns are really comfortable and IFHE makes you a really good HE spammer... So I bought De Grasse and... Just wow! Same good guns, but on a Charles Martel hull: 40kn with speed boost is what I always needed while grinding Galissoniere :D What?! Expecting more from Giulio Cesare?!
  6. Is that a joke!?

    Well, Indianapolis armor is really squishy, it won’t shatter many HE shells: just an hour ago a Farragut managed to farm me for 15k while I was waiting for radar to recharge... Obviuosly I had my revenge soon after
  7. [FABER] Reclutamento.

    Abbiamo modificato i requisiti di ingresso verso una linea meno restrittiva: - almeno 500 battaglie - 800PR su WoWs Numbers (https://wows-numbers.com/). Appena possibile aggiorneremo il thread.
  8. [FABER] Recruiting

    Hi everyone! FABER is a new clan in the italian community. We recently finished 5th in the “Italian Cup 2nd edition”, a tournament among 16 italian clans which has been officially sponsored by WG. After this result, we decided to enlarge our clan base to 40 players slots, so now we are looking for new players to improve our partecipation in the future Clan Battle seasons and, eventually, in other tournaments. If you are an italian speaking player who is looking to improve himself at the game by joining divisions in a relaxing envoirenment, maybe you will be well suited to join our ranks! We are not very picky regarding stats: - at least 500 battles; - at least 800 PR on WoWs Numbers (here is the link to see your stats: https://wows-numbers.com/). These are small requirements to be sure you have a basic knowledge of game mechanics. If you have any question just contact me or @Parxifal and we will be glad to answer you and to give you our Discord server link. Here is the link for our recruitement page in the italian sub-forum: Fair winds and following seas to everyone!
  9. Roast the previous poster's stats

    @megaducky What is this? Orange?! You can’t even re-roll! Here is mine: https://wows-numbers.com/player/548606906,Bics93/
  10. > Started the French BB line in April because I fell in love of the Alsace gameplay and aesthetics; > researched Alsace some days ago; > Alsace will be nerfed. Drinking my salty tears now
  11. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    AA buff? Well, maybe WG can add a couple of triple 25mm guns on B and X turrets (like Nagato and Amagi ones) this will increase the AA dps by ~24...
  12. CB season 3 and Steel

    I’ve a question regarding steel rewards: let’s say my clan clears the squall league and reach the gale league while I cannot play with them, will I be able to have squall league rewards playing gale league or I’ll receive only gale league rewards (losing the 1000 steel from squall league)?
  13. King of the Peas - The Cage

    - Nella mappa Big Race selezionando la modalità ranked si viene a creare un perfetto cerchio al centro fra le isole che verrà usato appunto come "cage", gabbia per il combattimento; - I team dovranno entrare ognuno dal suo lato all'interno della cage per poter ingaggiare e poter iniziare a sparare torpedo; - Una volta dentro non si potrà uscire dal cerchio pena la squalifica della nave. - Come specificato nelle regole, non si potrà usare fumo, ne armi primarie, ma solo torpedo. Concesso solo l'utilizzo del consumabile della velocità.
  14. King of the Peas - The Cage

    Il clan FABER è lieto di presentare una nuova serie di eventi dedicati ai DD: **"KING of the PEAS!"** VENERDI' 29 ore 21, primo appuntamento: **"THE CAGE"** Regolamento: - mappa: Big Race - tipo: Ranked Battle Domination x0 - navi: DD tier 2 soltanto - NO PREMIUM - modalità: 3 vs 3 - NIENTE CANNONI - NIENTE FUMO - SOLO SILURI! Per informazioni potete contattare me, @KORNSHELL o @Parxifal
  15. Engine boost mod on french BB

    @Hades_warrior you should apologize to @Tyrendian89 now