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  1. Mockery

    That’s why we didn’t put “ITA” in our clan tag
  2. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    Confirmation bias strikes again!
  3. This won’t apply when buying something using a coupon, right? Like -30% coupon on Scharnhorst will give me 9500 doubloons or only 6650?
  4. Soldoni

    Yeah! You are right, shame on me! “Prove me wrong” is another correct traslation (Italian is quite flexible regarding meaning of words), but I failed my joke :D
  5. Soldoni

    We are trying to improve our community, but it will take some time And @nimitz_268, stop being spaghetti all’arrabbiata, be nice with other players!
  6. Soldoni

    The final word “Contradditemi” means “change my mind”, is it a receference to that meme?
  7. Yep, I specified “lower bow” because the upper part is still 25mm as the other tier 7 BBs, but hitting that small area for the citadel is really RNG-dependent
  8. Remember that Nagato can overmatch other tier 7 BB’s bow and stern, it is usually more effective shooting at the waterline ahead of the enemy bow: you can citadel them throught the nose. Only Scharnhorst and Gneisenau can bow-tank you because they have a reinforced plate on the lower bow.
  9. The Death of the dedicated heavy cruiser

    How is this even possible? Mogami deals at least 5-6k HE damage each salvo with IFHE
  10. Still 5 BBs per side?!

    I need 5 BBs per side to increase my avg. damage on my new shiny De Grasse
  11. This! :D Edit: I didn’t notice the 2nd page of the discussion, my answer is redundant
  12. Well, Richelieu and North Carolina/Alabama AP have surely great penetration values, but they wont’t never penetrate a 32mm plate angled less than 30 degrees because of overmatch rules. Also Richelieu can’t overmatch 27mm of some cruisers bow, so she will have the same problem of Bismarck when facing angled USA or german cruisers...
  13. Z39 in Shop

    If I remember correctly, Halsey will have improved EL and EM, so the exact passive abilities of John Doe; then there are the active skills like Yamamoto’s ones...
  14. Z39 in Shop

    Don’t worry, soon you will be able to earn a spcial USA commander with the same boni throught a new Yamamoto-like campaign.
  15. Cost of Tier 9 BB's

    Well, I like lower tiers more than high ones: 6-7 BBs and cruisers are my most played ships... Also sometimes I only need to realx a bit and dakka dakka with tier 3-4 protected cruisers is quite fun :)