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  1. AdmiralDing3Ling

    too much vodka in wg

    Conqureror and Vanguard are like that aswell. Its intentional, they werent designed to shoot bow on. The last class of BBs for the royal navy to have a flat superfiring bow was the KGV class.
  2. AdmiralDing3Ling

    Social Justice Warships: Campaign to Fix CVs censored from Reddit

    CVs are fun, one of my favorite classes in the game right now. The problem is that it makes other classes so effin frustrating to play because of it (DDs). Honestly I dont know how to fix it, maybe severly increase dispersion of rockets so that they will barely do any damage to DDs. Or make them always overpen like BB shells. The issue here however is that CVs then become defensless against a DD out to hunt you, but maybe it should be like that I dont know.
  3. Then youre doing it wrong. If you angle correctly you will not get punished, unless you try to bow tank a BB that can overmatch you. But thats all down to positioning. RNG doesnt go beyond the limitations of the mathematical functions of the game and if it does then its not RNG, its rigging.
  4. And your point is? Show broadside and expect to get punished for it, if you dont lucky you. I have a way higher winrate in cruisers then I have in BBs. Infact BBs is what is currently dragging my overall winrate down. I would say DDs is the ultimate WR statpadder but since the introduction of the CV work they have become less so.
  5. Two ways. Negating the RNG factor as much as possible by playing ships that are less dependant on RNG but can still carry games. Like OP CLs and CAs and some DDs. The other way is to division with very good players. I have the lowest winrate in the ships I have the hardest to carry in, with some exceptions.
  6. AdmiralDing3Ling

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    As someone who plays all classes, even CVs and DDs. Edit* The problem is that they completely ruin the gameplay for other classes, such as BBs and DDs. The problem with DDs is that you cant get spotted, ever, because if you get spotted you will die. You CANNOT escape the rocketplanes, turning off your AA doesnt help because if they know where you are they will find you and they will kill you. So the only way to counter is it to shoot the planes down, which only two T10 DDs can, actual DDs then I mean. And that is Gearing and Grozovoi, so all other DDs are pointless in todays meta. When it comes to BB the problem is mostly that you cant dodge or escape torpedoes and divebombers, so if youre playing a BB with bad AA you are also defensless. There is a counter thou and that is to stay close to friendly AA ships. You cant do that in a DD thou can you, not if you want to do anything. Why does CVs need to have rockets? Really why? Why cant we just remove the rocketplanes, OR make them overpen DDs like BB shells. So they do very little damage. Is it because then CVs would be boring to play?
  7. AdmiralDing3Ling

    Großer Kurfürst need boost

    Think the problem doesnt lie with the ship but with the meta, or to some extent. Better turret angles would definately not hurt, and better AA to make it less vulnerable. The problem as I find it is that because the ship is so big, and has such a huge detectionrange, it very often gets detected and focused early in the game and thus you lose a lot of hp and then forced to pull back and stay at range for the rest of the game. However, in maps where you can early on get islands to block your flanks and push in one direction, the ship is an absolute beast. So honestly, why not give us more maps that are less open and has more cover. This would give us more close range battles closer to what lower tiers are like. Cause in all honesty I think all BBs suffer atm, not only because they get focused by CVs all the time if you dont have an AA cruiser close by. But also because of the current HE and torpedospam it makes pushing caps very difficult.
  8. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    We dont, but you claimed I was wrong about everything, which is a factualy provable error.
  9. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    Want me to link the videos where he specifially said this? Cause theres been more than one.
  10. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    Broken and OP means the same thing in this case. Are you saying Im wrong that flambass hasnt said the Stalingrad is OP and broken? Pretty much all CCs except for maybe the bought Notser agrees Stalin is OP.
  11. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    CVs are not allowed in CBs and Henris can easely get blapped by Stalingrads. I dont have an issue with Stalingrad in random battles. I have an issue with them having an unfair advatange in competitive, like ranked and CBs. And if the members of this forum actualy wants to imply that Stalingrad is perfectly balanced and reasonable I have to Just watch Flambass play it, he even says himself that its completely broken.
  12. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    Please explain what the weakness is. Yes shes easy to citadel from the side but what cruiser isnt? Compared to Moskva theres no downsides. Stalingrad is a cruiser with BB levels of armor, damage and health. Kron has bad armor and bad accuracy and no increased pen angles, it also has garbage AA. Alaska has less hp, slow shells, and not as good accuracy (still think Alaska is by far the best outside of Stalingrad). Azuma is well..... absolute trash. Yoshino will be trash with torpedoes. The ships are simply too big and slow to have that little armor.
  13. AdmiralDing3Ling

