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  1. Bics93

    Post-nerf Alsace

    Played a dozen of battles before the nerf and another couple of dozens after the nerf, didn’t see a real difference, still a wonderful ship! Also my favorite as far as appearance is concerned! Hope that the post-war refit on Bourgogne will be ad good as current Alsace aspect-wise!
  2. Bics93

    Bug Reports

    This happens even with Magnu-S
  3. Bics93

    High tier French BB guns and their accuracy

    @Blixies I grinded the french BB line from Bretagne to Alsace and I stopped at the tier 9 because I enjoy the “lots of low caliber guns” style, also Republique seems too fat being bigger than Yamato. Dispersion formula for french BBs is the same of the german ones and sigma of Richelieu and Alsace is quite low, so RNG can troll you, but shell velocity is really high, so flight time is quite low and hitting targets is quite easy. On paper the low caliber seems awful, but 380mm has quite good penetration and can do nice damage to broadsides: it rewards flanking and good target choice. After my last brawl I can confirm that citadadelling full broadside cruisers at close range may be difficult because the shell will overpen easily, sort of “Roma AP effect”. You’re right, the 380mm gun is the same on Richelieu, Alsace, Jean Bart and Bourgogne, there is no change between this ships as far as gun system is concerned.
  4. Bics93

    Henri IV skills?

    Also he can overmatch british cruiser 16mm armor with 240mm AP...
  5. Bics93

    Henri IV skills?

    I’ll keep the Charles because I really like it, but I think that Henri IV offers a different gameplay rather than a better one, having unique guns and a really spammy legendary upgrade...
  6. Bics93

    Henri IV skills?

    Hi! I stopped my french-cruiser grinding at Charles Martel, but during this ranked season I felt that the ninja style of Zao (who I really enjoy in clan battle, being the main Zao player in my clan at the moment) isn’t really well suited in a gamemode where I’m without a division. Henri IV always intrigued me and I think it’s time to finish the grind, but I have a couple of doubts regarding captain skills: - IFHE: with this skill 240mm HE can pen 50mm on juicy german BBs, Yamato (not the main deck), Roma, russian “super” cruisers and Khaba, will be worth the points? I often find frustrating placing a nice HE salvo with Zao only to have 6-8 shatters against this tanky targets; also german BBs are really common on EU; - Last stand: french cruiser rudder is fragile and kiting usually results in a lot of shell hitting the stern of the ship and incapacitating the rudder, has Henri the same problem? Or is it similar to Zao, which has tankier rudder compared to the previous ships of the line?
  7. Waiting Bourgogne and her modernized 127mm secondary batteries
  8. Bics93

    GG WG

    Yeah, a really welcome change! I’m not even a DD player, but Worchester felt so wrong having stealth-radar without drawbacks: Minotaur can stealth-radar, but he has to give up something and the radared DD can angle to bounce AP shells...
  9. Bics93

    Matchmaking Tier imbalances.

    Recently I played a battle against a lot of tier 8 using my tier 6 De Grasse: I killed 2 Richelieus doing more than 100k, it was fun Our team managed to lose because all our tier 8 were potatoes and I managed to score first even with my “extremely imbalanced” low tier ship, doing better than every “super powerful” tier 8
  10. Bics93

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    As a russian DD player I’m disgusted!
  11. Bics93

    WG gib Bourgogne NAO

    I noticed that WoWs fitting tool has an image of Bourgogne with camo, seems quite nice aestethically
  12. Bics93

    Rendering problems: game unplayable

    Already tried the first 2 points, have to find time to do windows fresh install... Tech support is composed by qualified people who know more than me about computers, shouldn’t they be able to acquire some info about my configuration by the reports I sent them? I’m a complete idiot as far as computer science is concerned :D @GuillotineI didn’t notice great changes about CPU usage since patch release, but I’ll check with more attention next time I play, thank you for the suggestion.
  13. Bics93

    Rendering problems: game unplayable

    I runned the game on my notebook and everything is fine: ships are rendered istantly, so there is something in my pc that doesn’t work... I opened another ticket in my native language, maybe the description of my problem will be clearer...
  14. Bics93

    Rendering problems: game unplayable

    Well, WG answered my ticket saying that it is my falut and they can’t do anything to solve my problem... Ah, I love this company...
  15. I’m a tier 6-7 lover to be honest, so I play few battles at higher tiers, but I noticed a slight increase in top-mid tier battles with tier 8-9 ships during this month, surely it’s the ranked effect, but I hope that Arms Race will prolongue this situation, maybe tier 8 premiums will be able to sealclubbing some tier 6s in the future