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  1. 0.6.8


    Where is this Italian ship? When I go to my Tech Tree there is no Italian flag nor any Italian ship.
  2. What's the point of playing if someone uses cheat mods to disperse your shells even though your aim is good? Several times I've seen ships I am shooting at completely disappear and reappear a little later. Is that a cheat? I didn't know cheats worked in an MMO game.
  3. How can we have a Battle of Calabria and a Battle of Cape Spada when there are no Italian warships available, please?
  4. I have been experiencing being torpedoed, fired at or rammed by my own side a few times lately. Is this an issue for other people?
  5. Hello. I am new here. I do not have a commander showing on my screen in port, like the first post of yazz67. I know my brother has a commander showing with his rank of lieutenant. Can anyone tell me how to get an officer to show, please?