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    get gneisenau.
  2. The middle of 2 Brothers again

    because you are not flambass. but hey, you can talk to Ghostbuster and runner 357 they probably are up for it.
  3. The middle of 2 Brothers again

    yeah, the dumbass videos. Sorry, flambass. Just came back from two brothers where a red Kamikaze and a red buddy (which exchanged fire with me early in that battle) did the same after our Koenig went there. I simply let him out from there and after a fight (he played hide and seek with me with that little rock) I gunned him down after my hydro went to sleep. I basically did what seahorse fighter did in that Flambass's first video. But the thing is, perhaps those poor souls, never noticed that those guys only do that in random. In their neck of the hoods (competitive games) they are very careful about everything and do not accomplish those type numbers that they do in randoms. Why? Perhaps the skill levels are more levelled. And many, many times the flambass division mates buy the farm, going after his nonsenses. Ghostbuster, runner357 are some of them. So, poor souls, unless you are unicorns don't stop doing that type of things. the management thank you all. Ahahahahahah.
  4. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    t5 came out with the short stick after they rework MM. staying In t4 downwards? Hell, no, the only ship worth playing there it's Kuma. you say you reached a wall, well... t6 ships will relieve you with some of your frustrations, (I can speak only for cls.) for many reasons. 1- you can access operations (different mode with decent rewards) 2- most t6 ships can hold their own against t7 ships and some t8 ships 3- So far it's the tier with the best ships "per capita" when compared with all the other tiers. 4- the MM it's not as bad. Of course non of this comes to be by itself. you don't need premium ships. slap a premium camo in your favourites silver ships and you are set. At least was what I've done. despite I bought a premium ship I rarely play it and it's almost operation only. No need to break thing either, better to take a break when you start feeling the frustration creeping in. try to pass unnoticed during the battle, stay out where the fighting it's more intense, and engage others from the second line when you are not alone . Keep doing that at least until you get the hang of it it's what I've done just now in a Nurnberg in a t8 match, I made around 40 k damage and I sunk a t8 bb in a map that I'm not used to.
  5. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Nothing fancy. I try to make sure I take with me my "pound of flesh" before it ends. When this happens, it takes the edge off of the defeat.
  6. So, what's not to like in a small map? you know, in the French collection mission (the part of 25 torps) was the last time I took out my gneisenau.(neighbours map) and I went for c (and I knew it that all bb would went for a). But almost all my team went A and B In c there was the main flank of the red team. we lost a cruiser and a dd there, the next one to be focused was me (the other cruiser just split) well, I torped a dd, (sunk) I brawled a bb (sunk) and I brawled a cl (sunk) before I got sunk. Death by BBQ. So, I manage to even out the score and stalled the red team's push. Pretty exciting match.
  7. Play a cruiser then. Or a dd. By the way... Bismark hem? here
  8. That's actually a very good idea. Because... 1- you can still play in maps that you liked (and don't liked ) 2- After a while you play in a map that you know whatever being down tier or up tier. (in the other day, I think was my first time that I was bottom tier big time, it was not against a couple of t9 ships in a t7 MM, it was in a proper t9 MM, with a Mushashi and all. The battle was awful for me just because I didn't knew the map (sea of fortune), yes I went with the pack but I was an spectator, probing, etc.
  9. No. It is very good as is. If you make him larger t6 ships will suffer. to the OP I wouldn't mind it if it was small for my Bismark (I don't have it yet).
  10. To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    Or you can get Gneisenau, the same captain as for the Tirpitz. But the captain in the Tirpitz have it's differences to the captain of the Bismark. Maybe let the Bismark captain in the Bismark and train another captain? Secondaries in the Tirpitz were buffed quite recently, almost the same or the same as the Bismark, at least was what I've eared. But the AA it's worst.
  11. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Just before Saipan went off the line, I was thinking of buying it. I may buy it in the future. thank you. Got it, unforgiving (bad [edited]?) but with low reserves. Judging from t6 from all my other ships, it's not that bad. So, which line I will enjoy the most? which line it's the better bully and brawler in the sky? advice me and I will start right now.
  12. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    No. because they are playing a different type of game. we have got the minimap, they are in the map. The map for them it's as big as the whatever monitor they have And despite of that we still have to warn them to start moving or get moving because they are not able to see that a flank it's about to collapse. Maybe they are too busy with whatever, cv stuff perhaps, I don't know. Even in the opposite flank without visual contact, by seeing the minimap one can tell if the other flank is doing well or not. If they are easy to play or not I don't know. Hey, let us do something. recommend me a line and I will get back to you on that later. How hard can it be? Guess i'll go full Tom Cruise mode.
  13. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    About design. About cvs I think while the surface fleet are playing a action game, the cv players are playing a strategy game. while ones are in the soup, in the thick of it, others are drinking hot tea with a overview of the battlefield, dropping that one and other one while playing another battle up there. Much alike the old Warcraft. the peasants harvest the resources, open the map (bombers/spotting) while the soldiers do they work (fighters) And only in late game they could have a taste of being in the thick of it if the battle lines were broken or pierced by a dd, and then what they do? They cry for help and run. And there it goes, the good old cruiser (with hydro) that was ignored by his own cv all game long, to the rescue.
  14. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    yeah, you might be right. Hydro vs Radar, radar wins. With this out of the way. While in Cleveland you can get away with this because you are a plague just for cvs, lazy shells, etc. You are able to catch others off guard. When you aren't catch yourself. Are you AA or hydro? I bet with you, nobody looks to the MM and think of this about Cleveland. They automatically assume AA ship. As I said before, I was fed up with those games where I didn't catch any planes or very few, where I had a dd sitting in the base, capping. and in those shoot down 10 planes kind of missions I often leave my Cleveland in port and take out out another, because I wanted to catch some planes, it came to this. Ships like DM, Baltimore, and others are a plague for more than one type of ship. So the battle didn't even started they were already putted apart, as a must avoid ship, priority target and so on. ( it's what I've been seeing on youtube) The closest of being a surprise it's Mino, but it's easily spotted if it has smoke or radar. (has I saw it in yt) So, yes, stacking hydro in top of radar may not work because they run from you either way. I only wish that ships were not so predictable. Having a surprise element in this rock, paper, scissors would be so much fun. Imagine when you see the MM you don't know how many radars there are or which ones. My clevelend as is e.g. It's AA specked or have hydro? Would you attack it? you never know, you could send squadrons and have heavy losses or you could send a 2 or 3 bombers and have a field day. Would you be a flying pony or a potato for striking a Cleveland? How many planes should you send? Napoleon once said that was not good to fight your enemies many times because they catch the hang of it, they learn with you. And I think this it's the case with these ships.