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  1. BeauNidl3

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    Not really, I don't play BB's very often.
  2. BeauNidl3

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    That didn't occur to me, I just did a couple of COOP's in GK, your way would have been more fun.
  3. BeauNidl3

    Separate front and aft guns lock

    That's rather conceited and it's very clear that you have a monumental opinion of your abilities and your influence. Since you claim to have quit the game how exactly do you see your enormously worthy self improving it? Your objective "truth" looks to my objective eye to be complete bollocks.
  4. BeauNidl3

    Daring crap

    That's what Last Stand is for and why any DD player with a brain uses it on every DD they have. As to your graceful exit (with a rant post rather than just uninstalling and leaving) there's only 1 sensible response.
  5. BeauNidl3

    Separate front and aft guns lock

    It's a nice to have, not a must have feature, I'd really like to have it, but I can cope without. I thought you had deleted the game and left, so why do you care what features are in the game? You still won't be missed.
  6. BeauNidl3

    hight tier standard battle is so fkng broken

    I wonder if it was the same FDG that spent an entire match complaining about the team's DD's and map pinging in a frenzy, he lived, but came solid last by 200 points to the next lowest in the team. @a_p_u_l_e_i_u_s try looking in the mirror, as the other posters have pointed out you can't expect to be carried by your team, you have to take part yourself.
  7. BeauNidl3

    Separate front and aft guns lock

    I'd like to say "farewell, you will be missed", but quite honestly you won't and to be brutally honest your welfare means nothing to me. Please close the door after you and have the dignity to leave quietly. Yelling just makes you look like an adolescent throwing a fit.
  8. BeauNidl3

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Which is of course impractical. Edinburgh, Neptune, Minotaur, Chung-Mu, Yueyang CAN all carry radar, but OFTEN do not in randoms, some do. Baltimore, Buffalo, Des Moines TYPICALLY carry radar, but CAN carry a spotter instead. Only 1 BB has radar, namely Missouri. Unless the client checks on which consumable a ship has equipped which would take time and server effort it couldn't be achieved without cost and in the event it did then it would reveal that the ships that don't typically carry radar in fact have it and the tactical advantage of surprise is lost. Speaking as someone that plays a LOT of high tier DD's I really wish people would stop complaining about radars, they aren't world ending if you engage a braincell and adapt.
  9. Ice Hockey is a great sport, but in many countries it's either not televised or only on very specialist channels so it has next to no exposure. I'm a Brit where Ice Hockey is never shown, but I've seen Ice Hockey while working in a few countries where it's popular or with people that are obsessed with the game like the Canucks tend to be. I admit I've never heard of this guy so it's very much a case of "who cares?"
  10. BeauNidl3

    Problems creating a ticket

    Tried a different browser or at the very least re-setting Cookies and settings in your current browser? I created a ticket a few days ago with no problems.
  11. BeauNidl3

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    Fair point and your English is fine. I agree it's troublesome especially with DD divisions.
  12. BeauNidl3

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    RNG was very unkind to me, used every Sovereign I got after buying Bert on crates, completed every directive other than those requiring T7+ DD and even bought 5 premium crates when I was feeling a bit annoyed and a little under the influence of alcohol. I got 1 DD mission for the Acasta and that's it. Very irritating and I must admit annoying to the point that I'm LESS likely to spend money in the future. As a marketing exercise, in my case, a complete failure from WG.
  13. BeauNidl3

    Why WoWs "feels wrong", CV rework is not helping

    You don't play the game, you actively criticise the game and you even got upset that you didn't get on the CV Beta and threw your toys out of the pram about that. If you dislike the game that much then just disappear with some dignity, at this stage you're just trolling and doing it very badly.
  14. BeauNidl3

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    I agree it was always backwards, but at least this is a step in the right direction. It's past due that they review the base concealment of cruisers and BB's as well, a normal (not massive) cruiser should never be out-spotted by a BB.
  15. BeauNidl3

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Good, it has NEVER made sense that it benefited the largest ships in the game more than the smallest. Inconvenient that learning the new spotting ranges will have to be done, but I see this as a much needed improvement and it's heretical as it's actively a nerf to BB's.