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  1. Sissors

    USN BBs need buffs

    Maybe it isn't all bad, I won't comment on that, but it is all boring in my opinion. Going 20 knots while those around you go 30 knots, and the maps are intended for ships going 30 knots, it just not interesting imo. I sold mine as soon as I got NC. For NC I am still debating if I will sell it or not when I got Iowa. Its speed is already alot better, and compared to Bismarck its main guns are better. At the same time secondary Bismarck is simply much more fun to play. It is pretty much the most basic battleship you can get. No gimmicks, just a solid BB. Which half of the time gets uptiered vs TX.
  2. Sissors

    Wtf were you thinking?

    I actually wouldn't mind that. Currently the excuse is that Stalingrad really isn't OP at all, and it just are only unicums playing it. If they would sell this definitely not OP ship in the shop we could see how the average player plays this definitely not OP ship. (And next nerf it because the definitely not OP ship did turn out to be OP. But hey, what can go wrong with giving the best players a better ship than the average peasant).
  3. Sissors

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Can someone explain what the big deal is with buying T9? Sure, in theory someone could that way be a potato in T9 without experience, however: 1. That it isn't possibly yet doesn't seem to stop potatoes from border hugging in their Kurfurst 2. T8 and T9 (and TX) are in the same matchmaking bracket. So does it really matter if the potato is in a T8 or T9 BB in the same game? Sure I understand it matters a little bit since an enemy competent T9 is more scary than an enemy competent T8 if the one at your side is a potato. However at the same time we have a topic where the overall consensus is that skill based matchmaking is almost as bad as ISIS, because it wouldn't matter at all. Yet at the same time it apparently does matter if bad players play high tier games. That seems kinda contradicting each other.
  4. Sissors

    Why no skill-based matchmaking for random?

    It doesn't lead to fair games, it leads to fairer games. It isn't the end solution for every issue. And in addition it also leads to more fun games. At least I don't consider it fun to play either with patatoes, or unicums who singlehandedly decide the game. I don't know what kind of proof you guys want for my statement that I would have more fun without a DD starting the game by reversing the first 2 minutes (and sadly not making that one up, happened recently). Why do so many other games have skill based matchmaking if it is all irrelevant according to the people here?
  5. Sissors

    Why no skill-based matchmaking for random?

    I also don't understand it. But for some reason the community seems obsessed with the idea that fair games should be avoided at any cost. There is only one downside to skill based matchmaking, and that is waiting time. But thats at the same time something that could be easily solved: Just scale the search area by how many people are playing. Is it busy? Then search for people close to each others skill. Is it in the middle of the night? Then disable it completely and match everyone with everyone. Currently when I normally play I need to wait around 10 seconds on matchmaking, then a minute for the game to load/start, then some time to go towards the enemy before anything happens. Waiting 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds really doesn't seem to be a big deal to me. But as you notice, the whole idea of either being matched with other bad players instead of having someone to carry you, or the idea of not having bad players to easily wipe out as unicum, isn't very appealing to a significant part of the forum userbase.
  6. And then the BB must be completely solo without any kind of support. And then he needs to be going towards you already (or are you planning to try to overtake a BB with your maybe 10 knots speed advantage to torp him from close range). And even then for example yamato will probably have the HP + torpedo protection to survive your attack. Sure it does alot of damage, but there is no way the DD is going to survive that suicide run. And still, pretty much any cruiser within 10km of the BB should be able to stop that suicide run. Even if it succeeds it is exactly that, a suicide run, so a 1 for 1 trade.
  7. Sissors

    In game economy

    Before we had coal and steel you would also sometimes get some doubloons, from those I got premium camo on Gearing. So sadly that is unlikely now (you sometimes can still get some, but not nearly as much as in the past). However free premium camos still are a thing (quite some of my tier 8s have them). For example when I finally get there my worchester will have premium camo too (how could I have known that Seattle is piece of crap). Then I got a Musashi with my coal, which is cheap way to have a tier 9 BB. But you can also get a Salem, which is close enough to DM and alot cheaper to play. Free XP ships are also a good option obviously to get 'free' premium ships.
  8. Sissors

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    Thats the entire idea behind this proposal: One of main reasons people sit bow tanking 20km from nearest enemy is because it works. So this proposal would make sure it works a bit less, and it isn't tactically the best thing to do anymore. While the rest of your post is nice, this is wtf. Also this is why as a DD I just start AFK. After about 3 minutes it is clear which direction the 1/4th speed BBs are going, and then I also start playing... Obviously I don't actually do this, although I have seen other DDs do it on purpose, who then got angry when I brought them to the cap by ramming them. Point is that even a BB can go full speed immediately, since by the time you are full speed it should be more than clear enough where the DDs are going. And there is no way you can properly support your DDs if you start for long time going quarter speed. Not to mention that if everyone does this, no one benefits. In my opinion it is just a method of staying in the back so no one fires on you.
  9. Sissors

