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  1. Smudger1309

    Looking for EU English speaking clan

    Hiya, would you like to consider Royal Navy Force H, we are uk based clan and always happy to have new members, we also help players tier up and we not fussed how many battles people had or what tier ship they are. if you have any questions please ask
  2. Smudger1309

    [RNFH] Royal Navy Force H is Recruiting

    Hi All Royal Navy Force H still looking for new players to join, it doesn't matter what tier you are up to or how many battles you have done, we are hoping to be able to do clan battles
  3. Smudger1309

    UK player

    PM sent
  4. Smudger1309

    Looking for a UK clan

    Hiya i sent you a PM
  5. Smudger1309

    UK player looking for a clan

    try Royal Navy Force H same with the above post we dont care about battle counts or what ships you have
  6. Smudger1309

    [RNFH] Royal Navy Force H is Recruiting

    Royal Navy Force H is still looking for more players to join, dont matter if you have low tier ships we will help you tier up, we are friendly bunch, if you like to be part of a royal navy clan then try royal navy force h (RNFH)
  7. hiya come join royal navy force h (RNFH) we help you tier up we friendly bunch as well
  8. Smudger1309

    [RNFH] Royal Navy Force H is Recruiting

    we also will help new members Tier up on their ships
  9. Smudger1309

    [RNFH] Royal Navy Force H is Recruiting

    Hi HMS Argosax thank you for wanting to join, im online now so i can accept you :)
  10. Smudger1309

    [RNFH] Royal Navy Force H is Recruiting

    cool it was a famous task force with the sinking of the Bismarck as well as sinking of the french fleet, so there are 2 Force H clans cool
  11. Hi all Royal Navy Force H is a new clan and is looking for active players to join and have enough members for clan battles, we have T7 and T8 players but who are happy to down teir to help new team mates we welcome all players, search for RNFH or Royal Navy Force H
  12. Smudger1309

    Premium Shop Carriers

    thank you very much :)
  13. Smudger1309

    Premium Shop Carriers

    i tried holding alt key down but all it does is give you health of the ships am i missing something?
  14. Smudger1309

    Premium Shop Carriers

    hi, thanks for the info i am interested in learning carriers as i quite enjoy how they work, but have never used alt click always just clicked and let them do the job and same with the fighters tho even with my team aa guns the us fighters shoot IJN ones down very easy, so by pressing alt it gives you more manual control on droping torps and dive bombers or just torps?
  15. Smudger1309

    Premium Shop Carriers

    hi so theses carriers will come up again in premium shop again soon? also how come like from t4 to i tihnk t5 or 6 us carriers have better fighter squad japs have 4 planes in a squad the us as more and easily shoot down japs 4 planes? why shouldn't saipan be sold is strong as in over powered or weaker?