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  1. Onion_Rounds

    This Cleveland is a real piece of crap!

    This... escalated so fast !
  2. Onion_Rounds

    help me decide, pls

    If you are asking for a cruiser, I think Kirov and Budyonny.
  3. Onion_Rounds

    I do not understand this anymore

    lmao I remember a game when our CV (probaly new to the game as I) did not move at all and our team (almost all of them) went for a capture. Ofc later on our CV found himself flanked from the right side of the map , which was obvious because all my team mates went left for the cap. He started to spam continously in chat for help . The closest ones to him, was me (in a Fuso) and a Gneissenau. I do not know if it was a dumb decision , but i felt bad for him and turned to help him. We both died , but we killed one DD , 2 cruisers, 1 BB, managed to damage a second BB to half his HP and saved the carrier (i think he got away with around a quarter of his HP pool). Unfortunately the CV did not performed so well later in the game to make a difference, but we took a decision and commited to it. Ofc the rest of the team started to flame us and call us idiots, for later in the game to lose it and perform horribly when they outnumbered and outgunned their opposition in the area where they went to capture.
  4. Onion_Rounds

    I do not understand this anymore

    This is a bit too radical for me. I do not mind being flamed , it happens in any video game. What I don't like is when it's just a trolling with no solid arguments behind it. Also doing this can cut off vital information for you , like : " Watch out for my torps, I launched them in your direction". Sometimes it gets indeed toxic and there's too much spam, but it does not happen very often.
  5. Onion_Rounds

    I do not understand this anymore

    It is what I'm trying to do also , like others said it in here I do my best to find the optimal position for me to help the team and have that situational awareness. Thank you all for the feedback on this ! There were moments when I thought that I was doing something very wrong that cased them to lose , but yet this is teamplay and idk why some expect a win to come from a single person. Someone mentioned Flamu's youtube channel. I watch those with entusiasm , I've also seen a lot of videos about aiming and how to play in a BB . I do my best to perform or at least try to perform as showned in those , but this takes practice, and sometimes people forget this.
  6. Onion_Rounds

    I do not understand this anymore

    I don't claim to know much or be above average BB player. I mean for the moment I am new and barely have 267 played battles. It's just that the more I play the more confused I get about the expectations of others. My stats are not great either , 53% WR and 1.43 destruction ration , but I'm looking to improve that and the feedback i get in matches is often misleading. I will not play exclusively BBs , I am very tempted to start with cruisers also , IJN and USN lines.
  7. Onion_Rounds

    I do not understand this anymore

    What is it exactly that you people expect from a BB player in your team ? If you position yourself in the back of the DDs and CAs and snipe you're being called useless , noob or a bad player. If you push for the capture with DDs and CAs and try to secure that capture , you are being called an idiot. If you support the CAs in a flanking maneuver, you are again called useless or noob. If you shoot at DDs, again you're being told you're doing it wrong ( people ! ofc i shoot at DDs , regardless that i am in a BB, specially when the rest of them ignore them for reasons i do not understand yet, and specially when the DD is at < 10 km from me) . Maybe WG should equip BBs with modern antiship Harpoon missiles to make your team happy, because whatever tactic i choose, team mates are not happy about it.
  8. Onion_Rounds

    Team killing

    Things like this happen all the time. But look at the bright side, in WW II there were guided torpedoes, that however couldn't make a difference between friend or foe, they just locked on to the nearest target(s) . I am pleased that WG did not introduced those into the game , because in tier X matches , that would simply be carnage.
  9. Onion_Rounds

    Future premium CVs

    You would be surprised how many actually do.
  10. Onion_Rounds

    Future premium CVs

    I'm sorry you feel so... Then why did you purchased it ?
  11. Onion_Rounds

    Future premium CVs

    As all of the game...
  12. Onion_Rounds

    Future premium CVs

    And yet the most BB pool in the game is from the german line , which get instantly deleted by those AP bombs.
  13. Onion_Rounds

    Future premium CVs

    Only for those loyal like you , the torpedo bombers will have guided torpedoes, so that all you have to do is press the win button.
  14. Onion_Rounds

    Need more Tirpitzs and Bismarcks in matches

    To be replaced by RN BBs and will have threads like this about those .
  15. Onion_Rounds

    Captain progression

    That is a good question. Well I am new to this game and when I started I wanted to work my way up into the german BB line. I got a Bayern with a 10 point captain, but i wasn't so satisfied with the dispersion of the 380 mm german guns and started to work on the IJN BB line. Now i also have a Fuso with a 10 point captain, and i love that ship. Not as tanky as Bayern , but it has more guns (less caliber but i'm fine with it) and way more better precision . I will keep these 2 tier VI BBs with their 10 points captains, as both of them are good choices for tier VI matches. I have no idea what I will do next... What i plan to do now is stick to the tier VI matches and get more game experience before I consider to work my way up the ladder. I will probably aim for a tier VIII BB , which most likely it will be Amagi, and train a new captain for it (one of those 3 point captains that you can get).