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  1. Sinop and Nelson are really powerful battleships, but at least you can HE spam them because they have soft 25mm or 32mm deck... Now just imagine that every cruiser will shatter their HE or have half the fire chance against these ships
  2. Bics93

    Radar Rework Idea's

    Nah, it was already purposed many times in the past: bad idea, would make radar useless...
  3. Bics93

    ???? che succede?

    We have this kind of topics every week in the italian forum, I want to preserve the english one
  4. Bics93

    ???? che succede?

    Go doing your spaghetti things somewhere else!
  5. Well, you choose to gamble, what did you expect?
  6. Bics93

    Upcoming French Captain.

    France have so many powerful unique commanders that I don’t need any regular one: Honorè brothers on Henri and Jean Bart/Alsace and then this guy for the DDs lol
  7. We don’t want “free things”, we want WG to treat their older customers like they treat the newer ones on Steam...
  8. Bics93

    Preliminary analysis of CV skills/upgrades

    Really?! Well, I feel sorry for you
  9. Oh wow! 30% on Loyang! “Subjectively” a good sale like Haida for 5€ and full doubloon compensation, thanks WG, you totally “not spoiled” any surprise to us
  10. Well, you can get Boise and then find Nueve the Julio as random ship in the gambling-box
  11. So we will get the classic 50% on tier 6-7 and the shitty 30% on tier 8 with a nice gambling pack which is forbidden in some countries... What did that WG-guy say on Reddit some weeks ago? Ah yes, “sales value is subjective”! I can confirm that difference between 50% and 75%discount is just a feeling, not a fact
  12. Oh, these sales seem just like the Steam ones with 75% discounts and full doubloons compensat...Wait
  13. 8k average damage: so he manages 1 torp hit or 1 fire or 2 BB AP pens every match, not bad
  14. Found @GarrusBrutus in his Georgia tonight: he was pretty shocked at seeing his TWO Shimakazes failing to contest A cap against my division-mate in... full gunboat Tashkent, I even managed to solo-cap B with my Musashi
  15. Bics93

    No 1 in after battle list.

    After 15.000 matches your knowledge of game mechanics is so poor to the point of thinking that this is a bug? Well, I think your problem is not in your team composition