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  1. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well...that... At that distance Bama's secondaries would not open up by a couple of hundreds meters, if i'm not mistaken they are 2 secs slower on the reload, but they are the same. (minus the reload time and range). But to be fair with Bama you don't need to lift a finger either... you have to press it
  2. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    you got a point there. i've seen the video and there's nothing that Bama couldn't handle.
  3. Butterdoll

    Premium ships suggestions

    This, this. please give me these ones plus 1, plus 1. I will buy them in a heartbeat. and if i deducted the Battles i made with Bama (My Baby Bayern) those 464 drops even more. enough said, now i sing.
  4. Butterdoll

    Buy all ships with Dubloons

    if only i knew back then, when i started my account, what i know now. i would do things very differently. I would have a handful of silver ships, and the rest would be only premium ships. That would save me a lot of grind. I have a small fleet, 76 ships and not only i don't play it all but for some of them, most probably, i will never play it again. So, with mostly premium ships, i would have a even smaller fleet but most probably i would play them all and feel more disconected to reach t10. I almost bought the Arp Yamato, but was the Yamato and i didn't bought it, if it was an GK or something closer to my likings i would buy them in a heartbeat. And i think it's the way to go.
  5. Butterdoll

    Is WG about to close World of Warships?

    to me it seems, that we are close to have a 1.0 patch and be an full game, an open game. and World of warships are making an alignment with the world of tanks before it becomes
  6. Butterdoll

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    My idea of a normal day in Wows, because i'm not @ColonelPete to say. actually, according to this excel sheet... the few times i checked, a normal day have between 18 k and 21 or 24 k players on line. this couple of days the server had between 30 k and 32 k, and that could explain why i'm getting awful teams, like next level awful teams, so not the regular weekend team. whatever ship i pick, t6 or t8 it's like being in a t4 battle again. So, there's a lot of occasional players and ultra occasional players out there. This 30 k or more players ain't normal. So, for times like this with almost the double of the normal population How about if a player is absent of the game for more than (insert period of time) he get's a different MM with other people like him for (insert amount of time) before he joins the normal MM. This way, the regular player is protected to an certain degree, in the end it works like a delay. All of them do the same things but only in separate MMs e.g. Kamikaze bronze, silver, gold rank vs bronze, silver, gold... Kamikaze random vs random Kamikaze (insert mode). With practically the double of the normal population, all things would remain the same...most probably It's not perfect but...
  7. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    oh man, this last two days were so bad, you just can't imagine how bad they were, the teams i had were so terrible, they fell apart so quickly, i couldn't do jack crap game after game after game, i'm telling you i never fell so toxic and today the trend continues. But with a bit of luck, in this game the team held on enough for me to do something. I know, i must be a bit early for this, but a new record of mine, so totally justified, and i want to savour this moment for a bit longer before i go out there again to be massacred. with the never ending dds that won't spot, Alka zetlzer teams with suicidal tendencies, where i'm completely useless. I could had won a kraken in this but i never was able to give the final blow. The rest was awesome. Never got so much achievements like this ones in one game. See, i just need a little help to be able to do something.
  8. Butterdoll

    Losing streak

    I do that to with my Akizuki and it's glorious...in co-op, in random would be less much less than that. I play too much RU CLs (if i count Buddy, Shchors and DM, i have over a thousands battles combined), one of the side effects is, give me an ashashio and it will have 4 km torps, whatever ship it is, if it's got torps, it's only 4 kms range. And i'm playing too much Bayern and Bama and that affected my cruiser game. I'm using way too much AP now instead of what i used before. What would you do in co-op? then do the opposite. don't go into crossfires, position yourself in such way that you can retreat, the exit route must be already planned before you set sail to that place A ship, whatever ship i have, starts at co-op, then it goes to ops, if possible, then Randoms. with Alabama that wasn't possible so i made roughly 200 co-op games to put my captain at 10 points before i went to randoms, I have roughly 100 battles and my captain is far from a complete build. One thing you could do with your Dunkerque is ops, i suggest Aegis then Raptor, a good starting point regard the aim, angling and close quarters. But in random i would suggest Bayern, much easier BB than dunkerque at that tier every BB overmatch the other BB. But if you stop playing Dunkerque you'll never going to catch the hang of it. Spot, spot like no other and you'll be the best dd player in the world of warships. Knife fights and cap comes next. Just don't be this guy who i backlisted btw.
  9. Butterdoll

