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  1. Toxic text chat in game.

    I will criticize people on my team if they're doing something very stupid, but never in a toxic manner. I try and keep the inner keyboard warrior under wraps. The only time I really get angry in chat is when someone is deliberately playing badly.
  2. What's the issue? I hadn't collected any items from the Bismarck collection. Now, I've got around half done thanks to these missions
  3. Yamato worst tier 10 B.B.

    Yamato needs buffing? No, I think the Conqueror needs buffing. It has the lowest HP of any T10 BB. I think it needs greater fire chance, increased reload speed, improved heal, more HP, higher speed and I think its citadel should be removed completely. Oh and, give it Moskva radar as well.
  4. Dude, Where's My Spaceship?

    I discovered how to earn them after reading this, thanks! Got some great scores in the Paris, Alldestroyer and Galaxy. Tried the Aurora and after taking a 32k angled volley from a Paris I discovered that apparently all the Russian bias is all in the name.
  5. Random battles - can I choose type I wanna play?

    Yes please! I would just choose Two Brothers and Flambass-style every single game! Speeshhhulllll!!!
  6. Win Big With Signal Flags vol. 2 - Results

    I always think with such a large number of winners I'd always win something. *Sigh* Nope. Congratulations to the winners.
  7. Can you please fix CVs?

    If you'd properly read the rest of the topic you'd have discovered that I have tried CVs at all levels, though mostly on the test server. I dislike playing them, mainly because I'm so bad at it. No need to be rude. I (wrongly) assumed the Martel had Defensive AA. I understand that I'm not the centre of the universe. None of my BBs (with the exception of my Bismarck - full AA for AP bombers and for secondary bonus) are spec'd for AA. 8k is quite a bit of damage? I did heal and I never run any ship without Premium repair and Premium heal. I'm not lying to you mate, why would I?
  8. Can you please fix CVs?

    I was down 8k HP by the Kidd and a few shells from an enemy Monarch beforehand, took another 9k hp from the divebomers and then the torpedoes did the rest leaving me on around 3k HP. Well, he bailed out because there was another Monarch pushing into the cap behind the Kidd. But I was behind an island, as shown below. There was an Algerie, but he was to the left of the Monarch, pushing around the island. And a Nagato, but he was a HE spammer and a lot further away.
  9. Can you please fix CVs?

    Not particularly me, the three of us pushing that capture point. Yes, I have tried them. They're difficult things to play, hence why I don't play them because I feel I let my team down if their CV is any good.
  10. Can you please fix CVs?

    I hate Aircraft carriers. If anything makes my blood boil it's the site of a couple of enemy torpedo bomber squads hovering around a short distance away, waiting for you to extinguish that 2nd fire so they can swoop down and flood you to death. But it's also the fact that they have such a huge effect on the outcome of the battle. If your CV is an incompetent wallet-warrior in his T8 Enterprise, the enemy CV will just dominate your team and (unless the rest of their team is trash) single handedly pull a victory. The sheer number of squadrons that they can put into the air from a single carrier and focus down a solitary ship. I was in my Monarch today, with an enemy Shokaku on the other team. Our CV wasn't exactly useless, but he just wasn't focused enough on who was doing what, and supporting the right ships. Anyway, I decided I'd use my concealment (10.9 km, I run full concealment build) and support a Charles Martel and a Chung Mu pushing a capture (this is what I should be doing, right? Not camping at the back with HE). Anyway, there was an enemy Kidd there. We pinged our CV for fire support, but obviously he wasn't going to risk his fighters over a Kidd with defensive AA. So he didn't come (well, that's why I assume he didn't support us). Shokaku dive bombers got past the Martel and bombed me, setting me on fire twice. I let myself burn, knowing he'd probably have more bombers on the way. Sure enough, torpedo bomber squadrons appeared. The Martel bailed out, leaving me to eat 4 of the torpedoes and eventually burning to death thanks to some blind-fired shells from a cruiser. Something needs to change. I want to push and be aggressive/support my team in a capture point. But if our CV isn't competent enough to help, then I can't do this very well. Maybe if the amount of squadrons all carriers could hold was reduced, and more carriers were allowed into battles (and encouraged) it would be better perhaps? Then there would be teamwork in order to make these targeted kills and also it would reduce the chance of your team losing purely because your carrier player isn't all that good. Sorry for ranting a bit. I.Just.Really.Hate.CVs.
  11. Underwater AP fix

    I'd like the RN BB citadels to stay how they are, after this bug. Fix everything else though, especially German BBs. I keep citadelling Tirpitzes from all kinds of ranges at the moment.
  12. French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

    I've had a couple of good games in the Turenne, it feels very good for its tier when compared to ships like the Kawachi. Based on this, the whole French BB tech tree is clearly wayyyyy overpowered. What are the Developers thinking?
  13. now wows has turned into wot

    I love the way you just assume that I'm out on my own. As soon as I see a US T8+ CV on the opposing team to me, I try to make sure that I am around ships with strong AA.
  14. now wows has turned into wot

    Never tried WoT so I can't relate to the comparison. However, yes. Tier 8+ games are always either landslide defeats or landslide victories. It's boring and I'm seriously contemplating just stopping every tech tree at T7, or free exp'ing every T8 I have. Because how am I supposed to survive in my Bismarck against a T10 AP Midway who goes after me from the word "go"?
  15. I'll play 50 T8 battles this week and we'll see what percentage I'm top tier. 55% is rubbish. I'm barely ever top tier.