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  1. CV is too [edited]broken

    Year of the CV confirmed.
  2. Abusive or insulting players

    Just ignore them. If you don't retaliate they've achieved nothing more than making a fool of themselves.
  3. Well, I've not played all the tech trees/lines in the game, but I can recommend some keepers based on the ones that I have played. USA: I've kept the New Mexico at T6, great ship (aside from the speed) in my opinion. I'd also recommend keeping the Clemson at T4. IJN: Kongo (T5) was a fun ship to play and was greatly refreshing from the ponderous Myogi at T4 (IJN BBs was my first line - I joined the game to play the Yamato). I'd also recommend the Izokaze (T4 DD) as a potential keeper. KM: I liked the T-22 and its predecessor the T-170, but my favourite has been the Gaede (T6) so far which I will definitely keep. If you like punishing cruisers with unexpected citadels from close range, then I'd definitely recommend the Gaede, though it's a tricky ship to master (and I don't claim to have mastered it). Konig is a solid keeper at T5 and I also kept the T7 BB Gneisenau until I purchased the Scharnhorst, as its speed + torpedoes is a very fun combination in a battleship. RN: After T6 the RN cruisers are all pretty fun (short term pain through the lower tiers, but long term gain), but the only battleship I'd currently recommend keeping is the King George V at T7 - mainly because I love the history attached with this ship, but if you ignore the current "All RN BBs must fire HE" trend you'll find its AP can be surprisingly devastating. MN: I've not played far in the MN BB line, but I'm currently hating every moment of it. However, I've enjoyed the cruiser line, especially the Emile Bertin at T5 and the Algerie at T7, both of which I will keep/have kept (but since you dislike the Friant, you probably won't like the Emile).
  4. Funny the way this genre of whining players always makes sure to hide their profile from viewing
  5. I bought the Scharnhorst during the recent summer sales, as I really like the Gneisenau and with more guns (abeit with a smaller calibre) and a faster reload, Scharnhorst looked like it would take that fun to a new level. But I'm finding it a little bit tough with her. For starters, I'm very much torn between using my Bismarck captain (PT, Directional Catapult Fighter, AR, Superintendent, PFT + AFT) or using a concealment captain. When I play the Gneisenau my tactics usually involve supporting a flank push or cruisers/destroyers attempting to capture a CP, damaging ships from range before closing to brawl and make full use of my inaccurate guns later in the game. However, with the Gneisenau (although obviously with the horrendus dispersion it sometimes took 4-5 salvos) I could punish broadsiding BBs from mid range, whereas with the Scharnhorst's puny guns I'm never scoring more than 7k a volley, and even less when I'm uptiered (lot of non-pens on thicker armor). Even when I want to close and brawl, my pretty big concealement usually means I'm HE spammed to death before I've had the chance to do some serious close-range damage. I've tried using the HE on bowtanking/angled battleships, but the HE itself is extraordinarily weak as well, with most volleys only yielding 1-2k damage. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great games in this boat. But I've not been particularly consistent and it's very frustrating at times when you feel powerless to punish players making huge mistakes. Should I be using concealment or sticking with the secondary build? I currently have 8km range secondaries, which is pretty nice actually. And what tactics should I be employing? Should I be more patient and hang back more, or be ditching the secondaries and going down the stealth route? Cheers guys.
  6. German BB AP Bombs Ruins the game

    I'm stating how I feel about it in a nice, orderly and respectful manner. I'm reflecting on how I feel about it, I'm not calling for AP bombs to be removed or anything - I can definitely cope with the odd game being ruined, but there is a CV rework coming (according to WG) so stuff might get changed anyways. A "whine" is where someone is going on and on in an immature and sometimes comical fashion, even ranting sometimes. Honestly, I think you need to give me a chance
  7. Darstadly Deads by Dasha

    If I can division up with Dasha in-game, then I will switch to Eagles. Otherwise, might as well stay on the winning team. Go sharks!
  8. German BB AP Bombs Ruins the game

    Eee mate, no need to act all defensive. I said in my post I don't understand Carriers or how they play, so I'm not out to get CV players such as yourself. 4 minutes is a joke though. Like hell he took that long to plan one attack, especially as he carried it out so badly. My point was, he clearly wasn't great at manual dropping torpedoes or manuevering his planes into position, so I felt a little annoyed that his divebombers wrecked me right after based on seemingly pure chance, not skill. I did ask the Mogami, but knowing weekend players he probably had Hydro equipped so... I wasn't solo, I specifically was close to the Montana and Mogami for AA support. Anyway, chill out. There's no point in getting so worked up on a scenario I don't even have a replay of to show people.
  9. German BB AP Bombs Ruins the game

