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    I demand a refund!!!
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    Poi poi
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    I thinked me bwoke serfor wiht 758k damage wiht cv...sorreh
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    and again...
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    Oh noes Me too
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    it cwashed plx hlep
  8. Barney_Wobba

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

    https://wows-numbers.com/player/560945564,NekoGunner/ If you look here you can see some statistics of your battles and ship types, win rate etc. I am still quite new with 1700+ battles and although I have definitely improved I constantly make bad judgements mid-battle...everyone does. Dying early means you are being focussed by the enemy early and leaving yourself vulnerable to enemy fire...for example as a DD pushing too hard, and as a BB doing the same and leaving open your broadside to other BB's using armour piercing. My advice is go and watch Flamu, Flambass, Mighty Jingles and Notser play either on twitch stream or youtube...definitely watch flamu's ship guides on youtube. You need to know about the enemy you face too to understand their weak points...'know thy enemy' as they say. You'll learn lots of neat tricks on gameplay as well. One of the easy things to do is not have position awareness and end up in a bad position and get focussed down by the enemy. Watch the mini map, do not tunnel vision on one target, it's hard not to but try and slow down and take everything in around you. Do not just chase the kill...like a BB sailing off the edge of the map to Hawaii...chasing them often leaves you way out of position to help your team. Anyway. If you get stuck or want some company we have a few spots left in our Clan where you can get clan buffs and learn to play in divisions, which helps loads. I notice you have the Kawachi? It's a bad ship but the next few IGN BB's are epic good like the Kongo and Fuso...go youtube them and PM me if you wanna pop into our little clan :)
  9. Me good at england, but i see error in the stuff in the game, where i report it?
  10. Barney_Wobba

    UI issue

    I also had a weird thing with bouncing about on the screen like jitters.
  11. Barney_Wobba

    UI issue

    how me does it?
  12. Barney_Wobba

    UI issue

    Maybe lag, I no sure....people tell me I am visible like a lighthouse but it says no detection. and many times I've been killed recently and not sure how they know where I am.... Just had a ranked where i was a loooong way away and mulpliple plters shot me in citadel and they say I was detected, but on my screen I wasnt...
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    Thanks Salty :D Interesting analysis of the development of ones skills. I do find this to be true.
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    Thanks, yea I know I am still kinda new...I watch loads of videos, i Play quite a lot, I see other peoples mistakes...I am of a mind to not die so I stay safe and that loses me a lot of dps.