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  1. I'd love to see a BC line added but one thing I dont agree with is Hood being changed to BC only for one reason, she wouldn't fit unless you want her to be the most powerful BC in game as by the time she was launched she not only was the largest warship in the world and stayed as such for 21 years, she was also one of the most powerful ships on the planet, in fact she was essentially a BB - at the time the RN classed any capital ship over 30 knots a BC Hood went 32.04 knots, Hood in fact was on par with the QE class and her armour was of similar thickness - Main belt on the QE 13 inch, on Hood 12 inch, All of Hood's armoured decks added together equalled about 7 inches over magazines and machinery to the QE (rebuilt) only 5 inch, Hood's armour to weight ratio was around 33% meaning around 33% of her total weight was armour to the QE class around 34%, as a side note Hood was not destroyed via a plunging shell through the deck - she was too close for that to physically happen, the shell most likely penetrated the upper 7 inch belt armour into an extended 4 inch magazine (this had been extended in the late 1930s and essentially created an Achilles heel) the magazine ignited and spread to the aft 15 inch guns main magazine causing the explosion that sank her, had she been in her config before the 4 inch mag was extended she most likely would have survived. But by the time she she entered service the only thing that caused her to be classed a BC was her speed everything else about her was a BB and that becomes even more evident when you compare her to the QE class and Renown class, Hood was pretty much as well armoured as the QE class just with the advantage of speed, she was basically one of the first fast BBs so her place is perfectly fine where she is as a T7 BB, however another possible ship for the T7 UK BC is the J3 design the J3 class Battlecruiser was planned in the 1920s and was similar to Hood but instead of 8 15 inch guns in 4 dual turrets it was to have 9 15 inch guns in 3 triple turrets and a speed of 32 knots Adding J3 as the T7 BC would stop the problem of changing an already released ship which WG rarely does even for buffs due to it changing a ship people have brought in the state it was when released. As well as the J3 if you want an Admiral in as the T7 BC tech tree I'd go with Anson one of the ships in the class that was planned not built the name was later assigned to the KGV class Anson, the Anson (1916 - Admiral class) was similar to Hood but she would have looked slightly different from design tweaks such as the mast was re-positioned this allows your list to maintain an Admiral class as the tech tree (Anson 1916) and the premium J3 or the other way around leaving Hood where she rightfully should be and avoids the backlash of changing as ship thats already released, other than that it all looks good and would make a fine addition to the game. Below is a line drawing of J3 Class BC from this website: https://warshipprojects.com/2017/09/27/washington-cherry-trees-ii-part-3/ Also sorry for waffling
  2. For the love of this game no to NTC, its a terrible idea that never should have even been uttered, just scrap it we don't want it, its not like there are plenty of new ship lines that need adding, the Italian's for one could have a complete tree of CL/CAs, DDs, BBs and CVs, commonwealth is another with a tree of CL/CAs, DDs and CVs not so much BBs though, the UK and US would benefit from BB splits than can start at T3 for the 2nd line, UK and US along with Germany could benefit from DD splits but maybe finish the CV rework first its already been 6 ish months, the UK could even have a CV split and the odd tier US and Japanese ones can be added back in as a second CV line for them, lets say the BB split occurs at T3 so say the USS South Carolina will research into the USS Wyoming and a second T3 lets say USS Delaware - there you go a reason for players to go back and play low tiers again, now lets say that the US and UK will have such splits that makes an additional 16 tech tree battleships to research, lets say the US, UK and German DD split happens at T5 or T6 that makes an additional 15 to 18 Tech Tree DDs to play and lets say the CV split for the US, Japan and UK starts at T6 so for example HMS Furious researches into HMS Implacable and another T6 lets say HMS Eagle that makes another 9 more Tech Tree CVs to grind that is already an additional 40 to 43 Tech tree ships to grind all starting low to mid tier, then lets add the unfinished trees Italy - 8 BBs, 10 CL/CAs, 9 DDs with maybe a CV line, thats already another 27 Tech Tree ship before line splits, the Commonwealth, 10 CL/CAs, 9 DDs and 4 CVs another 23 Tech Tree ships to grind before line splits, all of those lines and ships opens up 90 to 93 Tech Tree ships before line splits to the Italian and Commonwealth Trees. then there is the countless number of ships that still aren't in game than can be premiums if not Tech Tree (through new Tech Trees or line splits.) that can be added as Free XP, Coal, Steal etc. ships and there are a substantial amount that can be low and mid tier ships ships like the G3 and N3 designs, Royal Oak, Barham, Renown (in re-built confg), Repulse, Dorsetshire, Ajax, Victorious, Tennessee, Nevada, Oklahoma, Samuel B. Roberts (known in Naval Lore as the Destroyer Escort that Fought like a Battleship), New Jersey, Utah, Hornet, Ise, A-150, Shinano, Yamashiro, Arkhangelsk (Revenge class BB serving with the USSR originally HMS Royal Sovereign), Schleswig-Holstein (German Pre-Dread that was the first ship to fire its guns in WW2), H-39 through H-44, Strasbourg the list goes on, countless Tech Tree to keep players grinding new lines and split lines for a while, and Premium ships mainly the ones for Resources and Free XP to keep players grinding and saving for them too.
  3. StBg17

