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  1. Sissors

    Ranked Sprint Kamikaze (R) Captain Build help

    When will SI be useful? In general for tier 5 ships I don't like using (many) premium consumables. However for ranked I happily put on premium smoke at least, likely also engine boost. So then the question is: Are you really going to run out of 3 smokes in a Kamikaze? I don't have them, but I really don't see them running out of smoke in a ranked battle with premium smoke used. If you get rid of SI, the question is what you will replace it for. You can do away with PM and get radio location, just to know where enemy DDs are, which would imo be a solid choice. Normally I wouldn't put SE on an IJN DD, but with 19 point captain you got some margin for generally less useful skills, and it will provide a quite substantial HP boost. The other 3 point commander skills seem less useful to me on a kamikaze (vigilance is mainly useful in case you camp smoke, which you won't do often with kamikaze. And DE isn't great combo with kami).
  2. Sissors

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    So first you seemed to indicate it barely happened anyway, but now it does happen often enough to matter. Then you know exactly the reason why it should be fixed: This is unintended behaviour. Wargaming has confirmed that the huge damage dealt by BB AP on DDs is not intended. Of course it can make a huge difference. Thats the entire issue at hand... And of course it does not occur every shot, that would have been horrible. But even with how often it occurs, it is too often.
  3. Sissors

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    But if this is the case, then isn't this change great? Those who complain about BBs doing ridiculous damage with AP vs DDs are happy it is not possible anymore. Those who claim it barely happens anyway, are not affected by it, since the overpen damage is not affected. Okay, it is very slightly affected, and just for consistency sake if I were Wargaming I would just fix all those hits as overpen with 11% instead of 10% damage done, but that is minor nitpicking.
  4. Sissors

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I really think you don't understand the topic, both based on this post and your previous posts. The overpen damage is not relevant. The problem is not the overpen damage, and the overpen damage will barely change at all in the proposal. So I have no idea why you are talking about the overpen damage. The issue is both the regular pen damage and the multiple pen damage. So please read a bit about the issue and then come again. thx.
  5. Sissors

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I think you are missing the complete issue. If what you said was relevant, this entire change wouldn't do anything, so why complain about it? If BB AP only overpenned on DDs, then who cares if the damage is capped at 10%, while now it does 11%. That isn't really a significant change. The entire problem is that BB AP often does not overpen DDs, it pens DDs. And it does not just pen DDs, one shot can first overpen DDs and then pen the DD. So if you think BBs only overpen DDs with AP, why would this be a bad change? It wouldn't affect you in any way really. Because no DD player is idiotic enough to get that close to a BB who has its guns pointed in your direction. Sure not all 12 might hit, but it is really going to hurt. Well I will never feel sorry for Moskvas, but in general that is an issue in WoWs imo, although a completely different issue. But especially cruisers suffer enormously from the RNG. The difference between getting a few overpens and barely any damage, and a few citadels and being deleted in one volley, is just RNG at reasonable distances.
  6. Sissors

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Obviously you can still fire them normally, that is then also the mode I normally use. Only not if I want to fire them in a small choke or if a BB is going right for me while I sit in smoke. Then again, that must be someone elses smoke since my own smoke is gone too soon. And not only torps have the issue that their unique thing is best used in someone elses smoke, the hydro is the same. It isn't useful for much more than torpedoes spotting. The times when you know torps will come, and when you are most vulnerable to them, is when you sit in smoke. But the smoke is so short that by the time enemy torps arrive, it is gone anyway (and so you will also be moving again). The great start time is of course undeniably nice. But overall I don't see how it is not comparable to a Gadjah. They are quite similar ships on many points. They have both unique torps, but both with such a reload time that it doesn't matter all that much. And they have pretty much same amount of smokes, only one of those smokes is way longer than the other. Maybe I should do that. Since at least I have CE it is alot better. But still question remains, in what way is it a keeper? (It isn't that I have many spare port slots :P). What does it do better than other DDs? The smoke is different, but I don't see it being better. The turret position is good, but so is Gadjahs.
  7. Sissors

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Doesn't Gadja also have 360 rear turret? Or am I imagining things now? As an avid DD player I really am not impressed by the Jervis. The Mahan is often disliked at tier 7, but I strongly prefer it above the Jervis. Its guns are imo just not that great (although granted, the position of the guns is good). The torpedo reload is enormous, the HP is not impressive, and overall I am just not a fan of their smoke. Not only is it gone in no time, but also its active time is so short that if you activate it before you start breaking you will never stop in time. Also the single shot torps are a mixed blessing. Sure it has advantages, but when playing versus them I have seen so often a blob of 5 torps I just manage to evade, while if they would have fired with normal spread I would have been hit by two of them.
  8. Sissors

