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  1. Rooke_1704

    We're sorry!

    We do our best... well I do 😂
  2. Rooke_1704

    We're sorry!

    I was in a division with a clan mate and when he hit the battle button we were stuck in port. I was able to leave the division and we had 2 other clan mates online at the time. When my clan leader tried to invite us all to a division the virus spread. This seems to have now infected the whole EU server. On behalf of MBS we would like to point the finger of blame squarely at @Master476_hero and we welcome all EU members to grief him at every available opportunity. Once again we are sorry!
  3. Rooke_1704

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    Glad you guys are working on getting the hamsters back to work... any update on when the potatoes are gonna be sorted?
  4. Rooke_1704

    Anyone getting horrible pings and disconnection right now ?

    I cant get on the game at all right now.. it keeps telling me to check my internet connection but my connection is normal, I am able to do watch videos on youtube, Apple TV etc.. I came to forum to try to find out what was going on but cant actually get to the forum home page.
  5. Rooke_1704

    Surface Radar

    I only have the one ship that uses radar and I'm not very effective with it so I'm not a big fan of it. But having a radar ship or two in the enemy team is one of the things that will give you an early indication of how well your team is going to do in that match. Cruisers (especially radar cruisers) are the natural counter to destroyers, Battleships are the natural counter to cruisers. If your team are smart then the battleships will focus their efforts on the radar cruisers first to keep the destroyers safe. The cruisers will focus their efforts on the destroyers to keep the battleships safe. The problem in my mind isnt radar, as long as they dont give it to every ship in the game then I think its exactly where it needs to be; the problem is the players. If players know what their role is and they perform their role for the benefit of the team and play to win rather than personal achievement then things like radar become much less of an issue. I liked a video Flamu did very recently. If WG rewarded players for team play the way they do for dealing damage, we might just see some much better games.
  6. Rooke_1704

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Yep I've noticed that too. When you add the low FPS and lag to the mix its a pain to hit anything beyond 10 km away
  7. Rooke_1704

    Aigle Suks

    Currently on the aigle mission, not logged in for today's part yet but its a fairly straight forward one. Hit an enemy with 4 ship torps and win and thats my number 17 our of 18 needed. As soon as I get her I'm gonna sell her for credits because frankly they are worth more to me than a French DD that cant hit back.
  8. Rooke_1704

    Question about consumables

    See my reply to your post. Taken in the manner intended, I have no issues with you. But this guy is trolling all my comments and attacking me personally. I wont stand for it, I wont back down. As you said you have no idea whats been said previously so I would suggest you stay out of it. Best regards
  9. Rooke_1704

    Question about consumables

    ah my own personal WoWs troll strikes again. So now you're scouring the forum looking for all my posts so you can take pot shots at me? You are a bile and pathetic piece of crap
  10. Rooke_1704

    Question about consumables

    Fair enough. Kudos on the re-supply I had forgotten to mention that.
  11. Rooke_1704

    Question about consumables

    Best advice I can give any new player - when you go to collect your container always go for the credits option. Not only are these credits important for upgrading ships and buying new ones, but at T5 and above you will be at a huge disadvantage if you don't use the premium consumables; especially heal, repair and smoke. The lure of getting a super container is strong but the chance of success seems to have dropped considerably in the last few months. The more credits option gives the best rewards in my experience, not only the credits but also flags, camo and premium consumables.
  12. Have to echo what so many others have already said. I'm a RN battleship player have got cruisers and the Gallant too. Don't be in too much of a rush to buy premium T7+ ships until you have more time invested in the game, a bit more experience playing particularly British ships. I don't have a premium German ship but I did grind to get the Gnaisenau and the Bismark. I love them both, great ships to play the satisfaction knowing you earned it is much more rewarding than simply buying a premium. Of course that's just my opinion. You need to do what feels right for you and I wish you the best of luck.
  13. Rooke_1704

    What the hell is going on?

    ok [edited] head I'm done dealing with you. Not only have you derailed the thread completely but even when I entertain you and give you proof time after time after time you keep coming back with the same crap face answers. Go [edited]yourself.
  14. Rooke_1704

    Operation Hermes

    Having played this operation several times now and after getting 5 stars on the first try my thoughts on it are: 1. Too restrictive - Its been said over and over. I only have 2 ships that qualify and thats because I bought the Belfast before it was taken off the market. 2. Lag issues that have been reported throughout the patch are particularly prevalent in Hermes. Any time I use my scope to target an enemy my FPS drops to 3 and it becomes near impossible to hit anything. Thank god for HE which does most of the damage for me when I am able to score a hit. 3. The rewards are crap. It's not really worth doing the first time compared to other operations. Doing it successive times is even less rewarding in which case point 1 is no longer an issue because there is no reason for anyone to play it again once they get 5 stars. 4. The game play itself is good. I like the idea of allies Vs Germans rather than having random NPC ships as has been the case before. The core and secondary objectives are straight forward and really require no special tactics. Stay together, protect the lead ship, kill what the game tells you to kill and dont die stupidly. 5. Bring back Narai - I smacked the crap out of that op over and over again. It was profitable but also highly enjoyable, it was great to earn some extra credits to pay for my grind to T10 but it was also a haven I could retreat to when I was fed up of the usual complaints that come with random battles. If you want feedback from players and you want to know how to make your operations better then just look at Narai. Put it back exactly as it was.
  15. Rooke_1704

    What the hell is going on?

    21 battles won and finishing in top 3 at tier 8 + see my nice shiny emblem that you get for 15 wins in top 3. But if you want to maintain that I'm the problem then look at this game. Last match I played 5 mins ago and the accompanying screen shot. Bad BB players sail in straight lines, bad BB players die to torps. I took on 3 DDs to defend our base and got hit by one torp. I was eventually taken down by overwhelming damage and the killing blow came from a BB. Results like this are the rule not the exception. 20180308_124122_PBSB002-Warspite-1941_46_Estuary.wowsreplay