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  1. Ranghena

    set io mogami-capitan skill

    Hi, i saw the 2, sets of guns for mogami, how to set up my Commander for both of them? I want Aldo reach Zao, so One of them pur in that shop from mogami. Thank you
  2. Ranghena

    Conqueror Commander build

    Thank you ,for now i've Done correctly, miss last 3 point.
  3. Ranghena

    Conqueror Commander build

    Usually i see this build in cancer host, but maybe i'm wrong. Have a nice day usefull man
  4. Ranghena

    Conqueror Commander build

    So, i usually use cruisers, but i got Conqueror in these days. Can anyone link me a build for Her Commander? Thank you all
  5. hi, which build you suggest for the grosser kurfurst?
  6. It Will be a new High tier soviet premium cruiser for replace kutozov? Or maybe put Stalingrad buyble by free Exp or doublns After clan wars?
  7. Ranghena

    Scharnhorst Commander skill

    Which moduls upgrade? Main armament, secondary armament, controllo damage and for rudder?
  8. Ranghena

    Scharnhorst Commander skill

    Hi all, Just bought this Amazing Ship, Just want to know which skill i have to set for her commander. Best secondary setup or what else? Please let me now the right skills One bye One :D
  9. Ranghena

    Neptune captain to bring in Minotaur

    Ok, a the moment i have 15 point, 3 unspended, better go for survellance, adrenaline Rush or wait for 4 point sa skill?
  10. Ranghena

    Neptune captain to bring in Minotaur

    What do you think about Survival Expert instead aft?
  11. Ranghena

    Neptune captain to bring in Minotaur

    No, is not jack
  12. Hi all, i'm in Neptune and farming to reach Minotaur, have a question: Which skill a have to research in Neptune's captain? Take present i'll bring his captain in Neptune when i got It. So i Need the Minotaur's Captain skills xD
  13. Ranghena

    leningrad advice

    Thank you all for feedback,for captain you suggest demolition Expert also? Insthead concelament Expert. Becuase it's a gunboat.
  14. Ranghena

    troble in clan manage

    hi all, today i can't open clan page in WOW, say "not available" someone with this problem?
  15. Ranghena

    Cerco Clan Ita

    Salve a tutti, in gioco sono Ranghena, spazio dai cruiser alle BB, passando per i destroyer, copro praticamente tutti i tier, sto cercando un clan italiano, principalmente per giocare in compagnia, senza troppe pretese, divertirsi e crescere insieme. Se posso unirmi a qualcuno di voi, mandatemi un messaggio qui e la richiesta in gioco!