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  1. If you use the process to make a purchase and use a coupon, it actually tells you in the screen before final confirmation when a new coupon will be granted. I bought a Radar upgrade earlier and had the message a new one would be granted on 23/08/18. Out of interest I tried the same on Campbeltown (without completing the last step)and the message was 25/12/18 for the replacement coupon, I assume it's the same for all types.
  2. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    I suspect your autocorrect may have gone a bit nuts there. Edited my quote to read what I think you wrote. Fair enough and very sensible if you don't enjoy the upper tiers playing the lower ones instead,.
  3. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    Some people love to use another player's stats as a very weak argument or to shame them, I hid my stats long ago as it enrages these types of people. That said this is very much a team game and when some of the team ignores the tactics agreed or being played by the team using the reasoning they're just there for "fun" they negatively effect the fun of the rest of the team. There are some "tactics" that simply fail and lead to losses like lemming trains of cowards that stall at the first sign of the enemy, feeding ships one at a time into a strong defence or ignoring objectives, this isn't fun in anyone's terms, it's just a mindless loss. As a team game people that won't play for the team really should consider why they play WoWs and why they behave selfishly, there are plenty of single player games where another 11 people won't have their fun ruined by dumb play.
  4. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    Whoops had been reading the Radar moan thread and my brain hasn't had enough coffee, will edit, please do the same
  5. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    Both of which I do very frequently, in fact most of the smokes I deploy are for cruiser cover or to obscure parts of my teams battle line from enemy sight, I make no claims to being a good DD player, but I do have some experience. I've sunk more than a few with area denial torpedoes and pushed far more out of position, most DD drivers with any clue do the same and expect it to be done at them.
  6. Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    Unless there's a fairly substantial line coming it will always be a bit of an orphan which is a great shame. Not forgetting that the Commonwealth countries represented in the game either used RN ships (not a few of which were built by the Canadian yards) or built them to common designs to allow inter-operability with the RN so in game they're going to be copy/pastes with a few gimmicks.
  7. Sharks still winning?

    That would be silly and since you get NO Loyalty once you've maxed out one side it's pretty daft to stay with the side you've maxed as there's zero benefit and rightly so.
  8. Sharks still winning?

    Of course, why would they make the event have an effect on the Matchmaker, there would be an insane number of accusations of MM rigging and in unusual situations it would be impossible to make a match at all. I find it hard to understand how anyone would expect it to be otherwise.
  9. Lack of camouflages in standard

    It is a bit depressing when I see T7/8/9/10 DD's without Camo, I usually ask if it's a visual bug but often get the response that they can't afford it or have run out or can't be bothered, a basic camo with 3% concealment costs 7,500 silver and as a DD (Khaba excluded) stealth is vital.
  10. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    Wouldn't help the DWT question though and there's no ship that can single fire those. Minotaur has 8 torpedoes a side, I'll tinker with it later and see what I can come up with, but there's a bit of a question of "meh, who cares?" as in real battle there's no practical way to apply the timing bar sheer fluke.
  11. Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Clearly it needs reload cutting to 4s base plus Minotaur heal and smoke generator. Seriously though, having recently obtained Zao it's a strong ship that performs well in T10 games.
  12. Deep Water Torps - surprising find

    I think that's a question of timing. Right at the end of the animation of the wreck disappearing it stops being an object you can hit with a ship and is just a graphical effect. It's getting the timing right to test and I think that would be tricky.
  13. My hopes for the new cv ui

    Not on mine. I'm not about to pay for them to fully test, I don't have enough Doubloons now and I'm not buying any more at the moment. For ships that can't be bought for Doubloons it shows "This ship can only be purchased in premium shop".
  14. Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    Hardly, the royal families of Europe have been intermarrying since the 1500's. I doubt there would be any issues over using historical figures in the game. Anyway, back on topic, I feel strongly that allowing interchange of Skippers between RN and Commonwealth would be good for the game and not bad for WG's sales. Any chance it's under consideration @MrConway?