    Crash Tester Achievement

    I just got it, was playing Killer Whale in the Budyonny got it just after getting Shark among Shrimps - had just sunk the 5 support ships then sunk the K. Albert, I'd agree with 4 different forms of sinking ships, I sunk 3 of the support ships with torps, one with main guns, one with secondary guns making up 3 of the 4 ways and Shark among Shrimps, then sunk the K. Albert with fire (4th way i sank a ship) which gave the Crash Tester Achievement, so I'm inclined to agree sink 4 ships via 4 different methods. Also for anyone interested in more detailed stats in that battle, It'll just be easier to show my personal scores post battle result screen: If anyone is interested in my Budyonny's setup: Fully upgraded - and elite status. Damage Control II, Hydro II (DefAA is pointless in this op) and Spotter II Modules - Main Arms Mod 1, Steering Gears 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1 and Steering Gears Mod 2 Current and future Commander Skills: Priority Target (1 point), Adrenalin Rush (2 points), Demolition Expert (3 points), Concealment Expert (4 points), IFHE (4 points) Superintendent (3 points), Expert Marksman (2 points)
  4. StBg17

    HMS Rodney

    Triangular indentation on the Starboard side of Rodney's Bridge Structure - Nelson did not have this feature. Torpedo tube doors on the bow of HMS Royal Oak. Sadly I can not find a photo showing the QE Class torpedo tubes but they did have them. Fun little note: the dark and light lines on top of Royal Oak's B - Turret are Spanish Civil War Neutrality Stripes.
  5. StBg17

    HMS Rodney

    Fun fact the Queen Elizabeth class Battleships also had torpedoes same with the Revenge Class and Renown class, in fact most British BBs prior to the 1939 KGV class had torpedo tubes, yes this does include: Dreadnought, Bellerophon, Orion, Iron Duke and the above mentioned QE and R class, in fact to the best of my knowledge all British Dreadnought style BBs up until the 1939 KGV class mounted torpedo tubes, in fact I think a lot of British Pre-Dreadnoughts also mounted torpedo tubes. To answer the original posts question, personally I'd love the Rodney to be in-game but in her config that she was in when she had the X-turret catapult and aircraft (a feature only Rodney had), there would be other small tweaks needing made to the 3D model such as a triangular indentation on the starboard side of the bridge structure (this feature was also a Rodney only feature) along with the top of the bridge structure would need to be open at the very top unlike the enclosed top of the structure on Nelson, adding torps to the ships that had them such as Hood, Nelson, QE, Warspite, a Revenge class, Renown class and Rodney if they are ever added which I hope those ships are would be interesting and of course more historically accurate. I'll try and find decent photos later showing the triangular indentation on Rodney's bridge structure along with difference and the top of the bridge structures and the torpedo doors of the Revenge and QE class.