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  1. TerryCox

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I got the email, for a brief period I thought I was special. That didn't last very long
  2. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Thanks for the reply, we did get to speak to both the Commander and Deputy, but having explained the situation, they both left without resolving the issue. Can point out how I am fully aware of the option to create another clan or join one, but that was not my question, thanks anyway.
  3. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Oh yeah, Wargaming is not the solution
  4. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Like I said in the OP, the Commander has been gone for 308 days and the deputy commander 51, so we are double screwed, plus a few of the recruiters have been missing. Hopefully we#re close to finding a solution.
  5. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

  6. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Anyone know how to do "remote viewing", or maybe i could try a seance? As messaging the Leader on here has failed. i hold no grudge to the commander, things happen, just hope it's nothing serious, but you'd think Wargaming would be able to help?
  7. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Finally got a reply from Wargaming in regards to our AWOL Commander. "Thank you for contacting us. You should contact the clan leader regarding your issue we can not help you with this situation. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards"
  8. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Thanks for the replies, I did look through the support section, but the support ticket options available don't suggest a solution, but I shall give it a try.
  9. TerryCox

    Clan Leader gone AWOL

    I have done a search to find the answer, but couldn't find anything definitive. So yeah, Clan commander and deputy commander have not been in game for 306 days and 49 days respectively, I have messaged both but without reply. Is there a way to have leadership changed without their involvement or are the rest of the clan screwed? Thanks in advance.
  10. TerryCox


    I can't help but notice the amount of players who have "666" in their name. I was wondering if there was a way for Wargaming to check the performance of these players, to see if, as I suspect, Satan has an influence over this game? ( there is some conjecture that 616 is in fact the number of the beast, not 666)
  11. TerryCox

    19 point Captains

    Just an update and another thank you, I now have four 19 point Captains, the Elite commander xp has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to retraining for new tier ships.
  12. TerryCox


    I should respond, but I'm paralysed with rage.
  13. TerryCox


    Where on earth did you get that idea from?
  14. TerryCox


    Hate speech is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender. Now there are way to insult people which does not invoke "hate speech" Though I expected these kind of responses, the level of ignorance by some of you is beyond belief.
  15. TerryCox


    I fully expected people to condone it's use and give me PC/liberal bashing, the fact of the matter is it's hate speech. Personal experience has nothing to do with it, in my case it's just made me more aware of how insensitive a word it is. I only bring it to light due to the fact it's so often used, i'm not dictating to anyone what they should or shouldn't say, but anyone with a degree of moral fibre would avoid such terms. If political correctness is considered "the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against." what is so wrong with that, hardly seems like fascism to me. Those who continue to use the word I would consider 1. totally ignorant of it's meaning. or 2. So full of self loathing and hate they don't care. Try and be creative with your insults, be original, maybe even funny, but without discrimination.