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  1. I'll play 50 T8 battles this week and we'll see what percentage I'm top tier. 55% is rubbish. I'm barely ever top tier.
  2. Karma counter botched up?

    It is broken. Mine was at 9 a few days ago, and though I got reported twice for typing the first few lines of the "Deutschlandlied" (I was sailing the Bismarck ok) and got complimented for a good game in the Hood, my karma (when I checked it now) was 0.
  3. TK punishment

    But sometimes the teamkiller might be deliberately attacking and damaging friendly ships, so the self-damage is to stop those kinds of people from doing any more harm to your team. If your suggestion was implemented, deliberate teamkillers could run wild and escape justice, ruining entire battles.
  4. Lyon

    It will be popular for the all the wrong reasons. 16 shells flying at a poor cruiser or destroyer is seriously not fun when you are the victim. You can't dodge all 16 shells and the Lyon really seems to appear like a "Throw enough stuff at the wall, some of it's gonna stick" ship. It seems far too "retard-proof", which is rather unfortunate. All the Lyons I've seen so far have been skirting around the edge of the map throwing their 16-shell broadsides around and generally offering little in the way of support to the rest of the team.
  5. I Love This Game

    I seem to be having a spell of bad luck. I hadn't detonated in anything other than a destroyer for about a month, then it happens twice in two days. First this in the Izumo on my other account, on Monday evening. Missouri opens up at about 14km at me with his front guns, I wasn't angled particularly well, but the first shell that hits me detonates me straight up. The first AP shell I'd been hit that game as well. Bad luck eh? Can't happen more than once? Nope, apparently it can. My first game yesterday evening in my Bismarck. A previously unspotted Yamato opens up from about 19km at me, and I wasn't even exposing much broadside at all (I was preparing for a Z-52's torpedoes). 1st hit from the Yamato (and the first AP hit of the game on me) detonates me, just like that. I love you RNG. Never ever detonated in the Bismarck before, in over 60 battles with it (granted that isn't a huge amount). Does the first hit you take have a higher chance of detonating you, maybe catching your armor off-guard or something? ._. Well, I got 20 flags out of it. I suppose that's something.
  6. Tier VIII matchmaking

    I find it really sickening. I think my T8s got uptiered for like, 5 games in a row today. It's actually refreshing to see some T9s rather than 3 bloody enemy Shimakazes in every battle I enter with my aggressive, secondary-build Bismarck.
  7. AP Bombs Are OP

    But it's not just BBs who get slaughtered by these AP bombs. I've had some bad experiences in cruisers as well. Yesterday I was happily sailing my Mogami on my other account, accompanying a friendly Montana during a cyclone (I mean, I was less than 3km from the Monata) when suddenly two Essex divebomber squads and a torpedo squad came into view. The Essex sent his divebombers after me with both squadrons taking me from full HP to less than 10k, just like that. I had Hydro equipped not Def AA, sadly enough. But I only shot down one plane (and there was Montana's AA as well). Once I'd died to the Essex's torp bombers, I wrote something along the lines of "What the hell just happened?" in the main chat. "AP bombs :)" was the carrier's response. I mean, yes I was unlucky perhaps...but this same thing keeps happening when I'm playing my Monarch or Bismarck etc. It's very frustrating, especially as you can barely heal anything back.
  8. HMS Fiji research cost

