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  1. So, nearly completed the french cruiser line, up to akizuki on the jap gunbote line and im thinking about starting a new cruiser line. I'm torn between US light cruisers, US heavy cruisers and british cruisers. What to go for? So far ive been playing HE spam lines and heavy cruisers, but some people said RN line was challenging
  2. Vilodrom

    Radius of Capture Circles

    Also, the thing with transferring captains from different ships - is it worth taking a 14 point captain from one ship to another, even though there is a 50% penalty. I don't have the doubloons to spend on no penalty so what do you recommend i do? My saint louis and akizuki captains still need to get to their respective ships henri iv and harugumo, with me needing 14 points for IFHE and CE on har
  3. What are the radius' of the large and small capture circles? ty lol just so i can see where i have to be positioned in my akizuki not to get hydro'd by some z 39
  4. Vilodrom

    KotS Game Layout

    you can do that anyways with the current format, depending on which team is being streamed
  5. Vilodrom

    KotS Game Layout

    So I was thinking about how inconvenient it is that streamers can only be one one team while streaming kots, so i thought of a ‘gamemode’ where the broadcasters can see both teams. The different teams wouldnt be blue and red to suggest allies/enemies but would be other colours. Secondly, the main problem with being able to see both teams is that you dont know what is spotted. However, my idea is to make not spotted ships fainter and lightly tinted in their teams colour, and when they become spotted they are opaque and normal coloured. This would also go for torpedoes, planes etc. and would make kots a hell of a lot more fun to watch. This might require some development but i think its worth it! Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section i didnt know where to put it thanks