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  1. Underwater AP fix

    If that's supposed to be comedy it's an abject failure, frankly it's just reinforcing peoples views that WG as a company doesn't give a damn for many of its customers. As pointed out the BB AP doing excessive damage to DD's has been a live issue for ages that's not addressed, yet a tiny issue that means a BB can eat extra damage is fixed in a matter of days. Take a think about how that comes across and what light it paints your company in, basically it states BB's count and screw the rest.
  2. Comments from a returning CBT player.

    The thing is he's entirely right. In the case you cited you were hit by high fire chance HE (46% base compared to at most 17% base on cruisers at T7) from a Battleship, one with superb guns come to that, Nelson is also fragile. The issue you had there wasn't with HE, but BB HE. You're moaning about HE spam in a classic BBaby manner, when you've not considered that ignoring BB HE spammers HE is about the only way a cruiser can seriously damage a BB except at close range with a broadside shown. The whole Beta tester thing carries little weight with me unless the player has many thousand matches as the game has changed a lot over the years it's been live, as the old hands will testify.
  3. What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    Not really, pay attention in any match and you will find BB players in IJN, KM, USN, Italian, French and the old Premium RN ships firing HE the whole game, they're either caught up the RN BB syndrome (RN BB AP works just fine) or they're plain too lazy to realise that against any thing other than straight bows on AP works well if you can aim. I've even seen Yamato players using HE only which is laughable. The thing with HE spam is that they get the satisfaction of high damage numbers without thinking about the fact that they could have outright killed enemies with AP. I'm afraid it's just people being a bit mentally challenged. Versus a non RN HE spammer I can afford to show them a broadside (even in cruisers) and blow them to bits with AP. I'm convinced that it's entirely down to what @_DeathWing_ termed Royal Navy BB syndrome.
  4. How To Balance the T61

    I'm not convinced that she'd be wildly OP with the "current" stats, most people are basing their OP screams on the Flamu video with all the hype that went around that, never forget a gunboat with small HP is basically just an XP Pinata. Especially with the usual poor German smoke generator. 90s torp reload would make the ship too poorly armed, but a compromise of adding 10s to the reload with her current torpedoes would still keep her capable, but not excessive. Like many here I have been waiting for the T61's release for months and I've been disappointed that despite the morse spoilers they never did, I admit I've got to the point of real annoyance that it has not been released and I've not bought other Premiums I might have considered seriously while waiting.
  5. Completed all but the French BB ones, not going to bother with those although I'm about to unlock the Richelieu having got Normandie from the mission crates and ground the Lyon.
  6. Suggestion: Premium-centric gamemodes

    No, emphatically, I even read most of his typically long dribblings too, that's 5 minutes of my life I'd like back please.
  7. Indeed, that's why I'm asking for a translation from someone fluent in gibberish, the rant has been written on the English subforum and that's about the limit of what I'm able to read. I'm too old and grumpy to try to wade through that preteen txtspk to understand the rant in its full glory.
  8. Anyone able to translate the cretinous txtspk into English for me? I'm struggling to enjoy the silly rant due to it being written in gibberish. Thanks in advance.
  9. Forum mess (personal problem or?)

    I have exactly the same, let me guess you're using the WoWs Classic theme? It's messed up on Chrome and Edge on 2 PC's, using the White or Dark themes it's fine.
  10. Just had @Lee_Apollo in his Dunkerque in the same team while I was hooning about in my Kamikaze, decent win even though I went into slideshow mode with this graphics glitch.
  11. T8+ BB aim

    Maybe worth spending some solo time in the Training Room shooting at a variety of T8/9/10 cruisers and BB's at different ranges and angles.the bots can't be made to move, but it may help you get a better feel for the point of aim on those ships with the guns you now have. I'm sure you aim well (better than I do more than likely) and would benefit from the simple practice, it's boring, but it can help.
  12. Allied Damage Punishment OVERKILL

    He's not denied in any way that it's his fault, he admitted it in the original post. You're just attacking him for your own personal gratification. He was just uninformed why the reflected damage was so high, now he knows.
  13. cheat possible in cyclone?

    Unlikely as it's in the "official" modpack. It takes some skill to use well.
  14. Captain Retraining - keep old ship?

    But of course you can use the 200k silver and grind in the new ship or use a premium of that nation to grind it without penalty. Or use Elite Commander XP to complete the retraining. 500 Doubloons is a pretty daft price to pay.
  15. Allied Damage Punishment OVERKILL

    If you set 3 fires on a BB with Mogami then the reflected damage is based on the BB's damage received which is a percentage of the base HP of the BB. Obviously each tick was quite a lot it being a BB on fire. Mogami hasn't exactly got a whole lot of HP to start off with so it explains the magnitude of the reflected damage. As others have said he may well have left the fires to burn on purpose because he was annoyed you shot him. Pretty impressive salvo 3 fires at once though