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  1. StBg17

    Farewell Fourmites.

    Brilliant, Thank you :) see you and others over there.
  2. StBg17

    Farewell Fourmites.

    It was a good run, although I didn't post much on the forum, I would occasionally read it's posts, we may not all have seen eye to eye all the time, but everyone would chime in with something to add to the discussion or debate, it's a shame to see it go, but I guess there is the Reddit page, if I can find the correct one, anyone have the right link?
  3. StBg17

    Ship Advice - Coal

    Update: Thank you all for the advice and insight on the ships, went for Napoli in the end and I don't regret it one bit, she's fun, now just to wait for a new coupon :)
  4. StBg17

    Ship Advice - Coal

    Ah my bad thought she was more than that, still a lot for a port decoration, but then taking her out of the container pool is a plus. Problem is I have Yoshi B so there isn't much point to the standard Yoshi Indeed, call me mad but I'd probably use the shorter range more damage torps, yea I have to get closer to use them but it's still a pretty decent range with a greater chance of a hit from less movement from the target.
  5. StBg17

    Ship Advice - Coal

    Damn I forgot about Salem, not sure how I was able to when she was my first coal ship I ever got, I'm of the same opinion as I have them both Tulsa doesn't really have any appeal to me outside of her historical value which in of itself is marginal. Same with Yoshi other than the 2.5k dubs I don't see much of a point and 2.5k dubs for that much coal spent isn't logical. I had a feeling Napoli would be fun but challenging, then again the challenge is part of the fun in a way so she's defo still on my shortlist If Carnot is a slightly better Azuma then I would have to put extra thought into it as I have the Azuma herself. I'm just dreadful at playing CV always have been, I much rather prefer controlling the ship opposed to planes, I wouldn't inflict my CV playing on anyone outside of Co-op where I'll play the few I have from time to time, my CV play is not good enough for Randoms or Com so I just keep it away from them for the sake of my team, and with Kearsarge I'd probably find myself 80% of the time forgetting the planes and just using the guns. :) I wouldn't be able to make her work, I'd forget about her planes and just stick with the guns, at the end of the day I'm more use to myself and my team just not using it and instead taking a ship I can make work :). Yes I have Salem, I completely forgot about her despite being my first ever coal ship. Love the ship great fun. Same her with me having all them other ones seems to make the others redundant, I too hope Incomp will be coal but I'm assuming she'll likely be steel or RB. Good one haha. Good point about the crates but to me thats a waste of about 50k or so coal for a ship I won't ever play other than snowflakes etc. maybe in the future I will but I can't bring myself to right this moment. I could get Yoshi for the token but then it's still a slight waste for a ship that I'll likely not play much thanks to having the B version and other ships like JB and Thunderer. I've heard and seen on here and videos Tulsa is pretty naff especially compared to Alaska and Salem which I have both of so I doubt I'll be getting her.
  6. StBg17

    Ship Advice - Coal

    So I'm nearing the point where I can get my next coal ship (with coupon) The ones I have yet to get are: - Napoli - Yoshino - Kearsarge -Tulsa - Carnot - Flint - Marblehead Of those, I have no interest in Marblehead, I have Murmansk and I absolutely hated playing the Omaha, Flint is not a massive draw, I have her sister Atlanta & Atlanta's B version from a container a few years back and hardly ever play either of them, Kearsarge, well I don't intend to touch that ugly thing with a 10 foot barge poll & the playstyle doesn't appeal to me, if I want to play a T9 US prem BB I'll play the Mo or Georgia, if I want to play CV (incredibly unlikely) I'll research the US CV line. My conundrum is with which one to get out of the others: Napoli, Yoshino, Tulsa & Carnot, personally I'm leaning more to the Napoli or Carnot as I've heard that Tulsa isn't the best ship compared to same tier ships like Buffalo & Alaska unless I'm miss-remembering, personally in terms of premiums I have Alaska through Free XP and I love this ship and then bagged the B in one of the containers of the 2019 Black Friday containers and so if Tulsa adds very little more than Alaska then the Tulsa is really not something I will need other than the historical aspect of her but even that is limited - being cancelled before she was constructed not to mention having twin guns in game when the Oregon City class that she was to be a part of was armed with triples. As for the Yoshino, I have the Azuma and want to add Yoshi and was intending to next until I pulled the B version from a container this year (iirc around the 10th container previously pulling Loyang from one of the 3 from the random bundles on the route to Dunk B) so I don't really need the non B Yoshi unless I want the extra dubs in compensation. Napoli & Carnot seem rather interesting and fun to play. What ever opinions/info on playability on these 4 ship you have is appreciated along with advice on which one is best to get. Cheers all
  7. StBg17

    Marco Polo or Yoshino?

