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  1. Bug Reports

    1 description a) - constant disconnected in-game, usually mid-battle ; I have 75-130 FPS and 30-35 ping constant when occur. Imagine the frustration when you are forced to log-in again only to found your boat burning like hell and target practice for all enemy team... b) - if my computer enter on sleep mode , first game I make after its impossible to play because are huge de-sync - the ship its sailing sideways and the rudder have a latency of 15-30 sec or simply get stuck. Also the aim its corrupted , I aim at N and the guns shot at E for ex... IF I restart the computer all become normal, except the constant disconnections... I have an decent rig, with an SSD 512 Gb, an AMD Ryzen 5 1600x at 4,2, and an NVidia 1050 Ti; Its the ONLY game who suffer so bad from all my games... I run Windows 10 x64 Pro , Insider Preview ... IPS with fiber, 250 Mb dwld & upld, router 1 Gb. The problems are with the game and affect any ship/nation ot battle type, EXCEPT CO-OP where are no disconnections but the de sync persist if the machine return from an suspended state. 2 reproductions steps a) log- in after the computer was on suspended mode - the game its impossible to play because of severe sync failure of the game engine ; b) almost each game, no mater if I am on co-op or random battle, I experiment ping spikes (35ping then -35 ping then disconnected; After an second log-in, usually I manage to play decent. Next game all happen again. 3 results a) need to log-in again, half of times loosing my ship on process ... b) need to restart the computer 4 expected results a) all other games are not affected by the PC energy stats, its clearly an problem with wows engine who, in my machine, its unable to work if the machine was suspended before. Memory dump somewhere maybe since after re-start the de sync cease and I can play normal. Its suppose to be able to play and not to be forced to restart the machine.I try an dns flush on mid game, nothing resulting... still disconnecting after a while... b) I can tolerate an disconnect once in a while, but almost every game its frustrating; I cant risk to play ever ranked like that... Its suppose to have a decent play with an constant ping of 30-35 ... Additional info: I use Aslains mods - first I tough must be something interfering there so I uninstall the mods, uninstalled the game, and more, I dwld again the vanilla game, installed on another drive and NOTHING improve, the bugs are the same. Conclusion - its not because of Aislan mods. Second, my system drivers are all updated with most recent drivers, and the machine its relatively new (some 4-5 months). I have an great cooling systems and I know a thing or two about PC hardware since I am an old hardware tech, working all day long on PC.s :); AV is to exclude from reasons, once I experimented running the game with/without AV / firewall, disconnecting the same... Thanks for your effort to improve this game - waiting for solutions, and ready to help if requested. pithon&dxlog.7z
  2. What I have learned about Coop while playing the Revolutsiya

    I prefer to face a random monkey team sometimes then pro-bots in co-op :p Bots push, bots use team-play, bb bots cover cruisers and dds, bots go 4 caps always. Now, on other hand, honest, on how many random MM do you will see such behavior on human teams ?....
  3. MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    Indeed, after much pain (glass ship) I realize I am forced to play only defensive, hiding 24/ 7 since even a dd gunship can delete my full health in seconds and my reload its so fraking slow.... Fact is, tier VIII its much about cannon fodder for cruisers - you are feed to tier X bbs who only need 1 aimed volley to instant delete you. I pass trough with Mogami with much less pain ( much faster ship. much better guns & RoF, a bit more sturdy and with an great load of deadly torps). In fact, except the radar, Mogami its a so much better ship at T8.... Miss her... Thanks all of you for your answers, skippers !
  4. The TK system is just broken

    For some 1500-2000 dam the fire took from his huge HP pool ( remember its an Missouri!) I get an penalty of some 32 k (almost all my health gone in seconds) ! So, its not "mirror" damage here but some 20-30x of "mirror" damage ...add to that the 15 games pink ... like an idiot who run trough friendly ships on spawn point releasing torps right an left...
  5. The TK system is just broken

    Your argument here have NOTHING to do with my case, dude. Getting rammed by a bb (even after I try all to avoid him !) then he start a single small fire from "sympathy" since he was near of my stern turret, OUT of my field of view on zoom - and that SINGLE fire burn out after some 10-15 sec with an damage less then 1500-2000HP - again, an incident provoked by the "victim" - I do not found the fault to be 100 % mine ! Was my fault to try to defend him ? Absolutely. Next time I will use team mates hulls as an shield for enemy torps and I will NOT shoot at the close dd if a team mate its less then 2-300m from me.
  6. The TK system is just broken