    Great topic! Best laugh I've had all week! @Jaguarxjs89 You seriously need to either improve the way you play or learn to play differently. That DPB is shockingly low (sorry to have to put it that way, but it's the truth) and I'm saying that still as a fairly new player. Even your Co-op statistics are terrible. You need to seriously learn RN cruisers before you go any further, about how to use their smoke effectively and how not to get paddled by Battleships. I've managed to get to the Neptune on my other account and since I'm currently doing pretty well with it (60% W/R, 73K D-P-B and 1.3k XP with a high score of 220k ), I'll give you a few of my own tips. 1) Don't ever go off alone. RN cruisers strength is their smoke and fairly rapid-firing guns. In order to use these effectively you need to have teammates spotting for you. 2) Never go into a capture point right at the start of the game. You will get outspotted by enemy Destroyers and targeted by all the enemy Battleships. Camp next to a CP if possible with an island nearby. Try and get friendly destroyers to spot their destroyers and you can pick them off from the smoke. 3) Don't smoke up too close to the enemy. Too far away is better than too close. RN cruisers have annoying detectibility ranges while firing in smoke, so remember to watch out for enemy destroyers sneaking up to get a closer look at you. 4) Try not to fire when out of cover. At least at the start of the game anyway, unless you are unspotted behind an island. You're essentially just broadcasting your position to the entire battle and will automatically become a target for many enemy ships who look at you and think "RN cruisers = floating citadel = easy damage". The only exception is when you are hunting destroyers (very fun) but you need to learn the basics first. 5) Use your Hydro. Smokescreens are torpedo magnets. If you're sitting in smoke for any length of time with enemy destroyers/cruisers around, you can probably expect torpedoes. The Hydro will allow you to spot the torpedoes in time and run away (or adjust your position in the smoke). 6) Remember your poor deacceleration. RN cruisers, while very good at accelerating are very very slow to come to a stop. I've smoked many times and forgot the poor deacceleration and ended up drifting out of my smokescreen, with bad results. Activate your smokescreen and hit the brakes straight away. 7) Use WASD hacks. If you are spotted and under fire, try to throw the rudder around to throw off the enemy's aim. 8) You are a floating citadel. Do not show your broadside to anything while you are spotted. Even if you want to get all your guns firing, staying alive is more important than a few extra hits. 9) Never ever smoke up while spotted if you can help it. As soon as any Battleship or Cruiser sees a smoking RN cruiser, they will target it no matter what. Unless you are laying smoke to cover a hasty retreat, go unspotted before activating your smokescreen. 10) Run concealment always. If you are new to commander skills etc, I suggest you look into them. RN cruisers play even better if they can go undetected for longer. Your priorities should be Priority Target --> Adrenaline Rush ---> Superintendent ---> Concealment Expert for your first 10 commander points. Always use a camouflage as well. I'll probably think up some more later. As people have said before, go back and play Emerald in Co-op for a while and get to know it, then go try it in Random Battles.
  9. Vive le France Collection

    It should, yes.
  10. Battleships are now obsolete

    The thing is, if you remove Battleships from the game, you remove a lot of new player incentive to join the game and play. I mean, I didn't join this game to play the Des Moins or the Zao (in all fairness, I'd never heard of them before WoWs). I joined with the hope of playing famous ships like the Yamato, the Bismarck and the Warspite. A lot of the romance about naval warfare revolves around Battleships.
  11. As Jingles says, idiots are there to be made fun of!
  12. What I would like to see is more favourable matchmaking for those who are learning new ships/have stock ships. For example, I unlocked the Monarch recently. The stock version is wayyy worse then my KGV, yet in my first three games in the Monarch I've been bottom tier and I can't do much apart from long-range HE spamming enemy battleships and APing the occasional cruiser. It just seems a little unfair on players that are trying to learn a new ship yet immediately get forced into playing Yamatos and Zaos (I met a Zao in a game recently in my stock Monarch and my 54k HP disappeared in under two minutes). How am I supposed to get good at using a ship if I'm constantly getting beaten up by ships that are essentially three tiers higher than me?
  13. What is your highest amount of credits?

    I think I made over a million in the Duke of York recently, with no camo credit boost.
  14. Is Kaga too good?

    Yeah, the Gneisenau was out by himself I think, though he was on the other side of the map to me. I was with an Amagi, a Kutzuhov and a Benson for most of the game, but the Amagi had definitely been killed off by the time the second wave of Kaga's bombers came after me. Well, our CV was literally so bad the Kaga had the skies all to himself. That's the issue I have with CVs, it's the fact that if your CV is awful you're already at a huge huge disadvantage. And I'm saying this as a fairly new player.