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  1. Asureas

    DDs low Tier need to be changed

    Difficult to torp a battleship that's manouvering. If you're in a bb and you see a dd (or suspect one's there by being detected without los to anything) turn away open your range. You can tell where the dds are by keeping an eye on the minimap. You can tell when you're being torped (unless the dd captain is being particularly trickly) because priortiy target will drop one person aiming their guns at you as they select torps and then go back up. If you feel the cruisers aren't getting far enough forward then that's because you haven't cleared out the bbs or enemy cruisers. Curisers are the class with the highest dps but weakest survivability, they should be providing supporting fire but not necessarily being further forward than the bbs who are much better equiped to tank damage (including torps). Each class has another that's good at killing them, for bbs it's meant to be destroyers, learning how to (most of the time) survive is part of being a bb captain.
  2. Asureas

    Dissappeared Scenarios

    Just looked at the scenario battles, lots of them seem to have disappeared (incluidng the French/Atlantic one and Dynamo) are they coming back?
  3. Asureas


    Interesting with the cruiser aa/air spotting nerf - it never occured to me to do the aa trap thing. It's definitely a nerf to cruisers, in some ways the cv already had a counter to getting caught like that - it has infinite planes. Interesting that some people here feel rockets are ineffective against dds, not my experience (largely on the receiving end of them) Rather disappointed that Missouri's radar is dropping that 500m actually a nerf from its pre cv rework range iirc, seems when every other ship is getting its radar range normalised to 10km.
  4. Asureas

    reworking of the harugumo dd line ( sugestion) tier 8+

    Still better than the double IFHE - 100mm guns with far too much penetration
  5. Asureas

    reworking of the harugumo dd line ( sugestion) tier 8+

    Simpler idea - as they essentially now have IFHE built in to them, ifhe if taken additionally as a captain skill should be inactive on them.
  6. Sorry but these changes are messed up. They claim that the games are flooded with radar ships - hardly as much as they were a month or two ago and spotting by radar is alot less important now there are carriers flying around everywhere. The 6 second delay is fine but all the radar ranges have gone up which is far more important to a dd and means than in most cases the dds will be in radar range before they spot the ship that can radar them, that ship will also be outside of torpedo range when they could be radard. This is not a nerf to radar if anything it makes in more powerful on radar cruisers. Personally I'd just have introduced the 6 second delay and changed nothing else if you think radar is too powerful. Flooding was the way dds used to sink ships but now with carriers all over the place they're causing far more. The changes will severely nerf dds abilities to cause damaage but probably not affect carriers too much because they can easily land far more torpedoes. Similarly by making the impact on propulsion worse you're making it far easier for carriers to score multiple hits on a ship. Wargaming you're making too many changes to rapidly and you're being too reactive and it's messing the game up. I really enjoyed the game but all these changes, nerfing ships I've put lots of effort into getting and messing up builds that I've spent ages grinding the xp for are making me fed up. If anything I'd have reduced (or removed) the propulsion element to flooding.
  7. The "The British defenders jumped to their feet" hardly the British response was terrible (ships spotted and not reported for hours, slow response then) and contributed in a large part to the success of the operation. The element of surprise undoubtably helped, it was a victory for the Kreigsmarine just as Dunkirk was for the British.
  8. Asureas

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    This is wrong: GC is a premium and shouldn't be nerfed without offering refunds - remove her from sale ala belfast Missouri if necessary. I don't think GC will perform well at VI - she will be facing tier VIIIs and get massacred. She has her weaknesses and her aaa isn't that great, concealment is now less likely to be important so with the increased CVs etc and the new Meta will hurt her already. She shouldn't be nered at this point and doing so breaks significant conventions on the management of premium ships - if wargaming want to do this refunds should be offered.
  9. Just wondering - the description for AFT in the commander skills says " Increases damage per second within the explosion radius of shells fired by mid- and long-range AA defenses. " Firstly this seems like a big change from a skill that was used to help your ship provide aaa defence to other ships (and herself) so that's gone.... But equally importantly it makes no mention of any effect on secondaries - does this mean that all the secondary builds (Bismark, Massachusets, Tirpitz etc. etc.) are getting nerfed by 20% of their range? Thanks
  10. Is there more to the story - it feels like some stuff has been missed off, it just says the royal navy made their move (without saying what that was) and then the Kolberg bumped into aurora and everyone ran away. But in the description it says the battle went on for hours so this seems rather brief (although I suppose it could be accurate)
  11. Just wondering - the stats for the "shadow hunter" individual camos are better than the usual premium ship camo. I'm guessing the Black Ships have the same stats as their equivalent tier premiums for their base black camo, or are they permanent shadow hunter camo stats?
  12. Asureas

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Realise I'll be in the minority here but if you're a dd (and yes I play them) and get hit by multiple rounds from a bb you should expect to be sunk - it's what happened historically. I just fired (and hit with all of them) 9 16 inch AP rounds down (yes it was that close) into a leningrad which then carried on it's merry way. I don't think it's balanced when it's an awful lot easier to sink a cruiser or bb than a destroyer. Just my bit of mild salt, everything else seems fine!
  13. Does anyone know if you can put regular camos (including the normal premium camos) on the black ships? i.e. can you make an atago b look like a normal atago (just with a b in its name) - I'm guessing not but thought I'd ask.
  14. Got to admit I'm not a great fan of this one - the black ships are nice and look good but after a while it's going to get boring. I'd rather have just had discounted versions of the existing ships, potentially with an optional additional black camo that you could select if you wanted. Making them completely separate "B" ships and locking them into black camo for ever is a bit pointless...
  15. Asureas

    The First Battle of Narvik - Discussion Thread

    Good story, can't help thinking that this and the next story could make a good basis for a scenario...