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  1. ^^^ What he said. Once you know how to aim AP is almost always the best ammunition to use from a BB, it does a LOT more base damage. BB's firing HE is pretty brainless, sure it pads your damage stats and it means you don't have to bother to aim, but as you go up the tiers you will see that HE spamming BB's are useless, apart from the RN silver line ships that have special HE and a good RN BB driver will use AP when a suitable target is there. I've seen Hood and Warspite drivers firing HE which is utterly comical as they have very ordinary and very bad HE. Ignore the people that tell you French BB's should use HE, their HE is very ordinary to the point of it being quite crappy, their AP and large number of guns though leads to great results, assuming you can aim. The scenario you paint @PanzerThuran is one where people don't know how to use their Damage Control party, putting out one fire is bad play (unless that single fire will kill you obviously). Like most here I've seen many games thrown away by people in BB's not firing AP at targets that would have been dead had they swapped after their last salvo.
  2. Mockery

    How many times is this wonderful Italian chap going to wobble on about the all conquering (OK, they didn't as the Royal Navy kept them bottled up in a duck pond called the Med) Italian Navy and try to claim it was something special? This isn't the first time I've seen the ridiculous claim it was the Third best navy of the 2nd World War, it's not just inaccurate it's total fantasy.
  3. Pretty much the same here. Completed all the missions so far, bought 0 from the shop (I don't care enough about collections to blow cash on them), no ship missions.
  4. How to understand this?

    Well..... What a daft idea. I can understand torpedo reload booster, torp reload is long and most DD's that can use it have to give up smoke to equip it, but in the worst case BB's at T7 and up have a max base reload of 30s before any Adrenaline Rush and reload modules.
  5. Is Blacklisting supposed to work?

    This has been asked for repeatedly @MrConway has looked into it and apparently it's not as simple as it would logically be, I guess they coded the F keys and map pings into a different part of the interface. It is really annoying when some clown that's serving a chat ban decides that to take "revenge" on every team he's in that spamming F keys and pings just to be irritating is a good idea. There have been posters that admit this is exactly what they do and why.
  6. Ramming mechanics

    It's a game and the catastrophic damage incurred when enemy ships collide making them effectively useless or sunk is modelled as a destruction, there is a relative speed component built in too. I've no problems with how the ramming mechanics work, I don't think it needs a change just because you got annoyed at being killed by a low HP enemy.
  7. No comment...

    What the hell are you complaining about? You're a self confessed mid tier CV seal clubber where the DD's have no meaningful AA. I know several rather good CV players who LOVE to see a DD smoke up as they are pretty much guaranteed a free kill, plus you effectively remove a DD's torpedo effectiveness by spotting them. There are an awful lot of radar ships around just now and they do dramatically impact what DD's can do as torpedoing at 9+Km (minimum radar range) is a matter of luck or potato enemies who're totally oblivious.
  8. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    I agree with you, it's winnable, but angling is a bit pointless as most of the enemies spam HE.
  9. @CLyDeThaMonKeY with his div mate @MrMacavity in their Gremy and Giulio combo while I was soloing DD's in my New Mexico. Convincing win for our side
  10. MIssion play

    The 7 ships on your team were real players (ignoring the fact they may not be any good). The convoy of ships you were escorting are bots. The enemy ships are all bots. It's perfectly fine being a new player and clearly some people were a bit rude, it might help to say in chat that this is your first go at the Operation and Operations in general, some people can be pretty helpful if they know you're new to the game and the mode. Operations can be fun, but they've fairly recently changed the bot behaviours so they're quite tricky to handle especially for an inexperienced player.
  11. 6gb patch?

    Same here, nowt downloaded and I have pre-load enabled. Maybe they're limiting the numbers that download at any one time to reduce patch server stress? Easy to do on a regional basis via IP.
  12. I'm about 1/2 way through having the stars to complete section 4. I know a couple of people who've finished the whole thing, but they've done it by spamming T9/10 CV games and they're very competent CV drivers. I must admit I find some of the missions very annoying and excessively specific, the Yamamoto campaign was far more fun, this Halsey one is too much like work.
  13. Ooopsie

    Semi submersible Battleship, that's taking things a bit far!
  14. Legendary Modules - A missed oportunity

    Making it have terrible concealment on a fairly clumsy ship is not a compromise I'm personally willing to take, it's already got usable torpedoes and 6.4 concealment will make it a lousy cap contestant, it will also make the Hydro less useful. Quite a few of the ones I've looked at are clearly in the nope category.
  15. Premium shells in WOWS

    Emphatically no.