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  1. BeauNidl3

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    Very simple, it's stat shaming, unless you have stellar stats you're not entitled to an opinion (at least according to the bellends that engage in stat shaming). Your idea isn't particularly useful, but you at least had one which is more than some people are capable of. I've had my stats hidden for a very long time, it enrages some and causes others to feel I'm useless, a fact I have exploited in battle more times than I care to think :D
  2. BeauNidl3

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    My firm opinion is unchanged, bin the entire class or give it a dedicated game mode where they can fight CV's vs CV's plus allow them in Operations. CV's do NOT work in the main surface ship game and just make for frustration for surface ship and CV players.
  3. I really do wonder if the WG staff realise what a massive credibility deficit they've built up in the last 6 months +. People on this thread simply do NOT believe you. You lost me as a paying customer recently, it looks like you're trying your best to make that a permanent state and to make others arrive at the same conclusion, your company deserves a good kicking in the wallet .
  4. BeauNidl3

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

    I assume he's referring to Anti Aircraft Artillery not Duracels. There are enough cloudpunchers located around Wiltshire that I'd have thought you would be familiar with the acronym.
  5. BeauNidl3

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

    Well @veslingr has been conducting a rather poor trolling campaign since the CV rework, his posting in this thread is just more of the same. Until now Clan Battles have had a fairly special dynamic where tactics and execution could swing a battle, with the massive spotting ability of CV's in a 7v7 format that will go away and the game will be diminished as a result. I'm also strongly opposed to 2x BB in the format.
  6. BeauNidl3

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

  7. BeauNidl3

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

    Having played quite a lot of Clan Battles (before I retired from active play) I believe that CV's with such high speed aircraft and near instant deployment will make the format a nightmare. There will be no stealth and any concept of innovative tactics will be gone. It will be down to a slugfest and campfest with the best CV player dictating the outcome. CV's would NOT have worked pre re-work and most definitely will not work now. 7v7 where one is a CV would be a bad joke and zero fun to play. KoTS being much larger teams (unless it's changed) will be no indication as 7v7 is a lot different from 12v12 when one is a CV.
  8. BeauNidl3

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    It was an obvious and expected move, they always said it was hoped they could include CV's in the mode and when they were excluded there was a very vocal objection which wasn't entirely unjustified as excluding part of the player base was never good. That said I'm glad I won't be playing Clan Battles when it happens, CV's make for miserable gameplay and in a 7v7 format they will be very nasty.
  9. BeauNidl3

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Final times? You've been saying you've quit completely for many months, quite likely a year or more with numerous "last posts". You appear to want people to ask you to stay as you're so "valuable" to the health of the game, this is a delusion of your own making. As to the subject at hand I'm still completely unable to see a route to balancing CV's in the surface ship game, they're either hopelessly over or under powered and no amount of tinkering satisfies the CV and non CV players simultaneously.
  10. BeauNidl3

    Side effects of nerfing CV

    The main effect of the CV changes has been to induce you to post endless complaint threads, as anyone who browses this forum for a few minutes can tell you're not happy. Repeated moaning won't get you want you want, any competent parent will tell you that.
  11. BeauNidl3

    HE BBs. WG best move so far.

    Sorry, that's simply not my experience, Nelson AP is superbly effective so swapping ammo at the right times is the right thing to do. The HE is good, but fire damage can be fully repaired and I only fire it about 25% of the time, vs cruisers the AP will overmatch most you will meet and vs BB's it can be devastating unless angled right which is when HE is the better option. Learn to aim and learn your targets it's better to use the right ammo for the situation rather than stay wedded to a single type. As to many BB players sticking to HE it's mostly the case of sheer laziness or at the best trying to pad their damage stats with no regard to helping to win the game.
  12. BeauNidl3

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    That's a deliberate (and very, very obvious, WG have no concept of subtle) enticement to buy the ship in the overpriced (for a low tier ship) bundle. That sort of behaviour drives some customers away, it doesn't encourage impulse spending. I'm a Brit with direct connections to the Royal Navy and Exeter is iconic, but with the package only and the behaviour of WG marketing, nah.
  13. BeauNidl3

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    Only one sensible answer to that, money. While I might even have considered bending my feeling that WG won't see another penny from me, I would probably have done so without the package, I won't buy that package and they get no money from me again. Their marketing team really don't understand the customer base, or at least part of it.
  14. BeauNidl3

    Alaska Credit Earning

    I'm confident that the WoWs wiki can be considered authoritative, as the WG staff often refer players to it. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economics Since we can easily see that performance in the game has a direct correlation to XP rewarded and it's rather easy to see that more XP gets more credits, play a few games and it's incredibly obvious, then it's not difficult to see that roughly equal games in different ships (of the same tier with the same camo and signals) should give roughly the same credits, this is demonstrably true. It isn't hard if you play a number of games in the Iowa (with a suitable equivalent camo) and the same number in Missouri that the Missouri earns a lot more credits. Oh and WG staff have even admitted that Missouri has a built in credit modifier (no I can't be bothered to search the forum for quotes). I wonder if you also deny that the Sims has a significant XP bonus over other DD's at the same tier? That's been proven many times and it's a reason it was the go-to DD for Ranked at the tier as it helps secure a star on a loss. If you're still unconvinced I suggest you conduct your OWN tests, compile the numbers and correct the view of everyone else that thinks you're totally wrong, including publishing the evidence of course.
  15. BeauNidl3

    Alaska Credit Earning

    I thought the movie Idiocracy was made as a warning, not as a life style guide for @AdmiralDing3Ling, guess I was wrong about that too.