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  1. Podvoisky

    Bonus code for WoT convert?

    Thanks for the link, I was away for a few months, used your veteran invite link, played 1 game in the Minsk and got the Warspite, 21 days premium and a ton of other stuff. Ive always wanted the Warspite.
  2. Podvoisky

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the Lottery Komrades. A BIG up to all those players that donated. Long Live the Revolution.
  3. Podvoisky

    Really? Is n't this even a little harsh?

    Did you read my post? I put the fact he killed the ship was the main reason for pinkie, "Shoulda gone to specsavers"
  4. Podvoisky

    Really? Is n't this even a little harsh?

    Very true, You will never get pink shipped for 65HP damage to a friendly, you got a Pinkie because of all the damage you did to friendlies amounted to this final point, and the fact you sank a Friendly.
  5. Podvoisky

    Dasha Uk and german commaders wrong

    They think the British all walked around in tweed in the 40's, "Tally-Ho old chap".
  6. I got the Sims personal mission then won the ship, commander and port slot. the container was from the recent freedom container bonus code given to everyone.
  7. Podvoisky

    Romanian Naval Forces

    At least 1 Premium ship from each nation should be added, preferably an authentic ship, if not then paper, but i feel WG's major problem is, the state and mess of the in-game tech tree, it needs a complete overhaul.
  8. Podvoisky

    Underwater AP fix

    @Crysantos Can you be more specific in what caused the accidental change in making certain BB's more vulnerable, to which made the game more dynamic?
  9. Podvoisky

    connect issues

    No problems here too.
  10. Podvoisky

    Commander Kappa

    Sorted, thanks for the reminder.
  11. Podvoisky

    Commander Kappa

    Thanks Komrade @Jethro_Grey
  12. Podvoisky

    Change Smoke Screen Physics

    Thank-You. Courteous advice, logical reply and very helpful. Now I am educated too, your version has just advanced my knowledge into using smoke, right time, right place, and when to use it.
  13. Podvoisky

    Change Smoke Screen Physics

    Is it necessary to insult the OP? The OP is a fairly new player, as I am, you could give an explanation why his ideas will not work in a more reasonable & logical manner without having to parade his stats in order to further insult him in front of his peers. Git gud. LTBR pls
  14. Flamu made a comment about the Missouri tonight, not about the credits, he said, the Missouri seems to have changed the past few days. So the OP may be correct.
  15. Podvoisky

    Conqueror is IMPOSSIBLE to citadel!!1!!!1!

    Or The difference between a noob and a newbie is that a newbie is new, he simply doesn't know. but he still manages to make a noob (who is not new, with experience) look like a newbie.