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  1. ZNN_Assegai

    Personal Challenge

    Sorry guys, I remembered that it changed to Tier X but forgot that it went down to T VII for level 1. My bad!! Thank you for your responses. I feel like a twit now!
  2. ZNN_Assegai

    Personal Challenge

    My personal challenge for the last couple of days has been to finish in the top 2 places in a ranked battle in a Tier VII ship. Firstly that is impossible as the battles are for Tier VIII and I have done it twice in a Tier VIII but failed to reap the promised reward. Is there something I am missing here?
  3. Two Zimbabwean players looking for a clan. Aboling and ZNN_Assegai. We are social players looking to develop our skills further.
  4. ZNN_Assegai

    Scripts - Config Problem