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  1. Jbnn


    Thread closed. Congratulations to all who did it on time, before lock.
  2. Jbnn

    Conqueror player

    Non-Constructive thread closed. Also avoid Naming and shaming.
  3. Jbnn

    Camping (like a coward) is more rewarding

    I saw that tried to hide names from pictures. However, there were still the same names in the other captures which basically is like doing nothing. Is still naming and shaming. For such circumstances I had to delete all these pictures. For future cases remind to delete all the names.
  4. I will have to close this thread as there is already another one created few days ago. Please avoid creating several threads for the same topic. It's pointless.
  5. Jbnn

    This is getting out of hand

    Thread closed.
  6. Jbnn

    Player stupidity

    Come on... another one showed up Just stop wasting time browsing old pages of threads which died years ago... Is that difficult to just create a new one? Closing this thread...
  7. Jbnn

    Moderation Fail

    Good morning, First of all let me explain the difference between warnings and friendly reminders: Friendly reminders are sent when players brake slightly any of forums rules. Those are just as their name says, reminders. We would like to educate our players as much as possible on which kind of speech, we want to keep in our forums without sanctions. Friendly reminders cant stack up to 3 without any warning point. After getting the third one, even if you brake rules slightly, you might receive warning points. At this moment we can assume that you don't care about forum rules. Warning points are also up to 3 and they expire after 6 months of being received. With your first warning point, nothing major happens. It's an advise. Second warning point, comes with 14 days ban. Third and last warning point comes with 365 days ban. A player who comes for the first time ever to the forums, just to insult everyone, obviously can receive directly warning points. With this, I wanted to make clear that when you receive something from our side, on the top of that message, should be written what kind of reminder you have received. Also, on every reminder/warning point message, there is a spoiler in which you can click. In it, you should be able to read what was the sentence/post for which the message was sent. If you think, after checking the content of the warning, that it was unfair, you can type to Nohe21, our Head of Mods and discuss a warning appeal. Finally I will close this thread, as you have said before, discussing moderation publicly is against forum rules. For any further question, don't hesitate to type me directly. Have a nice day.
  8. I think it would be for best to close this thread right away as the conversation is not advancing at all and OP even gave up on his topic. Also, remind to do not disrespect others just because they do not share your liking's.
  9. Jbnn

    Pensacola is it any good now? (Review)

    Honestly, it isn't much work to close one of those threads which some random players resurrect from time to time... What I can't understand, is why they keep searching pages and pages to find a thread, for which they might have spent even half an hour, instead of creating a new one which might cost them 2-5 min...
  10. Jbnn

    the game is heading to its end

    Seems like I'll have to finish it instead... Can rest assured, game is staying. Have a nice day.
  11. All Op questions were already answered so I guess I'll close this thread. Have a nice day. PD: Remind to avoid naming and shaming in forums.
  12. Non-constructive thread closed. Too many insults on that first post...
  13. Well anyway... This thread has nothing to do with game-play so I will have to close it. PD: Sport is life.
  14. Jbnn

    When you solo push and get chat banned

    Actually getting chat banned is not something to feel proud of. Creating a thread in the forum to share this fact also, it wont help anyhow. I dont really see the point of this thread. I will close it. Have a nice day.
  15. Jbnn

    More and more frustrating....

    Rage thread closed. Have a nice day.