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  1. BeauNidl3

    Devastating Stike

    What they changed was the DETONATION mechanic, where you could previously be destroyed from full HP by a single hit that got lucky and caused a detonation (insta dead), that was changed so that you couldn't be detonated before you'd taken 25% damage. What happened to you is a Devastating Strike where you got hit by a single volley of multiple shells (can be torpedoes of course) which hit your Citadel and simply took your HP in one go.
  2. BeauNidl3

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    1. Wasn't it you that brought up toxicity in the game? Not like PvP games are short of venom, but reading your posts you appear to be the one who's suffering from a toxic attitude. You also might be advised to grow up a little and stop behaving like a 5 year old brat. 2. Torpedo's should never, ever be fired from the second line, if there's a DD in front of you, you can and SHOULD expect said DD to make sharp turns in either direction, it's what DD's have to do to evade, or line a torp shot of their own or go to guns without getting blapped, he might even be turning to lay a defensive smoke for the rest of his team. No the posters on here will NOT be convinced your irresponsible ramblings are correct, because you aren't, you're trying to make excuses for the inexcusable. Your torps, your fault, the game even tells you that you're penalised for Unsportsmanlike conduct and playing badly so it's against the Developers rules as well as accepted player behaviour. As to removing friendly fire, that's up to WG and not the forum posters, personally I think it would be a negative step and I've gone pink on more occasions than I'd like to recall, it's ALWAYS been my fault.
  3. That's very simple, it's an artificial way to make the regrind appear to last a while so that people don't just do it and complain there's nothing new. Pretty blatant bit of rather feeble sleight of hand. There's no new content, just a tedious rehash of the old content. The only "new" thing is the points currency and there have been plenty of those in the last year or two, nothing new at all.
  4. BeauNidl3

    bots invasion

    I trust you're also permanently banning the accounts that "referred" them too, maybe a bit of IP tracing as well wouldn't hurt. For that matter have a word with the genius that produced the campaign in the first place as the results were entirely predictable.
  5. Can't comment on your thread, unlike the other forum threads there's no option to reply and it looks locked.