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  1. Vexers_destroyer

    Z-23 Steel Rat Camo

    Thank you very much Sir
  2. Vexers_destroyer

    Z-23 Steel Rat Camo

    Hahaha @Miessa3 I did enjoy the KM DD grind and the Z-52 was my first Tier X 😊 I was being serious, I do enjoy the Z-23 and the new camo
  3. Vexers_destroyer

    Z-23 Steel Rat Camo

    Just got this camo and captain mission from a Halloween crate and it looks amazing! Just wanted to say thank you to the Devs for a superb design, the detailing is impressive! Always enjoyed sailing the Z-23 and now I have a reason to play it more. Thank you so much! Edit for autocorrect error, damn phone...
  4. Vexers_destroyer

    Tears Of The Desert Map - Rework

    So the new “Tears of the Desert” map is a diagonal “Mountain Range”? Interesting....
  5. Vexers_destroyer

    WoWS wiki Torpedo Detection

    Perfect, thanks and my apologies to @Commander_Cornflakes It wouldn’t open that on my touch phone for some reason.
  6. Vexers_destroyer

    WoWS wiki Torpedo Detection

    @Commander_Cornflakes Thank you sir for your reply however there are no individual ship stats for torpedo detection. For example with this pic of the Z-52’s stock torpedo stats:
  7. Vexers_destroyer

    WoWS wiki Torpedo Detection

    Hi all! Curious question, I don’t see torpedo detection on the ship stats on the wows wiki? All other relevant information is there but not detection range. Have tried searching and and I know there are spreadsheets here for it but thought, seeing as the wiki is the go to, the stats might be there as well? Am I being blind or is it really not there? Thanks in advance for you replies and a very merry festive season/ New Year to you all!
  8. Vexers_destroyer

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Unable to change the torpedo spread on the Huanghe 2. Reproduction steps Tried multiple Random battles to see if problem persisted. 3. Result Torpedo spread still stuck in narrow spread. 4. Expected result Pressing 3 should have switched between narrow and wide spread
  9. Vexers_destroyer

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi there, please may I enter the raffle ? Prizes #29-31 Tirpitz Ingame name: Vexers_destroyer Thanks so much to all the organizers and donators!
  10. Vexers_destroyer

    What is the best premium destroyer available for purchase at the moment?

    They all have pro’s and con’s I guess. If you’re looking for a DD with favourable MM, is fast with decent Concealment, decent torps and guns then probably the Leningrad. At the same Tier is the Blys but I have found that the larger Concealment can work against you (6.8km as to the Lenin’s 6.1 with Captain Skills). Anshan is a good choice but you need a 14 point captain for both CE and AFT to really make her shine. She still does very well with just CE with the Russian guns and 8km torps. She also gets the unique camo with +100% to Free XP. Gallant at T6 is also a good choice and a well rounded DD so using guns or torps is viable instead of being limited to one play style. I wouldn’t go for either of the tier 2 or 3 DD’s as you’re not going to make a lot of credits in those tiers. As most have said, the Lo Yang is probably the best choice. Stick with the weaker long range torps (better Concealment on the torps) and use Hydro not Speed Boost. Great Concealment at 5.8km with Captain Skill and you get US smoke. Being T8 in T 10 games isn’t disastrous as long as you’re smart and stay away from radar ships and have good map awareness. Biggest plus to Lo Yang is with Pan Asia DD’s coming you can start to captain train for that line. Where as before, like the Blys, there was no ship line to encourage captain training. My my thoughts but choice is yours. Best of luck with your purchase! Edit: As another thought, the Lo Yang will be a more “comfortable” introduction to higher tier DD game play where it becomes more challenging (more ships with radar, Hydro etc). You won’t feel as inept in a stock ship battling through the initial grind trying to upgrade your ship (which takes quite a bit of xp, in the Lo yang you’ll just be upgrading your Captain) and learn the play style all in one go. This was definitely my experience.
  11. Vexers_destroyer

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hi there Just started playing WoWs and very interested in joining you guys. Kind regards