    Italian flag changed in 0.8.2??

    Well they still kept the Kriegsmarine flag, except for the swaztika in the middle but still
  14. AdmiralDing3Ling

    "stalingrad" with torpedos = yoshino ?

    Because Stalingrad is by far the most OP ship ever introduced into this game, and that includes a lot of test ships. It has no weakness, it has smaller guns than BBs but has such insane pen angles that it might aswell overmatch anything. While at the same time has lazer guns, insane accuracy and insane dispersion. This means it can oneshot basicly anything outside of BBs. Infact it can even oneshot some BBs it can face, or actualy it can oneshot ALL BBs it can face if youre lucky. It also has magical armor that is immune to HE and AP damage frontally. Numbers suggests otherwise, ingame experience says the opposite. A DM cant damage a Stalingrad frontally with any sort of ammo, unless maybe you run IFHE which noone is. The only way to kill this ship is to get it broadside, which isnt always that easy if the player is skilled. Especially not in CBs where its basicly a BB. So clans who has this ship have a gigantic advantage over clans that doesnt. Not a single ship in this game exists where you have to complety alter your teams entire strategy because of ONE single ship. Its a joke. Rest assured Yoshino will be garbage. Honestly I dont get the hype with super cruisers, I dislike all of them. They seem to have all the disadvantages of BBs with none of the advantages.
  15. AdmiralDing3Ling

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Ive sort of dropped out of these discussions, aswell as Ive sort of dropped out of playing the game alltogether lately. But since I appriciate you taking the time to write I will also take the time to reply. I have a 56% winrate close to 55% atm. I used to be 58%. My complaint is that as Im getting better at the game, getting more experience, getting higher average damage and higher average xp, my winrate is dropping slightly with every month. The reasons behind this is discussable. I could be damage farming more than before, I could be divisioning with bad players, althou honestly I dont division very often. Its also a possibility that the playerbase is simply getting better and the opposition therefor gets tougher, which means I need to play even better to remain at the same levels. However, all this doesnt upset me as much as my latest issues. I simply have TERRIBLE RNG when playing BBs and CVs. And this has been going on for a few weeks now and the problem are two things. First its not enjoyable to be punished by bad RNG game after game, secondly I actualy lose games because I simply cant kill stuff or do damage. Yesterday I played a game in my Conqueror. Fired 4 salvos at a GK from different angles, around 10k away with HE. Zero fires, 3-5k damage per salvo. Not one single fire from any of the salvos. Same thing, playing my Alsace, also yesterday, had broadside targets throuout the game, Montana, Moskva, Salem, Minotaur etc, not one single citadel, 3-5k per salvo. Same thing with the CVs, Torpedoes are less RNG but divebombers especially on british and american CVs. I dropped a Bourgogne 5-6 times with HE divebombers from my Midway, 2-5k per drop, ZERO fires. Infact I didnt get a single fire that whole game, not a single fire not a single flod. So I ended up bottom of the team with 40k damage done, because I simply couldnt deal damage. All in all, this game has way way too much RNG in it to take anything seriously. Ive stopped caring about any sort of stats, I just play because its fun and when it isnt fun I stop playing. Which is why Ive barely played these two weeks.