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  1. knave_england

    new player on steam

    Okalnix are you a uk based clan looks like its not eu /uk really need the time zone
  2. knave_england

    new player on steam

    looking for a uk based clan have just got the starting cruisers to tier 3 just learning in the coop battles have brought some premium ships not played them probally need more games before i play them , i just would like a casual clan to come and go as and when
  3. knave_england

    ships and tea mission

    have a question can i team up with friends to do this mission in a division
  4. knave_england

    How do I play this game

    would suggest go on you tube you just about find everything you are looking for , each ship can have more upgrades when you unlock them , would also say look on the wiki will help a lot understanding each ships strenghts and weakness. also on the main world of warships main page has a start training page , if you list what ships you are playing and a replay and ask in here some good player will advise you on where you can improve , i am newish myself . wish you well
  5. knave_england

    new warship

    hi pete yes captain be good as well just got to love the party hat at the end
  6. knave_england

    new warship

    been watching the updates with dasha perova , perhaps we could have a new ship neded after her since its a breath of fresh air watching her at the end of the update
  7. knave_england

    help getting back into it

    you tube is your friend and aslo the wiki i read up on each ship to find its strengths and weakness , then its practice time , also have noticed the maps does pay to learn where the good places are . and also where your team mates go .when you take damage good idea to angle your ship and circle zig zag . hope that helps mind you i only play coop but would say it would work there as well wish you well
  8. knave_england

    special offers

    thank you pete and ferry lol yes its gone now never mind maybe another day . ferry_25 for the random battles realy not fussed coop is more like borderlands series just fun to play mind you early in the morning some games are with just 2/3 players rest are bots on your team so coop battles early in the morning can be fun ,you also see so many premiums in coop . would also say if i do go randoms i make some friends join a clan and go from there but for now the coop battles suit me for what i want . wish you all well
  9. knave_england

    special offers

    with the ships listed as special offers no discount just amount of time left before they not special offers , are these ships like rare or just a marketing ploy , the ships are the perth ,gallant ,duca d aosta . was thinking of buying the 2 of the ships but no discount we all love a bargin . are these ships very rare and good to play guys any help advise be most welcome have read the wiki still not decided
  10. knave_england

    more questions

    its like everything else captain lozffvll , i just like taking the easy route there are enough ships to get on with , the british cruisers to me take more effort so why bother with them , its far easy to just play other lines , its like all the tier 5 cruisers 2 of them the russian one and the jap one takes more effort ,think they are more heavy cruisers ,mind you havent unlocked all the modules yet on all of the tier 5 cruisers .after i elite them i will read up and see what the wiki says and how i thought i played in them . to learn the game is actually quite easy , have found its just the ships knowing better places on the map to go and strenghts and weakness of each ship , thats a no brainer .the rest is practice . as i have said is its a real pain in the backside to play british cruisers trying to kill battleships so atfer i elite the tier 5 cruiser i wont bother for now with the british cruisers since they do take a lot more skill and effort to play . also with the missions set fire to ships that leaves out the british ships dont it ,so in my mind british cruisers are simply not worth the effort period . i have played enough games to know coop is just easy no fuss no hassle no abuse from the kiddies ,and adults with large egos , all i want to do is come play chill out have some battles , i dont think random will suit what i want to do , so coop is fine for me . you would be amazed on how many premium ships in coop there are and some rare ships and beta battleship . so coop has its place . i support the game by spending cash 2 lots of premium time and gold and silver , just not decided on what premiums ships to get i also sub other games as well , really wanted to rent some pemiums to see what ones i like to play . thank you for the help and advise it is most welcome and also thank you about the free xp i will save it , wish you all well and hope you get a super container ,you never know .
  11. knave_england

    more questions

    hi mike been learning with the aircraft carriers where not to go on some of the maps in coop , with the royal navy cruisers i am just playing the tier 5 emerald till i unlock the tier 6 then i sell it , have no plans to buy the the tier 6 royal navy cruisers . with all the tier 5 cruisers only a few of them i like , but with the tier 4 cruisers i dont mind all of them , just the royall navy ones take wads of skill , but i didnt do to bad in them just real pain killing battleships . anyway mike with the reading the wiki and help and advice on the forums starting to get better overall thinking of useing up me free xp to unlock the aircraft carriers , just not sure been watching lots of you tube on them . wish you well
  12. knave_england

