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  1. Ranghenax

    Shimakaze advice

    HI all, I need advice for upgrades and captain skills for shimakaze, also for torps to use. I know, the actually metà its hard for torpedo boat but Shima is one of the tier X I miss in my collection When I play dds, I usually run Z52, grozvoi or harugumo, so all in gunboat or hybrid. Thank to anyone who answer me
  2. Ranghenax

    Next ranked season

    I usually play harugumo in conceleament build, only 12.5 km range but under 6.5 km detection, maybe I will try her. Also me don't like DM. Or I'go with machinegun/aa CL Or Hindi for cruiser And Conquer for BBs, still the one where I get best games in random
  3. Ranghenax

    Next ranked season

    They will released Venezia for 8.10 update? Think they released after ranked. I will like play Stalingrad, but don't have steel :( make ranked for her
  4. Ranghenax

    Next ranked season

    Ranked battle, will start at half 8.10 update, see it in dev blog on Facebook, it will be 8v8 1 cv per side
  5. Ranghenax

    Next ranked season

    Hi all, the next ranked season will be at tier X. Have a question, which ship or ships do you recommend for that? I have these tier X, All with 19 points captain. Zao, Des Moines, hindemburg, Minotaur, smolensk, moskva, Wooster, Henry IV, z 52, harugumo, daring,Khabarosk Yamato, Kremlin, Conqueror, Republique. I'm working to get grozvoi also in lose time, I'm a collector.. I'm a cruiser's main, but don't dislike BB at all.. I think dds get delete when opponent cv spot them, so maybe there's no DD in ranked, this mean the He/smoke spammers became less efficient (?) A nice antiair maybe can be usefull, like a tankly cruiser. Really don't know which one can be usefull for that season. I played ranked few times, never in tier X. Random X in this meta is quite boring, all spammers or all hiding, not much funny. Thank you
  6. Ranghenax

    Colbert, worth it?

    Already have 60000 research point Also have Harugumo, Worcester, Minotaur and Smolensk So worth buy colbert or save point? Ps. I don't want Ohio for now.
  7. Ranghenax

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    Anyone knows when the release date about the 0.87?
  8. Ranghenax

    Smolensk and Sigrfied

    Wow a team of trolls, bye bye
  9. Ranghenax

    Smolensk and Sigrfied

    Very usefull. So.. When?
  10. Ranghenax

    Smolensk and Sigrfied

    Hi all, any news about the date release of CL tier X smolensk and the German super cruiser sigfried tier IX? I'm near to take Alaska, and save coal for smolensk, don't like sniping so skip yoshino, but I like tank and German cruiser almost. Thank you
  11. Ranghenax

    Yoshino worth it?

    Hi all, I'm near the requied coal for yoshino, plus have 25% coupon. It's worth it or save coal for smolensk? I have both captain 19 point ready and use Japan and urss. Anyone knows how long yoshino staying armory or when smolensk come out?
  12. Ranghenax

    Change steel for coal

    Hi all, I want to exchange my steel for coal, but I can't find where or how to do in my armory, can someone help me? Maybe with screenshot or good explain. Thank you
  13. Ranghenax

    Buyble containers

    Hi all, are there some buyble containers that will give coal in premium shop?
  14. Ranghenax

    set io mogami-capitan skill

    Hi, i saw the 2, sets of guns for mogami, how to set up my Commander for both of them? I want Aldo reach Zao, so One of them pur in that shop from mogami. Thank you
  15. Ranghenax

    Conqueror Commander build

    Thank you ,for now i've Done correctly, miss last 3 point.