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  1. Baylor98

    Ghost sub?

    You think they weren't tempted to live test in a recent update? have you looked at the code size increase of the updates recently, who knows whats in there!
  2. Baylor98

    Ghost sub?

    Looking at the latest news topic it seems I get the last laugh. I wasn't joking, It wasn't an April fool. I did see a sub and now we know why.
  3. Baylor98

    Realistic Speed?

    I knew that ship speeds are exaggerated for better gameplay but I did a quick calculation after a game using the Minsk. I covered 17.03 km in 2.55 minutes (I sank two ships so don't judge!), so was doing an average of 219 mph! If speeds were maybe a smidge more realistic would it be better or worse?
  4. Baylor98

    Ghost sub?

    I am sure on two separate occasions now I have seen a submarine's periscope during the game. Once in a random game when i was playing a DD, it appeared and disappeared inside a cap area I had just entered and again a few days ago when I was playing the Nelson and it appeared at the start heading parallel to my ship about half a mile away. Has anyone else seen this or am I losing my mind?
  5. Baylor98

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    I would like to ask people to nominate which ships they consider most and least fun to play, and say why. Most Fun - Emile Bertin awesome speed for a cruiser throws incoming fire off and rewards a swashbuckling attacking style. The guns are also really good! Least Fun - New Mexico very slow and ponderous, slow traverse and slow reloading makes it feel like wading through treacle. very frustrating