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    The issue is BB AP. And sure, radar ships is another issue (current personal record is 8 enemy radar ships in one game), but that doesn't change that BB AP is an issue. I am actually surprised by the people here who switch to HE vs DDs. Sure, it is a bit more consistent, but not worth the switch imo. Wargaming claims you should use HE, but why would you? Sure bit more consistent, especially on broadside targets, but targets running away from you, which the average DD does when lighted up by radar, are probably better to shoot with AP. And that is not supposed to delete you in one volley, but that is the case (or at least easily half your HP by Montana, Yamato, Stalingrad, etc). And that isn't just from a DD perspective. While ago I had a game in a Colorado. I aimed bit too high at fleeing DD, my bad. So did only 8k damage with pretty sure only one shell hitting. Btw, for those worried about DDs getting close. Thats why you have other ships around you. And if you read the initial post, even if you have loaded the wrong ammo type you can still easily do 10k+ damage on a DD. Boohoo.
  9. Sissors

    Too many dd

    Because sometimes you get surprised by CVs. Considering how good the good CV players are at deleting DDs (both my own and those of others), I always wonder why not more CVs target DDs. And it is also common knowledge that a group of a Minotaur, Worchester and Cleveland should not be the priority target for a CV, but believe me, I have seen it happen. (Shockingly the entire flight was wiped out without accomplishing anything). Guess we got different fears. That permaflood can also be repaired, just like burning down. But I also have limited repairs. And sure it happens often enough that just as I think I should make a turn to evade possible torps, I turn exactly the perfect way to be hit by a bunch of them. But overall against torps I can guestimate where the DDs are, and what there reload and range is on the torps. With that and just random zigzagging you can dodge most. Dodging HE spam is alot harder.
  10. Sissors

    Too many dd

    Just to make sure I understand you correctly, your first targets as CV player are the DDs, right?
  11. Sissors

    Too many dd

    CLs dont camp because of DDs, but because of BBs citadelling them (granted, which can be due to DD spotting). BBs don't camp because of a few torps, at least it is not the reason why I often just have to play more careful than I would want to, it is because of the fear of being burned down to the ground by HE spam, or just being outnumbered if you push since the rest of your team is valiantly defending the 10 line. I have seen this weekend also quite a few games with quite a few DDs, but also enough with only 2 DDs per team. Which then proceed to show that also DDs can be idiot lemmings, and people start shouting at you when at that point you just decide to cap in a Bismarck, if no one else will do it (actually also got it, were enough islands).
  12. Sissors

    WG Get Real

    Mwah, the moment you are not showing broadside anymore, cruisers like a Mino can't do much more than tickle you. Worchester is deadly on relative short range, but at longer range its accuracy drops alot. Sure with half of the enemy team firing at you, it is still very unhealthy for a DD. But at the same time a Montana or Yamato (or heaven forbid a Stalingrad, which while classed as a cruiser is just a BB with cruiser level dispersion and DD level fuse timers, okay not that bad, but comes close) who does a good volley on you with some RNG luck (not in case of Stalingrad, his dispersion is good enough to not need sacrifices to the RNG gods) takes away half your HP. Where a good volley is just one AP shot hitting you in length direction. So really, DDs need BB support. Last week with piece of crap that is called Colorado I shot a DD running away from me, aimed a bit too high, so only single round actually hit him. Did 8k damage...
  13. Just had a game where Kitakaze only wanted to border hug (at least take another DD if you do that). Now he was completely useless, and could have done more. But he did have somewhat a point. Sure, the majority of the radar ships went to te other side as where he was. But if you got a game with 7 or 8 radar ships in enemy team (don't remember anymore), even if the majority goes the other side, that leaves 2-3 radar ships to cover the cap you should have taken. Btw of those 7 or 8 radar ships there were 3 missouris (BBs should not have radar), a Black (should also not exist) and a Belfast (should also not exist with smoke + radar). And in adittion to that the normal russian and US radar cruisers of course.
  14. Sissors

    WG, this bs has to end

    Fun and engaging gameplay. Which is still for some reason supported by large part of the community. I have no idea why, never seen any reasonable argument for having it in the game. Especially since you can with a flag remove it from the game again, of course until you run out of flags. So why have it in the game in the first place?
  15. A skilled DM player would use his radar better tbh. If you even simply stop firing it is highly doubtful anything would even be able to detect you. In Random I still go heavily for capping in DDs btw, but I am now gonna work my way through US BB line (now at tier 7, in general highest tier BB I got is a Bismarck, but don't see much point in continuing that line to become a border hugging Kurfurst, at least that is what most Kurfursts do). Why? Because let me summarize my last ranked experience (after this I stopped playing ranked, got better things to do than being flamed): We were winning a game, me (Gearing) and friendly shima detected enemy shima, burned him down. Friendly shima had 10k HP left, so single volley of Stalingrad took him out. I was about 11km from Stalingrad, so decided to run for it. He activated his radar, two volleys later while I was frantically evading I went from full HP to a wreck. Next game, I detected enemy shima, but broke of contact since I didn't want to be shot to crap. My team flamed crap out of me that I didn't engage the Shima. So I pointed RPF to shima, when I detected him I attacked him. Shockingly the two Yamato's at 10-12km distance blew me out of the water, and even more shockingly, my team flamed crap out of me that I was a noob, I should have just detected him and stayed concealed myself (don't ask me how I would possibly do that in a Gearing vs a Shima). So yeah, it doesn't sound too strange to me that DDs just play it safe, just like 80% of the rest of the WoWs population is doing with border hugging BBs and island hugging cruisers.