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  1. Baylor98

    Ghost sub?

    No, but I did take evasive action. I suspect the WOW staff are testing something.
  2. Baylor98

    Ghost sub?

    I am sure on two separate occasions now I have seen a submarine's periscope during the game. Once in a random game when i was playing a DD, it appeared and disappeared inside a cap area I had just entered and again a few days ago when I was playing the Nelson and it appeared at the start heading parallel to my ship about half a mile away. Has anyone else seen this or am I losing my mind?
  3. Baylor98


    If thrills and fun are what we are looking for in this game we could have a form of game, lets call it 'Melee' where every ship has a random starting position, anywhere on the map being equally likely. Imagine the tension as you go from the start screen to game, watching the clock go down, you frantically looking around to see how many enemies & friends you have nearby. Games would be fast and furious but a lot of fun I imagine! Surely someone has suggested this already.
  4. Baylor98

    DDs are not sacrificial penguins!

    I watched a nature program not long ago about penguins. It showed how when a group of penguins were standing on the ice, wondering whether it was safe to dive in the water or whether there was a leopard seal around they would gang up on one of their own kind and push him into the water. If he survived they knew it was safe. As a regular DD player I often feel like that sacrificial penguin. I dutifully head for a zone to capture it at the start, I see on the map that cruisers and some BBs are following and I think 'cool I will get some support for a change!'. However, when I reach the zone and start the cap I find myself after a while getting hunted by enemy DDs and cruisers and attacked by aircraft etc. I look for my support and its sitting just out of useful range, watching to see if I survive I suppose. Anyone else get this feeling playing DDs?
  5. Baylor98

    Highest speed possible?

    What ships + flags + mods + boost gives the highest possible speed? I assume its a DD of course. I will start the bidding at 48.7 knots in a Minsk with speed flag and boost.
  6. Baylor98

    Criteria for Success

    What would people feel was needed for them to consider a battle 'OK' or satisfactory. Assuming that your team winning is a given, would it be causing more HP damage than you receive? sinking at least 1 ship? 2 ships? avoiding being sunk? what?
  7. Baylor98

    Bug Reports

    Occasionally in battle my rudder jams over to one side and won't be corrected (I haven't been hit so not damage related), it clears after a while. Anyone else had this?
  8. Baylor98

    Frivolous Chaos

    OK, here is a frivolous silly questions. Which would be most chaotic (possibly fun).. 12 CVs vs 12 CVs 12 BBs vs 12 BBs 12 CAs vs 12 CAs 12 DDs vs 12 DDs My vote would be for either the frirst or last.
  9. Baylor98

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    I would like to ask people to nominate which ships they consider most and least fun to play, and say why. Most Fun - Emile Bertin awesome speed for a cruiser throws incoming fire off and rewards a swashbuckling attacking style. The guns are also really good! Least Fun - New Mexico very slow and ponderous, slow traverse and slow reloading makes it feel like wading through treacle. very frustrating
  10. Baylor98

    Custom Flags / Camouflage

    Anyone like the idea of having custom flags or camouflages? I fancy something saying 'My Other Ship is a Yamato';.Newbies may be required to have 'L' plates for their first 100 battles? :)
  11. Baylor98

    Yamato research cost?

    Why does the Yamato show a research cost of 249000 xp in the tech tree and yet when you clik on it it jumps up to 349000?
  12. Baylor98

    Sea Effects

    The sea animated texture/displacement map is very good but shows severe tiling artifacts over any distance. I don't think it would affect FPS to modify this to include a large scale function to break this up a bit.
  13. Baylor98

    Russian BB line?

    I have just seen (and sunk) a Tier iV Russian BB in a random battle, looked like a Gangut class vessel (same as the Oct Revolutskaya). Is WoW planning a Russian BB line?
  14. Baylor98

    Looking for a relaxed UK clan

    Now in a clan, thx people for the contacts
  15. I am a casual UK player looking for a clan. I try to play all ship types but am happiest in BB. Still fairly new to WoW but improving steadily.