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  1. A new level of ABYSMAL...

    Nerf shell proof islands I say!
  2. I got the Kamikaze in a box too, great little ship and a real torpedo terror. Captain with CE and adrenaline rush (12 points or more) makes it a murderous boat even when bottom tiered. I loathed the Minekaze to play (post changes), the Kamikaze is a world apart from the barely adequate tech tree silver ships of the IJN lines.
  3. Tears Of The Desert Map - Rework

    I guess you rarely play cruisers on the current map then, it's very ugly or incredibly boring as the massive open spaces make cruisers easy meat to BB guns. To DD's it can be very annoying too.
  4. Giulio Cesare AP Fuse changes explained

    Sorry, but if you elect to form a fail division then you can only blame yourself, it's no mystery that the matchmaker will act off the highest tier ship in the division so it's your fault you faced T8 ships in a T5. The ship copes very well as bottom tier vs T7's if you know how to play her. That being said (yes I have GC and I play her a fair bit) the GC is a very strong ship in her tier with nice guns, decent manoeuvrability and she's not even a big target. Sure her armour and HP are nothing special and her AA is feeble as are her secondaries, but it's a T5 ship what do you expect? I'm a bit mystified by the improvement to her fusing times, it's a buff the ship really doesn't have to have as played even marginally well it's very strong as it is.
  5. I assume it means the most accounts reaching the required tier. This will of course lead to people creating fake emails and fake accounts that are discarded once the level is hit. There are even eBay sellers, from what I guess are "power-levelling" setups (no I didn't imply they are sweatshops using bots in certain countries) which sell the Refer a Friend bonuses for money. Very easy to locate on eBay.
  6. Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    I agree Jack is wasted on Minotaur, Expert Marksman is of zero use on that ship and it's arguably his strongest benefit. I have a standard RN Captain on my Minotaur. I use Jack on my RN BB's like I'm sure many do.
  7. Geting Free XP fast

    I was thinking the same, in which case don't waste the flags and camo's, in COOP your FreeXP gains are so tiny it's a waste multiplying tiny amounts.
  8. Trap Map - Rework

    Trap was OK before, the gaps in the B islands will be nice though. The problem with the current map is lousy tactics with cowardly people camping endlessly at A, I almost wish they would make the A islands smaller to force the BB campers away from there, maybe reduce the height of the islands dramatically.
  9. Tears Of The Desert Map - Rework

    CV positioning is far from the biggest issue with any map, especially at high tiers, not like they're immobile and not like they have poor concealment. I disagree that it's a "fact" seems to be opinion to me. This map looks an improvement on paper we will have to see how it plays and if it's still a nightmare for cruisers especially. Assuming they retain Epicentre mode it could be quite interesting and hopefully a lot less boring.
  10. Missouri or Musashi?

    Exactly this. Missouri is nice to play and since you say Silver is an issue, it can be a very big help. We don't know what the Musashi's Silver potential will be as the CC test versions may well not be finalised and could change. Plus since you will have the Yamato soon by grinding the Izumo some variety makes sense as well if you have any interest in the US BB line.
  11. change in battleship

    What utter tripe. BB's camp because they have range, accuracy and have no need to close in and fight. I play cruisers less and BB's more because of the 5 BB camping scenario, got fed up with being deleted as soon as I have the temerity to fire my guns and do my job.
  12. DoY can mount HSM1?

    Thought the bug they fixed was the ability to select Defensive AA Fire, but not use it, likely I'm wrong though. Bit weird if you can actually fit Hydro mod, that's got to be a coding screwup. Just checked on mine and I could also chose the Hydro mod I have in inventory.
  13. There's a lot wrong with 5 BB in every game, cruisers can't operate, they can't hunt the DD's actively because of deletions by 5 BB's, then the BB players whine that they're getting torpedoed, it's a vicious circle. The only way to break that circle is to nerf BB's (never going to happen) or hard cap their numbers (not seen WG state that won't happen, so one can hope). BB's are much easier to play because they've been made so strong with no drawbacks. Incredible accuracy which increases as you go up the tiers. Strong heals and fire resistance. Stealth firing due to the fixed 20s gun bloom that only really gets close to impacting the Scharnhorst firing at max rate with 20s reload. BB guns should never have the same gun bloom time as the smaller guns on cruisers and even DD's. Concealment that rivals and exceeds that of some cruisers. Concealment Expert shouldn't scale up as ships are bigger, it's absurd. Very high fire chance, much higher than that on cruisers and DD's and massive splash damage that wrecks modules. So easy to farm high damage numbers that even non RN BB's are frequently firing HE only. Torpedo belts that mitigate hits significantly. Fire resistances when top tier. The list could easily be added to.
  14. Well we both know that the main reason cruisers are rare is the excessive numbers of BB's, if the BB players have to queue longer due to a hard cap of 3 a side I'm fine with that (I play BB's too) as some of them will swap to cruisers. While I'm sure the queue would be longer for a week or two I think it would normalise quite quickly. One reason (other than BB's being pretty much easy mode) that cruiser players swapped to BB's is to be able to play rather than hide. With less BB's cruiser play becomes viable other than hiding in cover as much as humanly possible to avoid near or total deletion from massive BB guns 20km away. As has been said many times, Clan Wars format that had a 1 BB cap and no CV's led to really fun cruiser and destroyer play with diverse team setups, that lesson should be learned and applied.
  15. I completed the North Cape by repeating the 75k XP (flags and camouflages used) and doing the 10 BB kills. It was annoying, time consuming and rather frustrating, but doable. Fun? Not really, it was just hard work. Not even particularly fond of the ship which I wouldn't buy anyway, so it will be a port queen mostly, but I needed it to start the New Years Raid.