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  1. It is a shame that after resetting the client (or one of the many crashes since 0.6.10 that have plagued quite a few of us forces the client to be restarted) the Information panel is empty.
  2. True, it achieves little other than to just aggravate the player detonated and his team.
  3. I believe (could be wrong, not been chat banned myself) that people with a chat ban can still use the F keys and map pings for team tactical value, sadly this falls down a bit when they're chat banned for spamming those and are just a moronic troll. Turning off the chat completely isn't really an option when team comms can make or break a game and this is after all a team game.
  4. I've had something similar in a game, it's extremely annoying, the mute does nothing and there's just nothing you can do about the idiots that behave that way other than hope they get killed which stops them using map pings and F keys.
  5. Makes a great deal of sense, good point @Negativvv.
  6. Absolutely, but there are games which are Free to Play with shops which have the freedom of free respecs/reallocation such as Marvel Heroes, it's a very popular feature and they make money. From a business perspective there's a value to giving free elements that don't nett much income so no appreciable cost to adding the extra value, this is in all likelihood one of those.
  7. With the patch we have the pleasure of free points reassignment instead of the annoying Doubloon cost (I had the misfortune of wasting about 1200 Doubloons on reallocating points on 3 captains just before the free period was announced) this allows us to experiment with Captain builds which is not only fun, but escapes the cookie cutter aspect of builds. I'm sure a significant proportion of the player base would love it if the free reallocation became permanent. As it stands the normal Doubloons cost is probably a very minor income stream as it actively discourages people from experimenting. REQUEST - Make points reallocation free permanently. Additionally while retraining makes some sense on getting a new ship it would be more fun if a Captain could be assigned to a ship that they were previously commanding with no retraining, that would encourage retention of ships, sales of port slots and people could enjoy the ships they like but have moved on from. Effectively make fully researched ships a form of silver premium. Yes it's true some of the longer term players have multiple 19 point Captains and heaps of elite captain XP so they don't need to move Captains as much as the newer players, but the current mechanics and costs are discouraging for newer players and this game could use more of those. REQUEST - Make Captains able to be assigned with no penalty to ships they previously commanded.
  8. In a battle late last night there was a BB driver complaining he was getting return fire when sat in a DD's smoke, he was insisting it was a bug. No matter how many people told him that it was the new mechanics announced in the news in the client and on the forums etc he was having none of it. I think he even tried to report the guy shelling him for hacks too, which is absurd. As mentioned in the thread a number of players have no idea the change has happened.
  9. With most (all other than Scharnhorst?) BB's having a reload time appreciably longer than the 20s gun bloom perhaps that needs to be looked at. The statement that WG don't want ships blinking in and out of concealment effectively applies mostly to cruisers which surely is backwards. The solution to that is increase bloom time on BB's and reduce it on cruisers, in other words scale it on gun size which has some logic. As to the whole BB overpopulation thing many people have said that a hard cap of 3 or at most 4 BB per side would help enormously, yes it would increase queue times for the BB obsessed, but it would actually encourage cruiser play which has been strangled significantly. Tears of the Cruisers and Mountain Range maps are mostly a cruiser nightmare due to the excess number of accurate BB's that can and do camp in the poorly placed cover.
  10. Minotaur is a very fragile glass canon, but Radar Minotaur!!! I have the Mino and I actually agree it's far from the ideal beast for the Clan War teams unless played by a real expert (which I'm not).
  11. I thought that was the case before the changes to the smoke mechanics, I could be wrong of course.
  12. It's a lot of fun with a team that has any kind of a working braincell or can at least read the chat box. Very enjoyable mission.
  13. I don't agree that the Harekaze needs an expert to play, I do pretty well in mine and I'm most definitely a potato with extra helpings of potato on the side and some fries added. It's a lot of fun if you exploit its nice concealment, adequate maneuverability and the geography of the maps.
  14. A lot of players don't read the forums, Reddit or Faceache and probably haven't even looked at the news in the game client. There are plenty of uninformed people who may eventually get the idea of the new mechanics, whether they realise what they mean is a different matter. On a similar subject I've not tested, but if you're in a ship with secondaries and they fire when you're in a smoke screen does that affect your spottability? In the game client and notes I've seen it mentions main guns only. Some KM BB's have an absolute storm of secondary fire, I'd be intrigued to know if anyone has tested. Maybe I'll talk a few guys into testing in the training room.