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  1. 07 good people I am from India my PNG in EU is around 100 I am SEA server SGC clan commander I am try hard competitve player.. i jsut love to play tourneys and CWs.. so i guess WGP2W would be a good place.. i played all CWs last time both in SEA and EU i attended scrims in NA( my first server and OPG old clan, now stopped playing in NA)Also played KOTS with AAO and SGC . I am mainly a CA player then a BB\ i got montana, hindi and DM about to grind henry and ZAO I would love to join comp. part. Also i am SEA kots Organizer right now. i guess that what i can say. about me. Thank you
  2. I was thinking of forming a clan on SEA with english speaking people who plays both EU and SEA. As there is no english speaking clan in SEA (good ones). lemme know even u guys know anyone. thanks
  3. PYO_is_a_NOOB

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    https://asia.warships.today/player/2015458078/BOOM_BD Its my SEA account. Had a lonk time wish to loin competitive in EU one day. So here i am. within 7 days will have my first t10 on this server.(hinderburg) I play DES on SEA clan battle. u can see my CA stats. I guess this is what u need. Let me know/.
  4. PYO_is_a_NOOB

    Unicum From ASIA needs a clan

    Most likely... If they think it worthy to help me out.
  5. Zarl asked me to join TS but donno how to reach him. u was not in TS . dont even know when to meet him in TS anyone>?
  6. PYO_is_a_NOOB

    Unicum From ASIA needs a clan

    https://asia.warships.today/player/2015458078/BOOM_BD I was in NA for 1 year, now playing at SEA for 6 months. I wanna try EU server. Will play SEA and EU permanently from now on. But i dont have money to spend on this new account or support this new account. If anyone or any clan leader needs my expertise and help me building my this account i wil be there to join your clan and get together in to typhoon league! I dont know how to present so forgive if i said anything wrong way. I am from India, my ping on EU is like 100, in NA my ping was 180 and there i had 69% winrate...