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  1. Barney_Wobba

    Certain ships harder to play now

    Thank you for all the replies. It seems you are mostly seasoned players. I am now in a radar mino, sailing my [edited]off in mental circles, but with a decent team and suitable map it can be very rewarding at times... I still believe that CV's are the apex predator, and I don't think they deserve to be. One reason I stated the newbies are no longer coming is because at top tier I am finding it harder and harder. I used to get 3-6 kill. Now, I barely manage one or two if not insta deleted by CV's... Maybe t6 is where it's at now...
  2. I've enjoyed WoWs over the years, but lately things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, what with CV overbalance and new ships and powercreep. I don't want to play anymore or put money into a game I am enjoying less and less. So, can I cash in or sell my account legally? Thanks.
  3. Barney_Wobba

    teams are awful, as expected

    I agree, I just had 6 games, really tried hard. 1 win. And this was at rank 7 newbie... With CV's it was a waste of time unless in a decent BB.
  4. Example: Mino has always been a technical ship but lately I can barely got a salvo off without having my priority target meter hitting 6 or more. I can barely get away with a round of shots before being focus fired. Also, DD's seem to just suck now where you have a CV about. Like, in my Fantasque...utterly wasted by CV's allday. It's not fun. I suspect the playerbase is shrinking and only good players are being left behind. New ships like the Pom and Hizen seem a bit OP. I find CV's and the endless planes which do crazy damage sometimes to be putting me off the game, it's not just the joke dps it is the fact I get spotted and destroyed very fast. That is why I now play BB mostly, like many others. I am asking myself why do I buy doubloons and game time now. I think WoWs knows they are killing their own game to move us onto something else.
  5. Barney_Wobba

    CV OP

    Still think CV's are OP. Ricktofen vs my Musashi, with AA plane. Killed in three bombing runs, 5 planes shot down. What a joke.
  6. For the drunken WoWs players? Most of UK and Ireland will be there and I daresay Vodka riddled RUS as well! We could make a pretty good bunch tbh...
  7. Barney_Wobba

    Juliet Charlie

    Argh! Was my error. I got the replay to work and it said devastating not detonating.
  8. Barney_Wobba

    Juliet Charlie

    Replay bombs out. It was deffo death by detonation, with flag, not using the 5% inc flag...
  9. Barney_Wobba

    Juliet Charlie

    So, I detonated with this flag. How so?
  10. Barney_Wobba

    Jingles Code

    Where me put code :(
  11. Barney_Wobba

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    18 is easy to advance on, and when you get to a certain stage, in the next season you get auto advanced I think(?). Yes, it can be painful, but try getting to R11 and R6...far harder.
  12. Barney_Wobba

    General CV related discussions.

    And why would I want to play a game which I pay for and spend valuable time in if there is a group to mitigate my fun irl?
  13. Barney_Wobba

    General CV related discussions.

    Aircraft carriers reduce my entertainment.
  14. Barney_Wobba

    Chat ban triggers

    The chat ban trigger seems seriously over optimistic in it's role. I said the evil word 'crap' and got banned for three weeks... Wow. I checked all my replays and this is all I saw. Calm it down please WoWs... IN FACT THIS FORUM RENAMED THE WORD S H I T to CRAP...really? Who am I offending now? Cows?
  15. Barney_Wobba

    CV's: not fun

    Not played much latelyt but I had a good game just now until a set of planes killed me in my T8 Edinburgh as if I was a piece of deadwood on the ocean. It was a great game for me vs t10's. I dont mind the T10's, but the CV was like: all my hp gone one strike. It was a T8 CV... They ruin the game for me.