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  1. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Glorious Ramming mechanics (aka bugged as F)

    Lol, no need for all that magic mate ! Is far easier this: 1 - right click on reply file 2 - on menu, choose " Open with...." 3 - On the list of programs search for WoWs. Now you just created the file association, and all the replay files will automatically open, now and on the future, no matter where are placed. Attention, you must have the game client closed, in order to start the replay. This is for Win 10, an OS I assume you use.
  2. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Glorious Ramming mechanics (aka bugged as F)

    No need to argue about, guys, ramming IT IS BUGGED. Period. Watch this, happen to me couple months ago. 1.22 on clip : full speed ram, over 24kn my NC, probably a combined speed of over 40 kn !| 1.24, after shock, my speed drops at 12 then short at 5-7... Watch with attention. Is bugged. ZERO DAMAGE.
  3. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue


    The hamsters working for IT department of WG LOVE fresh French tokens early in the morning, with a piece of baguette. Last weekend some forgot the wheel door open, and the hamsters rush on the kitchen and eat all the tokens at once. Until now, WG only manage to replace the baguettes, and they still wait for the hamsters to naturally eliminate the tokens. No ETA provided, since they need to clean all the tokens and that will take a while... But most important, the hamsters are happy, fat and satisfied, so expect the PATCH TO RUN SMOOTHLY !
  4. OP, you need to post your machine characteristics : RAM, GPU, OS, CPU, Board, etc, before one can help you. If you update your post with this, I gladly try 2 help you. I suggest to use AIDA64, a free utility who can make a report file of your machine, file you could upload here.
  5. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    Fully agree with you. Is so called "follow the money" line of tough !
  6. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    He made me laugh, that's all ! Laugh is healthy !
  7. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    You are not the only one to make the same decision about this character, mate ! I bet you are now part of a bigger group, me included ! Congrats !
  8. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    @GarrusBrutus I choose to use the FXP, man , for FXP ships, because , like I said, I do NOT care about stats. Also, I think one needs to "learn" how a ship behave with/without upgrades. " people can rig MM in their favour by always playing stock ships. " - I am sorry, this is wrong, man, that is easily avoidable - are other games where this is not possible, you know why ? Once you get the points to buy the upgrades (that is, 2-3 5 games etc) - is up to you to MOUNT OR NOT those upgrades ! The system KNOW what points you have, so, with or without MOUNTED upgrades, you will be treated the same. Try to play without upgrades, but with millions of XP points on that ship - the system will give you a FULL UPGRADED ship treatment. Do that with no XP points on that ship, the system avoid a couple of games to get up tiered more that 1+ Tier. Once that ship reach XP for first upgrade, the "protection" is over. As you can see, it is NOT POSSIBLE to manipulate the system. Not so hard to do. Reason why others do this. And I think the server population is high enough to offer such a bit of relieve, for a couple of games...
  9. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I use my FXP to buy some gold ships. So, I need to conserve that. More, I kind of "like" to learn the ship, all the way, from worst to the best. Even when I was sitting on a pile of 2 millions FXP, I do not use a single one to "bypass" a ship, or even an upgrade. I suffered under old Colorado, years ago, when Colorado was a real pain. Did the same with old Izumo. I am not a "stats fan-boy" like some kids here, I play because I enjoy the ships, that's all, I do not care if some snob who bought his way trough "bad ships" via FXP, in order to avoid "loosing stats", will come here to display his numbers. So, I will gather all the FXP possible to get the FXP ships, and thanks WG they are always more... " if i could influence MM in my favour by sailing stock ships then I would. " - who talk about that ?! I was just arguing to have an MM LESS aggressive, less unfair, not "in your favor" ! We all know the MM is unfair, nobody argued about that, right ? But maybe will be better IF the stock ships , at least a couple of games, are not smashed immediately facing fully upgraded ships, (most of the times) 2 Tiers upper. Is a difference, you know, between "less unfair" and "in my advantage". In my view, A BIG one.
  10. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    You play dumb here ?! I am amazed, I was thinking someone like you will already know dds are usually less up-tiered than bbs ! Post here your first MM in a stock bb , T6, T7 or upper, your choice. Can you do that ? And are you kind to show if your dd was stock ? Because you are the kind who by-pass the grind with FXP, that's why, probably, you avoided putting here an image of your STOCK ship, instead you post a statistic who show NOTHING about upgrades in your ship. I BET you have all the upgrades ! PS - my SECOND game of the day on that stock ship. Sure as hell, against T8 again. Just saying... And the third... sure against T8, again. First 3 games, in a row, with same STOCK ship, vs T8. Just a coincidence, sure
  11. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    If I put only one word "almost" here:: "(almost) always face +2 MM in your first match", THEN MY POST PASS YOUR STANDARD of hypocrisy ? "...on high tiers ( +T7) when one enter a MM in his FIRST GAME in that ship, ..." Told you have some L2R issues, dude. You "invent" things here then you try to falsely stick your BS to me. Probably better open a dictionary and read about the meaning of "quotation" - you know, that thing you can easy do here with copy/paste function ?
  12. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    I put the proof in front of your eyes, and you keep regurgitating BS . Are no protections for STOCK ships on first games. Never was. You will face 2+Tiers , on your stock ship. You do keep your horse eye googles and only see the carrot on front of your nose. And have some L2R lessons, when something like this happen 8-9 times in each 10 occasions, only a hypocrite like you will argue here with sentences like "Yes, but not all the time".
  13. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    That is TRUE, as I just prove this now, and the only liar here are you. Or you just love to make dumb, fake statements ?! 1 - ship with NO UPGRADES at all 2 - right now, first MM: So, please refrain to make here statements who show you have no clue what you talk about. Dd I mention this was THE FIRST MM of the day on this ship ? Right on start, the MM slap you in to face with a 2+T ? Or the fact this happens, literary, 2 min. after your replay ?...
  14. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Experimenting with MM and lose streaks

    A thing who was never addressed by WG is the horrible situations on high tiers ( +T7) when one enter a MM in his FIRST GAME in that ship, with NO UPGRADES AT ALL, that is, STOCK, and will always face ships 2 Tiers upper , fully upgraded. One have 2 options then - to stay away, at max distance, because you have no range, no hull, etc) OR, to stay near a bigger ship, in a hope the other guy will sponge the fire for you... I will love to see, someday, a better formula for STOCK ships, like in other games , when, until first upgrade, at least, you are not up tiered so badly....
  15. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Operations - Newport baswe defence - an nightmare !

    12 kills , that is 3 x MORE than all fraking team COMBINED - can one do more ?! Also, in a side note, going for repairs, especially in a big ship ( with big HP pool) means you cannot participate on the next wave killing. First 3 waves come really fast, sometimes ( most times, sadly...) second / third wave come when the previous wave is still 50 % there, fighting, so you need to fight TWO waves at once ! The only 2-3 min to repair is when you killed fast the third wave - there you get some free minutes before last wave come. But overall, most of the times are 1-2- guys who suicide in first 2 minutes, then all become a snowball rolling bigger and bigger, peoples get caught on the opposite flank, the bots enter perimeter, and that is... I give up this week, because the rewards for 2-3 stars are pathetic, you get more credits in 2 co-ops in the same amount of time... That is, when you play alone, with random peoples - my case.