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  1. Kieodo

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    Firstly, WG do not care what the players think. Secondly, what makes you think any dev is going to take any notice of a thread on the EU (or any forum) forum. Thirdly, yes, detonations are a dumb concept in this game
  2. Kieodo


    Do everybody a favor and don't play it then
  3. Kieodo

    The gospel of Femennenly

    ok whatever but I'm not sure what you are basing that on tbh
  4. Kieodo

    The gospel of Femennenly

    You are misinterpreting this completely. "They're forgetting who they're bloody talking to" is referring to the fact that she was the one who suggested a 457mm Royal nay HE spammer called Thunderer as a meme (or joke) basically. WG then adopted this idea and she is saying it's just not true that players getting a ship into the game is "unprecedented" when she is the very one who has achieved this in the past.
  5. Kieodo

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Nothing really surprising here, WG is as toxic to many of it's own staff as it is to it's own playerbase, who would have guessed
  6. Kieodo

    Torpedoes really are broken

    If this were true then it would have always been this way, this is clearly a relatively new bug (feature)
  7. Kieodo

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    Yes it would be griefing if there was no reasonable way for a player to avoid getting torped or counter the threat. Thankfully in this game it is very easy to avoid getting torped by using common sense
  8. Kieodo

    Are WG changing the direction of your torps? ? ?

    I love how you interpret this as WG changing the course of your torps rather than the more logical conclusion that the aiming system is bugged to hell especially when ships are close to islands. Well, look at the video, the evidence speaks for itself.
  9. Kieodo

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    Reporting every CV I play with or against for poor play is the only joy I have left in this game, however I have never reported a CV player for saying something in chat. I mean they have plenty of time to do so as they fly their planes around and point and click whilst never looking at their mini map so I have nothing against them talking in chat.
  10. Kieodo

    Result screen bugged?

    It happens to me if you click too quickly on the bottom battle message straight after it appears. I think it's because the data hasn't fully loaded yet and by clicking on it too quickly it [edited] up the file and you can no longer see detailed battle results for that battle. If you give it a few seconds after it appears on the bottom right it should load in and not have this problem.
  11. Kieodo

    Småland, what are you thinking WG?

    Yes it's OP but I was surprised they removed it since it's not that popular, you don't see 2 or 3 smalands per team like the Thunderer for example.
  12. Yes, but i wasn't aware I was doing it until I randomly got 6 mill credits and a 3 point Soviet commander.
  13. Kieodo


    It would be such a simple thing to fix, can't understand any logical reason for allowing it, but this is WG afterall.