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  1. Sorry but they don't receive player feedback unless you're a whale due to ongoing "communication issues".
  2. Mavewreck

    Please welcome Napoli—a new Italian cruiser!

    I love this quote from that article - about why they made Missouri available for free exp rather than dubloons. "We did not want to directly sell the ship and thereby allow inexperienced players to buy into Tier IX-X battles. We consider those upper two Tiers reserved for players who make an effort to play the game, and even though you can participate in top-Tier matches with Tier VIII Premium ships, you would be on the bottom of the food chain." Shows how far WG have fallen really. Such a shame that we've ended up here.
  3. Mavewreck

    Are we now sick of this

    Errr, fella - there's torpedo bombers above you on the minimap. They're from that Ise in the background (it's a hybrid BB with torpedo bombers). They are annoying I do agree, but don't go blaming this on destroyer captains!
  4. Mavewreck

    Brawl 3 vs 3 - Must fun I had in 2 years

    My main complaints were the stupid Two Brothers Epicentre map, and also the fact that the points ticked up far too quickly. If you don't brainlessly rush for the caps then I found that you tended to often lose. Had a few games with some clan mates where we completely outplayed a couple of triple divisions leaving us on a 2v1 or even 3v1 but because they had the caps they had won before we even had the chance to try and block them. It was pretty fun though, ground out a million commander EXP and 250k FEXP in my Atlanta. Sims was also a decent choice as well.
  5. Mavewreck

    Ship trade-in?

    Would be nice if this happened. I've 4 premium cvs (including 2 T8s) that I've never used outside of Co-op. I'd love to exchange these for different (and usable) ships.
  6. Mavewreck

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    You're the one with the hidden profile dude. I can guarantee that he is a better player than yourself.
  7. Mavewreck

    Dry Dock: Okhotnik

    Honestly one of the most fun ships in the game. Not quite as fun as it was with all the lower tier CVs now and the unreliable low tier MM, but still fun.
  8. Mavewreck

    Missouri only available in 0.10.7 or not?

    Knowing WG it will be one of the ships where you can't apply the coupon. Got to squeeze out every penny you can.
  9. Mavewreck

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Your logic confuses me. If they tested things properly before they released them they wouldn't need to be "balanced". "Balancing changes" is nerfing. Imagine if you bought a new smartphone that was advertised as being super fast with a great battery life, only for the company selling the phone to tell you after you'd bought it you that they were going to slow the phone down and cut its battery life. So essentially the company were removing the reasons you'd bought the phone in the first place. This is what it's like with premium ships in this game currently.
  10. Mavewreck


    First of all, I think you need to be very careful with your comparisons. No one should be comparing real-world racial issues/discrimination with the childish behaviour of an immature (and probably underage) WOWS player. Secondly, if you're a new player avoid ranked battles completely. It's not fair on your team in a ranked battle if you rock up (as a new player) with your T8 premium battleship that you've played less than 2 games in. And it's not fair on you either, because people expect a lot more in ranked (and it's harder to play than regularly random battles) so it may cause you to be discouraged and put you off playing the game. I'm fairly quick to voice my opinion if I see someone making a poor decision in battles, particularly if the player is a CV player. But I don't run "Wows monitor" or anything like that so I'm judging everyone equally, doesn't matter if you're a new player or a veteran - if you make a poor play then I will let you know! I would never criticize anyone for being a new player - I was a new player once too! If you're a new player, then the worst thing you can do for yourself is to jump in with your credit card and buy a high tier premium. Take it slow and gain the experience you need at low tiers. It'll make your high tier experience so much better when you get there (though spoilers, it's not as good as it's made out to be).
  11. Mavewreck

    Hipper versus Prinz Eugen 0.8.9

    I disagree. When I ground out Yorck I found her to be really good. The armor was a bit trollish but the guns generally performed - maybe you're not using enough AP? For me the Roon was the worst ship in the line. So bad I skipped it actually.
  12. Mavewreck


    Why? It's a really strong DD and by far the best dockyard ship we've had. And it's also fun to play as well.
  13. Mavewreck

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Am happy with this, have wanted Missouri for years. Thanks WG.
  14. Mavewreck

    I get so bored when I play the "right" way

    Well, stats generally give a good indication of whether you're a good player or not. If you want to join a decent clan etc, you'll have to try to play games properly (and patiently) in order to keep your stats looking decent. But you can still have fun and have good stats if you pick the right ship. I'm a semi decent player and when I want to have some fun I play around in my Scharnhorst, which you can play aggressively and which I find is still decent even when uptiered. T7 used to be the sweet spot for having fun in the game.
  15. You sound like a WG employee.