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  1. sam_moth

    LF active clan with active discord

    Hey Shinmo We are a casual clan but looking to put together a team for upcoming tier 8 clan wars, and we are 1 person short. You would be welcome to join us and see how you get on? You'll probably be at tier 8 in time! We are not currently on discord (use steam chat), but might look to start using if we get enough players for a team. Thanks Sam_moth
  2. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    Don't be an opp, join [OPPS]! Basically looking for casual clan battle players (tier 8 in patch 0.8.6), dip your toes into the steel without getting too serious about it.
  3. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    birthday bump and its not even my birthday
  4. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    Just sent you an invite in game. We are always levelling up new lines of ships so play at all tiers. See you on the other side!
  5. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    I like big bumps and I cannot lie
  6. sam_moth

    [OPPS] clan recruiting

    [OPPS] The Opposition UK-based casual but enthusiastic clan looking for members to have a go at clan battles, earn oil in weekly naval battles, and play in divisions. We have mostly been playing solo with the main team event being weekly naval battles, which have brought in a lot of oil and naval base improvements! We've also played in divisions when people are online together and in the mood, particuarly with new players to show them the ropes. It would be fair to say we are not super competitive gamers, but we do enjoy the game and there is someone online at some point pretty much every day. Current voice chat has been via Steam, but we might look into alternatives if needs be. At this point we are pretty much open to anyone who plays regularly, though preference is for players with at least one tier 8 boat (patch 0.8.6 clan battles are at tier 8) and an interest in playing (winning!) clan battles with voice chat. Current bonuses from the clan base: -10 % post-battle service -12 % cost of tech tree ships +2 % XP per battle +15 % free XP per battle +6 % comander XP per battle +5 % coal Just click join clan on the website or in game! https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/500164869