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  1. This is the reason I stopped playing. Unexplainable losingstreaks for days. Happens in the exact same way in WGs sistergame world of tanks aswell. Its not bad luck, and its not "you had a bad day", if you believe in that rubbish then youre just gullible. Its all on purpose to trigger an obsessive addiction effect in people, similar to how casinos work, you win sometimes but lose most times.
  2. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Ive said this before, so many times. People still refuse to listen thou, I dont know if its because they spent so much money on the game that they feel like it has to be genuine. But all in all theres too much stuff going on with MM and RNG for it to be completely random, theres too many patterns, too many streaks , for example ever noticed how your RNG is always god tier when your team demolishes the enemy team? And absolutely horrible when its vice versa? Or how about that last salvo ALWAYS missing when a potato player is on 2% hp and completely broadside. Or 10 salvos in a row do minimal damage but when hes on 1% hp its a citadel. You can call it bad luck, you can call it confirmation bias, tinfoilhat, whatever. But if it If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. More and more streamers are getting fed up with the shady business practices in all forms, I dont see why this would be that different. But theres no point in arguing about it, theres some proper religious zealots on this forum that would defend WG to the last post, so all you can do is quit, or do like I do, stop spending money and then when the time comes you laugh. I for one hope that WG will at some point come to their senses and realize that greed will never win in the end. If you want a good profitable game then make people want to play, be happy when they play. Not this constant constant rollercoaster of anger and frustration and scandal after scandal. Fix the f*cking MM, balance the teams, remove +-2, fix CVs in the way weve told you to do it so many times or go back to RTS. And for the love of god stop puking out nonsensical dreamt up premium ships and actualy focus on real historical stuff. Give us more maps, more game modes and last but not least, try to minimize the RNG, I know this game will always have an RNG element but at this point its just pathetic. For the time being youll find me in Warthunder
  3. Good on him, lets hope its permanent.
  4. Its almost like Ive said for years that WG are a bunch of scammers. Everything in this game is rigged, to the MM to droprates to RNG. Everything is rigged in order to maximize profit, its a business not a game. But I get called tinfoil hat a lot, yet more and more of what Ive previously said is coming true or getting proven.
  5. Floofz

    When will thunderer be removed?

    To me Thunderer is a LOT better than Smolensk at winning games. Thunderer has devastating AP with the ability to overmatch 30 mm of armor while at the same time having ridicolous HE. Smolensk is nothing but a HE damage farmer, Smolensk is not even a particularly good cruiser in general. Its a one trick pony and with the recent IFHE rework she doesnt even do that well. Theres so many ships that are better, but all the plebs will continue calling it OP because its easy to sit in smoke and spam people with 100% healable fire damage and then think youve done a good job and carried your weight.
  6. Floofz

    Strange reset line purchase

    They should be. Might just be a glitch, try to restart the game and see if its different.
  7. Floofz

    Strange reset line purchase

    If you resetted the CA line the progress you previously made in the CL line persists. So I guess you have previously unlocked Cleveland but then sold it?
  8. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    431 mm overmatches 30 mm btw, you dont need 457s. (Republique).
  9. Floofz

    Belfast coming back...

    I love that noone picked up on the fact that the modernized version of the same ship is a tier LOWER than the old version. Makes a lot of sense WG....
  10. Floofz

    Belfast coming back...

    Because then they would have to design a new ship. This way they can just slap a different camo on an Edinburgh and sell it as a new ship. Anchorage is even lazier, its Buffalo with Buffalos perma camo. The model is exactly the same, even the camo is the same unless they changed it. Please do not spend money on cheap copy paste ships, let WG know this isnt wanted.
  11. Edinburgh and the RN light cruisers in general. But also struggle a lot with french DDs althou might get better when I get to tier 8 and get a bit higher shell velocity as that is my main gripe at tier 7.
  12. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I did that a while ago. Made another account to play only shiplines Im bad at and then grind one full line at a time and try to be efficient instead. It was fun for a while, got to tier 8 with the RN DD line. But tier 7 kinda burned me out. Its not that Jervis in itself is a bad ship per say, but its gimmick of being a gunboat anti DD DD kinda falls flat when youre ALWAYS in tier 9 games and often with CVs. You get outspotted and outgunned by everything and you have zero torpedorange to do anything from a safe distance. It got better when I got to the Lightning but then other issues started emerging. Like credits. Im getting too much xp so I cant afford to buy the Jutland when I have enough xp to unlock it and since I dont want to spend money on a premium ship its going to take ages to grind enough credits on Lightning (I do have Gallant thou but its extremely unfun to play) in order to buy Jutland, and then you have the same issue with buying Daring. Essentially I faced an enormous credit grind and I honestly couldnt be arsed with it. I am ment to buy a tier 8 premium but Im not going to. So far I have like 200 battles played on that account, with an average WR of 73%. Much lower than the overall WR in the same ships on my main account (even if I play them on my main account now).
  13. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It honestly still facinates me that given the amount of b*ll*cks WG has given us in the past year or so they still think its a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to rig the MM. Infact, I havent played a single battle for two weeks, Ive only logged in once in that time just to see how the current ranked reward flag looks like to decide if its worth playing one ranked battle just to get it when the season ends or not. During that time Ive started realizing how this game works. Its an addiction, wether you agree or not, it is. Its made to trigger your brains reward system by progressing and getting new ships, either via techtrees or premiums. All these added features, armory, ingame shop, coal and steel, everything is made to trigger your brains reward system (BRA). And the easier the progression is the more addictive it becomes. That is exactly why WG purposefully gives you flags and camos and credit/xp boosters to make you progress faster while at the same time nuking us with new techtrees, new premium ships etc, just to keep feeding the BRA. This is no longer a game, and hasnt been for a while, its a brainwashing money milking scam. The entire core of the game is made only to milk people for money. Everything from MM, to gamemodes, to ship lines, to new features and releases are created for this purpose only. And this isnt a conspiracy theory, litteraly every single mobile game on earth works like that, and more and more online PC games are catching on. WG are just very good at it. The gaming industry in general is destroyed by pure greed and I think when you get older you start realizing that. I will likely never play a single battle in this game ever again. Every time I get the urge I just go to the forums and read threads like this and thats me good for another few days.
  14. Floofz

    how to spec JP Minekaze -> Harugumo line?

    You could do a generic DD build up to 10 points as its similar. You dont need IFHE until tier 8 so.
  15. Floofz

    Ranked Season 17

    Im playing Assassins Creed Odyssey in this current ranked season, gotta get it done before Valhalla launches. Actualy the first ranked season Im very much enjoying.