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  1. Kieodo

    Thank you WG for Christmas events

    In fairness WG give away far too much free stuff, just pissing coal, steel, flags and camos at us. They fucked up with how they presented the PR event though. So yeah, thanks WG. I just wish the community got this angry about real issues like the smolensk and the absolute sh!tshow that is the CV rework, but an almost impossible grind to get a free tier 10 is more outrageous it seems.
  2. Kieodo

    HALL OF FAME for Puerto Rico

    Who cares, it's a meh ship that nobody wants
  3. Kieodo

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    So I just played with this guy....... It may shock you to find out he wasn't very good, I thought WG said they would never sell T10 ships???
  4. Kieodo

    CV Rework Discussion

    The presence of CVs in this game (both RTS and rework) make the game less enjoyable and more frustrating for the majority of players in a battle against them. That is simply horrendous game design, why are we on 518 pages discussing something so simple. CVs are a sh!tshow and WG seems happy with that, as a player base we either accept this or stop playing.
  5. CVs cause misery for most players on both teams and with no meaningful counter to them it's not surprising than many just report CV players for playing CVs. Not saying that's a correct thing to do but many feel understandably helpless against that class (due to its horrendous design and balance) and need to take out their frustration in some way.
  6. Kieodo

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    That's not really a rational comparison. For a BB to be alone and unsupported either their team is dead and the game is as good as over or they have made a terrible mistake in their positioning. A shima can be anywhere on the map and a CV can attack with ease if they choose, it has very little to do with the skill or positioning of the shima player in this case whereas if a BB gets deleted by a shima it's normally because the BB or his team screwed up.
  7. I am looking for advice on how to deal with this, my experience so far is that there is nothing I can do to combat it besides running to back of map. So, what are my doing wrong? Clearly I am missing some game mechanic that I do not understand properly because WG are not idiots and they would not design a class that cannot be countered in a meaningful way. So, how do I skillfully outplay a CV that is attacking me in my shima? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  8. Kieodo

    Can I disable chat?

    Can I disable chat? Yes, next question.
  9. Kieodo

    Changing the flag of the European tree

    I'm sure they will be devastated when they find out.
  10. Kieodo

    Changing the flag of the European tree

    You can also do this for the Pan-asian tree, I have the taiwanese flag on the Yueyang I think.
  11. Kieodo

    Changing the flag of the European tree

    I think the flag is fine, feel a bit bad for Iceland though. Also you can display the actual nation flag in game, i have the dutch flag on my friesland for example.
  12. Kieodo

    favourite nation

    Probably U.S.S.R because in game they are good and balanced lol. I'm Irish so in real life I have no affinity for any particular navy.
  13. Kieodo

    Are the servers down again?!?!

    ah yes, the weekly server issues