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  1. Khaba_Gandalf

    Sovetsky Soyuz (Tier IX)

    Rossiya hat 0.1 besseres Sigma, das ist so weit korrekt. Bei der Streuung, also der Größe der elipse ist es abhängig von der Kampfdistanz wer von den beiden besser ist. Soyuz hat ruski Streuung, also im Nahbereich eine kleinere elipse und rossiya hat US BB Streuung. Heißt in Zahlen jenseits von 15km schlägt das AL Schiff sein original. Unter zwölf ist die soyuz spürbar besser.
  2. Khaba_Gandalf

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    retrofitted Unicorn, made 60 builds for all the banner ships except for Jervis, who is also a event shop and and map drop...so I'm finished with the builds. Huzzah... got Revenge twice, everything else got dropped once. Funnily I also pulled Gascogne muse, which surprised me (but already had her).
  3. Khaba_Gandalf

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    okay, finally at home (or rather home and awake again) and no more staring at a small smartphone display: - Indomitable: Will have a ton of fans due to massive chest, but not my style... - Jervis: the whole crozier and doves art feels a bit "french" to me, but she looks cute - unicorn retro: Well, I'm a simple man and I have her oathed...so yeah call me happy^^ - loli cheshire... given how the big one is voiced, I'm curious about her younger versions voice lines... - vanguard l2d: looks nice, but as you guys already said...could have been a Richelieu one on the first glance - maid skins: way too many for my gem sanity Btw: why did nobody said a thing about the cheshire cosplay outfit from the stream? May I say that I prefer this to Dasha? And may I add, that I still want that IB shark plushy as merchandise instead of more wedding rings and stuff like that...
  4. Khaba_Gandalf

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    That's what I do nowadays with most EA ships due to a) a lack of ECXP thanks to the commander skill rework and b) a lack of new FXP ships to buy, leading to a healthy FXP reserve. Put just enough time into the game to get the t7, grind the XP needed for t8 in Narai while they still count as special ships with a 21pt commander. Then wait for the line to get released and skip t8&9 with FXP and thus only pay ecxp once for retraining a captain on the T10 ship. And the saved time gets split between lost ark and regrinding stuff in t8-9 ranked without any subs and superships.
  5. Khaba_Gandalf

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    Weimar + Lütjens + 1h Preußens Gloria Remix + Narai = relaxing fun after a hard day of work. ... And I feel no shame abusing Lutjens special talents on that ship, given that its base range is complete garbage in randoms since t7 gets uptiered a lot more than in the past...same with Atlanta and Boise. @NewHorizons_1 yes , grinded the XP for Zieten on her in Narai using Lütjens during the EA when she worked like a special ship. Was a ton of fun, with her speed and abusing Lütjens perks you simply blitz the harbour and demolish anything with your combination of guns, torpedoes and secondaries.
  6. Khaba_Gandalf

    Would you get Atlantico for full T8 premium price?

    No, I wouldn't. Since I have more ships than I can play over the course of a month, I only buy ships for full price (with a -25% voucher) that are either historical and fun to play or offering something new and exciting, if it isn't of historical value. She isn't historical, offers nothing fundamentally new and needs a high level commander, while being in a faction with no tech tree. Neither of those two, for reasons explained above.
  7. Wasd + Dodge + get islands between you and the sub.
  8. Khaba_Gandalf


    Eben @Loopyrobot mal wieder im Gefecht gehabt, diesmal auch auf derselben Seite... er hat mit seiner Lightning abgeräumt, ich war als 7er gegen die Atago etwas übereifrig.
  9. Khaba_Gandalf

    WG please stop that kind of cheat

    They play brawl without him...because if they didn't, he would have known that brawl allows divisions as big as the max numbers of players/team... xD Anyway, I'm still surprised how people can have thousands of matches in this game, a Beta tester status and don't know the basics of modes that are in the game for months...
  10. Khaba_Gandalf

    Eigene Schiffsnamen

    Azur Lane Hipper ist flach wie Holland, ihre Schwesterschiffe (Eugen, Mainz und Tallinn) im Spiel sind es nicht. Der Joke zieht sich afaik nicht nur durch die Sprachausgabe des Spiels, sogar auch durch die Comics und den eher mäßigen ersten Anime:
  11. Khaba_Gandalf

    Eigene Schiffsnamen

    Die anime Fraktion würde das mit der hipper dann schon richten.. ...wahlweise Hipper-Chan oder Flachland-Hipper, zusammen in einer Division mit Little Bel und Amagi-chan.
  12. Khaba_Gandalf

    Which of the Supercarriers are the most broken/OP?

    Upcoming i-400... Because it has planes and can dive...
  13. Please elaborate... I mean I wouldn't call a 9vs9 a brawl, that's more like KotS sized clan battles with lots more mercs/full random teams... To me brawl feels like 1v1-4vs4: fast and dirty action and not something bigger than regular clan battles or ranked. ...But the system itself is not new, afaik in all the previous brawls you could play as a full div vs smaller div/non div teams and we all know that WoWs doesn't use any real skill based mm. So the only fault from WG side I see here was raising false hopes by not telling how the system actually works and that by ranking you based on your previous brawl participations the system is kind of screwed because of limited data to work with.
  14. At least they had a nice national theme with only running french ships. xD Is playing div in T10 seal clubbing nowadays? Also having more fun in a multiplayer game playing together in a organized way than playing it solo...how shocking! Sure , WG could communicate the options in that mode better. Esp what the changed mm really means... On the other hand any veteran who reads the news knows that you can play that mode with a full div. So you either group up, see it as a challenge or play other modes. I mean the rewards are pretty pitiful anyway... If someone was too lazy to check the rules who isn't a new player... I have no pity for those.