    more questions

    yes have noticed i angle when they fireing at me and go broadside when they dont fire at me i think is reason i stay alive longer , i do have some cracking games and sometimes its facepalm . the most fun i have had was with the tier 4 ships and also only going against sometimes 1 tier higher , with me tier 5 ships going against tier 7 can be fun but hard at times i really do try to help but sometimes its frustration . going from tier 4 to 5 can be real pain lol the destroyers are a bit chalk and cheese its either a good game or facepalm .
  13. knave_england

    more questions

    all i can say is when i have played to tier 5 emerald i struggled to damage battleships let alone kill them , now when you read the wiki i have read the pros and cons of all the british cruisers and the majority of them struggle to damage battleshisp some worse than others , please read them i have tier 6 leander Cons: Shortest main battery range of all Tier VI cruisers. Lack of high explosive shells makes damaging enemy capital ships very challenging. Anti-aircraft suite is on par with Aoba and Budyonny, but cannot be made more potent with Defensive AA Fire. Damage from armor piercing salvos is consistent, but not spectacular. Leander has a very low alpha-strike damage potential. Struggles to penetrate any bow on destroyer tier 7 fuji Cons: Even lighter armor than Leander; captains must make intelligent use of her consumables to get the most out of Fiji. She will evaporate under concentrated enemy fire. Fairly ineffective against angled enemy battleships. Anti-aircraft suite is merely average. Though her maximum range is respectable, her shell velocity drops off sharply and makes landing hits difficult past medium range. tier 8 Edinburgh Cons: Armor is largely for show and offers little real protection; incoming rounds larger than 203mm will penetrate Edinburgh easily. Really only effective against lighter enemy units, such as destroyers and other cruisers. Edinburgh barely registers as a threat to enemy battleships. Lightly-armored turrets are incapacitated more frequently than many of her contemporaries. Shortest main battery range of all Tier VIII cruisers. tier 9 Cons: Large detection radius. Concealment Expert and Concealment System Modification 1 are virtually required to play Neptune to her fullest. Very weak armor; she can bounce 152mm rounds at certain angles, but will be easily penetrated by shells larger than that. Citadel rides quite high above the waterline. tier 10 Cons: Initial shell velocity is the same as Neptune; however, at maximum range, her shells fall back to earth slowly. Lightly-armored turrets that are disabled easily (if not outright destroyed). Cannot equip the Defensive AA Fire consumable to increase the anti-aircraft suite's potency even further. As with the rest of the British cruiser line, her reliance on armor piercing shells is at times frustrating, as they will either bounce or deal consistently low damage. Torpedo tubes are somewhat exposed, and are disabled frequently when under fire. Very weak armor; she can bounce 152mm rounds at certain angles, but will be easily penetrated by shells larger than that. Cannot equip smoke and radar simultaneously; captains must choose their role before going into battle. the belfast has he shells so when its on sale i might buy that one but wanted a lower tier one ,as i have said most of the battles there are battleships and most of the british cruisers struggle to damage and kill battleships i am new and far from skilled , and have been reading up and watching videos ,so to me its not worth bothering with going higher when they struggle with battleships . in my mind like in all games if you cant kill it not point useing that tool in this case the tolls are many of the british cruisers blame the wiki or have someone to change it this is what it says and after 5 tiers really think i dont want to go higher with british cruisers , maybe the belfast since it has he shells . anyway wish you all well and hope you get a big fat supercontainer
  14. knave_england

    more questions

    hi pete that is a bit of a statement and i would add a cop out there are games you will loose if you dont try to kill the battleship , and other games just run away and win . so ineffect sometimes have no choice so to say not the cruisers job sometimes have no choice . you are welcome to the magic shells after 5 tiers had enough of the british cruisers as i said i will elite it and go no further , maybe in time if they change , after all all i want to do is come play have fun not have the frustration of trying to kill a battleship with no he shells and it happens in games where you have to try to kill the battleship . dont you have games where you will loose if you dont try to kill the battleship or is that just unique to me , heres your humble pie i have allready eaten mine . hope you pete dont run away in a british cruiser says in chat its not my job to kill the battleships what the f@ck is wg thinking , could not resist many thanks wish you well pete hope you have broad horizons
  15. knave_england

    more questions

    hi pete after playing up the british cruisers to tier 5 emerald trying to kill a battleship some of the time with no he shells is a real pain in the neck most times i have lost i do try to zig zag circle change couse and angle my ship but most times i have lost . atfer reading the wiki on all the british cruisers its a no brainer , as a supertester said they take a lot of skill to play and without the he shells just cack to play so the british cruisers are a waste of time and effort even the wiki says as much . even the tier 6 ship you say is a lot better without he shells killing a battleship is a real pain in the neck .