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  1. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    How about we brainstorm all thogether and try to think of a better version or even a new rework that would fit better then we collect all the points in one post and try to get big persons who work with wg to help us bring it to them i think they are reading many things but don t want to change some but i think when we have a perfect Balanced oportonity for them then they will take it
  2. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well but when the dmg is lowered of aa and u get reduction then u shouldn t lose to much and if thats still to much u can still increase planes hp or new planes get ready sooner on the cv
  3. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Was just trying to bring some ideas to the forum because so many players are upset and it makes the Community toxic some just get reported for playing CV and things need to change it seems
  4. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Maybe then u can work with dmg reduction so That u still get dmg but not too much so if ubfly in 3 u just lose more then against singel targets.
  5. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well i didn t mean the Animation i meant that the planes untargetabel in the moment after the drop what is why ppl use sling shoot to get in mid range aa and take less dmg
  6. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well how about we just take out sling shoot and as Exchange for losing it aa dmg gets lowered so u need to go into aa and stacked ships are more Dangerous. And maybe more plane hp but thats all what needs to be tested.
  7. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well yes but how i said at the start just some thoughts from me ;)
  8. diggerdundee

    CV Rework Discussion

    I m gonna put my opinion here now too i think that the cv rework is not the best but i think u can still use it it just need some changes in my opinon i mean me as a average joe u could say plays cv for fun but what i think is pretty bad is that there is one game i feel like i can t be stoped and others were i feel like usless ? and thats not good in my opinon i mean its okay that u somthimes eat ? and get punished for bad desicions but some things don t feel good like some times i fly to the target and its all good the next time some random flak clouds who i doged with slow and speed kill my planes even if im not in like wtf and there are many other Things But well i think u can just wait and see and sip the damn tea
  9. diggerdundee

    CV Diskussionen