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    Operation Hermes

    Have only played it twice so far but, while I think it might be a bit harder than before, it doesn't seem to me to be the same leap in difficulty as we saw with Ultimate Frontier.
  2. Randomstringentry

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    It is a shame because operations was probably my favourite mode and I hope that they roll this change back a bit. I can understand that WG felt that some operations too easy and I don't object to making them slightly harder (or reducing the rewards) but this change is too far. Before it always felt like you had a chance with a random team, if there were a couple of weak players or weak ships then you felt like you still had a chance and an influence - if you played well and communicated then you could carry them. Now it feels like a lottery that is decided by who you are matched with combined with a bit of bot RNG and that is not really much fun. I can't imagine what 'Hard' mode would look like.