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  1. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    I can say the same thing, especially that last battle. And it's not fair you pin that defeat on me because I did what I could with the team we had, a bunch of suicidal guys I finish 3rd in that game with an unfinished ship, you spoke of a Belfast before, I just needed a few more seconds to sink him, hey, but I blew up the repair party of that US BB, and prior to that, a stupid dd in our team didn't spot fast enough a kami R that I got in my sights, I could sunk him too but he smoked up. 2 or 3 more volleys. I don't have much experience with bbs , my only few experiences it's with german bbs, at least at close range, GC just disappeared under my feet. I was expecting much more of that ship, but then again, it was just a battle and I'm used to faced them in cruisers. At least I could see It's no Gneise, that much I can tell you for now.
  2. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    In a sense that probably they can't do much about t8 because they would squash t6s. Until now t6s are very well balanced and can hold it's own against t7s and t8s. the problem with t5s they are not as good overall as t6s, they are between what t4s are and t6s ships and suffer more against t7s than t6s vs t8s Didn't like Aoba that much either.
  3. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    So, by the wg option, the nerfing or power creeping thing, you end up with a bunch of ships formerly known as good ships but they aren't anymore because new ships are released with better things. with the same roles but better in that role. the older ships don't receive any further attention and then starts to appear balancing issues Nerfing one ship it's a snowball effect, if you add a measure of time. Nerfing one ship after a while it's a lot of ships don't you think? And non other than the game itself suffers with that . I don't know the solution for that, maybe releasing other classes like pt boats, frigates or whatnot, that battle each other, I don't know, but it's hard to see ships that you like, had fun with them and stuff thrown in the oblivion dustbin. too many ships for doing the same thing, and sometimes having to create new spaces for upcoming ships. I know WG is running a business, but I don't know if this is a the right way to do it in the long run.
  4. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    t4s have protected MM, right? And that's maybe the main problem with t8s. And you are describing t6s. Perhaps will happen the same as t5s in a near future. Pensa for Cleveland perhaps was the first crack at that tier.
  5. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    yes I am. yes it's easier that way also the laziest way out.
  6. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    I won a GC in a SC so I can't complain and I won't and only did a single battle in co-op, but in a bb vs bb that ship can't brawl for it's life, just saying. but it's a pain in the [edited]when you are facing it with a cruiser.
  7. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    t7s? Emile it's already a little sluggish, the only thing that makes it agile it's the speed. E.g. Emile bertin LaGal 670m turning circle 650m 7.4s rudder 6.1s yeah, sealclubbing t7s in a nerfed t5. And Friant it's not as exciting as Emile is...was.
  8. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    I don't think that way, perhaps within t5 battles. but what about against Gneise/sharns, N.O., Shchors, and all the others? but what about against t6s? t5s have the second worst MM in this game after t8s. And they aren't as good as t6 are.
  9. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    So, if t5 Emile Bertin is strong make the others strong too, not weaker. And don't forget t7s... Still, don't make any sense. CAs with a better and same reload than a Cl... yeah. N.O. 13s reload time 9x203mm t7 t9x203mm =t5 9x152mm according to WG logic And Emerald... it will receive a 7 kms torps instead of 6km and a detectability (concealment?) buff, instead of what that ship really needs, more armour. But hey, what do I know? I'll still citadel Emeralds with HE. And Danaes with 140 mm plain HE (no IFHE involved)
  10. The t5 French CL cruiser will be nerfed. the reload time will be changed from 12s to 13s. that awesome ship had already a huge time to reload 12s and now will be worst. I don't get it. why WG instead of nerfing the ships, why not buff them? I just heard this, and I don't know why or what they are nerfing against. But they could buff that ship to have 8s reload time and buff the others ships like dds also, to maintain the balancing. So, a t5 ship that sees t7 ships will be nerfed , I guess MM wasn't enough. And I don't know what torps Emile Bretin will end up, but according to Notser they will be changed to. really, WG? A dd flotilla leader, a cl, 152 mm cannons with that change. clap, clap, clap. t6 Aoba 6x203mm =11s t5 furutaka 6x203mm= 13s t5 Emile Bertin 9x152mm=13s t5 Kirov 9x180mm=13.5s t5 Omaha 10x152mm and all the others t5s with 152mm=7s/7.5s Go figure this out. It makes no sense.
  11. Test-server Narai

