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  1. I bet with you. If you had send one of your replays to Jingles, you would be a star. You would eclipse Flambass rush through the channel in two brothers Watching you play Zuiho was insane. WTF and what is he doing? Must had been what you heard the most. Next level crazy [edited]crap.(it's not crap what I said, this was WG that putted there, not me, just saying) I had a great time watching Seeing two cvs brawling was priceless, the all game was very exciting to see. p.s. if you send one to the old man i'll bet you he will upload and comment for old times sake.
  2. Just one? I've got more than that, non of them t10. Kuma was my very first ship I fell in love. Basically, if you see me in battle in a ship with a yellow flag with a black dog then you know it's one of my favourite ships.
  3. Butterdoll

    What ship tree would you love to do all over again?

    well, I will regrind nothing I'm still at t8 and way behind schedule, and I'm in no hurry. First, I'll come back to kuma, furutaka and Omaha, after I get bored from Friant, maybe i'll resume French BBs and US BBs, maybe buy Jean Bart or Georgia. All in a leisure pace. I don't have/don't know a single line that I would like to grind again from bottom to top.
  4. Butterdoll

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Unpopular or lower/mid tier ships... Of course everyone have a different approach, and different goals facing this game and all fine. But personally, it's not about turning in a well rounded player. Playing in ships that I suck and understanding why I suck in those. It's the easier part. ( they don't fit in my game style, I get bored with certain ships and so on). each line has 10 ships but I can only name a few in each line and this is true for all of us (I think) most probably they will be different than what I consider good but will not go far from the same few I can mention. the difficult part is why I like certain ships. So, if I like brawling ships why I like so much Schohrs, Nurnberg? So, if I like fast firing guns, why I like so much, furutaka, Hipper, Gneisenau, Bismarck? For me, it's not about playing in ships where I'm stronger in, it's about playing in ships that I feel good with/have fun with/pleasure with. If I'm stronger or not, that may only be a sub product. I think that's not hard to grasp. Just yesterday I played some of my ships (because of the coal I could gain from the dd thing) that still had the camo I used in the PEV campaign, for the PEV campaign. if it wasn't for the dd thing they would still be in Port with the bonus setup I mounted for the PEV campaign. About the second part, I broke once over 2million potential damage with Schorhs and I'm able to do over a million with some regularity (depending of the game, and many other factors) but there are other ships that at a first look would make more than that every time, but I didn't came close yet. the point being... Personally, the ship I play the most it's the ones I find some quality that I like and I can do something that fits my style.
  5. Butterdoll

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Early stage of a battle, a green USA BB shot a full salvo at my broadside at point blank range I was in my furutaka, that moron put me out of the battle, it leave me with little more than the helm, HP wise.
  6. Butterdoll

    Co-op Battles

    Yes, Co-op it's very relaxing way to play the game . Good for many things, as... having fun, brawl in it's purest form, testing new ships, levelling out stock ships, it's an alternative to burnt out players or players close to burn out, waiting for the cv thing blows over to oblivion It got better, before was only 5 vs 5, the only way to do well was rushing the reds, the first to get there was the luckiest of human players, if you survived, that is...and if you chose the right flank, often you could chose a flank and be in the middle of a desert. Now the teams are 8 vs 8 a lot more meat around the bones (but it could me a little more than 8 ships, 8 vs 9 or 8 vs 10) No, there aren't. Co-op strategy and nature are very different from random or any other mode. eat all, leave non for your team, that are your most closed adversaries. Not the bots. I learned that in there. I don't know about that. My best DDs are Nurnberg, York, and Hipper and they are awesome, yesterday while DDing with Hipper... ( my first time ever in Greece map) 20190815_114104_PGSC108-Hipper_51_Greece.wowsreplay I can't do the same with a dd, I'm simply too awkward with them. that actually good. ABSOLUTELY NOT. (with CAPITAL letters) If you think that way, go play Ultimate frontier and see in horror what you're asking. .
  7. i have to say, I'm at t5 in RUBB line. And i finally saw the Stalinium that you all talked about. I had some games now that were going bad for me, citadeled to the kingdom came, just in the orange part of the HP. i had to say to myself, stop, and i stopped what i was doing, literally, i stopped the BB and started to reverse, and all came into place. the first time, i was amazed, i sweated bullets the all time and the thin HP bar that i had (i had been torp and citadeled previously), held for the duration of an engagement with a BB, it came, it passed by me, offer the broadside and i sunk it. I constantly did angle corrections, and i did survived. Just in other day, the same happened, this time vs 2 bbs. From the front they are tough as nails. Now, I'm not at the edge of my chair like i was in the first time.
  8. Butterdoll

    How players think about Ocean map !!

