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  1. Floofz

    Whats wrong with this picture

    Lets see, potato computer with insanly low resolution. No camo, Co-Op battle selected. Stock consumables and an 8 point captain on a ship that pretty much requires IFHE.
  2. Hosho is the most OP CV atm and the reason for that is that theres no real AA at tier 4. For me tier 8 is the sweet spot. I have a unhealthy semi sexual relationship with my Shokaku which to me is probably the single best tier 8 CV in the game. I only have Midway at tier 10 and I dont really like her. I mean she can farm damage sure but I HATE the torpedoes on her. I actualy much prefer Lexington tier for tier.
  3. Is this where I come back and say I just played a random battle in my Shokaku (after ranking out with Enterprise). All I can say the one tier 6 enemy DD had a good game, or not. But then on the other hand he overextended at the start of the game with no support so. This forum has made me feel bad for killing ships in a CV now
  4. BBs having the highest survival rate (they dont btw) wouldnt be that suprising, they have the most hp and armor. If you just sit at the border and snipe like we all see people do all the time you will live longer. Once again you cannot use serverwide statistics in a discussion like this, nor can you look at other peoples results in random battles. Its meaningless because we all know how good the average joe is in this game. I base all my oppinions on my own personal results in these ships. Unfortunately not everyone plays all shipclasses, so we get a lot of people here with oppinions they probably shouldnt have. Radar minos are so extremely rare that they are hardly an issue now are they. Radar in general is mostly an annoyance, not a problem. You dont go push into a cap before you know where the enemy radarcruisers are. I dont know who Rubber is, but BBs is not a simple class to play well in. In all honesty at tier 10 its the class that makes me the most uncomfortable when hitting the battle button. You are so dependant on circumstances to do welll, maps, teammates, enemy team position, spawn etc. And regarding the BB Kevin topic. BBs sell better because they are big historical ships in most cases. It makes more sense to pay big money for a big powerful ship compared to a small DD for the simple joe. But most of these dudes dont complain, they just play the game and have fun, they dont care enough to start a ruckus. Are you seriously saying that DDs isnt the main class for most unicums? Lulul. Flambass, Flamu, Notser, SeaRaptor, Kuru, Mejash, all the streamers and youtubers they all mainly use DDs in ranked and CBs. Simply because they have massive carry potential.
  5. BBs are the what now? I hear this all the time but Ive never understood it nor have I seen anyone that can explain it. BBs do not have the best AA. Yes they have the most armor, the most hp and the best torp protection. For a reason, their role is to tank damage BBs also has the longest reload, the worst accuracy, the slowest speed, the worst handling, longer fire duration, longest detection. I dont know if you were aware but in world of warships we have classes that are good at different things. DDs however are by far in a way the most pampered class. They are the only shipclass in the game that doesnt have a citadel. They are the only shipclass in the game that BBs cant AP pen and CVs cant AP pen because of a game mechanic especially suited to prevent this. They also have half the detectionrange of the lowest detection cruisers with the longest torpedoes and some DDs can even outgun cruisers. DDs are the ONLY class in the game where special mechanics have been implemented to buff them. They are by far the easiest class to carry games in and dominate caps. They are by far the most difficult class to counter if youre in anything other than another DD. And I can tell you why this is. BBs is a class mostly played by simpleminded people who like brute force instead of finess. Its a class mostly dedicated to newer players and casual players. Therefor these peoples complaints and oppinions goes to deaf ears. DDs however is usually the top choice for unicum players when they want to boost stats in random battles, because they are easely the best class of which to dominate a map in. These are the people you hear, these are the people WG listens to. I play all classes, yes I have more random battles in BBs but I have been playing DD and CA/CL in all clan battle seasons so far, and in ranked Ive mixed it up, mainly with DDs historically. I have the fewest games (except for CVs) in DDs yet I have easely the best PR and WR. BBs I have by far the worst.
  6. I feel like we have come to a point in this thread where one side says one thing, the other says another thing, to which the other side replies the exact same thing and vice versa. I can reply with what Ive already said several times to the later posts, so Ill just refer to those for your response. You have your oppinions and I have mine. This discussion is no longer worth prolonging. Just FYI, this game should be and is balanced towards the average player, not unicums.
  7. BBaby was maybe the wrong choice of words. What I ment was they are completely blind to any class other than the one themselves are playing. They suggest changes that would completely kill the opposing class. They dont care about balance they only want their class to be the strongest. In theory yes, if you have superhuman reflexes and the DD is going either away from you or sideways. Honestly when Im in a DD and I see a CV I usually dont leave my friendlies until I know where the CV will focus. I will also make damn sure that I dont get spotted unecessarly. It works and I dont have issues with CVs. If the CV wants me dead and focuses 100% on it he could probably eventually kill me. But hed have to sacrifice a lot for it. Is it annoying to play against? Yes I guess it can be. But then on the other hand DDs feels way too strong when youre not playing against a CV. I still remember a game I had in my Maas where me and I think it was a Fubuki completely dominated the eastern flank on two brothers where around 70% of the enemy fleet went. We were alone against them and won. They couldnt see us and we just torped them one after another. Is that more fun to play against?
  8. Floofz

    Educate me on AA please!?!

