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  1. i don't understand, I usually see the videos before any operation, this time was no different but there's nothing similar to what I saw. today was defeat after defeat, my boat (igor- Dresden, Emden?)it's very I can't screen ahead. focus the catapult, checked. don't let the Mikasa get any closer, checked I don't know what more I can do. (for now).
  2. Like my very first time I faced a Atlanta. that was a shock.
  3. I presume that you play smoke dependent cruisers. try others lines.
  4. Or they never face it before (in the future) either way will be a plus. that ship it's a pain in the neck.
  5. If I was you I would keep it. for the same reasons that you pointed out. probably you will having the surprise element in the future.
  6. Nothing wrong with you. stop yoling and you will get better, as said follow back, and support from the second line, if you want more xp follow the objectives. Just change the ship, the principle is the same.
  7. thank you. I've been reading, it's a super Tenryo, if Tenryo had less awkward guns it might be better than Kuma (even more manoeuvrable)
  8. Well, time to time I see strange things or odd things (at least for me). I know that people still have ships that aren't no longer here (in the tech tree). I've got 6 cruiser lines between, I've got ships from t4 and t7, and Kuma is still an amazing ship, I'm still in love with that ship, at the top. well, in my last battle I found a iwaki. (I can't upload now I don't know why.) So similar to kuma. what it is? why isn't no longer there?
  9. ...so, like lambs to the slaughter, without realizing it. even if a green ship it's concealed from sight, it cannot warn the team if he's outside the radar range / radar cool down.
  10. So, between 2.1 to 3.47 km with no line of sight, got it. I've been close as that +- 4/5 km while brawling but always with line of sight, that explains it. Thanks
  11. yes, since navy it's navy, full broadside is a tactic. you can see the crossing the T in all the major battles, at least from the Japanese- Russian war to Leyte golf battle. But even without new players, you (you as in general) always show your broadside to someone, going to a flank, switching flanks, choosing between a ship or the torpedoes that are coming for you or simply making evading manoeuvres or aborting all together what you are doing. All that separates a good player from the others it's timing it right and a "cool head" and luck, then the rest kicks in.
  12. Yes, that I came across ( as a plus) when they explained it to me the difference between LOCATED and what is the real radar sign. But my confusion is... I've got hydro as so many people have it too, the main focus it's dd's since when you brawl other ships, you assume torps are on it's way to you. But in so many battles I never saw that symbol, surely in so many battles i could be under hydro in an random encounter whit a opponent that has the consumable still on, right? That I find strange.
  13. *Edited Thank you, Lup3s. No, I never seen it before, all I got until now was the LOCATED sign so I assumed was the radar (I only did some battles with t7 ships, so within radar territory, I'm even out all my lines to tier 7 for now, and except for Pensa and Algerie, all the rest are still stock ships, with the captain's skills in the red ). This I don't understand too, the total war series have tutorial missions, yesterday I saw WOT and has tutorial missions too, explaining a lot of things if not all. In WOW you can put mods in it but the last update cut many people off even with the official mods. I saw a thread with a discussion that the angling was imported from WOT since the hulls are already angled the ships wouldn't have to do that in here and they don't in real live. So, if the "chassis" of the game is the same for both, why not import that. Thank you all. Guess you were right ulbertron_X.
  14. First, thank you all. Now, correct me if I'm wrong or I misunderstood. the radar, well, up until now I've been only on the receiving end . Is that it? Is that all? When I'm being LOCATED, it's not from radar, but it's from the captain skill without the radar module, and the other guy all that get's is like a six sense where the other is or might be as the spider sense of the spider man, nothing more. Is this the radar sign (the big bad wolf that everyone talks about?) Saroman's all seeing eye? if so, you probably right, I probably didn't realized it , a lot of detected, located. Many times, detected it's my dd tip to start hunting, my dd detector. but, this is Hydro, right? As a cruiser main this I use it a lot ,on the attack or at defence but never seen this sign either, when I use it the other ship and it's torpedoes pops out, short range, etc, I understand, but by now at least a few occasional or erratic signs. popping out, right?
  15. could be, I'm not sure I went back but the info button doesn't got the information anymore. that one. I always thought that was the radar sign. So, like some kind of last known position but there? Until now I'm only getting hydro, so I guess I'm not used to radar. I don't do 15k per game, sometimes more, sometimes less. yeah, pointing the time I needed it to find where and how I could upgrade my ships and buying them, by the time I discovered how and where I went from Erie direct to Phoenix. (yes, I thought that free xp were the xp needed to unlock the ships) after that I unlocked some 10 ships . you see, Ionly come to the forum after that. Sad but true.