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  1. Jessa_Doom

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Hi airmac1 I'm with you on this in a random way and also sometime the game won't start at press play. It's beats me how badly the dev's can screw up a game with a new patch that was tested before release WTF!!!.
  2. Jessa_Doom

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Well done WG after two plus hours of the update 0.8.8 loading we have another cluster-F*** of an up date unable to play with crashes, stutter, mega load times, all port screens lockup's and even faster bot ships that can you hit with exceptional accuracy when you're no detected and the DD with even harder hitting guns 100.mm-150.mm guns taking almost a third of a BB health with one hit WTF!!! .
  3. Jessa_Doom

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3

    This PTS and resent previous PTS have now got so bad the play ability of these tests are becoming unplayable, with the even longer wait times crashes and less players on the PTS as well as WG trying their best to break the game with changes that only makes the game worse. Enemy ships cross the map faster than their speed allows i mean when a battle start the enemy ships are almost halfway across the map capping before i've moved 1-2 km. believe it or not I've even had a BB known top speed to be 27 Knots keeping up with a DD known speed of 38 knots well the ships that i play speeds seem slower than before test probably why enemy ships are able to keep up with me, hows that possible. Carriers not going where autopilot is set to go, they just want to go strait to the enemy, all ships turrets Travis slower and as said earlier seem slower, shell hits not getting damage or showing as hitting at close range, and enemy DD's launching torpedoes and getting full hits at just a few meters well inside the torps arming range. Top all this friendly bot ships in co-op battles, on purpose fire upon and hit friendly ships when the friendly ship is no low XP health assuming to sink said ship, yes they have fired upon me on low health.
  4. Jessa_Doom

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3

    Hi all. Same thing here not enough players to play most battles ether i end up playing Co-op and they also want us to play the French DD line but they are not usable and no way to buy them that is if i could, i won't. There's also always missions in the test that you can't play to win as have to buy a ship to win the same ship you just brought, like the mission where you can only use one of three French DD's and as above no way to buy them as the are in CC test only till next patch update then we get to test them before they go into main game. No only a lack of players in the PTS, WG is slowly making the game less enjoyable I use to look forward to the PTS now i can't be bothered.
  5. Jessa_Doom

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3

    Don't download through steam others say it don't work there.
  6. Jessa_Doom

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3

    Hi WG. With this new update test WHY in all battles i've play in Co-op sofar a friendly bot ship has fired at me hitting me badly, and to make it worse it's alway when i'm on low health from the bad game mechanics that you seem too think is funny. It's bad when enemy teams fire at me with great accuracy when i'm not detected and even in smoke not giving my position away they still shot and hit i then get shot in the back by my team bots.
  7. Jessa_Doom

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi All. I had this as well but found out this happens when you have the the game launcher open at same time if you are doing the same just close game and run modestation again, if still happens i'm at a loss on that.
  8. Jessa_Doom

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi All. Firstly this port issue is not all modstations/modders fault though the modders should be aware of this issue and work with WG to fix it. Now since WG introduced the port Clory, the one with the worded sign on the mountain i think in 8.3 patch (it was a premium port before) this issue has been there and happens either with or without modstation, and like i said in the first part Modders/WG work to fix it. This issue is fully WG fault for introducing the said port from premium to regular status and locking it's default, thus not the modstation/modders fault, though modder should help us in getting this fixed.
  9. Jessa_Doom

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi AbashedLemming & All. Agree 8.4 has made it worse and it's been there for a couple of patches now, i guess we will have to see if it's fixed when 8.5 is released mind i'm not holding my breath lol.
  10. Hi i have done the same with a full reinstall and still crashing at 70% of port loading startup, it's not at our end it's this new update flawed. 

  11. Jessa_Doom

    Supercontainers for Tier X ships


    Here we go again in favor for Pay to win get free containers. On behalf of those of us that do no have tier 10 ship and in no position to buy Doubloons to trade in for ships or will get close with Xp to owning a tier 10 ship. Therefore lower tier ship owners WILL BE LEFT OUT, you at WG always do things to either force players to dip into their pockets or in favor for the higher tier players, STOP IGNORING the lower tiers.
  12. I'm on here as i've done with the post like i said in the training video on RB about a minute or so close to 2 minutes and a little after the first WOWs anchor logo the commentary say RB is once a week and i all so said you need to listen carefully it is there and i'm not imaging it.


    And sorry if you can't hear it as i can only go by what i hear.


    Though i'm trying to find the video on a recent RB replay last month as i can remember that players saying they had played every day but i can't find it and it may have been withdrawn as it was either wrongly dated or the player had hacked the game to play a RB out of season which i'm now informed RB is once a year (we're being robbed) and not worth worrying about it.


    Have good battles and fair seas.

    1. pra3y


      Jessa, I've watched through the entire video and in case I didn't hear clearly what the guy said I had the captions turned on and no where did I see nor hear them mention that rank battle is once a week.


      Rank battles cannot be hacked to play as it has it's own MM as well as progression system. This time around there is no rank battle because WG wants to focus on clan battles as well and don't want both to clash. What you saw could perhaps have been a clan battle or an older replay of a past rank battle.


      Good luck.