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  1. High cholesterol, I can't abuse of fats...ahahahah
  2. nah.... I prefer this.
  3. No. I choose Hydro over AA a long time ago, I started to use hydro on planes torps very recently. Got it?
  4. Yes, but if the torps don't came from where you are excepting to be? Like it happen to me before? You know, I was becoming confident in my dodging skills (not cocky) until some days ago a cv player catch me completely off guard, I did saw that type of drops on youtube but never happen to me before. Don't know who he is, but it's better that way because now on every cv player it's him. After that guy I started to use hydro. In the pass, cross drops were certain death, now it's not certain.
  5. So do i. Combined they are deadly. You remember that Aoba story? I was second in line, I was engaging that BB, there weren't anybody else capable of supporting me at that time (I'm not blaming the Aoba). things were going nice, until a Akatsuki torped me, I saw the torps didn't know what to do, I decided to turn earlier than what I planned and I got detonated, from green to nothing. And the worst I didn't had time to launch my torps. Did a similar thing a couple games later and I sunk a Bayern that was isolated. and so on, so on. Yes I have, some drops are just murder, you can't do anything. And even auto drops, etc are more difficult when I'm in the middle of something. Ofc, there are those time when I just blargghh.
  6. Makes a lot of sense. Hydro for me, for others or against others. Especially if you are in the fray or being stalked by dds. Many times a drop it's not the only thing that's swimming around you. or next to the green ship next to you. If you are not busy with something.
  7. WR? I wasn't talk about that, but about teamplay. It's harder to do it in random than in any other mode.
  8. The hydro, it's mainly for other things, but yes also for aerial torpedoes. Why?
  9. Yeah but it came in handy, when the planes are at 3/2 kms you press the hydro to detect when they splash and evade. Most of the times works well, but there are those time when you get a nasty cv player that drops on you at point blank or in a different point (like from behind in diagonal) or both. Never noticed that, the only thing I noticed so far the catapult fighter it's shot down faster than when it took off, no panic spread, nothing. But in the meantime Hydro it's not meant for planes, it's for dd's, and other ships.
  10. yes no, if you need hydro catapult fighters, you are joking, right? for some drops it works, especially with hydro on the hax. but for others drops, at point blank not a chance Islands, ahahahahah don't have that crap (smoke) good luck with that one OH, YEAH, that's the one I'm talking about.
  11. Man, a cv it's not a cleaning lady of your poker evening, the cv it's the stripper that pops out of the cake, she just has to lose some weight the cleaning lady are the bbs, they only see soup operas and do nothing
  12. Most probably, It is. I still have my AA Cleve the thing only I have to do is changing back the module. The hard thing it's choosing which module to bring to the battle in the case of Cleveland. Surely you had battles with your Cleveland where you wish for hydro.
  13. In the other day I was in trident map, with my Cleveland, I thought to myself, let's pay a visit to that dd, then the cv send all his payload against me, well 5 planes shot down, a fire and a cross drop from there to kingdom came. the only upside was the enemy team probably went blind for a while. And there were other games where the cv player flew his planes over my Cleveland and didn't lose much. but since I specked for hydro, I'm getting a lot more dds. From those I can highlight 4 akatsukis, 2 kidds, and 1 Benson under my belt, with my buddy, have a couple of Bismarks/Tirpitz, Bayerns, RN BBs, you name it. The hard to get thou, are the IJNs BBs, especially Nagato, and Giulio Cesar. Team play, right... I can highlight two battles. 1) Estuary map, we were 4 ships plus the cv in that side (upper half, right flank), the Farragut was the only one that went straight down, I followed him, than he turns back "where are you going, Farragut?" No answer. I immediately remembered what @ El2aZeR said many times about cvs, exactly that. then full steam ahead get the f out of there, got focus hard but they didn't damage my ship a lot, I was still green. against those odds I couldn't save the cv but I manage to reset the cap 14 times before I got sunk, of the all team only two bbs went to help me one at a time. Other game, trident map, the game started, nobody moved, oh that type of game, a pink PADD moved, I was in the same flank as he, so I followed him, yes I saw the team, went to the right, then we saw a afk Cleveland (cv spotted) but we had to pass through a Emile, a Bayern and a dd to get to that Cleveland, we manage to sink that Emile and that Bayern, but the Cleveland was no longer AFK. So much work for nothing. then I got sunk by planes, little after I got sunk, all the green team, planes and all were in the left flank. Oh did, I told about that battle (two brothers, upper side) all dds went for the same cap in the other flank, and got melted while our flank manage to secure victory just, and I with my budyonni, a very dd like ship, you know, had to cap twice, one solo and one with another budyonni. I end that game exchanging torps with a Graf Spee and got time to support my only remaining BB against other BB. We both were on our last legs against a single BB with kraken and with more HP than both of us. Luckily the game ended and for my surprise we manage to win by points. Or when there is a RNBB up ahead ,you turn to a Aoba that is just going to rushing it, to wait for you. Because you can be focus by it, the Aoba can't, you don't have 10km torps, but the Aoba has. But no. the only thing you see is that Aoba turn his [edited]to the Queen and Boom. Team play, right. p.s.- Some parts may contain sarcasm.
  14. Went back to see that Yubari, run into a Jingles game, he shoot down 10 planes or so. I'll take that every time against my usual plane, three if I get lucky or sunk.
  15. No, without the consumable it's far to be a monster. Cleveland shreds planes with the consumable and when you select the squadron...ok... just press the consumable and it's a monster. well, I can't tell, still have a stock Bayern (for ages now).