    1. A Worcester has better AA than a Montana. They have the same AA rating (96) but Worcester has its dual purpose 152 mm. Also Montana doesnt have defensive fire 2. You dont know if he was using priority sectors. Ive singlehandedly taken a Kremlin from 70% hp to dead in only a few strikes with my Shokaku. The next battle ALL my planes died attacking a Cleveland without managing to get my first drop off, going at him from the front. Priority sector usage and defensive fire makes a massive difference.
  9. I wasnt talking about you specificaly, but you can act like a BBaby without playing BBs. I wasnt the one to bring up real life accuracy, you were. I simply said CVs were a part of real naval combat, no mention of game functions. Heres the difference between RTS and the current system. RTS CVs had RIDICIOLOUS consistant alpha damage. You didnt need to strike a ship more than 2-3 times in order to have a good game. So having ships that were almost immune to getting struck wasnt such a big deal. However, they werent. I have a very fun memory of losing 80% of my hp in ONE strike by a Midways AP bombs in my full AA specced Worcester. If you got a strike in, it hurt. It was a completely different gameplay, and honestly, it was much worse than todays system. But people dont remember it like that because most games back then had no CVs, since CVs were so extremely unpopular. And that was simply because of its very high learning curve and very high responsibility, it scared people away from it. I do not think running out of planes, was is or ever will be a good idea. I do not think a ship under any circumstance and situation should be completely chanceless against an opponent.
  10. And yet CVs still dont have unlimited planes, not even remotely close. But when were on the subject. DDs have "unlimited" amount of torpedoes. BBs have ridicolously unrealistic accuracy. All ships have ridicously unrealistic speed and manouverability. This thread really brings out a whole new meaning to the word BBaby (which is a word I truely detest normally).
  11. Floofz

    Ere we go again

    Ive never understood the argument where youre supposed to lose more during weekends because of worse players. Arent the players on the enemy team also worse then? Shouldnt you be able to carry games easier if youre not a baddie?
  12. Well youre playing the wrong game then. Aircraftcarriers is a class in the game, just as in real life naval warfare. You can live with it, learn to counterplay it or go play something else.
  13. And once again, if you deem something impossible while not listening to people who say it is possible you will never improve. And once again you are only interested in personal glory not teamplay. If you could negate all damage a CV can do to you, what prevents everyone from doing the same thing? Rendering a CV completely useless and not being able to do anything for the entire battle. How much fun do you think that is to play? Or do you want a shield to protect you from DD torpedoes aswell because " you cant see them in advance". You are aware that the air detectability in a DD is between 2 and 3 km right? That means that even if he is extremely lucky and manages to fly over you to spot you, he wouldnt be able to attack you as he needs distance to arm his weapons, at which points the DD will dissapear again.
  14. Or listen to people that are better and more experienced than yourself. I have a much higher amount of high tier DD games played than you do, yet I do not complain about CVs. The class that absolutely suffers the most from CVs are BBs, not DDs. It is extremely difficult for a CV to actualy find a DD if you turn your AA off. And if he does find you you can smoke, turn your AA on again and shoot down his planes while he cant see you. You need personal experience not other peoples oppinions, because most players in this game doesnt have the slightest clue of how to counterplay anything.
  15. Oh you mean exactly like DDs then. Except a CV has a very long detectionrange where as a DD does not. The community is actualy hilarious in this game. DDs are by FAR FAR the absolutely most powerful class in the game yet they are somehow considered the weakest and DD mains are always victims. Instead we blame CVs. Oh CVs are so OP they can strike anything anywhere any time, said the person who never played a single game in a high tier CV. You are aware that the CV in your game spent an awful long time trying to kill you right? Which made him completely preoccupied with that and didnt spot for his team or help his team. I usually take advantage of that, there are many ways to win a battle. People are obsessed with their personal achievements, instead of going into the battle, playing as a team and do what you can to win. But Ill let you in on a little secret. If you play to win, help your team and play as a team, your results will become better than if youre just chasing personal glory. EDIT. AA is a placeholder? You shot down over 50 planes? You locked him in one area of the map for a long time, not helping his team by spotting or hunting DDs.