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  1. My last battle for today. Aegis. Despite I didn't break my personal record in citadels... this time I was lucky, I was good ,my team was good also. A nice battle to decompress before bed time. My great achievement for today, a nice and pleasant team. A rare commodity in ops nowadays.
  2. the "carry harder!" thread

    After I grinded the captain mission for nothing (I don't have a t8 ship to complete the mission) My last battle for today, what will be... Let it be... ops. Aegis, good fun before I go to bed (please notice I must be going senile). A guy gave some advice to the other players and I thought to myself, maybe today was not a good day for ops. but soon the action started and all started well, I made some early citadels from the get go, the team was advancing quickly. I went for the escort bots, I noticed a bb from the second wave that get away, I pinged to the team, after all 6 vs 1 what could go wrong? the citadels were pilling up, maybe this time i'll break my record. only me a dd and the cv was all that was left. just before the cvs. Wtf? What happened? Not looking good. I know. that was the reply. Carry harder? Well not yet. But came on. A little help here.
  3. well, I have the perfect cruiser for this mission. Ups, I don't
  4. Proposal

    Ahahahahah....uhmm ahah. Don't feel that way. The last one came out two or three weeks ago. An unexpected and nice surprise but I'm here since last year, almost... And in total I must had 5 or 7 of those. Until very recently I was like you and many others. I was lucky twice... or not... they only started to came after I spent some money on DeGrasse. either way... -Almost a year here, a question of 4 days. - On my way to 5000 battles. - for months now I open every single container by trying my luck (I don't care for supplies). So, nothing to brag about or to be jealous of. I was talking about that. I spent a eternity deciding which ship to buy, back and forward, I end up with DeGrasse and I don't regret it, was a good buy and with discount. saw videos, saw wiki pages, talked with others forumites, etc. At the time I didn't had money in the game (now I have but I can't spend it because they moved the ships elsewhere, what a irony...) Either way, I don't like to be pushed or rush to a thing. I like to take my time to analyse the all picture. so, I didn't have enough time, and i let the clock run out. I don't mind spending some money in some of the ships, the problem is those ships were taken out for being so OP , and in that time They went to never come back, right? So, a thing like this would be nice. Or putting the ships back in the game, that would be also nice.
  5. Cleveland - Tier 8

    this Cleveland I would like to have in T6.
  6. Proposal

    Well, I don't have any of them. And I missed the opportunity regarding Kutuzov. After buddy, I am so curious about a smoked up Shchors What you mean by try your luck? Containers? Til now I only got the Chinese Leander, and GC. There's a possibility of gaining the Kutuzov?
  7. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    well, maybe. But as it was established in other topics I think weren't 50ish% players that brought their ships full of "gold" from Narai to a point that WG retrieved it from rotation. But there's must be another reason behind it, because certainly other ops are still being milked to the last drop by some and they (ops) are still in rotation. There are "middle class" players that uses special flags and there are middle "classes players" that don't use those things. Nerfing the rewards or nerfing the flags. Nerfing the rewards, all players that uses flags will be fine and dandy, those who don't will be seeing another co-op mode Nerfing the flags, all players that uses flags will still get by with good results , and those who don't will still see a ok reward. But you are right when you say the purple ones will never be affected. Do you have more options than nerf rewards?
  8. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    For me, could not be the all story. maybe that average, plus the fact that they perhaps don't play any ops or very few ops before? t1000's bot + a abnormal flux of inexperience players to ops, is sinking the rest of us? I just returned from 5 battles in Newport ops, in 4 of those there were players scattered all over the map despite I told them, there's no need to exit the green perimeter, one of them replied, negative, he was sunk shortly after. @IanH755 with cautious with this one, not every player have premium time, and signals, and dragon thingys mounted in his ships. to those players will not be much meat in the bone after all. Maybe cutting by half the earnings of those special flags and bonus multipliers only within the ops environment?
  9. Defence of Naval Station Newport

