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  1. Rooke_1704

    RN Cruisers...just...how?

    Edinburgh is in a bad spot i think largely because of the match making. Its by no means a bad ship but it doesn't have the same MM Fiji gets and doesn't get Neptune or Minotaur main guns tops and AA
  2. Rooke_1704

    Why can't I disable Direct Messages?

    yeah but your friend was in FDG right? so unless there is a black Friday FDG for sale the guy you were talking about was an unmitigated troll
  3. Rooke_1704

    No longer looking

    Have sent you a PM with invite to clan discord, if youre up for it jump on tonight and meet the guys
  4. Rooke_1704

    RN Cruisers...just...how?

    Although I'll be the first to say you have to find a ship line that suits your playstyle, I'd urge you to give it another try. Even the Neptune with its unusually poor concealment (by RN standards) can deal massive amounts of damage and be a lot of fun to play if you play to its strengths.
  5. Rooke_1704

    RN Cruisers...just...how?

    It took me a long time to get the hang of RN light cruisers. Its the line I started playing and at the time they were the hardest line to master, I suspect that might no longer be the case but they still take some time. Unlike most other cruisers you dont have HE to burn things down and thats what puts most people off. If there is one tip I can give you that I wish i could go back in time and save myself a lot of trouble it is this.. forget your torpedos until you absolutely need them. You are a DPM monster with your guns, the torps must always be a last resort. Your primary target is going to be destroyers and other light cruisers. You have improved AP penetration angles so that helps even against angled cruisers. On heavy cruisers and battleships you want to be aiming for the deck and super structure. Dont aim for the water line you will only get bounces and shatters. Try not to smoke up in open water if you can avoid it. Find an island and strategically plant your smoke next to it in such a way that if you need to leave your smoke or when it fades you can retreat into cover quickly.
  6. Rooke_1704

    Why can't I disable Direct Messages?

    Especially if you play a lot of CV
  7. Rooke_1704

    Why can't I disable Direct Messages?

    Damn.. somebody got a torpedo version of the FDG? Is that a black Friday ship I want one! LOL These people that make these claims are just trolls, the amount of times Ive been rammed by another ship even though i have tried to avoid them and then they stay stuck to you for 10 minutes and in chat they say look at this idiot ramming me... yeah i just blacklist people like that and the list is growing every day.
  8. Hi mate Team GIB [GIB] is recruiting. We have a discord, facebook page and currently have players from all over Europe.
  9. Rooke_1704

    Server issues for New Zealand clan mates

    Thanks very much forthe helpful answer I'll pass that on to my clan mates and hopefully it will help
  10. Rooke_1704

    Server issues for New Zealand clan mates

    Thanks for the answer mate. Unfortunately I have no idea what a ping plotter is or how that would help. Do you think something like a VPN might work?
  11. I've got 2 New Zealand clan mates who are unable to load the game or access the website.. basically same problems we all experienced yesterday. Anyone have any ideas howwe can get them playing again? I have submitted a ticket on their behalf but Im hoping by posting it on forum we can get this resolved quickly.
  12. Rooke_1704


    Hi everyone. My buddy @vipersocks did a fantastic job editing this video for a game I had recently with clan mates. He's a great guy and a fantastic warships player but his youtube channel is sadly under rated. Take a look and if you enjoy this video please leave a like and consider subscribing to him on youtube. Cheers
  13. Rooke_1704

    T-F-H Task Force H

    TFH named after the British task force famously assembled to take down the Bismark after the sinking of HMS Hood. We're not a big fleet, were not the best. What we offer is an opporunity to make some new friends via our TS3 and Discord servers and to form part of a community that enjoys playing not only World of Warships together but other games too. We have taken T6 players and dragged them to T10. Our play style is aggressive. Our DD's arent afraid to tank, our battleships arent afraid to cap. We play as a team and we win and die as a team. We mix well with other players from other clans and join forces with others to have some great games. Take a look at this hillarious game, brilliantly edited by our friend @vipersocks one of the most under rated WoWs youtube content creators. He's a top bloke and I really enjoy his videos so while you watch this great example of TFH division game play please consider leaving him a like and subscribing to his youtube channel.
  14. Rooke_1704

    We're sorry!

    We do our best... well I do 😂
  15. Rooke_1704

    We're sorry!

    I was in a division with a clan mate and when he hit the battle button we were stuck in port. I was able to leave the division and we had 2 other clan mates online at the time. When my clan leader tried to invite us all to a division the virus spread. This seems to have now infected the whole EU server. On behalf of MBS we would like to point the finger of blame squarely at @Master476_hero and we welcome all EU members to grief him at every available opportunity. Once again we are sorry!