    Telegraphic version. Well, 25th of April of 1974 was the day our Fascist government crumbled. The so called " New State" ruled between 1933 and 1974 (but since 1968 we were living in a so called lighter version, "Marcelo's Spring") By 1974 we were in a 14 years old raging war with our African colonies (Angola, Mocambique and Guiné), all at once. So, the Military, fed up with it, took point and they made a revolution, the carnations revolution or the bloodless revolution. Then they gave the power back to the civilian society, politic refugees returned, formed parties and made new governments. (turmoil period was about 2 years, mainly experimenting with our recently found liberty) Our democracy, individual and collective rights were born at midnight, 25 th of April 1974 with this song (the signal to start the revolution) Quoting Salgueiro Maia. "There are Left wing States, There are right wing States, and there is the state we've come to...
  9. Butterdoll

    How players think about Ocean map !!

    well, I have t8 ships, but never played. Today I played in a map called Greece for the first time, in my Hipper. It was a good game for my first time :)
  10. Butterdoll

    How players think about Ocean map !!

    I did a game in Normandie (fault line map) just an hour ago,or so, where I just wished I was in Ocean map. I never played in that map, I heard a lot about it but never played in that map. it's ok. A map I absolutely hate whatever mode I'm in and whatever ship I'm in, since day 1. It's Neighbours map. Even trident Epicenter, I change my opinion to it can be fun. But Neighbours...
  11. Butterdoll

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    Wait...what? Bismarck weak? At first I thought this topic was about trolling around, judging by the "headlines". But then I saw the other posts in this topic. Power crept? "Yes the ship is still an ok to good ship in the right hands" ? "other T8s like Massa, Bama, NC, the Russian fantacy ship or just basically any other T8 BB would do better"? "that the other T8 BBs are better"? "If i would play the Bismarck now it would be a different story." ? @Allied_Winter, @DFens_666 @MortenTardo what's going on here? Have I stayed... am I away for that long? long enough to pigs grow wings and teeth in chickens?
  12. Butterdoll

    [POLL] Great Match but no time left

    Crossout, the typical match it's about 3 minutes. World of Warships, the typical match it's about 20 minutes. The differences are night and day, crossout it's much more dynamic, action packed than WoWS. In comparison, in crossout there are games that are finished before a ship goes from the spawning area to when the first detection by his own on by somebody else happens. Not only things happen much more slowly in WoWS but there are more factors that came into play. - WoWS it's an unforgiving game (when compared with crossout or any other game I play ) - Being a team game but without good communication or combined efforts if we exclude voice communication in divisions. - the nature of the thing itself, sea warfare, historically they used a much tactical approach. So yes, more time pls or no time at all. (for me)
  13. I'm afraid I am.:Smile_sad:



















  14. I didn't have the opportunity to answer you about the cvs.

    yes, I prefer the old rts vs the new.

    What you said also it's true. But nerfing the ap bombs would be a simple and more capable way to go.

    The AA were more capable, now it's reduced to puffs.

    Now it's much worse than AP bombs.

    And as a cv.

    First thing I don't like about it:

    - no fighters

    - a single 3 km torp per drop

    - every dog and it's mother can shoot you down.

    - can't control the cv

    the new model, the only thing that have better than the old it's the visuals, nothing more.

    I started to deplane the bot cv, then and only then I went for damage, now I can't do that.

    before I did  drops with six torps, only two or three would hit the mark. (wide spread). I've ended battles with around 100 k and almost all planes shot down

    Now I can't hit a barn when I manage to make a drop.

    Yes I know about t8 and stuff, but first you have to go through that nightmare.

    If needed it you could torp beat with the hosho now you can't.

    I don't have my bogue anymore, it's fighters could be airborne for the entire battle.

    if you ask me the skill needed is much higher than before.

    Before, the cv player was a pivot in the team, now it isn't as much.

    the gameplay per say (apart the responsibility aspect) was so much easier.





  15. Butterdoll



    Thank you for the suggestion but I don't want to get lynched in random. I couldn't be more further away from being ready for random. before. After Help? t4 always was very weak in AA, now I have my squadrons shot down to pieces. please WG, do something. the New gameplay is very cool, visually speaking, but the rest... Sugestions. Go back for a single strike per wave 1 x 6 torps/bombs vs 6x1 torp/Bombs the dB reticule of rts was better than this new one, perhaps adding auto aiming like the rest of the ships or change it back for the old one. the torps green guide line it's huge for a single torp, shrink it, narrow it down or do something else that will improve Low tier cvs.