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  1. Butterdoll


    Thanks So, basically, it's faster than Mainz and turns tighter than Shchors. I like it. I only hope that the nerf bat stays away from it
  2. Butterdoll


    Today i saw this ship. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:München Anyone know about this ship? I never saw this ship before but there's already a page about it. Looked appetising
  3. Butterdoll

    Wargaming Ridicolous Service

    Now that you speak of this i recall something like that in a Fawlty towers documentary with John Cleese But it was long ago.
  4. Butterdoll

    Wargaming Ridicolous Service

    Guess @pra3y beat you to the punch. that went right to the gut. Ufffffff. the NA forum has a Portuguese section, the EU forum, where Portugal it's from, since the XII century doesn't have a Portuguese section. What Portuguese community? Meia dúzia de gatos pingados? Aí o caralho, somos poucos, pá @Humorpalanta Don't believe in that guy, he's messing with you or has been away for too long Do you want to earn the respect of a Portuguese? always add pá to the sentence, to every sentence. e.g. Pá, no problem, foda-se caralho or No problem pá, foda-se caralho or No problem, foda-se pá, caralho pá or No problem, foda-se, caralho, pá. Pá it's the most quintessential word of our language. Parece que te esqueceste do Pá, Pá
  5. Butterdoll

    Grosser Kurfurst Torpedoes

    Why torps? Torps are for plebes Wasn't GK supposed to be the ultimate statement (one among many) of the German might upon the world ? the ultimate ship of the line of a 1000 year Reich? The BB of all BBs... help me google... The Schlachtschiff of all Schlachtschiff ...thanks with a lot of Großkampfschiffe?... oh, thank you the answer is clear Put a lot more of secondaries, like the guns of the ships of the line 1 st classe in 18 th, 19 th century
  6. Butterdoll


    Despite being outdated they still had the know how of several things that could be useful for building modern ships.
  7. Butterdoll

    Wargaming Ridicolous Service

    Manuel is Spanish, what i wrote was in Portuguese, two different things. TLDR Take it easy, was what i wrote
  8. Butterdoll

    Wargaming Ridicolous Service

    Calma. Eles estão a arranjar a coisa. E se o Server está como está porque é que se põe a jogar competitivo? tenham calma mas é.
  9. Butterdoll


    Great video, thanks for sharing. according to the video. Sovetsky Soyuz was much more than a wet dream in a napkin. It turned out to be a forced field exercise, home work for engineers that never built or knew such things, fuelled by Stalin's persuasion, they played catch up , learning as they went. It was one (among more) of the spark plugs that catapulted USSR into want came next (the cold war). If you take a look at the state Russia was in the first years of communism, demographics, type of agriculture, industrialization, and so on, you can see they were far behind from all the rest and then they had the Stalin purges, basically they had to start from scratch. It was impressive even with the help of new blood after WWII (scientists, blueprints and machinery)
  10. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Bayern is awesometacular , a great little ship, a 1000 battle ship, just saying
  11. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Gneisenau can have it's moments good and bad, it's a roller coaster, very mood dependent. either way, will leave you mad. Scharn and Gneise don't have much to rely on. Remember they are bullies, nothing more.
  12. Butterdoll

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hi, it's me again. I did a game with Bismarck, and if i play it like a Bayern, it's a good ship while nothing special damage wise, three things happened- - For the very first time, i got the AA expert patch and i did nailed the cv, YEAH. FEELS SO GOOD, especially after the cv rework. - I spotted 31 torps and only ate 3 - I finished the hit hard, hit fast ,hit often campaign with a good game. I was top tier and i didn't screw that up
  13. Butterdoll

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    I just seen one, my first ever sighting of a kitakami i only saw two spreads of torpedoes then it was sunk, while trying to get into cover around E4.
  14. Butterdoll

    [Poll] Unique Historical Commanders

    well, i can't vote because the poll lacks options. it's not like i don' care, it's more i don't know So... They are way overpriced for what it is for what they do... Yes, they are ones that are stronger than others, and they can be very strong and making a difference in the right hands but for a regular player they can be not any different from a regular Commander, they are just one more commander if you don't unlock their special abilities. And pay 175.000 coal for each of one of them? For that? Way, way, overpriced. Well, that was 2 cents on the subject.