    Problem is the TK system should "see" what an real damage means - how much HP did you think my fire have done in 10 - 15 sec ? I bet was less then 1000-1500 HP ! But again, 99% of this damage was an fire not from hit, and I get "punished" for his mistake 32k (!!!) that.s its not double or quadruple not 10x or 20x more but 30x more - an TK mechanic like this force one to play away from friendly ships "just to be sure" - a thing I will do from now on .
  7. The TK system is just broken

    what is broken ? He turn on me, ramm me even I do everything to avoid his ramming, I wait to separate from collision, until I got him out of my field of view, (watch the vid ! ) then he catch fire and I get "deleted" with 15 games TK status for HIS mistake ?? Did you notice when he apologize and thank me for ?? If you see nothing wrong here, then I cant argue anymore... And I do not "rubbed" him, he was "rubbing" me, I do everything to avoid the "love hug" - but seems you skip that part...
  8. The TK system is just broken

    I fully agree with the OP ! Man, you have all my sympathy ! I got punished RIGHT NOW (5 min ago ! ) and I got PINK status for 15 games bc of this fraking unprofessional programming ! I say absolutely unprofessional, yes - and I am very soft when I say this considering my case. I am uploading the replay vid on my tube account right now, so please all of you watch the vid at the bottom ! My case : I was "guarding" a friendly Missouri , then we spot a dd on torpedo range : Missouri fire at him, miss him, I fire to, hit him ( not big deal) then the fraking Missouri skipper panic and start an hard turn in my direction ! I noticed him coming at me ( we sail parallel before that) and, like you can see, I do everything to avoid the collision - I turn hard also, on same direction, reducing the speed. He apologize to me, then he thanks me for chasing away that enemy dd , so I continue to guard him / keep that dd at bay. His bow still touch my stern, I am now almost perpendicular to his ship, moment when I enter on binocular view and I discharge another volley at that dd. We get both the TK advertisement, ok with that. After some seconds, I receive another TK message, then more, then I start bleeding HP even nobody fire at me. I start to think "wtf, was some friendly near that red dd I hit by mistake ? wtf ??? " But no, guys, no - was no friendly there, was our Missouri who somehow catch fire - I suppose my end turret hit his bow when he bank me with his bow.- again, I was on binocular view and ALMOST perpendicular on his ship, with NO OBSTACLE (no parts of his ship on my view !!! I do NOT shot TROUGH his ship ! In fact, I was waiting to have a free field of aim before shooting at that dd ! You can notice I hold my fire until our course separate and I get at almost 90º of him - moment when I enter binocular view sure I cant damage him ! Even so, he burn for some seconds, and on mid time - (seconds!) my ship its literary "deleted" by "TK damage" and I get TK status for no less then 15 games ! And I cant remember when I hit someone last time with a torp or a shell ! I found this TK system in-place atm to be badly broken, since you can get screw so easy by someone else mistake...
  9. MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    Hi guys, I want to ask you all if its not the time to join our efforts and make an request to the devs about the MM algorithm. I think, after all this time, and considering the player base have reached, imho, a level when this can be done ( I see 15-20k + players online on weekend, on EU server) - and I think WG can improve the MM quality by making an fair adjustment. Exactly, what its bother me right now is this: stock ships with the skipper in the "training phase" (for 200k credits, avoiding the 500 gold if you, for a reason or other, cant pay that) - so, those "stock" ships are forced to face fully upgraded ships 2 tier higher. I play alone most of time, and I am now with my poor New Orleans stock, and I have a row of 5 games all vs tier X, some of them with pairs of Yamato.s and/or Conq.s, on division with more 2-3 guys also on tier IX and X. 4 games I was the bottom at tier VIII, last one was an Bismark with me. Lost all 5 of them. In a row. My best dam was 57k, other an average of 15-25k . In a game I got spotted by an plane in first couple of minutes, then out of nowhere an volley fall on my head and I was deleted in just 2-3 min of game-play. (an Yamato hit, probably...). I confess I must hide behind the "big guys", but with 2 tier IX or X cv.s in-game and an crap AAA suite at my end (stock hull...) you get spotted no matter where you are, and, sadly, on this game, an big bb do not shoot first at the other red bb 9 km ahead but yes at the cruiser 14 km away... cuz an single volley will delete that cruiser when are 2 tiers difference in favor of bb. So, aside the fact I feel useless for the team aside of lost flags & camo, aside of no fun at all situation, I suggest WG should do like another company/game, WT (planes) where are almost the same MM rules like here BUT with one big difference: STOCK platforms (planes or tanks) get an better MM of +- only 1 tier, at least until they research & buy first module for upgrades. Since are enough players, atm, I think this could work. Hell, will be nice if the MM algorithm put your stock can in a searching cloud of MM with +-1 difference for, lets say, first 2-3 min, then, if no players are available, can turn you back to the lions - the normal +2 ... I feel this become a real pain now since the differences between a fully upgraded tier X vs an stock tier VIII are really hard to overcame... lets say, more then tier V vs tier VII. I feel that with Mogami, ( I got Ibuki now, still stock) and I feel even more pain with N Orleans. I am more a cruiser / dd guy, bb.s are not my favorite fun factor, I confess... at least, not anymore. So, what do you think - especially looking at your own trajectory to the grind - its this an viable change to promote to the devs ? (thank you all in advance for reading all this). PS - I do have some free XP, BUT I decided to save all for the big Missi... I wish to avoid to spend free XP to buy modules... SENA.
