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  1. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Yea you still havent understood the topic. Were not talking about hitting the citadel or not. Were talking about overpenning the citadel.
  2. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Just FYI you have a perfect example of what I was talking about in flambass latest video. How can you think that is okay?
  3. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Smolensk and Worcester mostly
  4. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Did you even understand the topic? I didnt say waterline hits should always be a citadel. I said a hit to the citadel shouldnt overpen.
  5. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    This is actualy something Ive been thinking about. I actualy dont see the reason why not all cruisers like BBs have a heal. Atleast from say tier 3-4 and upwards. It would make them way more competitive when uptiered and they wouldnt really become too powerful either. As I said before, BBs are more powerful than cruisers up to around tier 9 and then cruisers are better (with some exceptions ofcourse) at carrying games. Also, theres no real reason why we cant lower the citadel on cruisers in general, to make them harder to hit from range. My only gripe is that if a cruiser makes a mistake a BB should be able to punish him, which they currently cant.
  6. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    How about an actual argument instead of [edited]? It seems to just be "common knowledge" that BBs are apparently the strongest class in all tiers, where there is no evidence for it. BBs in high tiers gets farmed from long range by HE spamming cruisers, or torped to death by DDs they cant see. If I am okay with that then I should atleast be able to blap a cruiser if I manage to get close enough shouldnt I? Or should cruisers be completely unblappable? How do you make a BB go into caps and brawl if everything it faces counters them? The people on this forum has such a strange and counterproductive view of what BBs should do.
  7. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    When was the latest buff? Honestly as someone who plays all classes somewhat equally. (Yes I have more BB games but thats mainly because I started grinding those) BBs in high tier is by far the weakest class, CVs are the strongest and DDs the second strongest. In lower tiers DDs remain the strongest but BBs are stronger than cruisers. BBs is the only class that has special handicaps in not being able to do full pens to DDs and overpens cruisers at closer ranges where as DDs can blap a BB easely from close range and a cruiser with torp can do the same.
  8. Floofz

    Ships that we want.

    IJN Ise as a BB/CV hybrid. Would be absolutely awesome.
  9. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    I have a feeling that the two dudes in the no camo and no flags Dallas and Emile Bertin didnt do it cause they knew Id overpen. They did it because they didnt know any better, and I should be able to punish them. Instead the Emile Bertin managed to get close enough to torp me, which I managed to avoid but I beached in the process and got focused down. I actualy tried this in the Sinop against these two ships in the training room. Its very difficult to oneshot these ships from close range at full broadside.
  10. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Bad play should be punished. If I go full broadside in a BB to another BB I will die, so why shouldnt cruisers? Its even a worse play to get that close to a BB in a CA/CL. Its ridicolous that less armor= more armor.
  11. Floofz

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    Getting quiet fed up with cruisers using full broadside as a legit strategy these days. A cruiser full broadside at almost point blank range to a BB should die, there shouldnt be a question about it, they should get wrecked out of the ocean. Just had a game in the Sinop where at 4 times cruisers went FULL broadside at below 5 km range and I didnt get a single citadel the entire game. Infact if those two cruisers wouldve died when they shouldve its possible we couldve won that game (which we lost). As its very unlikely that I missed all 9 shells in their broadside 4 times in a row Im guessing it overpens their citadel and only does overpen damage which is why Im suggesting making hits to citadel unable to overpen. Agree/disagree?
  12. Floofz

    USS Arizona...

    Arizona used to be good, OP even. Izmail and Normandie are now straight up better at almost everything. Arizonas guns arent as reliable as they used to and the ship is simply too slow to be effective. Interestingly enough noone so far has mentioned the best BB at tier 6. That is hands down the Mutsu.
  13. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Well WG also quiet clearly stated that 20 games are required as a calibrationphase, also I dont really see what the tin hat theory would be?
  14. Floofz

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I actualy think it has works, I seem to be top tier way more often now than before.
  15. Floofz

    In the current meta - even a Kraken cannot get a win

    Dont even know why Im arguing with you but. You said you and other people. Noone has given me an explanation that I find reasonable, simply because it is disproven. You on the other hand has never said anything constructive in any thread on this forum ever, and you sure as hell arent doing it now either. Also I dont think you know what a tinfoil hat theory is. A tinfoil hat theory is a very hard to believe and far fetched conspiracy. For a russian company to rig matchmaking algoritms in order to maximize profit is far from far fetched or unbelievable, infact its very probable.