    I was reading what klopirat posted (post nº2) and I'm not convinced with what is about to come. Right. Now you need this, and that and whatnot. Before you could just relax, drink a beer, smoke a cigarette while sinking ships, practice, test ships and having fun. I already said what I had to say about UF hard mode and alike. (at that time). I played a lot of UF hard mode and I did it all, awful, reasonable, good. I did my part then, I helped give them the numbers that they requested. So, as far I'm concerned, it will be very simple. 1) I will see what will come out of that 2) if it's anything like UF hard mode I'll just keep my distance from it. 3) I will not bother with that anymore.
  12. Test-server Narai

    UF bad [edited]mode, all over again? why WG? With your fear that the few can milk that operation to kingdom come you are in risk to turn that op inaccessible to the many. random teams + stock ships + unskilled captains + average Joes/below average are not a match for yours t1000's.
  13. Ships that need a buff

    Once we got flamu on our team (t6, strait map). He was probably testing that DD that is yet to be release, v-61? that Dutch ship. Well, while my flank was still struggling for the cap control in C or A (well, the bottom one), Flamu was already near capping B with the other green flank right behind him. And that was not long into the battle, first 6 minutes or so. I found a little too fast. I also had Flambass in the red team, once, same thing. I also had some other occasional games with and against Omni players without a division. One that I've seen in videos before, with his/her BB, he just sink , did nothing especial. I'm not saying that he's not intituled to potatoe or something Apart of sharing my experience. I just want to say, there's no necessity to get anxious about having a CC in your battle, because there's a high chance that video it's not being the choose one, so don't make hasty moves/decisions that you (you as in general) otherwise wouldn't do. Like suicidal tendencies. And don't try to swamp him with numerical superiority because then the rest of the map will became undefended. Like 5 to 6 ships focusing in one ship for to long. yeah, their previsions can be superior to ours as their skills can be too. But hey, you could be lucky, and he will not, you could be exploring a weakness of his that you are not aware of, etc. Many things that we learned or just saw in the videos, who made them? But despite of all this try to be unpredictable. One thing that would help was if we were put against them more often, yes, we all would suffer greatly in their hands initially, but with time they would became more predictable to us as we would became more familiarized with their usual gameplay.
  14. Amount of new content vs. time/cost to acquire

    Perhaps that is one of my problems. I've got all my cruiser lines but one up to t7, and soon will have all my lines but two up to t8. Down there? No, for me it's just there. 720 free exp, paltry sum? 720 free exp it's around 5 or 7 good games. I can assure you that's not the case. Not long ago I was doing UF op. bad [edited]version, and only one of my captains had 10 points, I even had one captain with 4 points. And I will stop here. To not embarrassed myself more.
  15. Amount of new content vs. time/cost to acquire

    Not quite. I don't think it's a bad design I would appreciate some help. you know? you are absolutely right. At the beginning I didn't even knew which line to grind first (that was before the videos, the forum, etc), heck I didn't even knew how and where I could upgrade from t1 to t2 and so on. I was stuck at t1 for a while. then, I started to come to the forum, seeing some videos and I as everybody else (I assume) started doing a race, in a hurry to reach t whatever. Now I already have 3 t8 ships, full stock and very soon they will be 5 t8 ships, the sixth will take longer. Meanwhile, only a short time ago I started doing random battles with my t7s after they complete the co-op and ops circuit before they are in a minimum acceptable state for random. And they are ships that I want to return to (t4s-t5s). So... 5 t8 ships to built from scratch, later will be 6 5 t7 ships yet to grind in random (captains) 10 t6 ships, grinding the captains 2 t4 ships to grind (captains), paused 7 t5 ships to grind (captains), paused 1 t3 ship, same thing. I would need as many butterdolls as they are ships in the list above Not to mention lines I would like to try. Let me give you an example if I wanted to try IJN dds I have to play Cikuma again but I am at t7 (Myoko), why not having instant access to the first dd in that line or via a personal challenge/mission? Help? tldr I feel overwhelmed,