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  1. Gentlemen! We in our expanded clan need new members who like to play and influence the development, the base consists of basically fully equipped opportunities when it comes to extra coal and xp bonus on all Tier ships, plus a lot of other things, we can play both Naval Battle and Clan Cattle if you want ... there are no limits more than the ones we set ourselves in that case, we play because we think it's fun and entertaining, you choose yourself in all situations how you want it, and it is good if you have an attitude to want to play when time and interest are available, interested? Best regards! https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-profile/500156575
  2. Active clan/base!?

    1. FrostBite86



      some of us are yh, me for example i am playing for like 1 year straight now or something :)

      this clan was orginally made up from RL friends but we wanted a more ... brighter horizon lets say


      We are planning to do CB in future if we have enough people for it.




      Hope you can see this so you can see it for yourself ;) (2 are having a little break atm but will return so just 1 guy is kinda inactive but hes a rl friend and busy so yh understandable )

    2. Makeport


      Thanks for letting me know. Yeah there are "difficult" to find ppl to play CB or even Brawl those days real time issues or other stuff comes before,

      /Behind, but no hard feeling this is a game after all. I myself in same situation I do have Clan, with good fellow but only a few are interested to play in CB. So for me to move on I think I have to take this to another level if don't I lose interest, when there are sub.....stay healthy.🥇







  3. Hey! Our Clan P1 looking for new members, send a PM if you are interested. The base have good infrastructure with several benefits. Best regards/ Makeport
  4. Makeport

    Update to 0.98!

    The latest update Update 0.9.8 is not possible to upgrade the game ... several attempts have been made and there are no conflicts with AV or other programs Some issues with updates in this case? Is there anything special about this update that is known as a "problem"?
  5. Makeport

    Update 0.9.8

    Are you surprised? "At least we'll be spared the disappointment of its heavily weighted contents outcome anyway". Absolutely right of you!
  6. You are afraid of true?

  7. Makeport

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Aye,true words.
  8. Makeport

    German Carriers: Early Access

    This morning I had two CV on the game...on my team and the enemy (Total 4). Just the start of perish....and my ship was a T10 DD.
  9. You mention that Halland's AA 'maybe' was too strong, in reality it was significantly stronger than that, if you want a true historical description, and the reason for this was simply that the ship operated in waters without, in some cases, having the support of other marine vessels and operational mode, the vessel was in some cases very well equipped. But that was the reality. In World of Warship it is in many cases fiction.
  10. Makeport

    [ALL] ModStation

    Same thing here! But is anyone surprised that things just 'happen' by chance ... hardly, this is a product of WG and then anything can happen.
  11. Makeport

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    There was a time at WG that delivered and had logical creative ideas. But those honeymoons are over a long time ago. What we see here is a conscious strategy to test all boundaries ... which 'we' who have been with since the beginning or at least 3-4 years can see, and the goal is given and of course: quantity without quality. All this goes back to a time that existed to those who once were behind the construction of this company, their basic values. Today, there are other players (On market MMO) who value people's sacrifices and purchases of their products without having to 'just make money' for the shareholder. Can happily look back on the years that WG came out and delivered ... today it is paper ship and not much historical value anymore. I had a lot of contacts around our earth, but most of them are away from WG of what is happening today and came sneakily already about 1 year ago ... 'about' . Everyone knows that we live in a digital world and that it is changeable but Wg goes 'all in' on streaming and fiction in its eagerness to get a maximum in its quest to market itself. Has WG really thought that if we lose those who have really supported the company how will it be then..the inflow of money will decrease ... and then it is about the principle of loyalty and respect, but as I mentioned earlier in my text it is a fundamental issue on values that prevail. I am not surprised if there is already a price tag on the company out there and that this has become a delay in view of Covid-19, and the future prospects in the economy, this WG act now and even before, strengthens and is a logical process, the future, say within 6 months or the equivalent may be decisive a little depending on how the cash flow comes in.
  12. I have read through the thread on how to go about 'fixing' it, but the problem still remains, I have also tried other paths suggested by members of the committee as a way to go, but unfortunately I am left on box one, which means I don't have access to dockyard. Would also like to mention that in this case it applies to Windows 10-64. In my Mac, I have no problem at all and have not had a need to use the patch, in any way. What happens is that it loads the page ... but that's all. However, is surprised that WG releases an update that shows flaws, this is not the first time that one has to "release" a patch to possibly make it work, and for some it seems to work for others not at all ... so continue follows, but in what way?
  13. Makeport

    Want to Play Clan Battles?

    Hey! Send a PM if so.
  14. Makeport

    connection impossible

    Huge prob here too.