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    1. Description Game stuck on loading screen when you wait to enter battle, after timer counting reach zero. 2. Reproduction steps Selecting the ship (Akatsuki IJN dd) , searching for MM on "random battles", game found, timer starting, reaching 0 and yet you cant enter game, the timer wheel still spin, but cant enter game. Game controls are stuck, you only can: a) wait like a fool 10-20 min until the game ends, looking at stats tabs (who do display info about teams) b) hit ctrl+alt+del, kill the game process and restart client - case where most of times you find yourself burning or dead, since you are a target practice for red team ! You will loose credits, flags and consumables ! The very same problem was 2 updates ago, last update disappear, now its turning back... 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug: "mission" and "team members" tab still display infos, my ship appears dead - with no possible input from my part. This its becoming an serious issue, since I loose credits, flags and cammo for a bug in game design. 4. Expected result I should be able to enter game or at least to leave the stuck screen and search for another game. I should not be "robbed" of credits, flags and cammos . 5. Technical details 23 hours bug time, EU server, win7 x64, 30 Gb DDR III, I5 4,2 Gh, NVidia 1080 Ti 4Gb, SSD 250 Gb. See my ship dead after 18 min of waiting to enter game....
  2. I am back on wows after 2 years, starting a new account (with the pain of leveling all nations back) after I was here a decent time, including on beta testers, and getting up to tier 8-9 on Japs and Russian, back then. So, I start the leveling again, and the new grind run smooth until tier VII, on all nations, then I hit the wall at tier VIII with Bismarck... Tu buy last upgrade I was forced to sell my Colorado, and after making some 50-60 games on Bismarck with anemic credits (60-90 k best cases, most of times 40-50k) I just turn back at tier VII with Nagato. There I manage a constant flux of credits (150-200k/ game ) ; But on tier VIII its really something wrong. I run Premium + camo, flags and a 15points cpt - even so I struggle to get that poor crappy 50-80k profit for a game. Something its wrong here, I play decent (1-2-3 kills/game, aggressive, capping & supporting cap) but facing non-stop Missour.s and Montys, and a couple of Yama.s on red team 9 of 10 games its not fun at all, not to say the constant "detected" warning and the never ending torpedo walls. Tier VIII and up games are incredible boring from what I see, most players camp at 25 km and try to snipe each-other, then you get the british smoke crawlers, AND the tier IX and X dd.s who keep you spotted all the time - so, I have a hard time on my Bismarck, I confess, and almost no fun at all. Making a small prediction, with the costs of the ship and modules, one needs hundreds and hundreds of boring games to get the credits to buy a tier IX bb - and by the look of - almost sure the pain will be the same or worse. So, I do agree something its wrong on upper tiers when it come to credits:; the reward for winning are anemic, are no differences if you punch a lower tier or a higher tier target, and the costs of service are ridiculous high for the needs one have ( harvesting credits for next tier ship). To conclude, from what I see after those 2 years break, tier VII its the best place for credits and for a (much) fair MM. ( by fair I mean fighting 1 tier upper and only 1 or 2 reds 2 tiers upper, since at tier VIII 90% of the reds are tier IX and X, making me last chicken 9 of 10 games...) Upper then this, the things start to stink, atm.
  3. yes, a bit....
  4. thanks guys for your replays... maybe I get a bit more hope now ...
  5. I start making a chart of Myoko MM - so far, in 10 games, only once I was on mid section (vs tier VII bbs) and the rest of times only vs tier IX and VIII bbs / cvs ; I remember the crap MM throw me as cannon fodder with stock ship and red captain ( on that re-training period) vs tier IX bbs... I want to ask you guys, its this a curse for Myoko ? I mean, other ships at tier VII (russian, german ) do NOT face constantly a tier IX and VIII games like my poor Myoko... The ship turn like a brick, citadels from bow all day long, RoF bad, so , to conclude, I have a very hard time with her , almost always I get hit only 2-3 times and loose all HP - seems all red team target me ! I try to stay behind bbs, I still get targeted by all - dds, ca.s, bbs - seems everyone know what paper made ship is Myoko and what free XP she is... How are your experiences on Myoko guys ? All day long vs tier IX and VIII ? Not a single time I was on top third of tab window in a MM at the start in last 10 games, "best" case was on middle - all the rest on last third or even last position...
  6. 1 . Description game lagging forever on starting the MM - (no matter what nation / kind of ship I use) then the little wheel of loading screen just stay there, minutes and minutes, and the game its irresponsible. The only way to solve this its to ctrl+alt+del , restart the client, then, in the most stupid way (not much of thinking here from the devs ! ) I just found myself in the middle of the game, burning, sitting like a practice target, torpedo on my way. and my ship destroyed. Consequence ? Lost credits and flags, cammo, and no fun at all, because of an issue related to this update. This bug was present on the previous update also, but much less then now - atm, one on each 3-5 games behave like that. 2 . Reproduction steps : Start the client, search for a MM at tier VI, minimize the game window on those 3-5 + minutes when the game search for opponents, (doing other things like browsing or checking my email) return to the game window when the game icon on the task bar start to blink because a MM was found, the game starts the 30 sec countdown, waiting, the countdown reach zero seconds, but the game MM do not starts at all. Wait more, nothing happen, ctrl+alt+del, restart client, end up re-entering game only to found my ship wrecked. Loosing credits & flags. 3 Results: Lost ship. credits, flags, and unable to defend myself since during the client restart process my ship its just a sitting duck target. 4 Technical details: my specs are : win 64, I5 4200, 30 Gb DDR3, SD 250, NVidia 1060. All drives & SO with updates at day. Norton 360 AV. I lost over 1.000 000 credits like that in last 2 weeks and countless flags. The last update exacerbate by a high degree this problem.
  7. I get constant freezes when the MM loading screen. I select an Aoba, on ranked battle, the MM starts and on those seconds before the game starts the screen freeze. The game become irresponsive. I am forced to ctrl+alt+del, after waiting more then 4-5 min; Restarting the client brings me in-game, on the same match, but my ship its usually already destroyed. I am loosing tons of credits bc of this stupid bug ! My system specs: I5 4,4 , Asus Mobo, 30 Gb ddr3, NVidia 1080, win 7 Ult x64, ALL drivers updated. All other games run fine, only wows give this problems.