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  1. Butterdoll

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    I don't know what you mean by appropriate ships. But I tell you what. I do use RPF in some of my cruisers, it's a fine addition to the class. It's a bit situational but when it pays off, it pays off. About if should it be in game or not... well, I remember a game that I had a long time ago when a dd left me chasing ghosts for the entire game. So... guess I'm pro RPF.
  2. Butterdoll

    Any news...

    i concord with you... but still. a game may not want to achieve balance and so do we. But how they unbalance the thing is the one million question. everyone wants a fun ship, a ship that has something that stands out (I'm not talking about gimmicks). And certain games can't have the same rules as others. E.g. Warships - fixed ships, limited upgrade, slower gameplay (you have almost a ritual to get where you want to be/to do) , for whatever reason you like a ship then something happens to the ship and the frustration rises. I bought ships, I won ships they are kinda of meh. the game I'm talking about - you build your own "ship" (it's not about ships, it's more like madmax), you can have spaced armour and turtle back armour , you can make your own engine, you literally build your own hull, armour, and chose what guns you want, from the ground up ,depending on your level, higher your level the better the parts and guns, the better your know how the better your build is. If you get destroyed or you are not happy with it back to the "drawing board" to do some changes or to redo your "ship" all over again. If you go to PVE, it's easy bots, they roll over belly up and ask to be destroyed. If you go to PVP you might find a few "Bismarck" with missile launchers while you still have a stock "Bayern". Despite of the MM. You can test premium "ships" before you buy. In the "port" there are three buttons, build, battle, test build All the rest is the same, suicidal, campers, economics, nerfs, buffs and so on. Both games are not simulators, both are arcade. the rigid one could not have the same business model (nerfing all the time, among other things, as you said) Because, instead of cornering the market, it might happen the opposite, if they don't leave some meat with the bone. IMO that is. Imagine if you could have a ... Gneisenau with rail guns with pinpoint accuracy, fast as a Leningrad and as nimble as one, it would be cool? right? And it wouldn't be OP. A shima with yammy guns are always lurking or something worse.
  3. Butterdoll

    Any news...

    thank you for the info about the RU BBs. What I'm trying to say is... Ofc this is a business, if the unbalancing is part of the money making, I don't know, perhaps WG is doing something wrong because my premium ships (some of them I paid for them) tend to be in dry dock. Just now I was in a topic on the forum of that game the title was very similar to one of ours (where is the playerbase heading to...) to be more specific, but no, it was a guy complaining about P2W, sealclubing, the dev team and so on. (they have their own jokes about Russian bias) Two years in the game, he said... well, I'm in this game roughly two years now and I'm still reading the same thing in the other game. The pasture isn't greener in the other side of the fence. Most certain it is a problem of the business model in general. But for the game itself isn't that bad when compared to others.
  4. Butterdoll

    Any news...

    ...about the upcoming Russians BB? Here I am in my break from this game, peeking time to times to see if there are any news about the RU BBs and the only thing I can see is this cv thing isn't over yet. Balance , is it achievable? The difference between my first break and now, is that, I'm playing other games, two to be more exact. One of them is world of warplanes and the other is from one of the WG competitors. (also Russian). It's been wonderful. At first was a shock. I don't know what happened to Warplanes in the past, but is very enjoyable, nice game. Very small player base but very helpful player base There's a mix between the co-op and random, there's no other choice if we want to have same fluidity of games as in here e.g. there the battles are shorter (about half) but equally intense. One of the first topics I saw was about complaining about + 1 MM, at first I smiled inside as I remembered the + 2 MM that I'm used to, but there the thing does not translate as in here. +1 MM is enough for the other plane to fly faster, further, climb further, faster than you while having more HP and there the guns overheat and even if you are on his tail unloading lead soon your engine will choke and he will get away. they have there own issues, gripes, and cry about some stuff, just like us, just like in here, and I mean just like us about the same things. Now, about the other game... All different thing, from Gaijin. Battles even shorter, intense and so on. when you scroll through the game's forum you are seeing the same topics, literally, the same topics that are in here, about: Balancing issues the this game is dying that guy is bullying me, pls stop (yeah, you can report but guess what? it does the same thing than in here, nothing) Nerf this, buff that, and the nerf bat exists there also. The games themselves are not that different, this game can be more frustrating because all you do have a ritual, the other is 100% arcade. Perhaps some of you knows what I'm talking about. For me is putting things back in perspective.
  5. Butterdoll

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Against t6 BBs and DDS, Buddy and Nurnberg are good, perfect for the job, especially with RPF. Cleveland was pretty good too. Then after the changes in MM it turned to be harder but still doable. If I'm not mistaken the only T8 dd that I didn't get to sink with my buddy was the German one. LaGal struggles a lot . With the US split, t6 suffered a major loss (Cleveland), the demoted Pensa and the new Dallas are not sufficient to make up for Cleveland. t7 became stronger with N.O. and now, with the reworked Mioko. ( a well deserved buff if you ask me) the new Akizukis on steroids are a menace in higher tiers. So, in my opinion t6 remains one of the stronger tiers in the game. T5, they are just too weak for +2 MM, there are a lot of t8 vs t10 MM topics, but t6 vs t8 MM topics, they are very few or inexistent. What I'm trying to say is... IMO being bottom tier sucks , but there isn't better ship/tier to be bottom tier than t6. E.g. If you get bottom tier in a t6 ship vs a t8 ship you still can do it. If you get bottom tier, let's say, with the Shcohrs (long range HE spammer) vs t9's it much more difficult, because almost everyone can out range you and the BBs can delete you with a look, DD's can actually track you down and sink you.
  6. Butterdoll

