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  1. Koruption

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    I have it on NA, and have been using it for ranked. It just feels like a fat, inaccurate Moskva. The lack of hydro hurts bad. There have been several times I wished for the Moskva, either for the accuracy or for the hydro. It's just a fat/different Moskva. It definitely doesn't replace the Moskva.
  2. Koruption

    CB Season Three; some points.

    This season the clan count Hurricane&Typhoon1&2&3 - was 53 on NA The amount of repeat teams we faced... just... non-stop. We started rejoicing when we saw the que timer go over a minute. We figured we had a greater chance of finally seeing someone new.
  3. I have updated the link in the original post. The original link provided will now make a new copy of a new iteration of the sheet. All previous features are still available and functioning. The sheet has been updated for the following: Auto-Import Stat Goals --- If this feature is turned on, the sheet will import the server averages for ships in order to dynamically adapt the stat goals to their appropriate levels. The user may increase or decrease the an added percentage above the server average by adjusting a variable directly beneath this option. It is located in the middle of the sheet below the original stat goals. The imported/dynamically adjusted stat goals may be viewed by scrolling down. If the user sets the multiplier variable to zero, one may use this to see the non-adjusted server averages/expected variables from wows-numbers. Player Rating --- The sheet now imports a brief overview of a player's "Player Rating" from the site wows-numbers.com. It also provides a link to the source page for ease of access. Individual ship player ratings are also calculated in the background using wows-numbers server averages/expected values. Spotting Damage --- Spotting damage has now been included as a imported statistic. It is not included as one of the stats required as a qualifying rank, however the data is now available for users to use as they see fit. Potential Damage --- Potential damage has now been included as a imported statistic. It is not included as one of the stats required as a qualifying rank, however the data is now available for users to use as they see fit. Ship Name/ID Import --- This feature is an unseen feature. The previous iteration of it no longer worked as a standalone. There have been too many additions of ships to the game. This has been updated to have double the available space. This means the load times of ship names and id's has gone up slightly, however it should mean that the sheet has been future proofed considerably.
  4. Koruption

    Shipstacking in CW

    Moskva's did dominate early season one on NA. But that pretty much completely evaporated by the end of the second week. If I remember correctly the clan [Botes] used it back then to be one of the first typhoon teams on NA season 1. I've played in every season so far in the Typhoon NA bracket. Ran into a 6 moskva team just last night. Line of sight is a wonderful thing. Six Moskva's just aren't flexible enough. It's too easy to catch a single ones broadside, and then there's a gap in their line. A single Zao on the flank slaughters Moskva's.
  5. Yes, but that's two ranked reward ships for the work of a single clan wars reward ship. If a player isn't interested in the Stalingrad, that sure sounds... interesting.
  6. So, by playing in clan battles for three seasons a player could purchase both of the ranked reward ships without ever having played ranked? (Discount included)
  7. Koruption

    Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    Even the strongest of ships sink. Divisions of poor players are multiplicative of poor play. Positioning skills, knowing where to be 5 minutes from now so that you'll consistently be able to catch the enemy off guard however... that's the true skill.
  8. Thank you for the kind words. Originally, I had left deficit areas blank. However it was @Boris_MNE who suggested inputting something that would quickly and concisely list what needed improvement. It was too good of an idea to not include!
  9. I could have done so, and I may in the future, however for this the central idea was to use 6 core statistics that every ship type desires to attain.
  10. There have been some errors in how the API transmits data into a google sheet recently. For instance, if you have a ship, but haven't played it, the api simply duplicates data from another ship and applies it to the blank data ship. This can also happen to a ship that a player has a 0% win rate on, resulting in the amount of wins from another ship being duplicated. That tricks the sheet into thinking you have a 100% win rate instead. I have updated the sheet's logic to prevent these errors from manifesting in the final product. For these fixes, simply make a new copy from the original post.
  11. Spotting damage can be ascertained from the api, but yeah... not for CB. And yeah! We can all see our CB win rate in game... but it's not in the API! I do wish they'd at least include how many battles you've played in CB as well as your win rate.
  12. Koruption

    Balance problem division vs no division

    Honestly I'd rather not have matched divs. If you give me a div of pure tater, that's three taters... but if you give me three individuals I stand a better chance of one of them being perdy good.