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  1. That is only true on paper. A BB can damage a DD or a CV yes but practically. If the DD player for example isnt braindead then a BB cant do anything, he cannot win no matter how good he is. A DD will outspot him and torp him to death over and over again and all the BB can do is to try and dodge the torps, exactly the same thing as a submarine interaction. Its the same exact thing with a CV, another ship can only damage a CV if they can find him, and if the CV is good thats going to be borderline impossible unless youre several ships and can push him into a corner. The reason why I enjoy this type of play is because it encourages teamplay. As long as all ships can be killed or damaged by all other ships then teamplay is not required, and when its not required then it stops happening, in randoms. People will stop interacting with eachother, they will stop teamplaying, because its not necessary. Theres only one situation that I think is not okay with this and that has to do with CVs. So many games the enemy CV is the last one standing in the team and hes too difficult to either find or to get to before the timer runs out, meanwhile he can continously strike you and kill ships and maybe even save the game. Subs and DDs not so much, if they are ahead on points and hes the last one standing then the rest of your team has played badly since you arent ahead on points.
  2. And you do know that we are testing this right? In a certain mode for the very reason of balancing it before its introduced into random battles right? I just dont get people like you, who are so extremely negative towards everything new. Heres the thing, subs will be introduced into this game and into random battles wether you like it or not. You can either help testing it, point out the bugs and flaws or you can sit there and sulk in a corner that you dont get your way.
  3. Your point being? Or do you just want to show off? Or maybe just spew mindless hate against a new shipclass that we are TESTING. My point thou was that because its now the second to last day of the unlocking of subs most people have subs so everyone are playing them. This means that the submarine mode has 70-80 subs in queue and nothing else. So you get 3-4 subs in each team with real players and all the other players are bots, which makes testing completely pointless because the bot DDs are never a threat. But congrats that you managed to see real players in battle, Im proud of you.
  4. I might later tonight when I get home from work. U69 does seem really good with the hydro and all. Cachalot is fast and has really long range torps so if youre good with pinging its quiet deadly against BBs. I have. Quiet a few games in various ships, New Mexico, Arizona, West Virginia and some other nations aswell. Havent really seen what the fuss was about, still managed to do 60k+ damage every game with a few kills and scored top 3 on the board each game. And these were early games when there were less bots. You just need to stay close to your DDs and the Subs wont dare attack you. Yes youre completely F-ed when your DDs dies but I have no issues with that, its how it should be in my oppinion. Also look at the scoreboards after each games, if BBs were as useless as people say then theyd always be bottom.
  5. Ive played my first few battles in subs today, only played Cachalot so far for obvious reasons but more testing will insue. However, because most people now have unlocked the subs you go only against bots, theres never any actually real players playing DDs so you have no threat. Like this testing is meaningless. Acess to subs needs to be limited to maybe 2 days per week, randomly distributed throuout the playerbase, or give bonuses to people playing other classes. I have nothing to say about balance as its impossible to test like this. All I can say so far I have no issues playing BBs, CL/CAs, DDs or CVs.
  6. Floofz

    M.I.A. HMS Goliath

    Long reload and short range. Hindenburg outperforms it in every single way unfortunately.
  7. Sure but thats not really what I asked, youre at the same time not spotting anything that far down right? I still dont have access to subs so I still dont know what they are like to play, only what they are like to play against. Its very likely that I only come across bad sub players but so far Ive had no issues to do well in either DDs, BBs or CL/CAs. What I do in a DD I just use islands as cover if I know theres a sub close. If he gets close enough and its safe then you can kill him, if not then you avoid him until you have an opportunity to do so.
  8. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    First of all I think that most people speak understandable english, they just have no reason to. Second of all you dont need to speak to support your teammates. Third there is such a thing as divisions. Lastly this games biggest issue is low playerskill. I think this needs to be adressed before adding submarines into random battles.
  9. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    What youre saying makes sense, if you look at it from a personal point of view. It all depends on what you want this game to be and what you want it to become. I am well aware that heavy cruisers and battleships have no chance against subs, Ive played plenty of games in BBs in the sub mode and Ive gotten blapped by subs many times. HOWEVER. For the same reasons as I dont have an issue with CVs either (I know Im weird) I see it differently than most people. See for as long as all ships can fight all ships, then there is no need for teamplay. Then the good players will disregard random teammates and play for themselves, because they can. If you have this situation like with subs, where one or two classes cant do anything against another class then it forces teamplay, its required. Ive never seen so much cooperation, talk and teamplay ever in this game as Ive seen lately in the sub mode. THAT is why I enjoy this mode.
  10. Please explain to me how subs counter destroyers
  11. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    I know that I just didnt understand what you ment. But if subs were as slow as they were in real life they would be unplayably bad in this mode. I dont have access to subs yet but Ive played BBs CLs CAs and DDs with or without hydro in this mode and so far Im really enjoying it.
  12. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    Was there a point that I missed?
  13. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    The problem is that if all ships and classes can handle themselves alone and theres always a counter you take out the need for teamplay, especially in random battles. CVs are completely different as there is no counter to a CV, not even teamplay, no amount of grouping up, no fighters nothing will prevent you from getting dropped. Infact in real life big ships like battleships or carriers WERE completely defensless against submarines, this was showed many times during ww2. Subs are not imbalanced as they are extremely vulnerable to light cruisers and DDs, infact they are defensless. Therefor they are a much better addition to the game because there is counterplay.
  14. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    Its impossible to balance a game like this to both be competitive and challenging in random battles aswell as ranked/clanbattles. If you balance it for high end competitive teamplay it will be unplayable in randoms and vice versa. The only way to make it work is to balance out playerskill somehow. For example I just had a sub battle with no bots and only one DD per team where our DD died very early. We still won, it was one of the most interesting games Ive had in a long time without a division. We talked to eachother, coordinated and worked together to win. I played a Ranger and was hunted by a sub most of the battle, kept me on my toes. My team tried to find him and help me and managed to do so for most of the game, eventually they cornered me with two subs and killed me, completely fine in my book. Same thing when I played West Virigina. I got 4 kills that game but my DDs were potatoes and eventually I got left alone against two subs and they killed me. I had no chance, and I shouldnt have, Im fine with it. Situations like this forces teamplay and thats what this game dearly needs. We just need to find a way to make absolute potatoes with no clue about the game learn or not be able to move on from low tiers until they do.
  15. Floofz

    Submarines - first impressions

    Im honestly starting to like this more and more the more I get the hang of it. Ive even played a few games in US BBs and theyre far from useless. They are defensless against subs, but I dont mind that. BBs have for a long time been a class that was by far the easiest to deal damage with, now you need to be smart with positioning in order to not die, and the engagement ranges become longer so you need to be better at aiming. Now obviously theres still a lot of bots around and the gameplay might actualy not represent actual gameplay but it still feels WAY better than the CV rework ever did.