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    What kind of BS is that? I should be playing my 2 premiums permanently just to finally get a lvl 19 captain before I am allowed in TX? I play now quite some games for quite a while, and I have a total of one lvl 19 captain and 4 TX ships. And am I allowed to play my Musashi without a 19 point captain? Or should I only use low tier premiums to train captains? And not to mention, how many premium US DDs do you think I have? (Hint: Answer is one, the T2 one). Gearing really needs a 10 point captain. After that you already get to the nice to have area, and not the required area. I don't think it will be too useful to ask the best players. Simply because they know what to do. They will often play with their team, and will get support. The issue is the average player. I think the proposal to link dispersion to target speed is good (although I wouldn't put a hard limit, just the faster you go, the worse the incoming dispersion will be). And on one hand I understand people want that those who show broadside get punished. But the result is that also in a BB if I push, I probably won't have team bringing alot of support, so I have to disengage or get burned down. Going into concealment is unlikely, breaking and reversing is too late by then (and unwanted imo), so unless there is an island I can hide behind, I have to turn, and during turn I will show broadside. Obviously you will try to time it, but that won't work perfect either. Now someone will tell me I screwed up and should git gud. Fine, then I won't make the mistake of showing broadside again. I'll stay bow tanking at max range. Why it happens has imo two reasons: One is it that the average player is just afraid of scratched paint. But the other one is that is simply works.
  10. While maybe the option would be nice, wouldn't as a compromise it not also be better to have it aim right between belt and superstructure?
  11. Sissors

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    As DD player I rather face 10 Worchesters than a single Stalingrad. Sure it can ambush you with radar, but tbh that is more a theoretical situation. Then at its maximum radar range I can already evade a large part of its shots, and the remaining ones will just do damage, but thats it. While Stalingrad AP will with its accuracy + low fuse threshold blow away half my HP in a single volley while I am frantically trying to evade at its maximum radar range. In my opinion when making the Stalingrad Wargaming was like: Sure Montana AP is good against DDs, but what can we do to really make the ideal Battleship to kill DDs. And at some point they called it a cruiser. And how people can possibly compare a Stalingrad with a Worchester in accessibility is beyond my imagination. As a casual player who still is at Cleveland, I could if I want to tomorrow sink much of my free XP in the line and have a Worchester. As that same casual player I am years away from a Stalingrad. You can grind a Worchester, you cannot grind a Stalingrad, because no matter how much I play, there is a definite limit to how much steel I can get per day (/month/year).
  12. Sissors

    RPF at it's best

    Yeah triangulate someone to an area of roughly 4 squares, assuming they even point to the same enemy.
  13. Sissors

    RPF at it's best

    I wouldn't mind if RPF is removed, although I also don't see it as a big deal. But are we really having here a topic which is based on the idea that a freaking Kagero (with RPF) would be OP and impossible to counter? Really? A Kagero? I have a real issue with selling ships, so I always lack ship slots, and I DD main. Yet it was no issue at all for me selling the Kagero to get another slot. I am sure some unicorn is great with it, but the ship just sucks. Its 5.4km detection is the only thing it has going for it.
  14. Sissors

    The Tashkent, I suck with it. Help?

    I am still at the Kiev, which I do reasonable with, but I do recognize one issue: I feel you just have to cap with her in many situations (eg, everytime there are not 3-4 other DDs in your team). Sure it is bad for that, but who else is going to take the caps? And lighting BBs on fire is in the long run nice, but short term it gives your enemy the caps for free. So if the cap is large or has islands in it to hide behind, at least with Kiev I try to contest the cap. Maybe not the smartest idea, but giving it to the enemy for free also doesn't seem to be handy.
  15. Sissors

    Ranked Sprint Kamikaze (R) Captain Build help

    When will SI be useful? In general for tier 5 ships I don't like using (many) premium consumables. However for ranked I happily put on premium smoke at least, likely also engine boost. So then the question is: Are you really going to run out of 3 smokes in a Kamikaze? I don't have them, but I really don't see them running out of smoke in a ranked battle with premium smoke used. If you get rid of SI, the question is what you will replace it for. You can do away with PM and get radio location, just to know where enemy DDs are, which would imo be a solid choice. Normally I wouldn't put SE on an IJN DD, but with 19 point captain you got some margin for generally less useful skills, and it will provide a quite substantial HP boost. The other 3 point commander skills seem less useful to me on a kamikaze (vigilance is mainly useful in case you camp smoke, which you won't do often with kamikaze. And DE isn't great combo with kami).