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Maybe I expressed myself badly. I can understand your hate for Dallas in a random environment, for starters, Omaha can easily out range Dallas . But I like Dallas for operations. (mainly because I can go open water with it ) As you point out Nurnberg it's an awesome ship. High DPM, high shell speed (only second to the Russians, despite the light weight shells, and drag), 360º rotate guns and so on. And if you put RPF, it's a dd hunter/killer. What I don't understand it's why you tie Nurnberg with Pensacola. That I don't get. (most probably it's my fault, not yours or anybody's fault) E.g. It was with Nurnberg that I did get my best (higher score) game ever until very recently (a couple of months), where it was dethroned by Shcohrs Nurnberg it's one of the ship I go to when I need to do something, like the PEV mission, was the ship where I got the higher score again of all my go to ships (the 4 million credits per nation part). And Pensa, well, it's just the village idiot that was putted in t6.
  7. Butterdoll

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Wait... what. Well, I can see why for Dallas. (but I like Dallas in operations) But... how do you tie Nurnberg with that? I don't mean nothing by that, I'm just curious, I'm not able to see any connection apart from being a mirror image of each other
  8. Butterdoll

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    you are entitle to your opinions and with all due respect. But WTF? T6, so far is the best tier I found. Until this day my favourite tier. (previous to US split). whatever line you decide to go you have strong ships, whatever taste you have there's a ship for you, unlike the other tiers (except for tier 1)
  9. Butterdoll

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Well, Starbuck, let me just say this is the easiest question I ever answered. Since t1 are like little tiny t10's but well balanced, I don't have one. t2 - it's not a cruiser, it's a dd, Tachibana Lima. t3 - Tenryo (if not for it's weird guns thing would be better than Kuma, because it's more manoeuvrable) t4 - Kuma ( my first top pick ship from this list) t5 - Furutaka, Emile, and Omaha, why not. t6 - This a difficult one, but first, the King , Buddy. Next Nurnberg and the t6 Cleveland (they are my next top pick ships in the list) t7 - Shchors and let me just throw Gneisenau ( it's a cruiser) in here as my top pick ships. T8 - things starts to get a little fuzzy in this tier Chappy, CM and Hipper are in the making and Cleveland...well, it's not what it used to be in t6, now , it's just a spec in t8.
  10. Butterdoll

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    I could not be further from being a dd player, but... number one. Tachibana Lima, hands down. Of all reward ships that I have it's the only one that I don't regret having it ,and I can say of all my premium ships, it's the only one that isn't in a dry dock. It's between that group of ships that I will never sell, always ready to go. It's strait pure fun with no rocks. And the t6 British dd it's ok.
  11. Butterdoll

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    I don't know... but I think I will be happy with Mokba try them. when I started this line I didn't like any Russian ship until t4, I almost drop out but Kirov made me wait. Buddy forwards, I love them.
  12. Butterdoll

    where is this player base heading to...?

    That is so true. (except for ops). everyone knows what to do until...something happens and the player could do or break, could be a red player or a purple player, all depend on which circumstances they were in and prevailed or lost. Recognizing what went well or wrong after that change in the "script" goes a long way. that's just wrong. You can't rely on stats that much, sometimes they don't tell the all story, if you don't take a closer look, you are left open to underestimate the opponent. I believe that the MM can put you in cool down period for balancing purposes, either wise how do you explain this kind of end results. I know of the 50% for all principle (nothing against that), but don't you think this a bit too much of a gap? About the reds and yellows don't say nothing, but what about the rest? Is this really that necessary? And I have more, defeats and victories.
  13. Butterdoll

    where is this player base heading to...?

    I don't think you can make this claim on one battle. and this screenshots tell another story. All players are below 1k xp, purple, blues, greens, yellows and reds. So, everyone was dropping the ball. I've got a few screenshot also, very similar to that. And I bet you gotta a few ones too. where entire teams or the bulk of them end up below the bottom players of the other team. In games like that even the best can be dragged down in xp earnings wise. Maybe the op was interrupt by the game (wining streak) and put him in a rooster to loose, to balance things out. How do you explain MM where entire teams end up with less than 600 xp. Or is that or the MM is very bad.
  14. Butterdoll

    Penalty for players rushing to their death

    that won't work, there's already a few penalty mechanics that don't work at 100% Relative to spotting, yes. Normally the team that doesn't have good spotting stays in disadvantage. But for that, DDs don't have to suicide.
  15. Butterdoll

    Now, i'm pink, thanks. (report)

    So, I've been not playing Warships for a few days now, I've been taking a small break. @Negativvv instead, I'm having fun in Warplanes (I'm almost at spitfire) (yeah, after that very little talk , where you were dividing your attention with Wot, I spit to warplanes) there they have, multirole fighters, Light fighters, heavy fighters, bot fighters, and so on. Do you listen WG? they have fighters that can perform attack runs on the ground, on ships. They can dogfight, then bomb, then back to the dogfights. there I was shot down by bombers with rear gunners, a couple of times (while I was in biplanes) , Do you listen WG? You know? Dogfights. There the British planes are awesome, sturdy, powerful, forgiving, fun, completely different from their ships. Moving on. So, yesterday I thought of doing a battle, I chose an operation, so I got in the queue, the MM board loaded but I never got in battle, that little ball never got filled, so I waited and I waited, I was stuck there. I followed the battle from the map (mission) two of the team had sunk, most probably they were closing in on the bbs. After that I gave up. Today when I logged in to do some killer whale... I immediately lost the will to play.