    Duly noted. I wouldn't say her reviews are inaccurate, they are extremely well put together and crammed full of useful information, the rating is purely her opinion and everyone has different opinions on ships & ships change for example she noted DoY as garbage, and when I read her review of DoY a few years back before getting DoY I took the risk and still picked up DoY which is defiantly not garbage, granted she isn't the best at her tier & I would probably put her sister KGV slightly above her due to the faster reload, but the hydro and 'better aa' of DoY does make up for some of that and she is still a fun ship, her final verdict is to be different for each person and is purely her opinion on said ship she is reviewing, the main focus of her review are the stats she lays out and the comparison between same tier & type of ships. Based on my experience with Azuma I would imagine I would get bored of Yoshi extremely quickly and not really find her particularly fun to play & probably not do too well in her, she is just to paper thin for her size and type of ship, I would much rather & for that matter do much rather prefer sailing around in Agir or Alaska. It is true neither of them are making me want to go and spend my coal on the right away, especially when I have other previous coal/free xp ships that are better such as Musashi, JB & Thunderer, and as it stands I am relatively unbothered by letting my coal increase more and more until I make a decision, but based on feedback out of the 2 it would most likely be Marco considering how dissimilar to Azuma Yoshi seems to be.
  8. StBg17

    Marco Polo or Yoshino?

    That was my thought, having Azuma a ship that I find meh & tend to really only use in co-op for setting fire missions, I wouldn't feel to comfortable taking her into a random given how paper she is, didn't Jingles show that a T5 DD with 5 inch IFHE could pen it? and with the amount of people who just sail around spamming HE even in BBs nowadays (which just annoys me so much when its against a flat broadsiding ship, makes me go in my head, could have blapped them if you were firing the right ammo) thats just going to make her riveting to play in random. I found Azuma rather dry and only play her in co-op due to how little armour she has and the sniping from range, and seems that Yoshi is not much different I wonder is I'll find the same with her. Is Yoshi that much different to Azuma to merit having both or can Azuma do much the same as Yoshi? Of course minus torps. As I have Azuma already it is making me debate if Yoshi is a worthwhile use of coal for a slight variation in playstyle. I will admit I was thinking of that, Thunderer is a very good ship and fun to play, but based on previous releases & coal accumulation, I should be able to gather enough coal again before such a new ship would be leaving the Armory. That was my thought, and based on what I've seen, what is the point of sailing an up-tiered Azuma with torps that most of the time you won't be able to use. I was similar with Azuma, kind of regretted using 1 mil free xp on her instead of saving for Agir, luckily I had about 80% of the free xp accumulated again by the time Agir went live so that softened the disappointment slightly. As a BB main that hates camping, I really did not warm to dead-eye, there are few things in-game that annoy me more than seeing all the other BBs camping along the map boarder and having to either follow suit or get focused down by the enemy team. To be honest out of all the coal ships I'm still to acquire (Neuatrashimy, Yoshino, Marceau, Marco Polo, Z-44, Flint, Aigle, Hill & Marblehead) I rarely play DDs as more a BB & Cruiser main so the DDs are of little interest to me, Marblehead is an Omaha Class and I hated playing the Omaha so I'll be avoiding that one, I have Atlanta & Atlanta B so is Flint that much different to merit getting her? And out of the ships currently in testing the only ones I'd be interested in to spend coal on would be: - Agincourt - unlikely to be coal being a T5 - Constellation - Napoli
  9. So I have enough coal for either Marco polo or Yoshino, both interest me & i have Azuma, Is Yoshi that much different to merit picking her first even with already having her sister ship? To those that have either or both ships, what do you think of them and which would you recommend getting first? Personally I'm leaning towards Marco.
  10. StBg17