    What I don't like is how seemingly foolproof these AP bombs are. However, I'm not a carrier player so I won't even pretend that I understand how exactly a carrier player plays. I was playing in my Lion yesterday, pushing a flank with a Mogami and a Montana. Enemy Midway sent 2 Torpedo squads and 2 Divebombers squads after me. He failed in dismal fashion with his torp bombers, messing around probably trying to get a good angle on me while losing 50% of both his squads. When he finally dropped his torpedoes didn't even have time to arm before they hit the hull of my ship - poor play if you ask me. However, his AP squads hit me straight after with the first one doing 26k HP of damage and the second doing over 14k. It's a little bit irritating when something like that happens. Like, you feel pretty powerless to do anything at all. I don't mind the concept itself, but I don't like how WG have implemented it. I don't know, hopefully the CV rework will sort stuff out.
  10. Question to BB players

    Struggling with AP RNG? Tired of those annoying HE spamming cruisers getting away alive from under your very nose? Feeling frustrated after a salvo seemingly destined for a citadel ends up in a load of meaningless overpens? WG already have an answer for you my friend. You know what they say... "When you can't beat 'em, join 'em"? Introducing the RN Battleship line! Forget AP and all your worries. Simply load the HE, aim roughly in the target's general direction and fire away! Your enemies will burn, no matter the class or tier! Your prime position is camping at the map border - safely out of range of those nasty HE cruisers! Even if by some misfortune you do happen to misuse your incredible concealment and suffer damage, WG have packed numerous new boats inside each RN BB, simply use the heal consumable and bang! Good as new! For best results, remember to train your captain with Expert Rear Gunner and Survivability Expert. Happy HE spamming! - Seriously though, German battleships are not renowned for accurate guns. They have great survivability and amazing secondary armaments that can really hurt enemy ships if you spec your ship/captain properly. You need to get in pretty close and brawl - make use of that turtleback armor protecting your citadel. When you get to the Kurfurst, I guess with an armament of 12 main guns it turns into more of a quantity over quality situation. Brawling in battleships is great fun and the Bismarck is one of the few ships I'm going to keep from T8.
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    Kraken, First Blood, Devastating Strike and Confederate. Killed both enemy DDs. Would've got 9 kills but for unlucky fire RNG. And showing the T7s how it's done!
  12. MM need work

    The current horrible matchmaking for T8s is the main reason I've only once spent money/dubloons on a T8 premium and never done so again (I got given some santa gifts on my other account, then bought a few thousand dubloons extra so I could buy the Loyang - great ship and hella fun to play, but not against T10s). As much I'd love the Tirpitz, the Kidd or the Alabama, I just don't think it would be a profitable use of quite a large amount of money if I'm going to constantly be blapped by Yamatos from great ranges, or radared to death from about 5 different radars which roughly seem 2 years each or divebombed for 20k HP each from Midway AP bombers. Nope, currently I just treat T8 as "The tier to be ground through as fast as possible without looking back". It's slightly sad, as my Bismarck will only be dusted off for the Ranked seasons.
  13. Operation Narai

    I really like this operation, as it is. I've tried my Hood (2 games), Gneisenau (1 game), Atlanta (6 games) and my Scharnhorst (3 games) so far. Completed 2 5 stars, 2 4 stars and a couple of lower ones. There has been quite a few frustrating games where certain members of our team have let us down, especially while I was in the Atlanta. There was 1 game where we 1 full hp New Orleans that needed to kill a half hp Colarado to win. The NO had done absolutely nothing all game, then promptly sailed broadside around an island to get blapped by the Colarado at 5km. The things I've found you need to watch out for are... 1: The Missouri. Get your battleships on this guy, and make sure he doesn't get too close to the transports. Twice the Missouri has broken through and rammed (and sunk) 1 or more transport ships. 2: Aircraft strikes from King and the Ranger. Remember to make good use of your Defensive AA consumables, don't burn your damage con too early, as I've seen numerous ships go down to flooding after burning their damage con on fires from divebombers before torpedo bombers come in. 3: Don't let your transports get too far ahead. The aircraft carriers will use their planes on them instead of you, not what you want. 4: Remember to send at least 2 ships to deal with King, preferably 2 cruisers as well. Battleships are needed south, and just sending 1 ship will not be sufficient firepower to deal with the 3 ships in time. 5: Enemy transport ships. These guys are annoying, and if even one of them reaches the escape zone you will lose a star. Do not send Battleships after these guys, rapid-firing guns are key here. 6: Make use of the repair base set up by the lead transport ship. It heals you, enough said. Personally, I like having more cruisers than battleships in this operation. 2 battleships is enough, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst would be my recommendations for this role, with their fairly rapid-firing guns and torpedoes. Atlanta is super super fun, I rocked up in one yesterday to discover 2 other Atlantas in my team. We destroyed any aircraft that dared to come near and absolutely pulverised every enemy ship in range. Again, with most operations the thing that will lose you the game is the incompetency of a lot of randoms who try scenarios.