  10. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    I just come out from a game (5 min ago) where I stay near bbs, capped twice with dds, erased in only a couple shots 2 Kirov.s who dare to show broadsides at 9 km, all was nice and lovely, 84k damage, no red in sight, then something fall from the sky and I got deleted - just like that. Turn out to be an Gneis at 18,7km ! 80%of my HP deleted in one split second... I was thinking myself "things work nice, bbs near, dds ahead, no danger then .... kaboom... still I enjoyed the game, we won, but yes, cruisers could easily be deleted even with no mistaken made... " As a cruiser I'm always in the struggle to either support the DDs at cap " - for me , when I do that, and my bbs stay at 10 km behind, sailing at 1/4, "on safe zone", then I get focused by 2-3 red cruisers and some fast bbs charging with them, its the most frustrating thing. Since a cruiser its an far more easy target to aim at then a dd, obvious ALL guys target me and only after I am dead they switch to the dd. So, when you get camper bbs and you choose to support your dd, in general you are dead in 5 min... its a lottery, since you cant know if those bbs behind you will charge or will choose to stay outside the risk zone. I try to choose the middle ground - help dds on cap but always ready to turn tail&hide if the bbs do not bother to involve.
  11. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    The average mentality of cruiser players, sadly, its to rush in on start, competing with dds on cap, and bbs obvious choose to stay outside (since they are now alone with no protection against dds and planes) so we get the "standard" game where bbs glue the borders snipping shells at 15-18km, or more, nobody bother to charge to backup cruisers, cruisers do not have patience to sail at 1/2 or 3/4 speed to stay near bbs, and after 5 min we see alive only bbs and 1-2 better dds guys. Cruisers get erased. Most guys come to the conclusion cruisers life its far too short and they jump on bbs, far more forgiving class. I, for myself, love more cruisers then any other class, try to make myself useful and never go toe2toe with a bb, I try to stay on my bbs "shadow" and punish targets focused on my team bbs, but its not uncommon to end the game in my Pepsicola on top position, with no kills but the biggest dam on my team, and still loosing the match... I confess I do not bother much now about loosing, since Pepsicola can print an fair amount of credits even on losses (100k for a loss, 200-250 k on a win) but I do see the HUGE misunderstanding (both from bbs AND from cruisers skippers) on where they should place themselves. If WG introduce an algorithm on MM to limit bbs/ dds/cvs per match, automatically we will get bigger queue times, thus a new and bigger problem. This only can be solved if this game grow at least 2x bigger then it is now. Until then, I suppose little can be done...
  12. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    On my team I was the only cruiser, so yeah, you could look at the problem also like that - thing is, bbs are not the only class to over-populate games, next to are dds ... And I do agree with you, cruisers, sadly, are not too many.. Putting too many dds in a MM (9 or 10) can ruin the game for any other class faster then having too many bbs - I hope you agree. On the same note, I found the WORST games, by far, the ones with 4 cvs, on mid-high tiers, especially when you get up-tiered by a factor of 2 (tier VII cruiser vs a pair of tier IX cvs) - where even my better then average AAA build can do sh... vs waves and waves of planes. Try to hide near an tier IX guy ? no difference, lower tiers are always first target of those guys... When the bad luck put you on that team where your cvs are potatoes and the red ones are pro, things get from ugly to disaster in a couple of minutes... usually, in 6-8 min its end game... I suppose the root of all this problems are the relatively low numbers of players (bad WG do not improve the game more to attract AND maintain more players ) who, in final, will force the devs to sacrifice the balance for queue times...
  13. Deepwater Torps?????????????

    I am a guy who enjoy the same all classes (except, cough, cv.s ) - I have almost same ratio on ca and bb.s, dd not far from that also. What I want to mention, for those who constant drop here the CNN fake news style " current heavy BB population. " - from what I see on my daily games, in fact, its this: (Are enough games at tier 7-8 where I pray to see more bbs ! ) ; Games like this where effectively you can "walk on torps" are more and more common, and I will not talk about the games with 4 cvs and some 100 planes 24/7 over those tinny maps.... I
  14. Random Battles & Radar

    something should be implemented, I think, like on WT - stock ships - especially stock ships with under-training skippers - should have an short discount on MM (at least, until they get 1-2 upgrades) and get only +- 1 MM for a time. Taking an stock tier VIII with untrained skipper in a Tier X game where, to make things worse, you are the only one guy at tier VIII and all the team its IX and X its really an unfair thing... Just my 2 cents... (War Thunder have this implemented by some time, and helps a lot the grind)....
  15. Get some freebies WG promo code

    thanks mate, much appreciate !