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  1. HammerDance


    Interesting yea,what's this any ideas?
  2. Looking for a clan that plays storm league,pmme
  3. HammerDance

    Looking for croatian clan

    Looking for competitive,croatian clan for upcoming winter if there is one. Want to play activly CB and divisions. For more info contact me or reply here.
  4. HammerDance

    Looking for clan

    Hello, My name is Marin, i am 24 years old and i am looking for active english clan. I speak and understand english lang. Currently i stacked in Gale league with my clan but i am aware that i can do much more. I can play any type of ship and i belive in team work. Only english speaking clan i would like to join. I use discord and i am communicative. Also i have a lot of free time so i am seaching for hell active clan. It means full time clan battles (18:30-22:30) I would go with clan in Storm/Gale league. If someone is interested in me,feel free to pm me or leave a comment. Fair seas sailors!