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  1. BeauNidl3

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    The only buffs that they need is for the Neptune's smoke firing penalty to be cut from the terrible level it's at and for the size of the citadels on Edinburgh to Minotaur to be reduced somewhat. Otherwise they're OK at least at the higher levels. Tricky to play well of course.
  2. BeauNidl3

    I want choose Standard/Domination

    (Ignoring the U txtspk, ye gods it's painful) So you're entirely happy for a game to end with most of the enemy team not sunk if someone sneaky caps their base in 8 minutes (I've done it myself) enemy hadn't lost a ship and I capped out. Sorry make up your mind what you want.....
  3. BeauNidl3

    I want choose Standard/Domination

    Well anyone that writes in u/ur txtspk can't make an argument and is a n0... Nope I won't do it. What you're actually asking (repeatedly) for is the equivalent of team deathmatch/Battle Royale where a game only ends when the enemy is dead, they're not likely to ever do that as it would be far too easy for a lone enemy to stay hidden and run indefinitely, especially if a DD. Fairly sure that if WG ran a poll on login that people would vote for Standard Battle to come up less than it does now, people like objective play even though some are terrified of those cap zones.
  4. BeauNidl3

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery please.
  5. BeauNidl3

    atago b. keep or sell?

    ^^ This exactly, silver is very easy to get and a Premium ship that came with a port slot costs you nothing to retain, selling it would be daft. Atago isn't a bad ship and it even has an OK credit income.
  6. BeauNidl3

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    As the firer of the torpedoes it is YOUR fault if they hit an ally, you fire them, your responsibility. Simple rule, do NOT fire torpedoes where you think an ally can be hit by them. I have missed many kills in my thousands of DD and cruiser games because I couldn't safely fire my torps.
  7. BeauNidl3

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    Guessing he wants to finish the quest then keep the pretty awful LM in inventory, I've never (nor will I ever while it's like it is) equipped the one I gained.
  8. BeauNidl3

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    I hate it in the current state, no point selling it as I've port slots spare and it costs nothing to keep. It's very poor knife fighting and the torp reload is bad, I use the Fletcher torps on Gearing so Yuey reload feels awful. Ship is gutted in my opinion with poor offensive and defensive capabilities and a total waste of doubloons on the perma-camo.
  9. BeauNidl3


    If you behave in game even 20% of the way you behave on the forum I'm not at all surprised, your behaviour on the forum is that of an enraged and entitled 4 year old. Grow up.
  10. BeauNidl3

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    Translate please? This is the English speaking forum.
  11. BeauNidl3

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    Maybe your incredible ability to "carry hard" isn't as incredible as you like to think, that or your much vaunted damage isn't actually useful in game winning terms and it's just farming. Quite honestly I don't know (or much care), but I can't see any rational reason for WG to rig the MM the way your paranoia has painted it, losing many games could well be a PEBKAC issue, it probably is.
  12. BeauNidl3

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    By your OWN logic they rig the MM to encourage sales, but the bit of your last post I've bolded makes that argument absurd. Your logic is flawed or completely *edit up.
  13. BeauNidl3

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    I don't understand the financial motivation for them to rig the MM in the way you're claiming, it's irrational at best and paranoid tin-foil-hattery in reality.
  14. BeauNidl3

    Cpt points on Monarch the Bone-Argh

    Just so you know - High Alert works on Damage Control (fires, floods, engines out etc) NOT Heals (Repair Party), won't help with printing a new ship at all. BFT will only work on the AA and secondaries, none of the RN BB's have much of either, certainly not enough to note or buff. Vigilance? Meh I don't rate the skill much. No expert Marksman or Adrenaline Rush, both of which help doing the primary job of killing enemies. No Fireproof or Basics of Survivability, BB's take a fair bit of HE spam, this is unwise at best.