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  1. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    I just closed my wallet for WeeGee, my Premium expired and I take a break from game, for a time. I spent 45€ on Elite Dangerous ( gorgeous price reduction on Steam, 75% ! ) and I am happy with the decision. Is my way to answer WeeeGeee disrespect of the players base. Probably the only way to make them treat us with more consideration.
  2. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Why we have tons of new ships?

    Why ? Summer come, and the hot beach on Creta is more expensive now for the devs, with all that "social distance" involved. Also take in account a big, harsh financial crises is on the way, bigger than the one from 2008, so is the time to squeeze the lemon players base til last drop, before the time runs out. More loot boxes, more "premium", more nerfs for the old ladies and buffs for the new ones, all to get a bigger chunk of your wallet.
  3. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    Are the same handful fanatics all over and over, backed by WeeGee employees ( no surprise here) AND a guy who make a living from WeeGee cookies, who play the game from a "boss" position, full of all the things you pay hard to get, when the peasants here must buy every flag, doubloon, camo, etc, with real money. They will argue a wrong doing with the example of another wrong doing ( like 2 wrong doings equal a good thing !) or they will close an eye blind to the facts, like some position here "Moskva is just Moskva for WeeGee and you do not lose her" and will omit the fact Moskva was the T10 silver ship for many years, and yes, you lose that T10 silver ship, AND half the credits, AND the T10 silver ship camo you bought with real money. "But you get a freemium T10 ! " they argue, and I say - "please let me decide if I want that freemium OR I want to get the equivalent T10 silver ship" . The freedom to chose was taken away, and that is wrong. So, in your place I will ignore them, and I say that I am on middle of this by many weeks now and I know very well they are all but a small minority. You are right, like the other 90% and more of this community. You expressed a fair and honest opinion, and you have all my respect for that. The fact WeeGee decided to impose over us a change nobody asked for, and give us no options at all, instead they pushed away without bothering with us, when they simply could give some free options that could be a win-win for all, shows, once again, the contact of players base with the devs is just a symbolic one, with no real meaning. Remember the "never will be subs in this game" argument, not so long ago ?.... The only way to fight this kind of behavior is by your wallet.
  4. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    You will lose money anyhow, obvious, like is obvious WeeGee will make more money anyhow. You only can mitigate the loss : 1 - sell her for credits, before the patch, so you ONLY lose half the credits; 2 - demount upgrades, because are T10 upgrades - THE most expensive upgrades, and you lose only 25 gold for them, same like a T5 ship. Is the best valor you get for those 25 doubloons. You save some good pile of millions of credits.
  5. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    I bet that could be a much better approach... especially if that Nevsky could have the camo peoples paid for, on her. And I am strongly convinced here were A LOT LESS heat and frustration. Coal is a resource anyone can get simply by having fun in game. Doubloons, aka real money, is a different question.
  6. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    When one ask some 2 calm down, implies one is nervous - be honest and admit that, do not hide under words now... Secondly, is wrong, I repeat, is a bit hypocrite, to say "Conway said was that they dont see Moskva as "The t10 ru ca" when , IN FACT, Moskva WAS the T10 SILVER ship - and was so FOR MANY YEARS, in case you forgot that. And remember, is a change nobody asked for, and is NOT just a new grind for the top T10 russian line cruisers, but also all that who come with - more credits , and most important, more real money for the camo you lost - that camo who cover your T10 silver ship. At least they could do was to allow us to choose between "freemium" Moskva OR a camo for the new T10 silver ship. Many hot arguments could be avoided like that. I, personally , have been chosen the T10 silver ship perma camo in exchange for "freemium" Moskva.
  7. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    Calm down ? so you decided I am nervous ? Lol dude, if I reacted by asking for whole truth ( cuz we all know, right, one bought NOT just Moskva BUT ALSO one bought & grind & pay for the SILVER T10 ship, the last one on that tree, with all the rewards to be enjoyed from - and one is let with NO T10 ship there, just with a hole to be fill with a new grind, more credits AND real money to buy ANOTHER T10 silver ship perma camo.... ) ; So, because I asked for the WHOLE truth and not just half-truth or half lie, depend on how you see the things ( bottle half full or half empty.) now, dude, in your eyes I am "nervous" ? Lol, funny reaction, to say this in a polite form, to accuse some to be nervous when one ask for the whole truth.... To say the whole story, as simple and clearly for all, one last time: 1 - WeeGee decided to retire a T10 silver ship (even if nobody asked for, but hey, is their game, and they can do whatever they like...) . All who have researched the ship are "compensated" with a "freemium" new Moskva. 2 - All who do have the T10 silver ship will remain with a hole there, and must grind ANOTHER T10 ship, pay for, and sure, if they want ANOTHER perma camo for that silver ship on T10 position, they must open their wallets again, with no guarantee that ship will be taken away again, and the whole process could repeat. WeeeGeee argue "one lost nothing" , cuz Moskva will keep the perma camo ( show me just one instance of a premium ship one bought / won WITHOUT a perma camo ! ) . The majority of community, except a handful of fanatic defenders, ask for a just compensation. WeeGee do not bother to do that. End of discussion. Do I, personally, spend any money, on the future, for a perma camo T10 silver ship ? Nop. Fool me once..... you know the rest.
  8. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    When was the last "Doubloon" discount in "Premium" store?

