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  1. Vilodrom


    I've had this problem a couple of times, where I get a message in game then forget about it, and then when I go and check what I was sent the day later the messages are wiped (i'm guessing every time you log off the messages wipe). Is there any way I can see these messages again? Thanks
  2. Vilodrom

    Honourable Service Campaign

    Once I have done a task it gets a green tick next to it and when I try to set it again it says you have already completed this task...
  3. Vilodrom

    Honourable Service Campaign

    You can redo tasks? How! Thanks, Vilodrom
  4. I was browsing through the campaigns, and when I had a look at honourable service it seemed to me that even the 1st stage could not be completed without having at least 1 t8 battleship.. Am I correct in thinking this? There might have been something I missed, I just think it's a bit harsh to deny someone progress based off of which ship role they play, being a main dd and part cruiser player. Thanks, Vilodrom
  5. Vilodrom

    IFHE Rework

    I heard about the IFHE rework but am still confused. How will it affect Henri IV, Smolensk and the high tier jap gunboat dd line? Cheers, Vilodrom
  6. Vilodrom

    Commander retrain grind

    lol everyone thinks I own these ships, when most of them are 2 days rentals from WG B) Smolensk is mine, but we won't talk about her :) also thanks for all the help! Vilodrom
  7. Vilodrom

    Commander retrain grind

    How would I use a premium ship if I want the commander on my non premium Kitakaze? Thanks, Vilodrom
  8. Vilodrom

    Commander retrain grind

    Using my akizuki commander on kitakaze, what is the quickest way to retrain 62k commander xp? I started out co op because randoms would affect my team and my gameplay for too long (62k is a lot of games). so what do I do?? cheers, vilodrom
  9. Vilodrom

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    Hi, Here's the specs. thanks, vilodrom
  10. I see on some streamers screens that they have the potential damage plane damage and something else displayed underneath their damage count. Is this a mod or a part of the game I haven't found yet? Thanks, Vilodrom
  11. Vilodrom

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    Hi, thanks for all the help! So according to all the guides on how to find the nvidia control panel, it seems the sticker on my laptop doesnt actually mean anything even though I got it from a reputable place. I also checked the task manager, and everything apart from WoWs was taking up little space, but WoWs took up 2500mb of memory...
  12. Vilodrom

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    So do you think it's the drive I'm using?
  13. Vilodrom

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    I have the specs and drive attached, and idk much about computers so idk how to find out the other stuff. Sorry, if I can help you understand just let me know, Vilodrom
  14. Vilodrom

    Bad FPS on a good laptop

    So I have a pretty good laptop, intel i7 and a nvidia graphics card - when I first started playing WoWs on this laptop I could run all the settings medium to high and get 70 fps. Now, after 6 months, I am at 20fps with large and frequent spikes which make aiming and playing the game extremely frustrating and difficult, and this is all on medium to low settings. Do the updates really disintegrate my fps or why is the game getting so much harder to run now, am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Vilodrom
  15. Vilodrom

    Replay "critical error"

    So I had an old replay I wanted to view with 6 kills and double flesh wound (torps from each side - it was as cool as it sounds) but a 'critical error' occured and I got as far as the wows loading screen. I have to say the game was played a couple months ago, but I expected it to still work... My recent replays do however work, if anyone has any ideas they'd be appreciated!