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  1. DukeGarland

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    I know it sounds cheesy but somebody has to step up and direct people in random teams a little. Something I find immensly helpful no matter the OP (regardless of how often I've done Narai already for eXample). However I perfectly know that feeling you suffer from. While I'm flattered I'm by no means "established" or let alone have zillions of credits. Actually if I was to buy any t7 ship and get all upgrades for it I'd be more or less broke. The key difference (apart from Halloween battles being supposedly "fun" (while they're incredibly grindy especially when no teamwork is applied)) with the event OPs is that you do not *need* to progress onto a better ship as ships and captains for these are fiXed. As for grinding captain skills that is what you collect elite XP for from the event OPs, you can spend these "semi-freely" (as in a one-time payment towards the neXt SP or to finish retraining) onto any of your regular captains which can help a lot in the long term. Credits can be had from any other source and if I'm not mistaken running (regular) OPs can be major one (provided you win it) with proper flagging and camo.
  2. DukeGarland

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Keep moving and maneuvering, catapults have literally 0 dispersion plus your BBs should easily be able to deal with them via AP means, priority targets at all times. DDs have smoke for a reason. Simply hide Trans in tricky situations and unless maybe for an early odd catapult hit she shouldn't take much damage until VERY late in the op (if at all). The Zikasa doesn't fire its main guns even on Super Hard (unless that was changed since Saturday ^^) so while their angle isn't ideal for BBs, your CA's HE spam and DD torps will help wearing them down in suitable time. C'mon it's a team effort after all like any other OP. Please tell me one game mode that's rewarding lots of credits for a loss? Granted even when you win the OP you'll only get about as many credits as you need to pay for an order but you get some 2-4k elite cap XP (before flags) which in my opinion is a lot more valuable than petty cash.
  3. DukeGarland

    Corrupted Content client download firefox

    I'm having the same error in FF too just now...