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  1. Vilodrom

    CV Problems I have

    so it's me and another CV. I am langley and they are also a T4 CV. My Gunner squadron vs theirs, and eVeRy tImE, their gunners always win, leaving my gunners dead. Then they place their gunner above my ship keeping my torp and dive bombers hostage. Why do they always beat me with their guns?? I've upgraded the fighter jets already, but still they had all their gunner jets left and I had all mine killed. How???
  2. So basically I can log into the forums but not into worldofwarships.com even though I have used the same name and stuff. It's defo not my password. When I clicked on make a new account to test and tried to log in with the same email that my real account is hooked on, it said that this emailw as already being used. (this is on the warships.com website). also on that website, when I tried to reset my password, it said no user has logged in with the email and i copy pasted and double checked it was right please help! this also means I can only access the forums and not the website which I want to access!
  3. Vilodrom

    Captains - What are they and what do they do

    I just get quick scoped by orions with the S.Caro
  4. Vilodrom

    Mutsuki OR Minekaze

    Dammit not enough space on the disk for the test server ;-; thanks for wasting 3 hours downloading -_-
  5. Vilodrom

    Mutsuki OR Minekaze

    Woah I'm just reading into this "test server" thing. How do i get this? sounds cool, so you get access to all ships or what Also I was playing V-170 but have kinda gotten out of swing with the whole thing. You lose the advantage of torping then leaving without being seen. Isokaze = a bomb [edited]ship but I tried minekaze and it's just troubling xD. I'll see if I can try and redo The german DD's. Other than that, anyone got any good cruiser nation lines? I feel like Imma go british BB's, they have quick reload (from what I've seen in game) and I am british so ya'know gotta support homeboy
  6. Vilodrom

    Captains - What are they and what do they do

    Lmao I'm only doing this S.Carolina so I have access to a CV.... thought it might be fun.... Argh I just get - and it's this trio every damn time - Friant, Jurien and on Orion shooting at me at the same time, with no team mates to help me and I just get fugoled over by torps at the end ;( Screw this Imma go IJN BB's and get a CV that way -_-
  7. Vilodrom

    Captains - What are they and what do they do

    I sWeAr To GoD THIS DAMN S. CAROLINA!!!!!!!!! I cannot explain how pissed I am rn arrgghghghhhhh Puhhhleaseeeee help
  8. When I say I have no clue about captains, I mean that the only thing I see in them are the different people and names.... I have a feeling they play a big part i the game and I want to know everything xD pLEASE help _vilodrom
  9. Vilodrom

    DCing in almost every match.

    hmmmm... as you said it did happen on lots of different devices which means that the computer cannot be the problem... maybe the account? If you have a spare junk email, make a fake account and see if you run into the same problem. I have had this problem too, but it was only for a few days... When I had it I thought the game might be running too long (even after a couple of minutes) so I tried to play a match, log off, and repeat that nd it seemed to work. Again I'm not sure if thats it. Otherwise it's got to be a problem with the internet, there is not much else that could happen on 2 devices Thanks for letting us know, I'm sure me and others here will try and help you fix it <3
  10. Vilodrom

    I need help Improving my DD gameplay

    Thank you to everyone who ahs replied on this topic, it has helped me drastically imrpove my DD gameplay. From back when I wrote this thread to now has been such an increase in skill, it's really about the practice. Thanks to everyone, Vilo
  11. Vilodrom

    Mutsuki OR Minekaze

    it's a shame that the fun of torpedoes get destroyedn by WASD hacks.... I'm not spending any doubloons on this game so I have my 11 slots but are their any ships in the line that are fun and I would want to keep?
  12. Vilodrom

    DD's, Now what?

    So I've been really enjoying the DD gameplay and been loving the Isokaze (those sneak torps are the actual bomb) but I feel like I ened a change. The whole being stealthy, fire torps, get some hits, try to stay undetected can be quite repetetive. I feel like now would be the time for a change, to anything but a DD, maybe a cruiser, battleship, or a CV. I just want to know some enjoyable nation lines (up to t4, so I can practice a little before mm) that are a difference to your average DD and that suit me well. thats about it, love to hear your responses <3
  13. Vilodrom

    I need help Improving my DD gameplay

    Ok so I tried a handful of DD's u8p to t4, and I'm LOVING the isokaze.... yh thats it lmao Does anyone know how I can change my name on this btw?
  14. Vilodrom

    Mutsuki OR Minekaze

    So I've been playing Japanese DD's and they are my fav by far due to the power of torps. I'm up to Isokaze, and love the reload time and destruction of the torps. Now I want to know which ship I should pick next? I don't really mind the guns, but I really want a nice torpedoe layout. Anyone have any ideas? ty <3
  15. Vilodrom

    I need help Improving my DD gameplay

    I'm not sure theres people for certain games that classify into section which are: : People who can try endlessly and don't get better (normally they are just generally bad a computer games) : People who can practice and then get the hang of it Now ik for a fact that I'm quite good at most games yet I've tried fortnite but for the love of me I just can't. Idk what I am for this game, I hope I can get better - I have no idea what I like so much about it but turning on a computer I just cant resist to start xD. *Btw I have enough to unlock the emerald, yay or nay?* Also, I really wanna know how you can follow torps and salvoes with the camera *EDIT* I just saw the gameplay of an IJN, I got hella inspired by that so imma try IJN ( lol only into tier 2 with russian)