    Every ship in-game in a single list

    Update: So I haven't been keeping in up to date recently due mainly to forgetting to do so, but it is now updated and should be accurate as of 19/02.2021. - Added Ise 2 & Ise 3 - Added Tone 2 & Tone 3 - Added Hyuga - Updated availability of Kaga Black to Not available - Updated availability of Hizen to Not available - Added new Tier 7 Tech Tree German Destroyer: Z-31 - Added new Tier 8 Tech Tree German Destroyer: Gustav Julius Maerker - Added new Tier 9 Tech Tree German Destroyer: Felix Schultz - Added new Tier 10 Tech Tree German Destroyer: Elbing - Added new Premium Tier 8 German Destroyer: ZF-2 - Added new Premium Tier 9 German Destroyer: ZF-6 - Added new Royal Navy Tier 5 Battleship: HMS Agincourt - Added new Tier 8 Royal Navy Light Cruiser: HMS Tiger '59 - Updated availability of HMS Cossack Black to not available - Updated availability of Tier 6 Commonwealth Light Cruiser: Mysore to available - Updated availability of Jean Bart Black to not available - Updated availability of Tier 4 Italian Battleship: Dante Alighieri to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 5 Italian Battleship Conte di Cavour to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 6 Italian Battleship Andrea Doria to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 7 Italian Battleship Francesco Caracciolo to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 8 Italian Battleship Vittorio Veneto to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 9 Italian Battleship Lepanto to in In Early Access - Updated availability of Tier 8 Pan-Asian Destroyer: Fen Yang to available - Added Tier 8 Pan-Asian Aircraft Carrier: Sanzang - Added Tier 9 Pan-Asian Battleship: Wujing - Added Tier 6 Pan-American Destroyer: Juruá
  11. StBg17

    Fen Yang: Lunar New Year Is Coming!

    Sneakily removing the Doubloon from the Admiral packs of ship, yet still charging the same as what would have been charged before when the Doubloons were still in the packs, just a warning to anyone who buys the Admiral packs for the extra stuff like Credits and Dubs. - I haven't but the Admiral pack of either ship, was just looking before making a decision, waiting for a CC review first.
  12. StBg17

    Commander Skills Update

    This is what I don't get, why has PT been moved to 2 points from 1, AR from 2 to 3 & SI from 3 to 4? Why? Yeah sure there are new skills and 2 more skill points you can use and thats great, but, you have to use all 21 skills just to get the same skills you could get beforehand for 19 points. For example a bog standard BB build before rework: PT - 1 point AR - 2 points EM - 2 points SI - 3 points BoS - 3 points FP - 4 points CE - 4 points Total used - 19 points for 7 skills And after rework a bog standard BB build: Emergency Repair Specialist or Gun Feeder - 1 point PT or EM - 2 point AR - 3 point BoS - 3 points SI - 4 points CE - 4 points FP - 4 points Total used 21 points for 7 skills - 6 of them skills being the same as before, 1 new one. In short you can still have a build similar to what you were used to before, but, it will just cost you more skill points, take you longer to grind out & will still have the same number of skills of which most will not be that much different than before. Why? Just Why? I was hoping it would be good but wasn't holding out too much of that hope based on previous such reworks that went from announcement to implementation rather quickly *CV Rework* at least the CVs had longer on test servers before moving to the Live server, whereas the commander skills rework didn't even have 2 months testing after announcement (30th Nov 2020) before implementation, and it isn't like its just a ship class that may or may not be seen in battle like with the CVs in their rework, it is one of the fundamental features of the game. I can't see how this is an improvement over the old one, yeah its really such an improvement having to grind out 1.2 million additional Cmdr XP for 2 extra skill points just to have the same number and same skills that were on a ship before the rework with 19 skill points, and why is it 1.2 mill to go from 19 - 21 points when to go from 0 - 17 points is 1.7 million? So you have to grind out almost the same amount of Cmdr XP needed to get 17 points just to get 2 additional points so you can have the same build that you had with 19 points... Or maybe I'm missing something, regardless I'll give it a go and hope that it gets better with changes made to it - put PT, AR & SI back at the cost in points they were before, & reduce the cost to go from 19 to 21 points - they are my only major gripes with it. Rant over. And if anyone can shed any light on anything that makes any points that I made mute then I'll happily admit I was wrong.
  13. StBg17

    Every ship in-game in a single list

    Apologies for the lack of updates recently, the list should now however be back up to date.
  14. StBg17

    Every ship in-game in a single list

    Update: - Availability of ARP Maya T8 and ARP Yamato T10 updated to Yes - Via Armory, along with doubloon value and money value of doubloons.
  15. StBg17

    Every ship in-game in a single list

    Update: -Changed status of T8 HMS Belfast '43 to available -Changed status of T5 USS Oklahoma to available via Always Courageous Collection.