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  1. BeauNidl3

    Kurfurst weakest beast ?

    Concealment with a secondary build is pretty much a waste of captain points. It's a binary choice, a compromise won't work, go one or the other and GK has poor concealment by design which is an indicator of what it's good at. It's a lousy sniper anyway due to WG deciding KM BB's have awful dispersion and accuracy at range.
  2. BeauNidl3

    Lost the will to play the game

    I was a moderate to big spender in Warships, but a while back I made the decision that they don't deserve the cash, I've voted with my wallet and my time as I don't play PvP these days and I rarely get more than 2 daily containers when I do play. The current public relations disaster from this blatant cash grab just reinforces my decision.
  3. BeauNidl3


    Hardly a new scenario in these days of excessive sensitivity and the farcical "micro aggressions" nonsense, the world isn't a safe space where everyone agrees with everyone else and running off screaming about hurt feelings actually counts for nothing. Oh and I have some 23 million (and climbing) ship XP that I'll never convert and have probably converted 2 million or more in the past. I'm sure plenty of players have many times more ship XP than I have.
  4. BeauNidl3


    You have fallen into the trap of trying to justify your desires which go directly against WG's business model, your arguments of fairness and balance are meaningless, as everyone grinds the lines the same way so there is no imbalance or lack of fairness. You've also paid nothing to grind the ships, you've voluntarily spent time playing a game. WG are a business (yes they're very money grabbing) they have to pay their staff and provide infrastructure and make a profit or they go out of business, since you've never paid for premium time or premium ships they've basically not made a cent from having you as a customer, in fact they've effectively paid for you to play while you use their resources. Part of their income stream is people buying doubloons to convert excess ship XP to free XP, the chances of that being changed are basically nil.
  5. BeauNidl3

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    There's a fundamental requirement to be able to play DD effectively and that's team support, while it's possible to get into a cap quite a lot of the time, holding the cap is the real problem, that's assuming you can win the fight for the cap which requires support most of the time. Since the cruiser players are justifiably terrified of BB's and it's VERY rare that there are less than 5 BB's per side the whole support mechanic starts to break down and we end up with the deadlock camping mess we have now. The whole CV disaster has just made things worse, RTS CV's were a pain, but the rework has been a farce from day 1 as the CV's can't actually support capping by taking command of the air. I do find it comical that players who refuse to support the DD's on their team (irrespective of the DD type) then spend a lot of time yelling that their DD teammates are crappy.
  6. BeauNidl3


    Well if you want to play the historical card Armour Piercing shells had a bursting charge that tended to set flammable bits of ships on fire. Of course historically you'd be allowed to take a BB out maybe once every year or so any damage would need a 6 month refit and you would land maybe 1 shell in every 50 fired. Oh and Aircraft carriers would make all surface ships redundant except as AA defences for their carriers from tier 5/6 upwards. Historical accuracy is meaningless in this game.
  7. BeauNidl3


    There's a reason that cruisers and DD's fire predominantly HE at targets, especially the 5 BB's on each team, it's quite simple, unless shown a fairly flat broadside at quite close range their AP tends to shatter and they do no damage, especially when the superstructure is saturated. The BB's shooting nothing but HE has been a feature of a particularly special type of player who is unwilling to aim and feels they get flashier numbers by firing HE. Semi understandable in the RN BB's, but as you've pointed out some of the morons do the same in other nations ships and it's rather sad. The only way HE spamming is ever going away is for smaller calibre AP to have vastly better performance so that it doesn't bounce and shatter, no doubt that would result in yet more screams from the BB master race and it won't ever happen.
  8. BeauNidl3

    Scharnhorst torpedoes pop like popcorn.

    Tirpitz, Mutsu and Kii torpedo tubes are every bit as fragile as those on Scharnhorst.
  9. BeauNidl3

    50K Free XP container!

    I have the Nelson, I rate it highly, the AP is excellent and the HE very effective, the gun layout is good if you use it right with 9 BIG guns for her tier. It is however very easy to citadel if you show broadside so it takes some care to play. It also laughs at fires as it has the Brit super heal which can recover a lot of HP. Secondaries and AA are comically bad. It's a marmite ship, you will either love or loathe it.
  10. BeauNidl3

    The Mighty Hood

    Indeed, Hood used to suffer very badly from the Gunnery officer being so out of his head on rum that landing a shell was a matter of luck, even close up, it's improved a fair bit compared to how it was. It takes some skill to play though as it needs some aggression to be effective and care with angling against incoming fire or it's going to eat citadels as it's a Battle Cruiser and not heavily armoured.
  11. BeauNidl3

    Friendly Fire

    This isn't the first time this has been suggested (far from it in fact), every time it's given a stern ignoring by WG staff. Indeed.
  12. No debate, it's gambling. It takes a very particular mindset to see them as anything else. The gaming business has made a massive amount from monetising loot boxes, hopefully a stop will be put to that.
  13. BeauNidl3

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    Erm, you sure about that? Mathematically it would be an impressive trick, oh and that's has an apostrophe
  14. BeauNidl3

    How to build an over OP ship

    Which is why I said almost any angle there's always the autobounce no matter how thin the armour is, the tricky bit is not getting swatted from several angles at once.
  15. BeauNidl3

    How to build an over OP ship

    No more so than with Minotaurs that can be citadelled absurdly easily from almost any angle. To be fair I thought Worcester was a bit of an insult to Minotaur owners who can't use HE, but Smolensk really is taking the mickey, yes I do own all 3 ships. Smolensk played by someone that knows how to handle Minotaur and survive really is a deadly bit of kit, quite honestly it's ludicrous Russian bias.