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  1. VonFreya

    Question For Wargaming Staff "Tuccy"

    Hello , Thanks for Helping , Im Sending a Message to MrConway and he is help me to mention the other staff Thanks and sorry for bothering !
  2. VonFreya

    Carriers: What you need to know about them.

    Ah , Im on Tier 5 At The Moment , And I Feel its kinda hard because MM Keep give me American CV so When i Play CV i only able to stay usefull for like first 10 minute before all my planes is died =( kinda Sad
  3. VonFreya

    IJN CA, Captin skills

    My Build on My CA Is 1.Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft 2.Expert Marksman 3.Demolition Expert 4.IFHE 5.Superintendent 6.Concealment Expert My Ship is Russian Path ( Now at Schors )
  4. VonFreya

    Super Containers

    Lately I Only Found An Upgrade From Last 3 Supercontainer Why WG Do This T_T
  5. VonFreya

    What other games are you playing at the moment?

    I Was Playing Browser Game " Town of Salem " Nier Automata And Dota 2 at the Moment
  6. VonFreya

    Bismarck 1:350 scale model

    Did you Buy it From WG Shop ? The Package Bismarck ? Italery ?
  7. VonFreya

    New Experience

    anyone Playing Town of Salem ? it is browser game ! Similar Like Werewolf / Mafia Games It kinda nice tho ! Add me if you guys playing too !
  8. VonFreya

    Question For Wargaming Staff "Tuccy"

    So i was contacting FAcebook and asking , they redirect me to message MrCornway Here Can someone help me to mention or at least tell them ? I cannot send message because i need 10 post before PM =( and i know i shouldnot spam in any thread
  9. VonFreya

    Carriers: What you need to know about them.

    Question , how do you think if you are facing an American CV ? Im using an IJN Carrier and i find it's very hard to fight againts American CV , The Figther is too Strong and easily Wipe my whole Squad .. Even i just avoiding , its the matter of time that my plane will slowly depleted
  10. Firstly I'm Sorry about my bad english or probably bad question that suppose not to be ask But i really don't know where to post so i just Put it on "Off-Topic" section So Here is my Problem , i just want to claiming my reward from giveaway that held on facebook ( Here is The Link : ) Yeah , I'm Win an model Kit ( See it on around 1.40.00 ) But i didnt get my reward until now ( i do confirm via page and got confirmed via E - mail ) so i ask on forum and they ask me to sending a ticket on Eu website it was long Journey asking from Asia - > NA - > Eu and My They said i need to PM "Tuccy" on This Forum , I Can't PM yet because i need registered for 30 Days / 10 Post Before So can i get Attention from "Tuccy" ? >_< Sorry My Previous post is violating the rules =(