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  1. Drasnighta

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Brawling in french cruisers.
  2. Drasnighta

    New ranked season tier?

    As long as it's not T10 Ranked, I honestly don't really mind.
  3. Drasnighta

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Been pulling my weight a lot recently in my Yamato, and this game was pretty decent. Was the victim of some unlucky Yamato cheek citadelling early on, had 2 Yamatos sniping me from various angles. But survived the game with 3.2k HP.
  4. Drasnighta

    Premium ship questions

    Really? I accidentally sold my Emden once, didn't realise you could get it back.
  5. Drasnighta

    Armada: HMS Vanguard Trailer

    It's a beautiful looking ship and I mainly bought it purely because it is the Vanguard. However it is extremely un-fun to play. Would not recommend. Monarch is a much better boat, by comparison.
  6. Drasnighta

    Minotaur captain skills 0.8.0

    I'm just going: PT AR JOAT Superintendent SE CE RPF I tried using full AA builds on my 19 point Mino captain but it didn't seem to make a blind bit of difference if an enemy CV wanted to go after me or not. So I've just gone back to the build I was using pre-update 0.8.0 until stuff gets ironed out.
  7. Drasnighta

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Fairplay to the enemy Hatsuharu though. Carried his team very hard in a bottom tier DD with 2 Cvs per team.
  8. Drasnighta

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    I don't like it, the buffs mean that a team can effectively win by sheer luck...and it puts far too much responsibility on destroyers, who often are in their own little worlds anyway to begin with. And so many premiums (not saying I haven't been using one). I was in a battle before with 4 Musashis on each team... No thanks, I preferred the rank sprint over this lol.
  9. Drasnighta

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Basically holding off most of the enemy team for the majority of the game, by myself.
  10. Drasnighta

    Chapayev - Really this garbage?

    Yeah, I got a mission for the Chapayev - and I haven't played any of the preceding ships except games in the Moskva on the test server and during the space wars events. IFHE it is then. I might go back and properly grind the line up as well, I definitely do feel the lack of experience.
  11. Drasnighta

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    She sucks eh? I've played a Co-op, an OP (where I did 184k damage and 5 starred it with Assistant and Major Contribution achievments) and 1 random battle. This was the random battle. Her guns seem pretty unreliable, admittedly from my limited experience with her. But she seems pretty tanky, as I was brawling for much of the above game. She feels like the ship you'd get if Scharnhorst and Bayern had a kid.
  12. Drasnighta

    Chapayev - Really this garbage?

    Very helpful I'm sure. Playstyle tips/captain skills etc?
  13. Drasnighta

    Chapayev - Really this garbage?

    Hi So I got a free Chapayev from a mission during the Alexander Ovekechin (or whoever it was) collection. Reeeaallyyy hate this ship, like really really hate it. It feels like a T8 Nurnberg with weaker guns and less maneuverability. Legit it can't take a hit - I take citadels from every single possible angle and due to the goddamn awful matchmaking I feel like I'm constantly starting every game at a severe disadvantage. The guns are terrible, absolutely terrible (though I don't have IFHE, my 10 point captain I was advised to go CE first). Like the reload is nice, but when you're averaging 500 damage per salvo on T6 battleships it really is a joke. And as I said before, 99% of the games you play are against T10s who eat you alive. What am I supposed to do? Go back and actually do the RU cruiser line?
  14. Drasnighta

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Out sealclubbing in my new favourite T5 DD. Much bias, very fun.
  15. Drasnighta

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Pretty decent carry in the floating german citadel.