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    -KOF- Kingdom of Fluff recruits

    The Kingdom of the Fluff welcomes you, traveler! We are a newly founded clan, which includes a small group of experienced clan war players. Our clan is primarily focused on clan wars and reward farming. While we have experienced players, we won't shy away from newcomers who are willing to improve their skills~ But this is not a hardcore competitive clan, we love to play in divisions and have fun messing around with each other. What we want from you: -56% winrate -minimum of 1600 PR -interest in clan wars (experience preferred but not required) -fluent English and the age of 18+ -be active and online (exceptions can be made to the rules above) What you can expect from the clan: -ability to play clan wars -training/theory for clan wars -doing our best to reach typhoon -divisions for randoms -stupid amount of fun If you're interested please contact our recruiters or join our Discord: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/bArFVC Ingame: SuperFantasticDave Discord: SuperFantasticMajesticDave Ingame: Sukasaa Discord: Sukasaa