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  1. Butterdoll

    Ships for T9 ranked

    everyone is talking about bringing BBs and DDs, very few or no cruisers at all. very fun line up. to watch. It will be like destruction derby
  2. Butterdoll

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    Just some quick questions. Moskva received some buffs, right? 50 mm it stills remain the "battleship" Moskva, right?
  3. Butterdoll

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    Buf bbs?nerf cruisers and dds, they are OP. Just kidding. How about nerfing bots. Something has to be done about MM, because often I play several games in a row and they are 90% defeats, Ops, halo Ops, just this morning I played 7 Halo games, 7 defeats. And they were quick. Being in both sides is not fun either we win or lose it's like the old co-op many of the times, just short.
  4. Butterdoll

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    Well, just saying it could be clearer , how did I suppose to know with a dozen battles in my belt that I had to go to the tech tree (I went there a couple of times)and saw nothing. One day by mistake I pick one ship of the tree, it wasn't the one I wanted and I look to the captain square and see a research ship button and I clicked there and all fell into place... finally. Do you know how many times I clicked in that captain? Only to see the skill points? Another welcome change is in the skill points board, now they block the skills that are impossible to have with a determinate ship. yeap, my black swan captain had the skill that normally smoke ships have. That was me. In description said something that will give you one more consumable like smoke, yes please I want smoke in my black swan But yeap, I saw many people with t10 ships there. Man, I almost went
  5. Butterdoll

    Sealclubbers ahoy

    I can answer that. the battles are piling in and the credits too, but how the hell I can get the next ship? yeah, took me a while to figure that out.
  6. Butterdoll

    PSA - Steel Rat to be removed due to bug!

    I've seen higher numbers than those.
  7. Butterdoll

    well... it could be worst

    yeap, I noticed that too and found very strange but I didn't care. If WG did this, guess we won't see the rat anymore, at least as it were. But as an Octopus I must say the extras heals were nice. I always thought that the other consumable was a bit strange to say the least but changed my mind, having rats in a fight it's a plus to the team not only amplifies the Octopus but every other ship capabilities towards the team. Scarab in the other hand...
  8. Butterdoll

    well... it could be worst

    thank you. Need to vent a bit. I''m hitting a wall. Even when I do this it's like going to the dentist. As I said I'm trying to gather what I can of elite xp. before it's over (I started late). I'm playing only this for now and the games whatever defeats or victories, they are so fast, one sided. Not fun. What is happening to MM? When a team is wiped out and the other is complete at the end (I have been in both sides) or the victorious team has only two ships less. There's something wrong with MM, where's the balance? And I became so saturated to see Octopus heads, but the worst of them all is Rasputine, each time that freaking boat shoots, makes a sound, I'm so sick of that. I don't play mine because of it, Can I disable those sounds? Last year I had a lot more fun and the ships didn't bothered me as much. And I don't even know why. three more days of this crap.
  9. Butterdoll

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    I played total war for years since 2004 with Rome until Napoleon, I played it all in between and I still play it sometimes, I conquered the world many times, I had to rework my legions against the Mongols three times, in Rome, Barbarian Invasions, and medieval II, I withstood Mongol sieges against Ten of thousands of warriors with 600 men and I prevailed victorious, i had thousands of epic battles. In the quick games mode I fought against 5 armies with my legion and won, against 6, that, always allude me. Other thing that I could not do either was conquering the world in 100 turns or so, in Alexander. You get the picture, and I loved and still love every bit of it But in all of that was battle formations, battle lines, and so on. Then total war arena appeared, and I went in, head first . the UI it's not the same, the commands are different but above all, there's no order, in total war you command up to 20 units, there are coordinate actions between the different types of units. In the arena there's only three units you command in that chaos and if you think that torping in the second line and team killing is bad wait and see when the archers of your allies annihilate your units with friendly fire . you think that part of the line that you are in is doing a push or defending, look again, because you were left to dry and about to be overunned by the cavalry .
  10. Butterdoll

    This is cheating right?

    Ahahahahahah. As did I. Was exactly like that the first time I faced one ( at the time I didn't even knew what it was I was facing). the only difference you were in a Kongo and I was in the cleve. Atlanta has lofty fire arcs (and all US ships), so it can do that with no problem and has 4.5 km torpedoes. But the guns are very fragile, very easy to knock out and they have short range +- 12/13 kms. or something like that. you used your repair party too soon, you kept giving him your broadside, you should went bow in or bow out to give him the smallest target possible and exit his fire range. Atlanta in the open (and you will get some, eventually) are hopeless, they are very squishy. They need cover. Once you get to know them and how to counteract they are kind of meh outside that (what you experience).
  11. Butterdoll


    There, there you don't have to be that frustrated, after the next patch (someone correct if I'm wrong) you no longer will cry about fires, and after that a new reign will start, one shot a bb time will came. See, fires will get nerf, you better start crying about AP, AP will be the old HE. And they will drop on you up to four times in each wave. Better start training how to swim faster.
  12. Butterdoll

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    I know what you are saying and I agree in theory. But... Let us forget for now that WoWs it's not an historical simulator and in the real live (a thing that I read time and time again). ... the problem is in this game we are supposed to do a number of things that we don't do. and specially in a random environment being random battles, co-op, Operations, or Halo ops, and I bet in clan battles, ranked battles, or another mode I did not played it yet. Cl it's the better ship, overall, they perform better against dds, against BB, against other Cruisers, because they are faster doing things than a CA. IFHE it's the bread and butter not only of Cls but of some dds if not all. So, point being. Cls are the better multipurpose ship to be in this mayhem that is random environment and WG are killing it along with some dds. BB players will not cry about being burned for much longer, the ability of one shot every type of ship it's coming. No need to remove IFHE. That will substantially nerf secondarys builds too. Personally I will be hit hard across the board.
  13. Butterdoll

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    Nope. Bayern to be the best ship of the line must have more speed and faster rudder, at least, but it's a fine ship For me, it's Gneisenau, hands down. But the part about Bismark i agree. It was THE ship i wanted when i started in this game, but now i have it and it's kind of meh. Fiji can start fires faster than Bismark secondarys. Maybe i was expecting too much from what i know, saw and heard
  14. Butterdoll

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    you don't have to (hide in rocks or in smoke) there are a lot of premium BBs because they are the most expensive ships , or do you pay 50 or 40 bucks on a DeGrasse or Molotov? Personally all my CAs are in port for some time now. And I don't plan to play them, they are slower in everything, rudder, reload, turret transverse, why should I play them? Plus, in the tiers I play the most there's not many CAs to choose from. yeap, this upcoming changes will hurt a lot. Cv rework, IFHE removal. Instead of what you are suggesting, how about for CAs faster reload, faster rudder, faster turrets?
  15. Butterdoll

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    There is a problem with that... MM. both CA and CL will receive a nerf. (another). and if I'm understanding this right, CL's will have their IFHE removed, plain and simple they will have regular HE, nice trade-off. Trading with what? may I ask? Now tell me how CLs are supposed to face CAs and BBs?