    Losing streak

    You must be a THE THING, an authority in Wows to state 55% is poor and very normal. Go, and get sunk. Today it's a specially good day for that MM it's full of Alka Zelzer with suicidal tendencies teams. I went and checked you out. My take on it. I'm like you only must more further down the road (or at least i like to think that way) 1- you are a massive co-op player with 9228 battles under your belt vs 488 battles in random. The mind set to do well in co-op it's exactly the opposite of the mind set necessary to do well in random, perhaps a lot of bad habits picked along the way are now holding you back. The bots give a lot of slack, that real players wont. A thing i would look at to if i was you. 2 - you are a massive DD main, (i was even more with a + 95% cruiser main), drop it that to a more balanced and smooth "cheese" 3- seeing your most played or ships with the most kills in random, your choices are...weird. you are, let's face it ...a greenhorn in random, and you picked 2 french dds, none of which have smoke, both of them have no AA, and neither have the qualities of the french DD as we know it., so, you are making it even harder for yourself without any necessity because in the same tier you have Nicholas and Farragot which are much more user friendly. Perhaps you want to reach Mogador or Kleber but for now i would stay away from that smokless DD crap. So try other dds and see if you will get more from them. Dunkerque, yeah, in this stage i would pick Bayern for the armour and speed or Warspite, having a slower BB can help you. (i have more battles with Bayern than you have random battles and i'm slow learner) Bayern has a great armour , you have to be more thoughtful where to be, how you gonna do to be there, map awareness to kite if your flank is falling apart, when to retreat in time and so on. I think it's the most agile BB in the game, 630 m turning circle and with up to 11.1 sec rudder. 16 k average it's very low, or you die too soon, or you don't know where to aim or both. (it's not enough knowing to aim, you have to know where to aim, especially with 380's and how to angle) Bayern it's my personal favourite, it can hurt Bismarcks and stuff, it's more resilient, than dunkerque. here's a mid of the road example Don't be afraid of that 50% player with 5k battles, cause the up side of all of this is. It would be great if you took a look of the things i pointed out you have very low battles count in random and you have very low battles in either ship, any improvements you make it will impact your stats. while that 50% player with 5k battles will have to make a huge number of good battles to see his stats tick up a point or two. All of this will be in your favour, most probably, both of you want to improve but he could be more desperate than you, and make him to do a mistake that you could capitalized on.
  10. today was a black day for me, a total wipe out , the teams, OMG, the teams i had today. I will not talk about Bayern, Alabama, 17 games, 4 victories. And i bet that the majority of the wining teams didn't were happy either with the rewards. Roflstomp after roflstomp A Ognovoi that didn't spot at all, left us with a red östergotland behind our lines 7 km from us and there he went torp something else, after he had been side by side with the red DD. I ended up rage quitting shortly after. that guy manage to triggered me so much that i reported him and blacklisted him
  11. Butterdoll

    Advice on what to buy needed

    yeah, @Ambassador_Worf don't buy anything right now. the new captain skill reworks is near, one thing that will go down the toilet, will be Pommerns but things will not stop there, more will follow, not only secondary builds. And besides You have JB which is a great and solid ship, and you have FdG, you said you like it, they will be sufficient for the rank battles. IMO it's better to wait
  12. Butterdoll

    Help me pick a cruiser line, please

    Can't help you there, i don't have it, they are trash and a lot to work for just for Venetia Don't, i like buddy and Shchors a lot and i play them a lot Donskoi have better armour and comes with a heal, the only meh thing in that ship it's the 12 sec. reload time. Don't miss out Moskva Balti can be awesome, Buffalo it's exactly the same but with more guns, they say it's has a different play style, but you can have the same firepower than Balti with only half of the guns or you can opt for the different playstile, just don't be greedy nor reckless and you will be fine exactly that. As long you don't be in the head lines and be one more in the landscape you will be fine, i like my Roon and it's still stock with a 7 point captain, last time i played it i ended up in top of scoreboard Don't play much, honestly, too many buttons to press
  13. Butterdoll

    Half price premium account.

    a year of premium? no thanks, i learned my lesson , i'll be sniping the occasional premium time in a when needed basis. there are no strings on me
  14. Butterdoll

    New F-Key for destroyers

    exactly this. DDs are complaining for a while, so WG will take from the other classes to increase a bit dd survivability, instead of taking from where's the source of all problems, not only that but they will make even more buffs to that class. cruisers will be left out without any bit of sustainability they had and lose RPF. BBs will lose a chunk of theirs's tankiness cvs will be even more toxic. Against dds i want to see if anyone will radar them, what's the point? If a dd get's radared i will not shoot at him, what for?
  15. Butterdoll

    Yours worst and best premium purchases of the 2020

    Care to elaborate much more? with dirty details and all, pls