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  1. Astur_82

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Better proposals for players to play Lowland ships: 1st New and more weekly missions, adapted to those levels. 2nd Mini leagues for low levels. 3rd Events for low levels. 4th decent awards for the tiers. 5th Best team organization. (Tired of teaming up with useless pay you don't win) But what they have proposed, no. I will not get rid of my boats to get premium boats. And newbies like this will not learn anything, the problem of players who do not know how to play will get worse.
  2. The reality of the situation today: Before the patch, the people to their free will in the games, playing the boats alone and crying of the ops that are the CV and that they attack and destroy. After the patch, cap the CVs, power the AA defense, the players play grouping the boats in flotillas so that they do not attack the planes. They could not go in a group before to protect themselves with the AA of different boats? No, it is better to complain and cry that the CVs are OP The usual cry for crying. The CV suffer the consequences of the complaints of crying
  3. Wargaming has not destroyed the game, but it has done a brutal cap to the CV. Those who play Battleships begin to tighten their asses, when the cries of cruisers begin to complain that they are destroyed by a shot, and cap the battleships as they have done with the CV. Or when I cap the DD because the Battleship players cry. Then to complain about the forum and we will remind you of the CV. Then to complain about the forum By the way, I am a player of Battleships, but I liked to play games with the CV, now I'm not cool.
  4. I have tried the new CV, this is my opinion: 1 Very nice graphics and good visual of the planes in the battles, the planes attacking and dodging the AA very beautiful. 2 Controls. CV and Bombers very badly. The bombers are very difficult to hit a boat, the CV is terrible to change course, accelerate or brake. Aircraft and rockets and rockets acceptable. 3 Strategy zero, now it is simply arcade and skill controlling the planes and choosing the objective. On the one hand it becomes boring if the player looks for strategy depth, but if he is a casual player he is fine. 4 Damage to enemy ships. The players of DD, Cruises and BB, cry can be calm, it is not for so much, although skillful players with the controls can give surprises. The CVs are now cap. 5 The AA of the boats has increased and does a lot of damage. General opinion: The CV has been capped, the strategy has been lost and it has become arcade, now the CVs are one more boat with a different operation from the rest, but they will not be as destructive as before in my opinion. Anyway I'm not excited about the CV now. I've sold the Lex and I'm not going to play much the Ranger or the Langley. Only when I get tired of playing many games with the rest of BB, Cruises and DD Recommendations: Limit CV in teams to one per team. Very little I will play the Aircraft carriers
  5. Is not the same. CVs are a completely different way of playing cruises. This change will bring many consequences, good or bad, time will tell, but the game will not be the same again
  6. With the current game system for CV, the players completely controlled the ship and the planes. If they do not know how to use them or make mistakes, they lose planes. For example, take the squadrons by areas with a lot of AA defense or launch an attack against a ship badly. You run out of airplanes ?, bad luck, learn to play the CV or be more careful the next game. But now, as we have to make the game easier for the vague and useless, they take out this new pseudo system in which the CV players lose more than we won. I mean, I had to dedicate hours and hours of learning to the CV so that now because of some rat kids that cry, they take away the system from the CV players Come on, I'm very happy with this whole thing ...... You can improve the CV to make them more fair and balanced, without the need to change the system. But what they really want is to turn the world of warships into a game for mobile phones. That is my impression. Goes the wrong way, wargaming
  7. What is happening to Blizzard with his tendency to create Immortal Devil and other mobile nonsense ?. Losing clients / players for their games. Warcraft falls on the stock market and on players. If they want to do the same in this game and others, they will take a tremendous fall, both customers / players. They know (wargaming), what they do with their business, but they are wrong.
  8. The only thing they had to do is keep improving the CV system that is already in operation. From what I'm reading this system does not convince me at all. CV players lose more direct control of their ships, do not have fighters, now control planes as if it were world of warplanes ?, infinite planes .... I'm going to try this new system, but I do not give it any hope
  9. I'm going to play a few games with the CV that I have in port. If the third game bores me the system, most likely, reading what will be this "thing". I delete the CV. And as they are a bore in the games with other boats, I uninstall the game. With what I like this game, recommending to my friends and relatives, and now they go and do this crap. They have no absolution from the gods
  10. And when they are going to implement this "thing" in the game. That they implant it once, that I try it and then I start to eliminate the CV.
  11. The article does not say anything about many aspects that will affect the CV players. It seems that this whole thing is done quickly and without being finished well
  12. And the players who have bought permanent camouflages ?, are they going to reward them with doubloons?
  13. Instead of improving a system that worked well and make it more balanced and fair for everyone. They make a 180º turn and they change it for a horrible system for children. CVs are pure and hard strategy, they have become bots, mixed with shabby World of Warplanes, so that clumsy and lazy players do not cry or struggle to learn to play with them and against them. Tomorrow the children will complain that the cruisers are destroyed by a shot and the game will have to be modified, giving the cruisers some aberrant special ability so that they will not be destroyed by a shot, and the children will not cry. The only thing that companies do is to destroy the games and break the communities of players with these design policies. Each generation worse and weaker than the previous one. Crying
  14. Just by reading the article about how CVs will be in 0.8.0, any player with game experience sees clearly that the CV's strategy factor disappears and they have simplified it to the maximum so that any casual player can play without problems with CV. I'm going to try the new system, if I do not like it (most likely seen it), I sell the CV. If in the games the CVs become a boredom, I uninstall the game. It's that simple Pd: And I just play with Americans, who have the best CV.
  15. They have turned the most difficult boat to learn to play but the most satisfactory for the veterans, in a boring crap so that the children do not cry. Goodbye to the fights of fighters, goodbye to the strategy, goodbye to learn that AA cruises do more damage and avoid them. Just press buttons and look at pretty planes flying. Do not worry, it's all automatic so you do not have to make an effort to learn to use. The planes are infinite and when they return to the CV they can not destroy them. Just press buttons.