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  1. Miscommunication

    Black Friday 2021: Highlights

    I bought the sequential bundles and got Tirpitz B, Saipan B and Loyang B from these, which were great rewards. And then I stupidly decided to push my luck and bought 10 more containers with gold. Nothing from the first 9, got Jean Bart B from the final one.
  2. Miscommunication

    Karl von Schönberg in the Premium Shop

    yo sorry for my presence in a WG announcement yet again.
  3. Miscommunication

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I've played 1 random battle since the end of August and now (after seeing this announcement), I have no desire to ever join a random battle again. I think I might just uninstall the game at this point. Bit of a shame, but I can no longer be bothered with these nonsensical updates and additions.
  4. I spent 8k gold on the space camo for Moskva a week before they announced that it was going to be made a coal ship. So this is a welcome move, cheers WG.
  5. Miscommunication

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    I used to build a lot of airplanes and tanks back in the day. Then I got invested in Star Wars Armada and Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games, painted a fair few models. I did build HMS Belfast before I started Wows, but never made any other ships due to the Airfix Belfast kinda putting me off (very fiddly). Now though, I do have a model of HMS Warspite from Trumpeter (the pre-refit version) which is nearly complete, and I got a 1/350 model of Bismarck (Tamiya) for by latest birthday, so will have to build that at some point.
  6. Miscommunication

    WG dont play the game

    What the hell did I just (partly) watch?
  7. Did Zao have ASW before this change? If not, I guess this is the buff the devs were on about giving her Also, Petro gets buffed by this.
  8. Miscommunication

    Is WeeGee on [Edited] and can i have some?

    They can't monetize new maps and gamemodes sir.
  9. Miscommunication

    Convoy: Defend or Destroy!

    Don't worry, it's just a bug that will be fixed in a patch sometime in 2036 at the earliest.
  10. An update literally nobody cares about. Who asked for RU CVs?
  11. Miscommunication

    Important message for the community

    If it triggers you, then my goal has been achieved Time to change to "WarGambling" or "CommunicationsGap"
  12. Miscommunication

    Important message for the community

    For once an actually encouraging statement that actually makes me feel a little hopeful. Now please follow this up with some action.
  13. Miscommunication

    Bad WoWs Puns

    Q: What should you do if you pay for the monthly WOWS premium time subscription? A: Un-Sub-scribe Comedy
  14. Nah. I expect WG have probably coded in something that stops people receiving it within the first 15 boxes or so, so they at least make the price of the ship back through gold.
  15. Miscommunication

    New Bonus Code - 25.08.21

    Yes, and no it's 1,500 community tokens.