    tldr: well... 15 ops. 9 defeats, 0 stars. 6 wins, 1 five stars, 2 four stars, 1 three stars, 2 two stars. a far cry from it used to be. update: My team just melted in this on what a waste of 1º win of the day bonus. I'm so frustrated because I needed it that bonus. we won with two stars by the skin of our teeth. Will to win awarded but I need so much the XP points to my 14º point... sincerely I stopped counting.
  10. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Man, it's exactly that. when I'm in my Bayern in defense in Newport I often I'm the first line I go for the bbs, make some torp beats in the way (2nd wave), go to protect the cv. without going wondering of. and do some old fashion brawling with the Bayern bot in my way back. (ofc, neither of this I do alone) Neither my Bayern nor my gneisenau are with a particular build yet. I don't feel the bayern's shot gun dispersion. Raptor, also, torp beats and going strait to that first bb, I do the entire ops without a repair zone. that thing I'm always talking about C5-B4 was initially made with my Bayern because of the lack of speed, I did successfully with cruisers too. But now the cruisers suffers with the 1000's. In Newport the repair zones aren't so bad from there you can sink the dd and the Nurnberg, then turn to face the myoko and citadeling him to death and go for the Kaiser same thing goes for the other repair zone. But still are players that rush the waves, go wondering of, yesterday I had a game where I was the only one in the base, the entire team was off to the left of where the perimeter was, let's say it was my last game yesterday. But the rest are traps.
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    that. I'm curious to see how Aegis will be. Ultimate frontier, no coments hermes, well... killer whale I found it the usual Raptor, much harder than before defence of Newport I think it's the usual. Aegis will have 1000's ? I'm under an impression that ops are on/of in hard mode, and @MrConway said that they are collecting data to decide later what to do in my topic, ultimate frontier ruined, I'm trying to do my bit providing them with numbers since ultimate frontier I'm not playing nothing but ops. In that day where you and your clan mates fetch me to have some fun I was hitting so many walls in raptor...hard. So, thank you starbuck. And in addition to that if what @Ferry_25 said it's true about a lot of non ops players going there to farm ships, well that's not helping. It's WG including ops in mission requirements to subtract potatoes in random? If so, why increase the difficult of this mode (ops)?
  12. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    I don't know.... only if there's a normal mode also. If you are in a bb, you don't need a repair zone, you have one in your ship. If you are in a cruiser you can pass without a repair zone. But that's before... They are a trap, you will trade of a lot because of that... In ultimate frontier (hard), excluding gneisenau, Shchors was my go to cruiser but I must confess after the second/ third wave I often needed it a second ship especially in those times where we were 2 or 3 left out of 7.
  13. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Since 21 st may of last year. If I'm not mistaken. In FNFL flag mission I never saw so much French ships in the MM but later what you said was true. (I think it was with British ships) How to make a challenge while keeping our costumers satisfied? How about with a x ship sink y ships and in the same time with a y ship sink x ships? but x damage, x ships and stuff seems alright to me. Yes, indeed, like brawl three bbs at the same time (when they are), my latest thing in co-op with my gneisenau, or using my York like it was a dd. But co-op it's still relaxing and fun, ops aren't anymore. In some of them you have to try harder, work much more and in the end all goes down the drain, only to get 0 stars (and the end can be in 3 minutes into the game). My best game in ultimate frontier (gneisenau) after three or four days losing all the games I just went south, threw my bb at the middle of the second wave 4 bbs, 1 *edited* and 1 dd I brawled like a crazy person ( I was so frustrated) I just brawled torped and fired my guns against everything that moved. My only 5 stars win. I only played that op for a week, no random, no co-op, nothing. But the usual was a defeat by the *edited*. One of the few times my team manage to sink the second wave, the Atlanta and the Cleveland on time we were only two of us, me and a guy in a bb. Although much less often I got similar tales in the raptor rescue. But overall this episodes are much frequent than before. No, PVE should continue being what it was. If there's no possibility of choosing the level between normal/hard.
  14. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    I liked very much little trouble, a way to face a t9 bb in my gneisenau. a way to familiarized myself against that ship until my gneisenau it's ready for random.