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    1. Description Using the main battery reload booster breaks guns on French Cruisers 2. Reproduction steps 1) use french cruiser with main battery reload booster 2) select and aim for a target and start shooting (note!: looks like selecting a target is critical? not 100% sure, but can't reproduce easy without selecting a target) 3) use the reload booster 4) keep shooting 3. Result One or more of the main battery guns breaks without getting hit: turns red and is temporarily disabled, like normally being critically damaged. This happens either directly on using the booster or after 1-2 rounds fired. Demonstration in training room: https://youtu.be/ym7Wiikmw9E 4. Expected result No breaking guns without getting hit 5. Technical details -
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    I recently got my first tier 6 ships, but now starting to encounter RADAR with my destroyer. I am struggling a bit how to change my play style with respect to that. Should I just accept to get randomly spotted more often and when getting spotting try to get out and dodge dip dive duck and dodge , or do I need to start playing more conservative and keep now more distance, or...? I guess the answer will be "it depends...", but any tips?