    I will love to know when WILL BE the next discount, also... But I am afraid we may need 2 wait til Christmas...
  9. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Kirov and Moskva

    Mate, that is hilarious hypocrite ! You can do better, please ! HE DID BOUGHT a T10 ship called "Moskva", Please do not insist on broken logics like "that zebra is WITHE STRIPES" because if is correct from a logical pov, we all know that zebra is also half black stripes, even if you refuse to say so. He did bought Moskva, you right, AND he did bought a T10 ship, and you know that perfectly. I have all the respect for you, but please be fair first and only secondly a WeeeGeee employee. And also, please be kind and please answer a simple question: WHAT will become of the space camo for Moskva - it will be transferred also to the new "fremium" Moskva ?
  10. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Man, obvious you like Algerie, but again, is THE worst ship for Narai. I did almost 3 x more than you in a pee-pee dd, you see.... And I still wait to see a poor Algerie ending top score on Narai.... No point to argue here, sure a good player can reach like you 142k damage, but ANY other ship for the same skill level will grant you AT LEAST double rewards....
  11. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Random Token Yield - Anyone else Sick of it?

    Lucky you, 15 crapters here only 110 :p 12 of them 5 each, 2 x 25 ; I was looking at numbers last week, is clear you get, in average, ONE (1) 300 tokens craptainer at 100 craptainers open. So WeeGee obvious new from start is no chance to get more than a ship and, the best case, a camo, for all the grind. Peoples are forced to empty the pockets if they want more. I refuse to take part in this lottery scam, as a victim. WeeGee can keep trying to fool us, but I see more and more peoples tired by this aggressive and shameless policy.
  12. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Now WeeGee is more worried with the subs, and I bet they are all over that; No resources for improving ships who are in game for years and suffer from a lot of problems... I noticed also a lot of over-pens lately in Narai, now I cannot citadel the Emerald no matter the angle, all is over-pen.... some months ago any bb could delete the Emerald with a well aimed salvo, now you struggle with 2-5 k dam /salvo, cuz all hits are over pens...
  13. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    RADAR JAM Device

    First at all, you must explain how it works man ! The procedure is old, is intensively used on the murican magic destroyer Zumwalt and on F35 fighter. But is very expensive ( you need over 1 000 000 cans of concentrated Strawberry Jam, reason why F35 needs over 80h maintenance after each mission - you need a lot of technicians and cooks to apply the Radar Jamming over all surfaces. Not to ignore the fact this only work with fresh butter, if not the coatting Jamm will crack and fall over time . Reason why a F35 cost so much, and US only produced 3 Zumwalt stealth destroyers equipped with stealth, anti-radar Jamming coating, at the cost of 1 billion each. Sadly, WeeGee decided not to use this miracle device since are no more cans of concentrated Strawberry, all production is used now to Jamm the F35 fighter Jets and the 3 Zumwalt destroyers.
  14. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Algerie is simply not suited for Narai, slow reload, few guns, glass hull, is by far the worst choice for Narai. Like I stated, I never ever saw an Algerie getting top score in Narai. Even Surrey is better, with her HE. Last game I watched one in a huge struggle alone with the transports. That poor pee_pee destroyer bot took more than 1/2 of his HP pool ( the fort also added some damage) but at the end, he was simply unable to kill all transports in time, before one of them escaped. Reaching 100k dam in Algerie on Narai is a good game. When a Fiji or Boise / Helena / Atlanta will get easy 2x more.
  15. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Sinop is a beast, Lyon with his many shotguns is fun also, Ashitaka is also a beast, able to score 53k salvo on Missu ( littleTrouble) and she is fast with great sec. ; I found the poor Gneiss also a lot of fun, charging enemy bb bots bow-in and splashing torps left and right... Fiji is the king, here on Narai, then Atlanta and Boise; On the opposite side, is the poor Algerie ( never ever saw one Algerie top score in Narai... and I play this for years now,,,) and York, but York is still way better than Algerie...