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  1. Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Hi All & WG. Now i could be wrong here but i'm finding this Royal Navy Event missing rewards. I've watched a few videos including WG own and noticed that the players were getting free British DD's as rewards for completing set task in the navy event, some had a random missions when getting reward crates and some were getting free RN DD's, even at first event page one for the first three mission completions. I'v now completed the first two all five each in full and the third 4/5 as i do not have a TII DD was hoping to win one but no, and 3/5 on the forth set other missions, i've had no other mission or free ships rewarded at any of the full completions or part completes, all i've got were the set rewards flags,guineas, and camo's and they on their own are poor for a reward, we get one flag here a couple there and a few camo's, SKIN FLINT & TIGHT !!ss comes to mind. If no extra missions/win free ships are rewarded whats the point having the event let alone playing it.
  2. New Arms Race Mode

    I'm not seeing the buff markers too or the buff counter in HUD, like we had in test.
  3. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Well WG you have done it again, taking away Achievements/Ranks. A couple of updates ago my RANK was 14 and then you robbed me of 4 placings, dropping me to 18th and before i noticed i got back up to 17th, and now we have 7.9 and you thieve more off me placing me at 20th and you want player to be happy with that, OH! NO! It's bad enough that the new update crashes the game as well has screwing up other parts of the game, you wast time taking players achievements scores etc away instead of improving the game, what a way to go.
  4. Bug Reports

    Yep that about right and they also tell you to post here and here tell you to post there, seems they just want to wash their hands of responsibility or any answers.
  5. Bug Reports

    Hi sorry to hear and though there is a major fault with this new update and we shouldn't have these kind of issues and WG will get around to fixing it quickly. I don't use any client i.e. Wargaming Game center one that works like steam client, just the game WoWSLauncher exe. from game folder. If still having issues then look for this installer " WoWS_internet_install_eu " unsure if it's a different installer and try see how you get on with this. I have played many battles now without crashes fingers crossed just the normal annoying issues. Good luck.
  6. Bug Reports

    Hi WG & All. I've managed to get the game working delete the whole game and then reinstall a fresh do not use the games client launcher just use the in-game icon exe. launcher and all should be OK. At this time i'm using no mods yet may try later when they have updated. The game client have never been any good it maybe the the client don't get updated or it's bugged to not work with any new patches. I can assure you that the game client screws with my mouse and key binding through the game, probably unknown if that is why so many of you have key issues, WG should look into the client as in part of the crashing issues.
  7. Bug Reports

    Hi MrConway Where it went wrong was at PTS stage we got cosmetic item to test and a broken Dynamo Scenario with no British DD's. You now shove those DD's into the main game with a new port and expect it to work, well good news it don't. We should have been testing the new DD lines in the PTS pt1 to see how they work with all types of hardware, then in PTS pt2 we would then test the whole new update in a mock full game release like you had released in the Thursdays update, if it worked release as intended, if it didn't work then the WG teams would have had more time to fix it before release and not release it as it it going to be Ok and P-off a lot of players with these crashes and bugs. This may have never happened if the PTS was that we test all that the next update is going to have in it not bits and peaces then string it all together at last minute on release date, WRONG! WRONG! and WRONG! if you're going to do that at every patch/update then do away with the PTS because we don't test the updates.
  8. Bug Reports

    WG why are you not reading these bug reports, well i don't think so. Wednesday before update Game worked and playable. Thursday 0.7.9 update loaded now GAME DON'T WORK. Crashes about 70% into port loading screen game unplayable now for 2 days. FIX IT.
  9. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    DAY 2 and still game crashes at 70% of loading port screen. Any attempt to press other screen buttons to move way from port game totally close down. FIX THE DAMN UPDATE.
  10. Bug Reports

    Hi a reinstall won't help either.
  11. Hi i have done the same with a full reinstall and still crashing at 70% of port loading startup, it's not at our end it's this new update flawed. 

  12. Bug Reports

    Hi WG. Launch game. Loads up Ok. Keep Crashing at Port screen seems to be effected by the Port of London loading. Unable to play.
  13. Supercontainers for Tier X ships


    Here we go again in favor for Pay to win get free containers. On behalf of those of us that do no have tier 10 ship and in no position to buy Doubloons to trade in for ships or will get close with Xp to owning a tier 10 ship. Therefore lower tier ship owners WILL BE LEFT OUT, you at WG always do things to either force players to dip into their pockets or in favor for the higher tier players, STOP IGNORING the lower tiers.
  14. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Hi all, it might be better if WG convert previous ending events items we have to the new events item or that we can either convert ourselves or able to use them in the new event, then that way we won't lose them.
  15. Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    WHAT the hell are you on about i haven't got to a match yet.